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"Well it looks like our perfect little girl has no cavaties!"

       Hermione Granger's bushy brown hair was hanging loosely around her shoulders and her dark brown eyes sparkled as she beamed at her dad.  That was the third time without cavaties in 6 monthes! She hopped out of the dentist chair and hugged her him.  

     His scrubs were quite a bit too big for him and his new, white shoes squeaked on the clean dentist's office floors.  His short blonde hair had a few gray hairs here and there and his green eyes were focused on Hermione.  He opened his mouth to talk again and he spoke in his odd American accent.

     "Continue like this and you'll have perfect teeth! You had better hug your mom, too.  She did most of the work when it came too making you brush your teeth!" he exclaimed cheerfully.

     Hemione scowled.  She quickly hid it though as she hugged her step-mom quickly.  As she turned back to her dad she saw her "mom" scowl back.  They both despised each other but did their very best not to let her dad see it.  It took all of Hermione's willpower not to turn around and smack her step-mom in the face every five minutes.
     The whole so-called family went back to the Ford Anglia to drive back home to their little condo.  Hermione was once again forced to sit in the back seat and had to endure her step-mom's cooing over her dad the whole half-an-hour home.

     WHen she arrived home however, a big suprise lay on the kitchen counter.  The second she saw the letter she knew that there was something different about it; she knew something wasn't normal.  The parchment-colored envelope had a wax seal on the back that had a badger, a snake, a lion, and a raven on a small shield.  

     She ripped open the letter quickly, but quietly.  It read:

     Dear Ms. Hermione Granger,
          We are pleased to inform you that you have been accept at Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  If you consent to go then you will need to be at Platform 9 3/4 at King's Cross Station on the 12th of September.  A list of school books and supplies is also enclosed along with your train ticket.  If you need more information about where to get your supplies or what the school is about, feel free to contact me by sending a message with the tawny owl who will be tapping at your window after you have read this.  I daresay I shall be meeting you soon.
                                                                    Albus Dumbledore

     Hermione was startled by the sudden tapping at her window.  She looked up to see a small tawny owl pecking at it.  She was about to shoo it off when she remembered what the letter had said.  There was no way anybody could have known the owl would arrive exactly then.  This had to be a trick or a dream.  Sure she believed in magic but to actually be able to use it just seemed impossible.  She blinked a few times before deciding that it was worth a shot.  

     She wrote a short and quick reply and attachted it to the small tawny owl with a piece of twine.  She watched as the owl took off.  She sat there and watched until the bird was nothing more than a dark speck on the vivid blue sky.

     It was just too much too hope that the letter wasn't just some neighborhood city kid who had decided to play a trick on her for the fun of it.  It looked like she would just have to wait and see.

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