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Lily refused to leave the hospital wing. She left it only when Madam Pomfrey insisted she did so the nurse could go to bed. While Sirius, Remus, and Peter had class, Lily skipped. After three days of missing class, Dumbledore came to speak with her, but not even he could persuade her to leave her post. Not that Lily thought he put too much effort into it, if he really had wanted her to attend class, she would not have gotten her way. There was a certian spark in his eyes when he tried to halfheartedly convince her to go to lessons; a type of knowing laugh. He left the hospital wing promising Lily that she could make up the classes with James when he was well enough to return.

So, Lily continued watching James lie in his unconscious sleep. He looked peaceful, except for random moments when he would scrunch up his nose and frown as if confused or in pain. Sometimes he tossed and turned. Occasionally he tried to speak out loud. It was never anything distinguishable, but once, he muttered out an apology that Lily knew was for her.

"Sorry...not...lie," he had slurred, and Lily knew it to mean that he was sorry he hadn't been entirely truthful.

When he'd uttered this sad regret, Lily looked at him mournfully, and brushed his bangs away from his face, wondering when she'd ever see it with its eyes open again.

After about a week, a letter arrived for James from St. Mungos. Sirius, who had found it on James' bed, brought it to Lily one morning before school, curious what she thought they should do with it. The staff at St. Mungos would not know of James' illness, because Professor Dumbledore had insisted on keeping it hushed up outside the Hogwarts castle. Lily took a quill and some ink from Sirius and wrote on the back.

"James Potter is currently too ill to be taking mail from anyone. I will have him owl you as soon as he is well enough to recieve and respond to mail. Thanks. Lily Evans"

And sent it with Sirius to send back to the wizard hospital with the morning post.

The following day a new letter from St. Mungos had arrived. This time it was addressed to Lily.

"Dear Lily Evans,

I'm Healer Ariswald, and I've been treating James Potter's mother, Danielle Potter. I wrote yesterday to James and recieved your reply on the back of the evelope. I was sending my correspondence to inform James that Mrs. Potter is coming along quite nicely. She's started to recognize things now, and I believe she comprehends nearly twenty percent of what we're telling her. I would be very grateful to you if you would inform James of our progress with his mother. Yours sincerely,

Tristan P.C. Ariswald"

Lily thought about it for a while, then decided to reply to his letter.

"Dear Healer Ariswald,

It's great to hear that Mrs. Potter is doing well. I'll inform James as soon as he makes the same recovery as his mum. He was hit with a nasty curse and has been unconcious for the past four days. The school nurse says he'll be awake sometime next week, and I'll have him write back to you when he does.

Have a nice day,

Lily Evans."

She sent it off with the next day's post and continued to watch James sleep. He made slight improvements, such as muttering almost perfectly coherent sentences. He also even sat up once, and tried to get out of bed, much to Madam Pomfrey's delight. According to her, with each new developement, James was one step closer to his former self. Lily noticed it was becoming easier to feed him the Blood Replenishing potions. He even seemed to recognize feeding time.

By the seventh day of his illness, Madam Pomfrey was able to make an educated guess on when he'd wake up.

"Of course, I'm not a Seer, but he should wake up in about three days," Madam Pomfrey informed Lily before bed. Lily scampered off to bed in a very happy mood, and even slept in a little, so that when she arrived at the Hospital wing, Madam Pomfrey was already up and feeding James.

Lily paid the closest of attention that day, not once leaving James' side. She noticed several improvements, all very subtle, and a few of which she had to point out and explain to Madam Pomfrey, who commented that she'd make a very gifted Healer one day. By the end of the day, Madam Pomfrey changed her prediction.

"It might not even be the third day that he'll wake up. He's making such good progress that he might wake up as early as tomorrow. It's likely to happen anytime now," she stated, which soon became something she regreted because Lily absolutely refused to leave the hospital wing that night. She insisted on being there the moment he opened his eyes, and any argument Madam Pomfrey raised on the subject was shot down immeadiately.

Lily laid awake in the bed next to James' that night. She tried several times to go to sleep, but the dreamland would not settle over her. So she got up and paced between her bed and his half the night, and the next day, she was exhausted. She insisted on staying in the hospital wing again. Madam Pomfrey allowed her to, on one condition. So, even though the last thing Lily wanted to do in teh next twenty four hours, she went to sleep that night.

There was a letter addressed to her on her pillow that morning when she woke up. She first checked to see if James was awake, then hastily opened the letter. It was from St. Mungos.

"Dear Lily Evans," it read.

"I'm afraid I have some very grave news to share with you. I do not really wish to inform you of this, but as James Potter is ill, and everyone here and St. Mungos is encouraging me to do so, I must tell you that Danielle Potter's condition has gone down the drain again. Most unfortunately, she's worse than when she first came to us. Many of us think it is because she has gone back into shock by the latest news of her son's illness. Please write back to us as soon as he is well again, it might be the only thing that saves his mother. There is not much hope to begin with, but we are doing everything within our abilities to get her back on her feet. Thanks so much.


Tristian P.C. Ariswald."

Tears welled up in Lily's eyes. If James' mum was really ill again because she'd gone back into shock after James was hit with the curse, then it was her, Lily's, fault. She needn't have wrote back to Healer Ariswald, she did not need to have held a correspondence with him. And now, she ahd sent Danielle Potter back into shock, one worse than the last. If she didn't get better, James would never forgive her. Lily would not be able to live with herself.

She was pondering what to do when the door to the hospital wing opened. Sirius and Remus were standing there, Peter was no where to be seen. Lily got out of bed and took the letter to them, to gain their opinions.

"What should we do? This is all my fault," Lily claimed after they had each read the letter.

"No it's not, Lily, you need to understand that before we do anything," Remus corrected her.

Sirius frowned. "Go to Dumbledore. That's the only thing that makes sense. If this can be fixed, he's the only one to do it," he suggested.

"I'll go," Remus offered, and walked out, clutching the letter in his pale hands.

Lily bit her lip and looked at Sirius.

"Is it wrong to feel happy right now? I mean, his mum is dying, but I'm so excited that he's supposed to wake up today."

"I know. I don't think it is. I can't wait to see him again," Sirius said.

"You've seen him everyday!" Lily giggled, suddenly feel quiet bubbly.

"I know, but it's not the same," he said, lookign beyond Lily to were James lay. His eyes got wide. Lily noticed, and began to turn around. James was sitting up, fully awake.

"Lily? Sirius?" he mumbled, in a sleepy voice. "Wuz going on?"

Lily's heart was racing, her body was on fire. She could feel the sides of her mouth pull up into a gleeful smile. He was finally awake. He had truly survived. Because of me, she thought to herself. Not more than two seconds had passed, and without realizing it, she was rushing past bed after bed until she had reached his, where she finally flung herself, crying, into his arms, and he held her close.

A/N: Okay, okay, I know. Bad chapter. Boring, not worth the wait. Sorry? Not much I can do about it. This was super hard to write, and I'm only happy with the ending of it. But anyways, reviews would be fantastic, and I don't know when I can write again, but as soon as I can, I will. ♥AMW

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