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Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot.





I couldn't help but feel smug as I sat down. I knew that I was going to be punished, and I would willingly except it, but only if they could pin it on me. Watching Parkinson though was all worth it.

I had transfigured all her clothes, changing them into muggle attire. The spell I placed on her was a tricky one though. It would change anything she put on to look like mud and blood was on her and the words Mudblood would appear above her. The best thing was that nothing could cover, change, or transfigure the outfit back to its original form. It would only stay like that for a day, but whenever she says the word Mudblood in the company of a muggle-born it would revert back to that for twenty-four hours.

Every eye was on me. I knew that they thought I did it. Pansy was glaring at me and Malfoy looked close to laughing.. I grinned and looked at Dumbledore who was looking at me severely, I merely waved at him.

I started piling food onto my plate, as I propped up a book against my goblet, it was a book on the dark arts, though it was carefully concealed to be a book on transfiguration. The cool thing about the charm was that the book could actually turn into the book that it was charmed to look like. Which was good considering that I was working at being an animagus.

From what I could tell of the stories that Sirius had told them before he died it had taken the maruaders a year to become it on their own. I didn't want anybody to find out about this and I did read more books on transfiguration then them and was probably better at it then they were at that age. Plus over the summer I had practiced meditating, which was essential to the progress.

I looked around the hall, Pansy was still fuming though everybody else was talking about other things, Malfoy was looking at his plate and Potter and Weasley were talking to Ginny, occasionally glancing at me. It hurt that they had treated me like they did. They were supposed to be her best friends and they had turned their backs on her.

I only talked to Lann and Ginny now. Sighing I looked at the schedule which McGonagall had just passed out, Potions was first, followed by Transfiguration and charms. I finished the rest of the meal reading.





I got a seat in the front of the class. Surprisingly Potions had always been one of my favorite subjects, even with Snape me insulting every other minute. It had actually helped me in the long run, now I could take peoples best glare without a flinch.

The door slammed open and Snape walked in with his usual flare.

"Today class, we are going to be making a very complicated potion. I highly doubt that some of you are going to be able to make it." At this he looked at Harry, Ron, and Neville, "Well a select few will excel." He glanced at Malfoy and shockingly me.

"Now, we are making the polyjuice potion. Begin."

A small smile formed on my lips, I had made this in second year easily. I rose and began grabbing the ingredients from the cupboard before walking back to my desk that I shared with Parvarti. Luckily I didn't have to make a joint potion with her. I quickly got to work chopping the boom slang skin.

By the end of the period my potion was slightly better than a flawless one would be. After I had correctly made the potion when I was twelve I had become fascinated with potions and begun to research them. I'd found a way of stirring the polyjuice that would make it more potent. Looking around I saw that only Malfoys potion compared to mine.

Snape began walking around, commenting on potions. He was most viscous to Potter and Weasley. They apparently been confidant that they could make it since a twelve year old Hermione no matter how smart had made it when she was that young. To say the least the potion had melted the cauldron. Neville's had been surprisingly well made, only four shades off from the supposed color.

He praised Malfoy as he passed and awarded Slytherin five points. When he got to me he stopped in shocked. He looked down at me and demanded

"What did you do!" I gazed at him unfazed by his harsh tone and calmly said

"I'm fascinated by potions sir. I just experimented a little. I found that if you stir it five times counter-clockwise exactly three minutes and twenty five seconds into the simmering period between adding the beetle wings and the dragon scales it will add ten more minutes onto the length of the change and improve the taste." I shrugged, "Little improvements, but improvements none the least, sir."

Snape looked shocked and extremely impressed before saying, "Five points to Gryffindor. See me after your classes Miss Granger." He then turned sharply and quickly walked back to his desk, ignoring the whispers that started. Everyone was looking at me in awe, someone had finally done the impossible and made Snape award points to Gryffindor.





I took a seat in back for Transfiguration. I didn't like being stared at and it seemed to be happening a lot lately. Professor McGonagall was sitting at her desk, seemingly reading the summer homework.

