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Chapter 2: Surfing 

Today I woke up extra early. I did everything I did yesterday, except made sure that the note was in my mums suitcase. I was going to go anyway. I decided to go into the lobby and read, but by seven thirty, I knew that my mum would be up and looking for me. I shut my book, put it into my bag, and for a while, I walked around to see what was here. 

It didn’t take long before I lost track of all time. I didn’t realize that I had been gone as long as I had. James was on his way to leave when I came running up the steps and called his name. When he looked up, our eyes met, and he smiled. “Where did you go?” he asked. 

“Really, I don’t even know.” I told him and he laughed. 

“Well he, I have a surprise for you at the beach!” James said. I didn’t want to say it, but I really hate surprises. The last time I got a surprise, it was a pink shirt that had lace and frills all over it from my parents. It was horrible! And it was for my latest birthday. To say the least, I almost puked. 

When we got to the beach, James took me to a pile of stuff. In that pile was two, unmistakable surf boards. “Have you ever gone surfing before?” James asked. 

I was so nervous. Was James really going to take me surfing? “Um, no. Not really.” I said, my voice a bit shaky. 

James picked them up and handed one to me. “Then I’ll teach you.” He said. “Come on.” I wasn’t so sure about this, but I fallowed anyway. Right before we stepped into the water, James bent down and said, “Strap this around your ankle.” Holding a piece of Velcro on a string, connected to the bard. Then we paddled out. 

We got to the point where we couldn’t reach, so I sat up on the surfboard. “Are you sure you can teach me this?” I asked, extremely nervous. 

James came closer and put his hand over mine and looked into my eyes, and said, “I can promise you that I wont let anything happen to you.” His tone was serious and I believed him. It made me rust him. This was the first time that I had ever seen him so serious. “Here, I will teach you like I did with my cousin. Stay here.” James swam back to shore with his board. A few minutes later I felt someone unvelcro my ankle thing. Then James’ head popped p. “ Ok, now I want you to sit up here,” he patted the middle of the front, “And when I say to stand, I want you to stand. I will help you, ok?” I gulped “Alright. Let’s go.” 

We paddled up to an upcoming wave. “You ready?” I didn’t even get time to answer and James said, “Stand.” At first, my feet were firmly on the board, but the rest of me fell backwards onto James. He grabbed my hands, and helped me balance. All of a sudden, the wave had closed around us. It was awesome! I turned my head and looked at James. He mad it so easy.

Then, I lifted my foot and we fell. When I broke the surface, I stated laughing. “Sorry about that.” I said when James popped up. 

“Well, that was a good start.” He said. “Let’s try again.” And so we did. I steadily got the hand of it. It wasn’t long before James unhooked himself and went to get the other board. This was the first time that I would try it on my own. When James swam back, he said, “Ok, I think that you are ready. I will take this first wave and you take the next one. I will tell you when to go so it is small enough.” Then he swam up to the wave and perfectly surfed. As he swam back, I put my mock-serious face on and started clapping before we burst out laughing. James started watching the waves. Then, out of nowhere, he said, “Now.” 

I started paddling up, scared as hell. I got up and actually kept my balance. The feeling was amazing! I came back down, a smile plastered to my face. We rode a few more waves before we made our way back to the wave. With hanging out with James, my book laid in my bag, forgotten.

“That was amazing!” I said when the waitress left to get our drinks. 

“You’re doing better than Kali.” James said. I didn’t want to sound obvious, but I wanted to ask who Kali was. I didn’t have to because James said, “My cousin.” I should have known that. He did say that he had no friends here. Why was I worrying? I didn’t know why I felt this way because James and I weren’t even together. Oh, but how I wished we were. We ordered, ate, and walked back to the ocean. “You ready to head back out Lily?” 

I smiled, “Of course.” The whole day was wonderful. James walked me back to my hotel again, and agreed on nine. 

When I got to my room, mom tried to blow up at me again. “You can ground me when we get home! Right now, I don’t know about you, but I am on vacation!” I yelled. “You can’t stop me from going anywhere. You know what, I shouldn’t tell you anything! I have been back by curfew, and that should be good enough!” I stormed to bed. 

The whole week was filled with James and the ocean. I loved every minute of it. Along with that, every day, I felt closer to him and the feeling stronger. I got really sad when the last day came. As soon as I saw James turn the corner, I ran down the street and hugged him as a tear rolled down my cheek. When he asked why, the tears all let loose and flooded down. “I a-am le-leaving t-t-tomorrow!” Shock filled James. He wasn’t expecting it to be so soon. 

