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  TADA! It's part 2! Yay! I hope you enjoy, I'm not sure when the next chapter will be up, hopefully sometime soon, it will take at least two weeks I'm guessing.

Chapter 9~ Becoming Vee Part 2

 As she stepped into the street lights she hoped Vance was close behind, making sure no unwanted attention presented itself. As she crossed the wet pavement she saw the double doors of the high rise swing open, admitting a man with a red feather in his hat out onto the street. She hurried toward him, carefully quiet so he would not see her coming. When she was facing him, and knew he was not aware of her coming, she stepped into the light and walked quickly toward him. Her thin frame collided with his very solid one and she would have fallen if his surprisingly strong arms had not caught her.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you.” Veanna murmured, careful to let her coat fall open, revealing the red dress.

“It’s quite alright, are you hurt?” The man’s voice was smooth and silky, sending shivers down her spine.

“I’m fine, thank you.” Veanna responded, looking up at the man called The Strigoi. He was terribly handsome, she noticed. His deep brown eyes captured hers over a strong nose and square jaw. His cheekbones looked like they were chiseled from the finest Grecian marble and the pale parlor of this skin only accentuated the fine black lashes that framed his eyes.

“What is your name, love?”


“Well, Veanna I am called Sergey. Is there any way I may make up for bumping into you?”

“Oh, well, I-“

“Say that you’ll have dinner with me.” Veanna looked into Sergey’s eyes and found that she could not refuse.

“That would be lovely.” She said with a smile.

“Follow me then.” Sergey bowed formally and offered her an arm, which she took. He led her down one of the alleys off of the main street and into a short doorway she never would have noticed on her own. They entered into what appeared to be some sort of boarding house. Veanna began to get nervous, what if Vance was not able to follow?

“This way, love.” Sergey directed her toward the only set of stairs and they slowly ascended to the third floor of the boarding house. Sergey opened the last door at the end of the hall, and Veanna found herself entering a dim, candlelit room. A table in the center of the room was set with china and laden with food.

“But, how?” Veanna was confused, the table was set for two, and she had only accepted his dinner invitation a few minutes ago. What kind of man prepared dinner for two, on the off chance that he would run into someone that would consent to eat with him?

“I have my ways.” He spoke softly as he moved behind her to remove her coat. As his fingers gently slid the heavy material from her bare arms she felt his cool fingers graze her skin. “Please, sit.” He whispered in her ear, as he pulled the chair out from the table. Veanna sat hesitantly; more aware than ever that she was alone in a room with a man who was suspected of being a Nazi. “Wine?” he asked coming around from behind her to take his place at the table. Veanna only nodded. Wine was something that was hard to come by these days, and if you did get your hands on it, it was very expensive. He had to be a Nazi, how else would he be able to afford such luxuries?

“Thank you for dinner, this is all very nice.”

“It is my pleasure. I should be thanking you. You are after all a very beautiful woman.” He raised his eyes to meet hers over his glass of red wine. Veanna blushed slightly under his gaze, hoping that it did not show too much in the dim lighting. “Might I ask what you were doing in this part of town after the curfew, it is not the place for a beautiful creature such as yourself.”

“I could ask the same of you.” Veanna flirted boldly.

“So you could, but you would not believe the answer.”

“Then it would make a wonderful story, would it not?”

“You amuse me, child.”

“You call me child, before you called me a beautiful woman. What is it that you think I am?” Veanna asked, desperate for some information from the man who was proving very elusive.

“Veanna is the name of an innocent child, and for all that you look like no innocent child, I do not believe you are a woman.”

“Sir, may I ask in what capacity?”

“I see it in your eyes, you are still very innocent my dear. But do not worry; these things will be taken care of in time.” His deep brown eyes gazed hungrily at her from across the table, and she felt an uncertain feeling of fear begin to uncurl inside of her. She reached for the wine glass and took a sip to calm her nerves. On the other side of the table Sergey smiled.

“It’s good, is it not?”

“Yes,” Veanna spoke slowly, she was beginning to feel tired almost, but that couldn’t be right she was wide awake almost a moment ago. “The wine, you have-”

“Shh, my dear, do not waste your energy with words.” Sergey rose from the table, walked to Veanna’s side, and took one of her hands.  Slowly he pulled her to her feet and she felt the drowsy feeling begin to deepen. She tentatively took a step away from Sergey, but the room suddenly shifted, and she felt the ground rise up toward her. Sergey’s arms caught her before her face found the floor, and swung her up so she was cradled in her arms.

“I should go now.” Veanna whispered into his shirt, weakly trying to pull away.

“I don’t think you will be leaving now, my dear Veanna.” He gently placed her limp body onto bed of silken sheets that Veanna had not noticed upon entering the room. She felt the mattress shift as he climbed in beside her. One of his unnaturally cool hands stroked the white skin of her neck, and she involuntarily shivered. His hands moved down her body to caress the curve of her hip, and up the smooth skin of her thigh. His lips replaced his hands on her neck; she could feel their cool smoothness move from her ear to her collarbone in fluid movements. His hands had slipped her dress up past her waist, and the straps off her shoulders.

“Stop, please.” Veanna whispered to sheets. She tried once again to pull away, but whatever drug had been in her wine would not let her.

“No, my dear, you have not served your purpose yet. Perhaps, since you are the most beautiful creature I have so far found I will give you a gift.” Veanna felt his teeth graze her neck as one hand found its way to the bare skin of her breast.

