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Thinking Of You…
Chapter two: To Hogwarts!!

“Clearly not!” Sirius shouted, jumping up from his seat. “The Wilbourme Wasps could never beat the Chudley Cannons!”

“Really?” Celina questioned, raising her voice slightly. She was not the loud type but Sirius was beginning to frustrate her. “They beat them two months ago when I went to see them play in Wembley,” she stated, matter-of-factly.

Sirius open and closed his mouth, quite like a fish, a couple of times seemingly unable to retaliate. James, shocked by this piece of information, turned to face Celina. “You like quidditch?”

“She loves quidditch,” Zayda answered for her.

“And she’s really good at playing it to,” Lily said finally emerging from her book. James smiled widely at her sudden choice of speaking to him but frowned when she turned back to her book without acknowledging him.

“You can play?!” Sirius squeaked. Celina nodded her head modestly.

“I’m a chaser,” she answered. James suddenly jumped to his feet and ran from the compartment. Everyone looked around bewildered and a small voice spoke from the corner.

“Finally,” Lily mumbled. Almost before the words even left her mouth however, James returned. He had a small grin on his face and beamed down at Celina.

“There’s a spot open for a chaser on the school team.” The compartment buzzed excitedly.

Celina didn’t join in her friends excitement for her, her stomach churned uncomfortably.

Celina Boot twisted her light brown, shoulder length hair around her fingers, weaving the red panels through it as she went. Her almost black eyes focused nervously on the roof. An outside viewer would see Celina as shy and quiet; but her friends knew a different side of her. During the summer she would take up acting classes to fuel her secret passion of performing. A lot of people would say that she’s the nicest person they’ve ever met; her natural prettiness attracted a lot of attention from the opposite sex, attention which she did not thrive on. Girls liked her because she didn’t steal all the boys and for her ability to give great advise.

Funnily enough Celina was petrified of heights. But no matter how afraid it never stops her from hopping on her broom and taking off into the sky; the wind in her hair and the thrill of the ride makes her forget her fears.

She comes from a wealthy family with both her parents being lawyers; she’s a muggle born. For this, she hates Slytherins. They love to torment her for her “dirty-blood” and the fact that she never argues back does not help. But her friends are always at her side to stand up for her and cheer her up.

Celina believes in fate and that for every female there was and equal and opposite male. In her case this opposite went by the name of Remus Lupin.

Remus was sat next to Lily scribbling something down on a piece of paper, Peter was hovering over his shoulder reading it and smirking to himself every once in a while.

Remus had blondish hair which naturally fell into a fluffy side parting. His piercing blue eyes flashed as he re-read what he had been writing and his tongue poked out of the side of his mouth. Just like Celina he could be perceived as quiet and shy and people that saw him this way where spot on. Although around his friends he would be chattier and occasionally have a moment where he would talk at lightening speed and very animatedly, he generally was very mature in his actions.

He was down to earth and of course, being a marauder, loved his pranks; which he was exceptionally good with coming up with, despite never initiating them. Lily was known as probably the cleverest person at Hogwarts but Remus followed in a close second. He is the sensible one in the group, always bringing the boys back down to earth and landing them on their feet; much like Celina.

The marauders no not much of Remus’ home life as he was abandoned when younger after a terrible incident where he was bitten by a werewolf, the result being that he transforms every full moon. James calls it his “furry little problem.” With out his friends Remus believes that he couldn’t live; they’ve kept him going every year after learning to become animagus’.

“So I can move this piece like…that?” Remus and Lily looked up from what they were doing and Peter turned his attention towards the chess game, along with the other girls.

James and Sirius were teaching Zayda how to play wizards chess, which she seemed extremely good at. “And that I believe is chess,” she said cockily not realising that the word she was looking for was “check”. The two boys laughed but refrained from correcting her.

After another minute or two a small excited “chess!” Was heard again.

“Wow,” James whispered defeated. “You’re pretty good at this. Are you sure you’ve never…”

“Shh…” She snapped at him for ruining her concentration. “Ha, chess!” She pointed at James and Sirius, “you suck!” Both boys, who hated losing, breathed deeply at her mocking behaviour. Sirius, who was so agitated that he barely paid attention to his next move as he glared evilly at Zayda, made a wrong move.

“Yes!” Zayda shouted. “Chessmate.”

“Checkmate!” Both James and Sirius shouted at her.

“Whatever,” she said swaying her head so that her short black hair bounced around her face. James caught Sirius staring at her with his mouth slightly open and smacked his jaw up, earning a laugh from Lily who stopped herself as soon as she realised.

No one could blame Sirius for staring at Zayda; she was gorgeous. Her hair was jet black and styled so that it was short at the back but lengthened to a bob at the front. Her icy blue eyes stood out amazingly in contrast to this, and her pale skin tone. A lot of boys saw her as “sexy”, with her very laid back attitude and tall slender figure.