James wrapped his arms around me and whispered, “It’s ok Lils.” We stayed like that for a while on the street corner. Neither of us really wanted to let go. After a while, James said, “Let’s make this the best day of the summer. Something that we’ll never forget.” I wiped my cheeks with the help of James and smiled. 

I wanted to take one last surf before I left, so we spent most of the morning there. Then we returned one last time to the wave. James suggested that we went to the beach shop. When we got there, he talked to the clerk, and walked back o me and put something around my neck. I turned around with a questioning look. “I have gathered the prettiest shells from each day of seeing you and made them into a necklace.” He said. 

I didn’t know what to say. This was the sweetest thing that anyone had ever done for me. “James, I-“ 

“It’s ok. I wanted to. You are an amazing person, and I am really going to miss you.” James said. I didn’t want to go. The rest of the day, we were pretty much silent. We sat on the beach and watched everyone else. Every now and then, one of us would say something. There really wasn’t much more to say. I was leaving early the next morning, and that was it. 

It got later and later, and soon, everyone had left except for me and James. The sun had just started to set. I laid out my towel and we sat and watched the sunset. Tonight we sat closer than before. Then, right as the sun looked as though it hit the water, James looked over at me and closed any space between his lips and mine. I hesitated at first, not expecting it, but loosened up soon after. It was a slow kiss, but full of passion. We kissed until the sun was long gone. Then, something interrupted it. It was the sound of a car horn. I broke away. “Oh god! It’s my mum. I have to go.” I said, and started gathering my things. 

James was startled. “Lils, you can’t go!” he called. “Wait, do you have a phone?” What a weird question. 

I nodded and got out a pen. “Call this number at noon tomorrow.” I said as I wrote it down on his hand. “Give me yours.” James scribbled down a number. Right as I turned, he grabbed my hand and pulled me into one last kiss. It was quickly broken by a repeating car horn. “I really have to go.” I ran up to the parking lot. I turned around one last time as one more tear fell from my eye, and I ran to the car. “Mum, do we really have to go?” she nodded. 

I got in the car and looked out the window. It wasn’t too long before I saw a few raindrops hit the window, then they all let go and pored down. It felt like the world was crying for this love that could never be. As I sat in the room, packing my things, I realized that his number was smearing. I quickly wrote it down on my book that I had bought and stared. I was skeptical on weather James would really call me or not, so I figured that I would. 

We woke up very early the next morning. The plane left at ten. We would be home by one. Woops. I told James to call at noon shit. Oh well. I decided to call him when I got home. 

The first thing I did when I walked through my big oak door was go to the answering machine. It was about one-thirty and there were three messages from today. All three were from the same boy. James. The first one sounded like, “Hey Lils, um, it’s noon. I guess your plane is a bit late, or you just aren’t home yet. Call me. James.” The next one said, “Hi Lily. Um, it is 12:45, you still aren’t’ home. Please call soon. I am starting to think that you gave me the wrong number.” And the third one was pretty much, “Lily… Liiiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy…. Lily? Are you there?! * sigh *” 

I felt so bad. I practically ripped the phone off of the phone holder thingy and pounded in his number. The phone rang three times and then I heard, “You have reached James Potter’s line. I am not here-“ It was the answering machine, but it had been cut off by James, fiercely lifting up the phone. “Yeah?” He said, breathlessly. 

“James? Oh my gosh! I am sooooooooo sorry! I forgot that I had a three-hour flight. I am so sorry!” I said into the phone. 

I heard him laugh on the other end. “It’s ok.” He said. “I just though that you gave me the wrong number. That’s all.” 

“I would never do that. I had too much fun with you.” I said and smiled. We talked for hours. We called each other almost every day all through July and August. Then, on the last day of August, I told him that I was going to a private school away from home and explained how we didn’t have phones, but that I would write whenever I got the chance. James said that he was going to one too. In his voice, I could tell that he wanted to tell me where, but for some reason, couldn’t “Alright.” I said. “Call me at break. I love you. Bye.” I slowly hung up the phone. It felt like the day I left him. It hurt horribly. I slowly. Packed for the long rain ride for my third year at Hogwarts. Usually it couldn’t come soon enough, but now was different. I dreaded returning to Hogwarts when I knew that I probably would never hear his voice again. 

On the train, another muggle girl got a cell phone over break. When I asked to barrow it, the let me, but after I dialed the number, re-written on my hand, I hated what I heard next. “ For repeatedly not paying this phone bill, this phone shall be permanently disconnected.” I hung up the phone and handed it back to Emily and sat back down in my compartment. I really would never hear his voice again. Now I wish that I had a time-turner.

A/N: well, i hope that you like it so far! if you do, please review! oh hay! i just rhymed! lol! 

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