When she heard my book bag being dropped on the floor she looked up and gave me a small smile before going back to her work. As the rest of the class came in I read a book that I had recently gotten, it was a book on apparation. I was hoping to learn how so that when I turned seventeen in sixteen days I might be able to learn faster.

When the class was full McGonagall stood up and strode around her desk. "Today class, we are going to be reading chapter five in your books. Then you will write a six paragraph essay, assessing chapter one through four." She said in her Scottish burr. Everyone groaned and got to work.

The class passed quickly and before I knew it it was Charms. Flitwick was standing on top of a pile of books and when I entered he beamed.

"Ah, Miss Granger, doing well I hope?"

"Yes sir, very well considering."

His smiled dropped into a grim expression before he grinned again. "Well, yes. But things can only get better! Have you enjoyed your classes so far?" Even though I didn't agree with his earlier statement I put on a happy face, hoping it didn't look forced

"Yes, very much sir. Good day sir." He nodded and I sat down in the back for class to begin.





By the time classes were over I was sick of all the happy expressions. I was walking to the dungeons to meet when I was cornered by Malfoy. He backed me up into a corner before cocking his head, an odd expression on his face.

"So you seem different lately Granger. Something wrong?" He asked. I looked at him suspiciously.

"Why would you care Malfoy?" He looked at me for several moments and then said in an emotionless voice.

"I want the same thing you do Granger." I looked at him, tilting my head.

"And what would that be Malfoy?" He stared at me strangely and replied, "Revenge." Before turning and walking away, out of sight. I stared after him, shocked that he would say something like that. Before I turned to walk into Snapes office my last thought was that maybe I wasn't as alone as I thought.





As I was laying on my bed I thought of the odd conversation that I'd had with Professor Snape.


I entered Snapes office and sat down in the hard chair in front of his desk. he looked up,

"Hello Miss Granger." He set down the quill that he had been writing with. "I realize that you're wondering why I asked you to come." He paused, "You've been having disturbing thoughts and I would like to teach you occlumency. This may shock you but I agree with what you must do and I will not tell the Headmaster." I stared at him, my mouth nearly falling open.

" I once felt the need to do something when one of my family was ripped away during my school years and Albus stopped me. I still feel the need to do what I wanted to do, yet the time has passed and now it will never be fulfilled, I do not wish to force these feelings on you." He paused to rub his temples.

"But if you keep projecting your plans as loudly as you are the Headmaster will be stupid not to notice them. I know that you are usually quiet in your thoughts and unless I actually attempt to enter your head I will not hear you, but with your state of mind your mind is not up to its usual standard."

I looked at him and asked, "Sir, are you saying that you're going to teach me occlumency?"

"Yes, now we will start tonight and you will coming every Saturday night until you get and with your mind it could very well be tonight." He started to organize the papers on his desk, "Do you agree?" I smiled and stuck out my hand, Which he took.

" Now I will start by going through mind exercises. Do you meditate?" After I nodded he gave me a small smile. " Good. Now empty your mind and imagine a . . . "


He said that I could be finished by tomorrow if I practiced during the week. The door slammed open and I glanced up from the book that I wasn't reading, Malfoy was leaning against the doorjamb.

"Hello Granger."

"Hello Malfoy. May I ask what your doing here?" He walked forward and and sat on the end of my bed.

"I'd like to strike a deal Granger." I looked at him incredulously, "What?"

"Listen Granger, I know you may not believe it but I want to get my father and I know you do. I can't think of what to do. Though you will after a little thought put into it. With your ideas and my knowledge of the manor that my father lives in, we'll be able to stop him once and for all." I gazed at him, troubled,

"Now why would you like to do that Malfoy?" He looked at me with eyes were devoid of the life which they should have held and rolled up his shirt sleeve. I was shocked to see numerous thin scars up and down his arm.

"My life wasn't all that happy Granger." I reached out to trace a thin silver line which was nearest to me. I stared, hypnotized by the discreet line that symbolized so much.

"Your not alone."



Authors note: So what did you think? Sorry for the sappy ending and the short chapter. I'd also like to apologize that it took so long also, I'm moving and have alot on my mind. I'm working on other stories for different sites so I might not update quickly, I will try to update at least once a month though.


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