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OK so, I was not going to have this section originally. But I felt that I needed to elaborate a little bit on the vampire characters of this story, that and the idea just would not leave me alone. Sorry, there are no hp characters in these next two chapters, they are all about Vee, but i'm pretty sure you will like them anyway. I have part two written, so it will be up soon!

Background Information: These two chapters take place during WWII. In WWII, England was not occupied by Nazi Germany, but there were strict regulationtions for citizens to keep them safe. 


Chapter 8~ Becoming Vee: Part 1


London, 1943



“What mum?”

“I won’t be home tonight, Mrs. Levowitz went into labor and I’ve got to run. I’ll have to stay there with the curfew, but of course you know that, how could I think you wouldn’t know that? You won’t try to sneak out again will you Veanna? I swear you run up my nerves more than the soldiers do.” Veanna looked up from where she was perched on the window sill gazing down into the street.

“Yes, mum, I’ll stay here.” Veanna turned her attention back to the street.

“You’ll be sure to put your sister to bed on time?”

“Yes, mum, this isn’t the first time you haven’t been home for the night.”

“Veanna, don’t take that tone with me. Anilise told me what happened the last time someone needed a midwife and I was the only one available. I don’t like you spending time with that boy, and you most certainly won’t be doing it when you are supposed to be watching your sister, and especially when we’re in the middle of a bloody war for Christ’s sake!”

“Mum, I’m sorry, it won’t happen again.” Veanna slowly turned to look at her mother who was standing face flushed in the doorway. She nodded once in Veanna’s direction before leaving the room. Veanna stood and locked the three bolts on the door like her mother always demanded then returned to the window. She watched her mother’s shape as it hurried down the sidewalk, face to the setting sun.

“Veanna?” Veanna turned as her eleven year old stepped into the room.

“What is it Anilise?”

“When is father going to come home?”

“Come here, Anni.” Veanna opened her arms to her sister and the small red-head rushed gratefully into them. “He’ll come home just as soon as the war is over.”

“When will that be?”

“I don’t know Anni, I guess-” Vee jumped up as a quick pounding came from the door.

“Vee! Vee! Open the door!”

“Vance? What’s going on, you were supposed to be busy tonight.” Veanna raced to the door and quickly opened for the pale, thin figure.

“Change of plans, I need your help.” Vance stood over a head taller than Vee, his clear blue eyes shadowed by his mess of dark hair.

“Vance, look, my mum is gone and Anilise told the last time I left, if I go out again she’ll probably lock me in my room until the war is over.”

“Vee, please, this is important. I mean really important. I’m trying to help make sure the war will be over soon, don’t you want that?”

“Of course I want that. Why do you need me anyway?”

“Vee, not everything in the resistance is blowing things up. We need information.”

“How do you expect me to get information?”

“Well, we think that there’s a Nazi contact and he might be more willing to slip information to a woman. Please, Vee, I wouldn’t ask you if it wasn’t something I couldn’t do myself. The resistance needs you, England needs you, and I need you.” Veanna could see the pleading in his eyes that were bright with anticipation.

“Alright, I’ll do it.”

“Thank you.”

“Anilise.” Veanna turned to her sister who had been quietly sitting in one of the kitchen chairs. “I need you to keep a secret for me. I’m going out, but you can never tell mum, do you understand? I’ll be back before morning, but you can’t say anything ever.”

“Veanna, mum told you not to.”

“I know she did, but this is important. You want father to come home, right?”


“Well, I’m going to go do something that will help bring him home. If mum knew she’d worry too much, and wouldn’t let me. So you have to promise me that you won’t tell her. Do you promise?”

“I promise.”

“Thank you Anni, make sure you lock the door behind me okay?” Veanna hurried and grabbed her long, wool coat out of the small closet by the door and quickly gave Anni a kiss on the forehead.

“Be careful Veanna.” Anilise whispered as Veanna left with Vance.

“Where are we going Vance?” Veanna asked as they quickly walked down the stairs of the apartment building.

“You’ll see when we get there.”

“What exactly am I going to have to do?” Veanna was becoming more apprehensive about what she had agreed to do by the minute. She didn’t even know what it was that she had agreed to do.

“You just have to get some information that’s all. We’ve got it all worked out. Don’t worry.” Vance smiled reassuringly, the smile that always made Veanna melt; ever since they had first met nearly a year ago, when he had saved her from a potentially compromising situation when she was found out after curfew. He had been her hero ever since.

“You always say ‘we’. Who is it that you’re talking about?”

“You know who it is.”