Today she wore black trouser shorts with suspenders attached to them and a plain white t-shirt. She wears what she likes and this often receives her a lot of unwanted attention; she has a bad habit of unintentionally drawing attention to her self whether it be from her clumsiness, dress sense or tantrums she pulls as a result of something Sirius has done – Sirius being the only one that can tempt her out of her usual mellow state.

She has seen a lot in her life and knows a lot of interesting information; not particularly clever (not dumb though), but she knows about things from other places. The way she carries herself scares a lot of girls because she seems so confident and the marauders learnt from experience not to argue with her.

She could be seen as contained within herself but when she’s around her friends she’s very chatty and interesting; the life and joy of the party.

“Moony,” James called.

“Prongs?” Remus answered him. Lily sighed at their stupid nicknames which made absolutely no sense to her.

“Come here a minute.”


“Just come here,” James said impatiently.

The moment Remus left his seat James jumped into it, placing a hand lightly behind Lily’s neck. Remus shrugged before taking James’ abandoned seat; he knew better than to get in between James and the “love of his life”.

“So Lily I was thinking,” he started.

“No,” Lily answered before he had even finished.

“You don’t even know what I was going to say!” James looked at her.

“I will not go out with you Potter,” she said bluntly.

“I wasn’t going to say will you go out with me,” James answered confidently.

“Oh,” Lily turned to face him knowing that she was correct. “Then what were you going to say?”

“I mean, come on, don’t flatter your self.” James continued his confident streak.

Lily raised an eye brow to him as she steadily got more aggravated. “Humour me?”

James screwed up his face for a few seconds before coming out with, “will you be my girlfriend?”

“I told you,” Lily stated as she returned her eyes back to her book. “Now remove your arm.”

“But I didn’t say ‘will you go out with me’.” James muttered.

“As good as,” her eyes still did not leave her page although she was no longer reading the words on it. “Now, would you kindly remove your arm?”


“Potter,” Lily snapped as she turned to face him, her bright green eyes burning into his deep hazel ones.

James narrowed his eyes towards her “why do you never call me James?” Lily shrugged not really giving a damn about what he was saying. “Is it because of that time?” James asked, a smirk creeping onto his face. He knew this was really going to make her blow up but he couldn’t resist; he’s never been able to resist making her angry, she looks so cute.

“What time?” Lily asked slowly, bringing her eyes back to his in a threatening glare.

“You know,” he wiggled his eye brows at her suggestively.

“No I don’t know, why don’t you enlighten me?”

“Of course you know,” he sighed as if it was obvious what he was talking about. “Oh, maybe this will refresh your memory…James.” He let out a small pleasurable moan when he said his name attracting interested looks from the others in the compartment. James looked at Lily successfully.

Lily pursed her lips, “I did not say it like that.” Her teeth were grinding.

“Urm, Lily.” Alice said, struggling to hold back a giggle. “Is there something you haven’t told us?” Lily looked around at all the amused faces and realised what it must have sounded like.

“Oh you don’t think we...? You cannot possibly believe that Potter…and I…? Oh come on?” She threw her hands up in defeat as everyone burst out laughing.

“It’s not funny,” she mumbled as she pulled out her robes and left to get changed; shortly followed by the other girls.

“So Prongsie,” Sirius said.

James looked sideways at him before answering “yup,” and pulling his school robes over his head.

No answer.

“Yes Padfoot?” James asked, assuming Sirius hadn’t heard him.

No answer.


James tied up his cloak and turned questioningly towards his friend. Peter and Remus stood their silently laughing; Sirius was sprawled out on one side of the compartment, asleep.

“How does he do that?” Peter asked.

Sirius’ perfect black hair fell away from his face, not in his eyes as usual. His steel grey eyes held flecks of bright blue which couldn’t be seen as his eyes were closed. He was known to many girls in the school as funny, charming, “fit”, but by Lily and her friends it was more like a self-obsessed, vain male slut.

The Sirius “famous flick” is his worst habit; he constantly flicks back his head so that his hair flies out of his face then pulls it forwards only to flick it back again. Girls stumble in his presence when he does this. He also spits, obsessively.

He was born to pull pranks and get into trouble, go through as many girls as he can, have the best hair in the world and to look at him self at every opportunity; as stated by Sirius himself in his fifth year.

He was brought up by a very wealthy, well respected (by people like themselves) pureblood family. Sirius was the only black, other than his cousin Andromeda, to not be placed in Slytherin house (and he is very proud of it), and has nothing to do with any of his family since he moved in with the Potter’s; summer before his 3rd year at Hogwarts.

Although Sirius seems quite drippy and dull he’s actually very clever and has great potential. He has his head screwed on the right way and holds a lot more than meets the eye.

James was leaning over Sirius in a quick attempt to give him some wide framed glasses and Peter stood over his shoulder watching his every move.

Peter Pettigrew’s shifty eyes looked from James’ face to Sirius’ as he let out a giggly girly laugh causing James to pause his actions and raise an eye brow to him. Peter scratched his scruffy dirty blonde hair; he was nothing like the other boys who were well-groomed, taking care in their appearance.

