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Chapter 8

Dumbledore’s Influence


Harry woke up before any of his roommates the next morning. Draco was still fast asleep so Harry slipped out of bed and decided to go for a walk before breakfast.

“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” a sneering voice said behind him as he walked down the chilly corridors. Harry turned around and found himself facing a large boy, several times his size. “A newbie?” the boy snarled. “Well, we’ll have to teach you how things work here at Swendall Academy.”

“I think I am perfectly capable of discovering how things work on my own, thanks,” Harry said coolly immediately disliking the larger boy.

“It’s not really your choice is it?” the boy hissed. “What’s your name newbie?”

“Calais,” Harry replied, “Now if you excuse me…”

“No I don’t,” the boy smirked and moved to punch Harry. His fist connected with the side of Harry’s jaw and sent him flying into the wall. He groaned pain engulfing his senses. The boy made to take another punch when a strict voice yelled, “Mr. Gregorian, what in the world do you think you are doing!”

“He insulted me,” the boy lied, “Made fun of my mother.”

“I did no such thing!” Harry spat, blood dribbling from his mouth.

“I don’t believe I know you, Mr….”

“Malfoy,” Harry said timidly.

“Ah, your one of the new British boys,” the woman said. “Mr. Gregorian, regardless of what Mr. Malfoy said to you there is no reason for you to hit him in the jaw, detention tonight at seven. Mr. Malfoy, come with me.” Harry followed the woman into a large office.

“I am Miss. Grenton,” the woman said. “I teach sword fighting.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, madam,” Harry said.

“Here let me help you with that jaw, Mr. Malfoy,” Grenton replied. She held a piece of cloth to his jaw and Harry scowled, muggle healing was so much worse than magical healing.

“I understand that you and your brother are attending our Academy for a year, is that correct?” Grenton asked.

“Yes, madam,” Harry replied.

Grenton stood up and walked over to a shelf where a sword sat. She brought it over to the young boy, “This is my sword,” she said.

“It’s beautiful,” Harry said looking at the elegant design that was carved into the handle.

“Yes, indeed it is,” Grenton said, “It’s been passed through my family through generations, Mr. Potter.”

Harry’s face shot up, “What did you say?”

The woman laughed slightly. “You may carry the Malfoy name and some of the Malfoy blood, Mr. Potter, but you are a Potter none the less.”

“How did you know?” Harry said shocked.

Grenton looked at the boy and pulled out a long stick that Harry recognized as a wand, “Silencio,” she muttered pointing towards the doorway.

“You’re a witch!” Harry gasped.

“I am,” she said smiling. “You asked how I recognized you. Well, Harry, I can see magical signatures.”

“That’s a really rare gift,” Harry said shocked.

“You’ve heard about it?” the woman said surprised, “Well I suppose you would, after all I imagine that you’ve lived with Lucius Malfoy.”

“Yes, madam.”

“None, of that Harry,” Grenton said smirking, “I recognized you’re magical signature, even though it’s changed a little since I last saw you.”

“What?” Harry said surprised.

“Harry, I’m your godmother,” Grenton said frowning slightly.

“What?” Harry said, “But how?”

“After your parents died, your godfather, Sirius Black, was sent to Azkaban for betraying them, I realized that I had legal claim to you, but Headmaster Dumbledore sent you to live with your muggle relatives.” She noticed Harry’s eyes darken. “Am I right in assuming that Dumbledore doesn’t know that you are living with the Malfoys?”

“Yes, Ma-ummm,”

“Katherine,” Grenton smiled. “Katherine Grenton. I don’t want to know how you ended up in Lucius Malfoy’s care but I will warn you that he was once a follower of the Dark Lord, Voldemort.”

Harry nodded. “If you’re my godmother, how come I haven’t met you?”

“Dumbledore blackmailed me into fleeing to America,” Katherine said sadly. “He told me that you would be better off with your aunt and uncle and forced me to sign over guardianship to your aunt, and executor of the Potter estate to him.”

Harry’s eyes grew wide, “Why would he do that?”

“I killed a man,” Katherine admitted, “I was an auror, and I used more force than allowed, Dumbledore stopped me from going to Azkaban, but he threatened to tell the Ministry if I didn’t sign over guardianship.”

“Evil git,” Harry muttered.

“I am glad that I get to see you, Harry, because this year you spend here at the academy might be the only time I ever see you, because Dumbledore threatened me to never come and see you, I am sorry Harry, but I was scared.”

“It doesn’t seem to be your fault,” Harry said.

“Go, Harry, we will talk later,” Katherine said sending the ten year old on his way.

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