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I let the rest of the week slide by without any more plotting on my part. I still felt a bit guilty for what I had done to Lily, and I had a Quidditch game to worry about that weekend. James’s practices gave me little time to eat and sleep, let alone think of way to set up him and Lily.  

The game was today, and James was lecturing me about speed and agility and other such nonsense. It was the same speech that every captain used on their Seekers. They recited it right before a game to get you ‘pumped’, but all it did was annoy me. 

“Calypso, are you even listening to me?” James asked annoyed. 

In reply I picked a piece of lint off of his uniform that had been bugging me throughout his entire lecture. I smiled up at him and said cheerily, “Of course I’m not.”

His face turned beat red and if we had been cartoon characters, steam would be coming out of his ears. If it hadn’t been our first game and we hadn’t been playing against Slytherin, he probably would have laughed the whole thing off. The rivalry always got the better of the boys. I would like to think that I’m better that childish things like that, but I do get a bit of pleasure by looking at the other teams Seeker when I catch the snitch before they do. 

James grumbled a bit and then pointed his finger in my face. “If you weren’t as fast as all hell, you would be off the team for attitude.”

I scowled at him and swatted away his finger. “Don’t give me that crap. Sirius gives you attitude all the time.”

James tried to pull up a comeback, but I knew I was right. I heard Sirius laugh somewhere behind him at James’s defeat. Instead of coming up with something witty, he sighed and grabbed my shoulders. “Just catch the snitch before Lestrang does. Got it?”

Shaking off his grip, I mock saluted him, “Yes sir!”

James, I could tell, had had enough of me. He looked upwards, silently asking what he did to deserve me. When he didn’t get an answer, he turned me around pushed me forward towards the field.


I ignored James’s instructions on speed and a need for catching the snitch, as always.   I was just hovering on the field, looking around for the snitch, as I had been for the entire game. It was a perfect fall day for Quiditch. There was sun, but it wasn’t hot, and the air just seemed fresher than usual. There was a slight breeze that would make the chaser’s jobs a bit harder, but it didn’t affect the snitch’s flight. The only downside for me for having the breeze was that my choppy hair (which refused to go completely into a ponytail) was flying in every direction. 

“POTTER SCORES! 150 TO 20!” I smirked at the cheers. And James was worried about winning. We’ve got over twice their points, and as soon as I find that stupid snitch we’ll be golden.

“See anything yet?” Rabastan asked sarcastically as he flew up beside me. He had a tendency to do this during games. Start up conversations while I am working diligently on trying to find that little golden ball with wings. With the slower seekers, like Hufflepuff’s, he’d wait until they spotted the snitch and then use their lead to win the game. I thought he knew better than to do that with me.

“Yeah. It’s right by your left ear.” I said, not even looking at him. I smirked when I saw out of the corner of my eye that he had actual moved to try and catch it.  What a dunce.

He laughed again, sarcastically. “Oh, ha, ha. You’re hilarious Calypso.”

“That’s what they tell me.” I turned my head to search the field more. “You know, waiting for me to spot the snitch and then following me and hoping I slip up isn’t going to win the game for you.”

“How do you know that I wasn’t coming over recite poetry for you? I’m very good with Shakespeare quotations, and I hear that you’re a fan.” Even though I wasn’t looking at him I could tell he was smirking. It was an undertone in his voice. The question is, why was he smirking to begin with? He really had no reason to, considering I had just insulted him and told him that he was going to lose. Another problem was mulling over in my mind. I couldn’t figure out how he would profit from this entire exchange of words. Sure it could be distracting, but I was capable of multitasking. 

“WOOD SCORES! 160 TO 20!” The announcer shrieked.

“And you were calling me hilarious.” I said, finally turning my gaze to lock with his. As long as he had his eyes on me, he wouldn’t be able to spot anything else, so I ruled it as a safe move. “Now really. What is it you want, Rabastan? Because if I’m not mistaken, you are supposed to me looking for the snitch. It’s the least you could do since you’re team is already losing by 140 points.”

His mouth stayed closed, and he didn’t break our stare even for a moment. I saw the corners of his lips turned up to make a crooked smile. “You have really beautiful eyes. You know that?”

I blinked at him, slightly confused by his cheesy pick up lines. Then I realized that it was a modified version of his old games. I scoffed at him. “My eyes are brown. Nothing that fantastic.” His ruse was getting a bit old, so I broke his gaze and looked back onto the field. If he was going to seduce me in an attempt to win the game, he was going to have to try a lot harder than that.   My face turned toward him to finish my survey of the field. I was completely aware that he was watching me, but I chose to ignore it for as long as possible.

It wasn’t that long, to my severe disliking. Rabastan reached forward quickly and pulled my face to his for a kiss. He held it their for a minute then looked into my shocked eyes. He grinned and said, “This is when you say, ‘You kiss by the book!’” 

I had no intention of saying his cheesy Shakespeare lines. I was only concentrating on holding onto my broom. His gaze flickered for a second and then he was off in a flash.

I shook my head to get my bearings straight, and realized that our little smooch had attracted the attention of the entire crowd and even some of the players on the field. James was absolutely furious with me. He was yelling so hard that his face was beat red again.   I still blinked, not really hearing what he was saying, or hearing anything but mumbles in my ears. It wasn’t until a bludger got sent my way that I focused on someone. That someone being a certain shaggy haired beater who was the best friend of the team captain. 

“What?!” I screamed at Sirius. He slapped his face into his hand. He looked back up at me and pointed his beater bat at Rabastan, who was dangerously close to catching the snitch. I squeaked with surprise and flew off as fast as I could to catch up with him and the little golden ball.

I caught up quickly and worked on moving closer to the snitch. Everyone else saw it as hopeless, and if I weren’t determined to get back at that jerk for kissing me I would have said the same too. My head parallel to his chest I sped on and extended my tiny arm. I saw his eyes flicker to my hand that was right by his elbow, but he returned his gaze to the snitch and snatched it out of the air. 

The world seemed to freeze for a moment in time. A moment when Rabastan and I were staring at each other, our eyes locked. He still had the snitch in his still outstretched hand and he was smirking victoriously. I was in a state of shock again with my mouth open wide with disbelief. I had lost the game for Gryffindor, and James was going to kill me for it. 

I swallowed at the revelation and broke off from Rabastan. He held up his hand and the Slytherins roared with approval. I hovered above the ground before I landed and basked in my own failure. 

“LESTRANG CATCHES THE SNITCH! 150 POINTS TO SLYTHERIN! GRYFFINDOR AND SLYTHERIN TIE!” My ears perked up at this. How did we tie? Even with our lead, the 150 points beat us.

While I was still stuck on how we had managed to win when we were down 10 points, team captain came up and shook my shoulder. He was, surprisingly, much gentler than Kaci was. “CARTAMONE! WHAT HAPPENED?! I score a goal and look up to soak up in the praise of my fans to find that they’re all staring at my seeker stuck by the lips to the other seeker!” 

“Oh! So that’s where the other 10 points came from.” I said tapping my chin thoughtfully. 



Yes!  Another chapter out.  I feel so accomplished.    So, it has come to my attention that my spelling is somewhat hideous and that even word can't help me completely.  That is why I'm beginging my search for a beta reader.  Anyone interested?  If so, email me or leave me a review.  You can leave a review even if you don't want to beta read, I love reviews. :)

EDITED : October 2nd 2007.

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