A/n: my self and lilfry (I’m mid-nite-potter) have both worked together to make this. Disclaimer: this is the disclaimer for the whole story. The only thing we own is our idea for the story and any new people we add in! Finding Destiny Prologue Graduation day had finally come for James Potter and Lily Evans. They had spent many long nights up late in the common room discussing what they planned on doing after they finished school. The graduation ceremony had been wonderful. Dumbledore had given a wonderful speech about the class and the things they would have to face in their lives ahead of them. He had briefly talked about the threat of Voldemort. He then moved on to much happier topics. After the graduation, there was a party that was to be held in the Great Hall. The many chairs that had filled the hall just a few short hours ago, were now gone. They had been replaced with small tables lining the walls. The rest of the room was cleared for people to be able to dance. There had also been a stage put along the back wall. A few groups of friends and couples, that had just graduated, had stated to enter the room. They were all talking happily about this and that. Among the groups of people were a certain group of five people. Two of these five people were very unaware of everything that was going on around them. They were completely focused on each other. “Bloody hell, look at the rock!” Sirius, one of the five members of the small group, said. “Yeah that ring is quit big. I don’t see how you can hold your hand up Lil’.” Said Remus. “Very funny, it’s really not that heavy, although, I’m not use to it.” Lily said looking down at the large emerald engagement ring on her finger that James had given to her right after the graduation ceremony. “I do like it though. It’s quite pretty. I can’t believe James picked this out.” “Well, he did have help,” Sirius added. “Oh, sure like u could tell sliver and grey apart,” Lily said teasingly. As they were talking, two blonde Ravenclaws walked up to them smiling. They were Christina Wolf and Harmony June. They were Sirius and Remus’s girlfriends. Sirius and Christina had been going out since the last Hogsmead trip of the year two weeks ago. Remus and Harmony had been going out since Christmas. The now group of seven walked over to one of the tables and sat down. They were sitting there when a very out of place older couple walked over to their table. “Hello mum, dad. What did you think of the ceremony? I’m sorry I didn’t come see you afterwards but James wanted to ask me something. Something very important.” Lily said walking up to her mother and giving her a hug. “Mum, I have some great news. James asked me to marry him and I said yes. Isn’t that great?” “Wow. Dear, that wonderful, but does this mean your not going to spend the summer with us?” her father asked. “Well, James and I were talking about it. We want to get married in the fall. With the type of world this is, we don’t want to wait very long. So, I may not be able to spend the whole summer with you, but I will be able to spend a few weeks with you. Is that ok?” Lily explained. “I guess that will be fine. Although, we were hoping to have both you and petunia home together. The two of never see each other anymore.” Her mother said. “Um, can we talk about all of this later?” Lily, feeling uncomfortable about the subjects of her sister, said. While they were talking, more and more parents and students started to walk in. The great hall started to fill quickly. Many people stopped by the table to say hello. After most of the tables were filled, Dumbledore stood up from his seat at the front of the hall among the rest of the teachers. Dumbledore greeted the many people sitting in the Great Hall and made a quick speech. After he was done, the many small tables were filled with food. There was a rich assortment of many of the new graduates’ favorite dishes. After everyone in the hall finished eating, the empty dishes and dirty plates disappeared from the tables. The Head Girl and Boy got up along with their dates and walked to the centered of the floor to lead the first dance. Lily, the Head Girl, beamed up at James. Across from them the Head Boy and his girlfriend were dancing. Slowly, more and more couples joined them. After a few songs, James and Lily went and sat down. “I’ll be back. I’m going to get something to drink. Lil, do you want anything?” James asked as they reached the table they had been sitting at earlier. “No thanks.” Lily replied. Lily sat there for awhile on her own. After awhile Remus and Harmony came and sat down with her. “Where’s James?” Harmony asked. “I’m not sure. He said he was going to get something to drink, but that was fifteen minutes ago. I don’t know where he went.” Lily replied. “Well do you want to go look for him?” Remus asked. “I guess.” Lily said. The three got up and started to walk around the Great Hall to see if the could spot James among the many people dancing. “Hey! What are the three of you doing just walking around?” Sirius asked. “We’re looking for James. Have you seen him?” Lily asked. “I saw him stepping out of the great hall a few minutes ago.” Sirius replied. “He may have just wanted to step out for a minute.” The now group of four walked out of the Great Hall. They were checking all of the areas outside of the Great Hall were James maybe. Unluckily, it was Lily who finally found James. Lily had just happened to open one of the cupboards and she found James making out with Christina, Sirius’s girlfriend. She stoop there stunned for a few seconds. Finally what was happening hit her. “HOW DARE YOU, JAMES POTTER!!! YOU SAID YOU LOVED ME! WAS THAT A LIE? WERE YOU ASKING ME TO MARRY YOU A JOKE? WAS IT JUST ANOTHER ONE OF YOU SILLY JOKES YOU LOVE TO PLAY? I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!” Lily yelled before she took off of her ring and threw it at James’s face. “We’re over. I never want to talk to you or see your face again!” Lily finished before turning around and running away. “LILIY! WAIT! LET ME EXPLAIN!” James said running after her before stopping. “Lily, I… I… I love you.” James finished weakly.

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