Peter had no other friends in the school apart from the marauders as he seemed shy and quiet; the truth being that he was sneaky and preferred to lay-low. He has a tendency to copy everything the boys do, especially Sirius who he admires greatly; mainly for his way with girls.

Most people wonder why he is a marauder but if you get closer to them you can see how useful he is; with he sneaky, sly side. He seems completely loyal to his friends and although he loves pranks, never has any good ideas for one. He has a bad habit of prying into peoples business when he is not wanted, eavesdropping and eating cheese.

He hates Snape but this could be a result of James and Sirius’ feelings; generally he is a coward and protected by the others.

James withdrew his pen sadly as the girls slammed the compartment door open.

“Urgh, I see you’re still in here.” Lily said dully. Remus looked at her with a mock sad expression. “Not you Remus,” she smiled at him.

“Oi,” said Peter.

“Oh, you neither.” She said extremely sweetly while poking her tongue out at James who licked his lips at her. Sirius grunted in his sleep. “Aw, he looks so sweet,” she cooed. “Do you think we could place a spell on him so he stays this way?” She asked hopefully.

“Shut up Evans, you know you couldn’t live without seeing me everyday,” Sirius said whilst opening an eye.

Lily ignored him and instead turned towards Alice.

“Have you seen Frank yet?” Alice asked in what she hoped was a casual tone. Clearly it wasn’t.

“Frank Longbottom?” Lily asked eyeing her friend interestedly.

“Yes,” Alice whispered while pointing her head in the boys’ direction.

“Too late Dingle,” James shook his head. “Going for the older man now are we?” He wiggled his eye brows.

Alice put her long blonde hair into her mouth; a give away that she was embarrassed. Once again she had attempted to straighten her impossibly curly hair; it hadn’t worked so it was up in a bobble. Alice had a twin, Lacy, whilst growing up the girls were identical until Alice’s hair became curly; she hated it. Lacy, wanting to be unique placed a spell upon her sister so that she could not straighten her hair, no matter how strong a spell she used.

She was the most popular girl in school and liked by everyone (basically) in that she talked to everyone; she had a bubbly personality and was a true leader held in high respect. The few people that she is not liked by are the girls as a result of her popularity and her friendship with so many boys; she was like “one of them” she had been told.

She has a bad habit of comfort eating; weirdly, especially when she feels fat. She’s far from fat, size 12 the most but feels comfortable in loose fit boy style jeans. She’s very much liked by the boys, along with her friends, but feels they only like her for he “assets” aka her boobs! The girls tell her not to wear such revealing tops if she feels that way but she shrugs off the comments; secretly she is insecure and thinks she wouldn’t get attention from boys if she had smaller ones, but doesn’t wear the tops for this reason. She’s into her top brand clothing and what’s in fashion; “it just so happens tops with a bit of cleavage are fashionable,” she constantly reminds the girls.

She’s the funniest one in the group, and a typical blonde; but she is very clever.

“James Potter if you say anything to him I will kill you!” Alice rounded on him.

“Lily!” James shouted turning towards her.

“What?” Lily snapped back.

“Why are you teaching all your friends to talk to me that way?” He asked, faking a small sniffle.

“I’m not,” she smiled successfully. “It seems they’re finally seeing the real you.” Her smile widened, “not so cute now is he?” She said to Alice before slapping her hand over her mouth.

Luckily, for Lily, James did not hear this last sentence.

“Evans, I give up!” He shouted, throwing his hands up and startling her slightly. “I’ll leave you alone, never ask you out ever again. It’s your loss.” He looked at her but his face held no emotion so she couldn’t figure out what he was thinking.

“Thank God,” she spat out before taking a seat. “Finally, I can have a year of peace.”

“Wait, wait. I was joking Lilkins my darling I take it all back!” He rushed to sit next to her.

James Potter get out of my compartment now!” She screamed at him.

“Your compartment?” He asked smiling.

“Yes my compartment. Do you have a problem with that?”

“No my little flower, if this being your compartment is what makes you happy, then that is what it shall be; your compartment.” He said sweetly leaning his head on her shoulder; he knew just how to push all the right buttons.

“Good,” she said lost for words as to respond. “So get out,” she hissed.

“I’m not leaving you my love.”

“Stop calling me them stupid names and get out!” She screamed, her throat becoming sore.

“Come on Prongs mate before she attacks us all,” Sirius tried ushering him to the door.

“No,” he smiled sweetly.

“James Potter get out of this compartment now before I do something I will regret.” The train made a sudden stop to announce its arrival at Hosmead station.

“Ok,” he said.

“Argh!” Lily screamed before pushing him through the door and leaving the train herself.

A.N What did yu think? I knoo it wasn't as long as my first chapter and i've just finished the 5th which is over 5,000 so i make up for it =D, if yu like long chappies. This took me like two days to write because i wanted it to sound right...This chapter is my way of introducing all the characters, i hope it didn't bore yu but it had to be done =D...Please review and brighten up my day or i might turn to begging which will be embarrassing and i also might have to tell yu all my poem i did for my other story, which was terrible...yu don't want that =]


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