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I saw Remus and he was in his werewolf form. Moreover he had spotted me and was moving towards me with a hungry look in his eyes. I gave a bloodcurdling yell and turned to run. But in my panic I wasn’t able to maneuver my body back through where I came from.


“James!” I yelled hoping he would hear me. I crouched as Remus got nearer and just yelled and braced myself for the kill. I was done for. If I ever die here I hope somebody would tell mom and dad and James how much I love them. I hope Lily will go out with James as a tribute to my memory. Oh ya and please tell the owner of three broomsticks that the keys are in my pocket… 


As I was thinking this I was wondering why the blow didn’t come at all. When I looked up I saw this huge stag on top of the werewolf, struggling to keep it down. It seemed to be telling me something but I couldn’t take my eyes of its. It was so hazel that it reminded me of… of… James! I was paralyzed there. Then out of nowhere a dog grabbed my ankle and started dragging me out through twists and curves. I closed my eyes and held my hands to my head trying to protect it from damage. Then I smelt fresh air. Sweet smelling moonlit fresh air. I opened my eyes and the dog was lying on me with its paws on my shoulder. It seemed to have a concerned look on its face. I was panting hard and so was it. Then the stag whose eyes reminded me so much of James’ came galloping towards us. The stag and the dog shared a look. Yea… it was weird then. But guess what was weirder… they transformed. Yea, James was the stag and the dog was Sirius. It was a big shock to me. I was tongue tied. And not even because Sirius was lying on me and our faces were pretty close. He then scrambled off me the moment my eyes met his. James then pulled me up into a sitting position. My head was dizzy for a minute.


“What are you doing here?” he asked me hoarsely. He was terrified for me. He then kissed me on the forehead. And then looked at me expecting an answer.


“I… I …” I couldn’t talk. I don’t know how he expected me to answer. I had just found out that my brother and boyfriend (ok he is not really my boyfriend but do we want to look at technicality here? Hello? Perspective people!) Were animagi and he actually expected me to answer. Ok I guess he really didn’t because he pulled me into a hug.


“Juliet! I was so scared… what if something had happened? I could never live I swear!” he muttered, “Are you ok?” he asked pulling back. I looked at my bloody ankle. Yea, Sirius hadn’t been so gentle but when you have just escaped death you don’t fuss over small things such as a disgustingly bloody ankle. I then noticed James was breathing really hard and then it struck me how scary it must have been for him. I reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder.


“James… I am fine… it is ok.” He just smiled wearily at me and tried to pull me up to a standing position. Ok this was too much. I could barely manage to move without having my head turn in all directions inside and this really made it hurt. I held my hand to my head to stop it from spinning but it was no use. I had hit my head badly when I was being dragged here and I just wanted to sleep. Another pair of strong arms held me up and I leaned back on the support the hand provided behind my head. I was only partially aware that it was Sirius.


“James… I will escort Juliet back to the common room, and you go back to Remus.”


“No Sirius I want to accompany her…”


“James, Remus is now on the look for blood now that he has smelt human blood and you are the biggest among us. You need to be there to prevent him from harming himself and Peter. Don’t worry about Juliet.”


“But Sirius…”

“I will take care of her. She is your sister and that means she is like one to me too. I won't let any harm come to her and the chances we meet another hungry werewolf on the way is pretty slim so I think we will be all right.”


I guess James must have finally consented because a few more exchange of words and I was being led away by Sirius.


“Juliet… how are you feeling?”


“I have a bleeding ankle which may also be broken and my head hurts to even be talking. How can I be feeling!” Ok that was one of my rudest sarcasms since Sirius was just being nice. But I guess he knows me too well to take it too much to heart.


“I am sorry!” he muttered, “I just wanted to…”


Or maybe not. I felt so bad.


“What are you sorry for? I don’t blame you! I would rather take a broken ankle than death any day!”


“When you put it like that…”

“Are you kidding? You saved my life! Thank you!” I said giving him a peck on the cheek. We walked for sometime and then I asked him the question which had been troubling me since the time I escaped.


“So how long have you and James been…”


“Animagi? 3 years.”


“3 years and you never told me!” I gasped. Suddenly a thought struck me, “Is that why you have those nicknames for each other?”


“Yea. I am Padfoot!”


“You looked more like a … Snuffles to me!” I said, “Big, black, shaggy…”


“Snuffles…” he said as though he was contemplating it, “Not bad…”


“Which animal do you reckon I will be?”


“A lioness!” he said so promptly I was surprised. He noticed it I guess because he said,


“I have thought about it before. I think that lioness suits you the best. Fierce, graceful, loyal… elegant. You will be a golden-skinned lioness with your midnight blue eyes.”


“You have given it a lot of thought!” I said. After a pause. “I was scared back then and thought that I was going to lose my life…” I said quietly… the intensity hitting me only then. I continued, “You have no idea how much you did back then meant to me…”


“I couldn’t have done it without James holding Remus back. He was worried about you too.”


“But if you hadn’t grabbed me and taken me away on time I would not have been here now talking to you” I said hugging him gratefully. The moon sank a little behind the. I just realized that Sirius’ face had gotten more handsome if possible. I think something must have happened to me when I was hit on the head… I was too dizzy to think…

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