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Chapter 9

Swords and Letters


Harry and Draco made quick friends with three of the boys in their dormitory, and enemies quickly with the fourth. Harry and Draco often found themselves in detention with Katherine, something they laughed about because Katherine didn’t make them do anything. Gregory, Patrick, and Michael were horrified when Harry told them that she didn’t seem so bad and that she actually seemed nice. Draco knew the truth, but as the others thought they were brothers it would not be appropriate to tell them. It seemed all too soon to Harry that it was time to go back to Britain.

            Harry excelled far more than Draco in his sword fighting abilities; he was easily the best in the academy. Draco noticed Katherine staring at Harry from afar when he fought with his classmates. They were equally talented in hand to hand combat, but they were both very good at it. Draco caught Harry moping on his bed on the morning that they were to leave.

“What’s the matter bro?” Draco asked sitting next to him.

“It’s all going to change now,” Harry sighed. “We’re going to go to Hogwarts where everyone will stare at me because I’m Harry Bloody Potter. I won’t have friends like Greg, Mike, and Pat, any friends I’ll make will be friends with me because I’m the famous Boy-who-bloody-lived.”

“What?” a voice whispered from the doorway. Harry and Draco looked up to see their three friends standing in the doorway.

“What’s Hogwarts?” Greg asked.

“Why did you say you were Calais Malfoy if you’re Harry Potter?” Pat asked.

“Why are you famous?” Mike asked.

Harry and Draco exchanged glances.

“What we are about to tell you cannot be repeated, to anyone,” Draco said, “swear to it.”

“We swear,” the three boys said in unison.

“We are wizards,” Draco whispered, “Hogwarts is a school, a school of wizardry.”

“My full name is Harry James Calais Potter Malfoy,” Harry explained, “I was adopted by Draco’s father after my parents were murdered by a dark wizard. I’m famous because I survived this curse, a killing curse, that nobody has ever survived, and the dark wizard was finished by it.”

The three boys looked at him in shock, “Wow.”

“So that’s why you only stayed a year,” Mike said, “Because you’re going to this Magic School.”

“Yes, and I want to keep in touch,” Harry said, “Wizards send letters via owl, we’ll send you one sometime and you can send one back with the owl.”

“That’d be cool,” Pat exclaimed.

“I’m going to see Miss Grenton, before we leave, Draco,” Harry said, “I’ll meet you at the front doors.”

“Why are you going to see her?” Greg asked.

“She’s my godmother,” Harry explained. “Well guys, I guess this is goodbye.”

“Bye, Cal, or is it Harry?” Greg asked.

“Cal,” Harry said smirking, “I’ve been called that since I was six.”

“Bye then Cal,” Greg smiled, “Don’t forget to write.”

“I won’t Greg,” Harry smiled.

“Bye Cal, Bye Drake,” Pat responded.

“See you later, guys,” Mike said, “It ain’t goodbye, just see ya later.”

The boys laughed and Harry left the room, Draco following several minutes later.

“Harry!” Katherine exclaimed when Harry entered. “I was hoping you’d come by for a visit before you left. “I have something for you.”

She went over to the shelf where her sword sat bundled up. “I want you to have this.”

“What?” Harry said shocked, “I couldn’t.”

“Please Harry; I want you to have it.”

“But it’s been in your family for generations,” Harry protested.

“And I don’t have any children, my godson is the closest I have, please take it Harry,” Katherine said.

Harry reluctantly took the sword, “Thank you,” he whispered.

“Here let me shrink it to fit in your luggage,” Katherine said tapping it with her wand.

“Thank you, Katherine,” Harry said, “I hope I can see you again sometime. I’ll write.”

“That would be nice,” Katherine said smiling. “Be safe, Harry.”

“Goodbye Katherine,” Harry said leaving the room and a tear streaked godmother behind.

“Be safe, Harry, god knows what will happen now that you are going to Hogwarts,” Katherine whispered at Harry’s retreating back.



“CALAIS! DRACO!” a voice called as Harry and Draco arrived at the luggage claim.

“Mother!” Harry yelled running up to Narcissa.

“Oh, look how much you two have grown!” Narcissa said smiling.

“Hello Father,” Draco greeted Lucius.

“Hello Draco.”

They returned to Malfoy Manor where they were treated to a huge dinner,

“Honestly Mother,” Draco complained, “I cannot possibly eat anymore.”

“Don’t be silly, Draco,” Narcissa replied, “You’ve hardly touched your food.”

“Well, I’m beat,” Harry said rising, “I’m going to bed, Goodnight, mother, father.”

“Goodnight, Calais,” Lucius responded.

The next morning Harry was awoken by a squeal of delight from his brother.

“Harry come quickly!” Draco exclaimed, “Our Hogwarts letters are here.”

The entered the living room where Lucius and Narcissa were sitting. Harry looked down at his letter and laughed, “Haven’t caught on have they?”

Mr. H. Potter

4 Privet Drive

Surrey, England

“Apparently, not,” Lucius smirked, “Though the owl knew where to find you, I’ve already taken the liberty of sending two owls back with your responses. Don’t worry Calais; I signed yours with that dreadful uncle’s name.”

“So Dumbledore has no idea!” Harry said laughing, “The look on his face when he finds out!”

“You are not to tell him,” Lucius said strictly. “Severus might, but that’s a risk I knew I was going to have to take. You will be known as Harry Potter to everyone, Calais.”

“Yes father,” Harry said looking at the ground, “When can we tell Dumbledore?”

“The longer he thinks you’re staying at your relatives the better,” Lucius replied. “He doesn’t have to know.”

“Alright, then,” Harry nodded.

“I can’t wait to see Snape’s face!” Draco laughed, “He hated your father!”

“How did you know that Draco?” Narcissa asked.

“He told me,” Draco shrugged, “When I asked him if he knew anything about Harry Potter.”

The four Malfoys laughed.

“This is going to be interesting,” Lucius said smirking, “Dumbledore won’t know what hit him.”

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