“I don’t know their names, or if they’re anyone I’ve seen before, how do you know they’re someone you can trust?”

“Vee, I just know, okay?” Vance’s tone signaled that the conversation was over; it was time for silence anyway. They were out of the apartment, and Vance was leading Veanna increasingly farther into the heart of London. They stepped through alleys, always avoiding the large well-lit streets. Veanna was about to ask how much farther when Vance suddenly came to a halt in front of a very nondescript door. He knocked twice and gave a low whistle. The door swung in-ward and Vance led Vee inside. They stood in a dimly lit room with a few chairs and one grimly window that let in almost none of the sun’s fading rays.

“Good, you brought the girl.” A man entered from another room motioned for Veanna and Vance to take seats before him. As they moved away from the door, it shut firmly with a click, causing Veanna to jump at the noise. “She’s very pretty Vance, she’ll do nicely.”

“Nicely for what exactly?” Veanna asked with the smallest quaver in her voice.

“Vance didn’t tell you?” The man frowned.

“Not in great detail, just that I was to help acquire information.”

“Allow me to explain more thoroughly then. There is a man that has recently taken residence in one of the high rises on the north end. He only leaves after dusk, and no one ever sees him return. We have learned that people call him The Strigoi. He has been seen with some of the more prominent Nazi sympathizers, and we believe he is their link back to Germany. What we need you to do is confirm this. You will be in no danger; no one would ever suspect you to have an agenda. All you need to do is speak with him for now, and let us know if he is someone we need to inspect further. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I think so. How am I going to talk to him though?” The man tossed her bag before turning to leave the room.

“I believe these will ensure that he speaks with you. Vance you know where to take her.” As soon as he left the room, Veanna undid the straps that held the bag closed and pulled out what was inside.

“Oh my god.” Veanna whispered as she pulled out a pair of real women’s stockings, the kind she hadn’t seen since the beginning of the war. Next were a pair of shiny black heels, made of what Veanna suspected was real leather. Finally she took out the dress. It was red. No one ever wore red now. “Vance, how did they get these things, no one can buy these things anymore.” To her surprise Vance smiled.

“We have our ways, you had better get changed. We don’t have much time if you want to be back before your mother gets home.” Vance turned and looked away in modesty as Veanna began to take off the dress she was currently wearing and her knee-high wool socks. The smooth stockings slid up her legs like silk and she relished in the feeling as she slid them up to her thighs. Next came the dress. She pulled it over her head, and settled it down across her breasts and hips. She had never worn anything this low cut before, but somehow it made her feel powerful. She bent down to buckle the black heels to her feet and silently wished there was a mirror she could check herself in.

“I’m done, Vance.” She said hesitantly, waiting for him to turn. When he did, she was shocked by his reaction. His jaw dropped and for the first time since they met, he didn’t have anything to say right away. His lips parted and closed a few times before any words came out.

“I supposed he’ll have to talk to you now.”

“I suppose.”

“Are you ready to do this?” Vance asked quietly.

“As ready as I’ll ever be.” Veanna quickly put her coat on over the blood red dress.

“We aren’t very far from the North End; it won’t take very long to get there.” Vance spoke as he walked back to door. A chill hit Veanna’s legs as the door opened and the two dark shapes emerged from a non-descript door onto the street. The two only walked for ten minutes before Vance signaled for a stop. “It’s that building over there.” He said pointing to the tallest building in the area. “He should be leaving any moment; as soon as he does find some way to bump into him. He should stop and speak with you from what we’ve heard. Wherever he takes you I’ll follow, I won’t let you out of my sight.”

“Vance, I’m scared.”

“Vee, you’ll be fine, I won’t let anything happen to you.” In a sudden motion Vance grabbed her arm and pulled her to him. His lips were softer than she had expected; warmer than she had anticipated as well. Immediately her hands went around his neck and she pulled him closer to her. It seemed an eternity that they stood there on the street corner, lost in an embrace they had never experienced before. Less than a moment later, Vance pulled away, lips red and eyes shining. “You should go, he’ll be leaving soon. He always wears a hat with a red feather in it.”

“Right.” Veanna was slightly breathless, she had dreamed of Vance kissing her, but never had she thought that reality would be better than her dreams. She turned away from him reluctantly, and pulled her coat tighter around her thin frame.

“Vee?” Vance called when she was three steps away. Slowly she turned to face him, her face shadowed by the night. “Be careful, and I, well . . . I . . . I love you.” With that he turned and fled to the darkness of the alley, leaving her standing alone on the street her mouth slightly agape. Her lips turned up to form a smile as she walked toward the residence of the man called The Strigoi.

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