“What gift?” Veanna managed to force out.

“Immortality.” Sergey whispered, swiftly kissing her lips once, fast and hard. A moment later Veanna felt a pain on her neck so intense she thought she had been stabbed. Her whole body felt as though it were on fire, while the pain in her neck increased with every second. She thought she felt something wet trickle down the back of her neck, but she couldn’t be sure. The room was going in and out of focus, and she could no longer feel the acute pain in her neck. She blinked twice, then fell into the darkness at the edges of her vision. A voice from somewhere above spoke to her as she faded away, “Thank you, love.”


            *                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *


Vance watched as the man called The Strigoi left the boarding house alone. Where was Vee? What had he done to her? If anything happened to her Vance didn’t know how he would be able to forgive himself. As soon as the man turned the corner, Vance rushed across the street into the run down house. After a quick search of the first floor revealed nothing, Vance started up the stairs. The doors on the second floor were all dark and locked; the dust that covered them made Vance aware that no one had entered them for some time. Hoping he was not too late, Vance climbed to the third floor. There was light coming from under one of the doors at the far end of the hallway. Vance hurried to it and tried the handle. It was locked, but Vance was prepared for that. Bending down, so that he was eye-level with the doorknob, he carefully picked the lock. It sprung free and Vance pushed open the door.

At first he did not see her.

When he did his legs forgot how they were supposed to move. She lay on a bed in the far corner of room, her face calm and peaceful. Her dress lay across her at an odd angle, and one of her shoes had come undone. This was not what rendered Vance paralyzed. From where he stood he could see a dark stain spreading across the bed covers. With sudden urgency his feet remember how to walk and they propelled him across the room faster than he thought possible. Slowly and cautiously, Vance turned Vee’s face towards his own. He let out a strangled sob when he saw her neck. There were two puncture marks just above her collar bone, and it was from there that the dark stain was spreading.

“Oh god, Vee.” He climbed onto the soiled bed, and pulled her limp body into his arms. “I’m so sorry.” He sobbed into her hair as he gently rocked back and forth to the rhythm of his heaving breaths.


            *                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *


When Vance awoke the sun was just setting. He had been asleep since the night before when he had found Vee’s body.

Vee’s body. He looked down into his arms, she still lay cradled there. He slowly disentangled himself from her corpse and moved to stand by the window. He watched as the sun sank lower over the city of London, until it was completely dark, save the few street lamps that had yet to burn out. He dropped his head into his hands, and was about to let the grief take him once more when he heard a sound in the room. It almost sounded like the rustle of sheets, but that was not possible.

“Vance?” He was imagining things, Vee was dead, she could not speak. “Vance what happened?” He was going crazy. Then he felt the hand on his arm, a hand so solid and so real that he knew he could not imagine it. He spun around so fast that the hand was dislodged. There standing before him was Vee. Dead people could not stand; they could not speak, so he must be going crazy.

“I’m dreaming.” He whispered out loud.

“Vance, what are you talking about? What happened? I don’t remember much. That man- Sergey, I don’t know what he did to me.”

“You’re dead, I know you’re dead.” Vance tried desperately to wake himself from whatever dream he was having but to no avail.

“Stop it Vance, you’re scaring me.”

“Your neck.” Vance said pointing to the two marks that still shone red against her alabaster skin. She moved away from him toward the long, ornate mirror that hung upon the wall. Positioning herself in front of it, she found that she could not see herself. Her skin went whiter than it already was, and she felt her knees begin to go weak. She was not there; she could not see a reflection in the mirror.

“Vance, I’m not there. I can’t see myself, what’s on my neck?” She was beginning to panic. She turned her pleading eyes back to Vance, and in one look he knew she was real.

“What did he do to you?” Vance whispered, as she gently touched the marks on her neck.

“He bit me.” She murmured in disbelief.


            *                      *                      *                      *                      *                      *


Present Day


Over fifty years later a vampire woman named Vee woke in a cold sweat. She had not dreamed about that night in over a decade. That was the night that Veanna Velatresca had died and Vee had taken her place. She had never come home to her sister and her mother. They were devastated over the loss of the missing Veanna. Her mother swore to her deathbed that it must have been that boy, the one she disapproved of so greatly. But it was that boy, Vance, that Vee owed her existence too. Without him she most surely would have staked herself by now. It had taken them a little over a week to discover what Veanna had become.  Vee had been able to find Sergey at his high rise, and was able to make him explain what she was. A vampire. By not burying her body before the next sunset, he had sealed her fate as a vampire. Once she was fully informed Vee drove a wooden stake through his heart, and watched him turn to dust in her revenge. Vance’s guilt had driven him to demand that she do the unthinkable. He demanded that she turn him into a vampire as well, it was his fault she was like this and he wouldn’t have her go through it alone. He told her it was out of love, but in the back of her mind she knew better. He felt guilty, and it was a guilt that would have killed him, had she not been able to give him immortality. Now, fifty years later she had become his oracle and his servant. He never claimed to love her; all that he loved was his power. The power she had given him one night when he took her innocence from her. Now she was not even privy to the plans he had for the world she helped him create. Vee had been slighted too many times in her life to willingly lie down and let the man she created take it all from her. Vance might think he controlled the new world, but without her he was nothing. She would make sure he knew that. 

*So that is the end of the brief interlude in our story, now Vee has some more character development, and her actions in the future have reasoning behind them. foreshadowing, heeheehee. *

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