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 As the lingering tension and excitement of all that had happened finaly ceased the moon rose to greet the very tired occupants of number twelve Grimmauld place. Her rays bathed the meager remnants of what used to be a flousishing back garden, and as she moved her rays crept up the shabby walls and into the window of the only bedroom who's occupand had managed to fall asleep.

 Remus Lupin could be found lightly snoring in the exact position he had first layed down in. He was undoubtedly deep in sleep when his eyes started twitching under closed lids, something had disturbed him.

 He could feel himself wake, though he had not yet managed to raise his heavy eyelids. Somehow, he managed to raise himself up and walk out of his room, down his stairs and through many halls, without opening his eyes. He felt strangely calm in the darkness behind his own closed eyes. Something guided him effortlessly, willing him to do it's bidding. Or bringing him towards something. And though he could not see it, and had no idea what it was, he could feel warm emotions building in him. Strange ones. He felt them with the swift compassion of a heart not yet learned in the ways of true love, or true wisdom. He felt electrified with youth, unwilling now to open his eyes in case the return of his vision might erase these glorious feelings. These strange feelings continued to grow, untill he felt a smile ease into his features, though he still had no idea why. He couldn't explain none of this, he felt as though memory alone guided his body instead of his unnaturally honed senses. The sense of purpose grew within him, and e felt himself grow closer to his unknown destination.

 When he finally did open his eyes, he jumped. He felt a chill as a whirlwind of memories that weren't his flew past him. His confused eyes cought only flashes of red. Soft lips brushing against his and peircing eyes penetrating his very core. 

 Suddenly, he sat bolt upright in bed. The genlte moonlight reflecting off the sweat now beading off of his face. Slowly he felt his eyes grow heavy once again, and managed to utter but one word before he layed back down, never again to remember these fleeting memories...



There you are, for those of you who felt the story was incomplete before, I hope this changes your mind, and maybe even bring a smile to your faces. For all those of you who have reviewed and wondered where I have been for the last...two years now I can only say that I have been going through a lot of changes in my life. But now I realy want to take up writing again. So I'm sorry if I seem a bit rusty.

And for any of you who are just finishing for the first time, thank you so much for investing your time in my storytelling capabilities. I hope to have something new started up soon. I only hope my writing abilities haven't completely abandonned me.. For your sake as well as my own.
Thank you!


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