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Chapter One:

Solene Rosier was what every pureblood girl was supposed to be, what they strived to be. Intelligent, charismatic, beautiful and obedient. She was well known throughout the purebloods, the darling daughter of the Rosiers. She was British, but attended the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for her whole life because her mother, Jeanne Travers, wished for her daughter to have an education in not only spells but character and radiance.

Jeanne and Evan Rosier were brutal pureblood supporters that did not tolerate muggles or the mixed breeding of their magnificent race. They supported Voldemort, Evan himself a Death Eater and good friend of Lucius Malfoy.

To the delight of her family, Solene was proud of her heritage and had made it clear she was willing to fight in support of it. She was best friends with Narcissia Black and the girlfriend of Regulus Black. Each summer Solene was invited to the Black family estate on the southern coast of France to lay on the beach and drink wine, often without her parents. Once the Rosiers were sure they had produced the finest daughter, they had left her absolutely to herself. 

Narcissia, Regulus, Solene and sometimes even Bella would go days alone, their mothers traveling to Greece for a week or spending sometime without ‘the children‘ and their fathers preoccupied with their dedication to purifying the wizarding race. They never for a moment worried that Solene and Regulus were unsupervised. In fact, they pushed for their union and hoped for another pureblood marriage of impressive wealth and attractiveness. 

Solene adored her life, she sulked and pouted when things did not go her way but that was rarely an occurrence. Her friends envied her and Narcissia, together they led quite the intimidating crowd and her family spoiled her to boarder line beyond repair. Regulus pampered her and she indulged him in return. They didn’t attend school together but their relationship was well known for it had started in Solene’s third year of school, and Regulus’s second. They were both only thirteen. 

Winters were spent with the pureblood crew at the Rosiers glorious lodges in the Alps and summers at the beach. Solene flaunted her family name, her money and her features without being conscious of it and could never image that by the chance of a few well timed coincidences her life would change so drastically that sixteenth summer. 

Regulus was becoming too preoccupied with his fascination of self worth and becoming a Death Eater to appreciate or even notice Solene’s presence any longer and her thirst for attention led her onto a collision course with the most notorious of arms.

Sirius Black was an outcast, not at school but with his family. He was completely ostracized by his parents, his brother and his cousins, and to be quite frank, couldn’t have cared less. He was not like them, a pureblood fanatic with no sense of moral obligation to the human or wizard race. Not only was he not like his family, but he despised them. Their pride, their snobbery, their unfaltering arrogance and prejudice. Sirius had spent six years at school hoping to be as separated from them as possible, physically and by reputation. He was a Gryffindor, friends with half-bloods and muggleborns, and never home unless he had to be.

Sirius shut himself up in his room at Grimmauld Place for the first days of summer, until he was free to roam the desolate house while his parents were occupied elsewhere: with Regulus, at the summerhouse, in Greece- wherever as long as it was not with him. He opted to stay in school for Christmas rather than go skiing with the rich family friends, avoided all types of family confrontation, rarely spoke at all to be honest.

Sirius of course had been like the rest of his family when he was young. Very young.  He could even remember the smooth, stone walls and the smell of the Mediterranean Sea that enveloped the whole of the summerhouse. Le Chateau Noir. Occasionally while wandering through the empty Grimmauld Place hallways he would have a brief flashback to running in the sand and sneaking behind the pool house to kiss Solene Rosier playfully. As an innocent form of rebellion of course, he couldn’t have been older than seven. 

They were even friends with a muggle girl, Charlotte, but that was a secret even Regulus did not know of. Solene and Sirius had been quite mean to Regulus when they were younger. They would play tricks on him (Sirius certainly did have a love for pranks) and abandon him on the beach to run houses away and sneak into Charlotte’s garden. Charlotte’s mother had been exceptionally kind, and always welcomed the two strange children that spoke of mysteries and magic with open arms and madelines. 

Sirius knew from the few family dinners he was forced to attend that Solene was now Regulus beautiful and overindulged girlfriend, the perfect future wife. He didn’t mind, he didn’t want anything to do with her or his brother and their nasty, egotistical worshipers.

The summer after his sixth year of school should have been like any other: alone in the sinister, twisting halls of Grimmauld Place, but a strange series of events happened that prevented it from being so. 

First, was that there had been a family fallout between the Black sisters due to the rebellion of Andromeda (she wished to marry the muggle Ted Tonks), and Bella and Narcissia were being dragged to Egypt for the summer to remain low key for a while. It was Andromeda’s father Cygnus Black that had snickered the most when Sirius had turned out to be a “bad egg” and now it was his own daughter turning on the family values. Cygnus pulled his family away in shame until the gossip died down and it was safe to return to London.

Second, was that Sirius’s father had become very ill with a incurable wizard‘s disease. Even Sirius wasn’t cruel enough to verbalize how little he cared, but he was able to panic at the thought of tending to his fathers needs. The idea of his mother barking demands and wailing by his fathers bedside made him cringe, he knew nothing but that he needed to get out of their wretched house. 

Consequently, it was pure accident that landed Sirius, Regulus and Solene alone in the Black’s chateau that summer and once again ignited a flame to further fracture an already irreparable rift between the Black brothers. 

A/N: I am trying out a very different character than I am used to so we’ll see how it goes… R&R pleaseee! :) HUGE thanks again to Ashlynn for the wonderful graphics!!

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