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Chapter 11

The Slytherin Prince

Harry sat laughing in the common room with his Slytherin classmates. “Did you see the look on Dumbledore’s face?” Harry asked Draco, “It was priceless!”

Blaise Zabini laughed, “He’s probably up in his office right now freaking out!”

“Yeah,” Harry laughed, “His precious, Boy-who-lived, is in Slytherin, oh whatever is he going to do.”

The first year Slytherins laughed.

“Did you see McGonagalls face? A second year asked joining the conversation. “She looked horrified!”

“They just don’t want to admit that we are the best,” Harry smirked. “They would prefer to believe that we are all dangerously dark wizards. Oh by the way, you can all call me Cal, all my friends do.”

“Cal?” Pansy said, “why Cal?”

“It’s a nickname a friend of mine came up with,” Harry said smirking. “Don’t ask where it came from.”

“Alright then Cal,” Gregory Goyle said, “We won’t ask.”


The next morning Harry got up before Draco, and realized that if his brother didn’t get up soon he would be late for breakfast.

“Dray, get up,” Harry said.

“A few more minutes, Cal,” Draco murmured.

“No,” Harry said, “You need to get up now. Aguanmenti.”

“ARGG!” Draco yelled sitting straight up. “POTTER!”

Harry smirked, “You wouldn’t get up,” he said shrugging, “Anyway we are all leaving in ten minutes whether your ready or not.

Draco came down to the common room ten minutes later. Harry snickered, “Not a morning person, Draco?”

“Shut up, Cal,” Draco snarled.

Harry smirked as they walked to the great hall, people stared at him as he passed on his way to the Slytherin table, “I wish they wouldn’t do that,” he muttered, “It’s rather distracting.”

“They’re probably making rumors about how you’ll be the next dark lord,” Draco said shrugging.

“Probably,” Harry agreed.

“We have Potions with the Gryffindors first,” Blaise Zabini noted looking at his timetables.

“Great,” Draco muttered. “Insufferable gits in the morning.”

Harry snorted, “I for one think we should try to break this rivalry.”

The Slytherins stared at him. “As in talk civilly to a Gryffindor!” Pansy said incredulously.                                                                             

“But think about it,” Harry smirked. “It’ll throw Dumbledore off.”

Draco smirked next to him, “If we throw off the house rivalry, we throw off the staff.”

“Exactly,” Harry said smirking.

“So what’s the plan?” Crabbe asked.

“We mingle with the Gryffindors in Potions,” Draco said. “That’ll throw Snape off.”

“Excellent,” the first years chorused.

Not long later Harry found himself sitting next to Hermione Granger in Potions class.

“So, Hermione,” Harry said.

“Yes?” she asked trying not to show her apprehension about the Slytherin boy.

“Are you excited?” Harry asked his Malfoy smirk coming to his face.

“Should I be?” she asked.

Just then the door slammed open and Snape came into the room. He surveyed the room for a minute clearly shocked at the seating arrangements and he began his role call.

“And ah,” Snape drawled his eyes fixed on Harry, “Mr. Potter, our new celebrity.” 

Harry sat there smirking. “If you say so, sir,” he responded. Snape looked like he wanted to do something to the boy but just smirked back and continued on. When he was in the middle of his lecture Harry’s hand shot into the air.

“Yes, Mr. Potter,” he asked his eyebrow arched.

“I just wanted to know, sir,” Harry began a grin playing across his face, “How can you bottle something that is an idea?”

Snape looked like he wanted to strangle the boy as he responded coolly, “It’s a figure of speech, Mr. Potter.”

“Ah, like green with envy?” Harry said as the class chuckled. Hermione was staring at him like he was insane.

“Mr. Potter if you can’t control yourself then I suggest you leave,” Snape snarled.

“No thank you professor,” Harry responded, “If find this quite fascinating.”

“I’m sure you do,” Snape muttered. When the bell finally rang Snape called out, “Mr. Potter stay behind.”

Harry hung back smirking, “What can I do for you, Severus?” he asked his grin growing.

Snape led the boy into his office and locked the door.

“Why didn’t any of you tell me?” he asked.

“Father was afraid you would tell Dumbledore,” Harry said looking at the ground, “He didn’t want Dumbledore to bring me back to them.” He spat out the last word with such hatred that Snape actually stepped back from the boy slightly.

“I won’t tell Dumbledore,” Snape assured the boy resting a hand on his shoulder. “Calais, will you tell me how you ended up with Lucius?”

Harry looked up at his head of house and Snape was surprised to see a slight glisten in his eyes.

“It’s alright if you can’t,” he said softly, surprising himself.

“No,” Harry said his voice calmer. “I ran away, and father found me in the forest, I nearly died.”

Snape sensed that this was not the entire story, but he did not push the boy any farther. “Dumbledore will suspect something,” he said.

“Let him,” Harry snarled surprising the potions master with hate for the Headmaster. “He doesn’t have any claim over me.”

A bell rang shocking the two out of their conversation. Snape went over to his desk and wrote a quick note, “Give that to Professor McGonagall,” He instructed.

Harry nodded and quietly left the room.

“Your late, Mr. Potter,” McGonagall’s voice ran through the room.

“Sorry Professor,” Harry said, handing her the note, “but I was talking to Professor Snape.” McGonagall appeared surprised for a minute before motioning for him to take a seat. He sat down next to Draco and Draco gave him a look.

“Later,” Harry mouthed. 


A/n: Alright that one was really short, sorry everyone

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