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    What felt like only two hours later, you felt someone shake you awake, “Lee? Lee wake up” your eyes opened to see that you were still on Mike’s lap. 

    “Lee, we should go up to bed” Mike said.

     “What time is it?” you asked rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.

     “ ‘Bout two in the morning”

    “Ok” you said taking his hand and walking towards the dormitory stairs.  Giving him a quick kiss on the check you hurried up the stairs.
    As you walked passed Hermione’s bed, she grumbled, “ Where have you been?”

     “Mike and I feel sleep in the common room, sorry for waking you” you whispered climbing into your bed.  You fell into a peaceful sleep, you had the most wonderful dream, the dream was of your wedding.  Your dress was beautiful, white silk, the top was a corset and the bottom flowed out almost like a prom dress.  The train of the dress was about five feet long and the vial even longer.  When you got to the end of the aisle you saw Hermione as your Maid of Honor, Tayen and Ginny as the Brides Maids.  When you looked over to the grooms side you saw Harry as Best Man and Ron next him.  Then you looked at your future husband, excpeting to see Mike, but the man standing in front of you had no face.  This shocked you so that you sat straight up in bed. 

    “Kathleen what’s wrong?” Hermione  asked walking over to you.  Shaking you told Hermione about the dream. 

    “Don’t worry Kathleen, everyone has that dream” she said placing her arm around  you comfortingly. 

    “It was scary.  I don‘t know why but I was expecting to see Mike when I looked over, and then….and then the man had no face.  I couldn‘t believe it, it just scared me. You know?”
    “I understand and it probably was but, now you need to go get ready for the day. If we don’t get a move, we won’t get breakfast” she told you walking over to her trunk. 

    You walked into the bathroom and turned on hot water tabs of the shower.   As you let the warm shower water wash over you, you let the dream wash away as well.  After your shower you wrapped a towel around yourself and grabbed your wand from the sink.  You pointed your wand at yourself, saying a spell to dry yourself and your hair.  Next, a spell to make your hair into ringlets.  You walked out of the bathroom and over to your trunk.  Pulling out a pair of dark blue jeans and a light blue tank top and a black zipper hoddie.  After getting dressed, you walked back into the bathroom to apply your usual makeup.  Then headed down to the common to meet everyone else.

    “Hey” you said to the group at large.

    “Took you long enough” Ron said leading the way down to the Great Hall. 

    “Ron, it only took me twenty minutes” you said rolling your eyes. 

    “Ronald, leave her alone” Hermione said annoyed. 

    * You did take ages* Harry said. 

    * No, I didn’t* you stated defensively. 

    * Sure! But anyway, Mike didn’t come up ’til  about two this morning, were you with him?* he asked. 

    * I didn’t take that long, in fact I think that’s the fastest I’ve ever gotten ready. And yea, I was with Mike, we fell asleep in the common room.*

     * I see* he replied as all of you sat down at the Gryffinodr table. 

    “So what are we going to do today?” you asked.

    “I was hoping to get to know the castle better” Tayen said brightly. 

    “That’s a good idea” you said. 

    “I agree, but you don’t want to go wondering around without a guide or you’ll get lost” Hermione said over the Standard Book Of Spells Grade 7. 

    “Ok then, anyone want to go with me?” Tayen asked hopefully glancing in the direction of Harry.     

    “I will” Harry said not looking up form his eggs and bacon.  You could see the hint of a blush appear on Harry’s checks as he said this.  “He must really fancy her” you thought, pleased that Harry had finally found someone.

    “Shall we go after breakfast?” Tayen asked beaming at Harry. 
    “Sounds good” Harry said still not looking up from his breakfast.

     “So that’s what those two are doing, what ’bout the rest of us?” you asked. 

    “Quidditch” Ron suggested. 

    “Good idea, what ’bout you Lee, you playin’?” Mike asked you. 

    “Yea. ’Mione?”. 

    “I would, but I don’t have a broom” she said with her nose still buried in her book. 

    “Borrow one of the school’s brooms” you sugguested. 

    “You can borrow mine if you like” Tayen said looking at Hermione with a warm smile. 

    “Are you sure?” Hermione asked. 

    “Positive Hermione, have a good time” Tayen encouraged.

    “Alright then, I’m playing” Hermione beamed.

    “Awesome, but Hermione and I need to change clothes” you said getting up from the table. “Come one ’Mione” you said linking your arm with hers.  As you walked  to the tower you asked, “Hey ’Mione?”. 


    “Do you get the feeling that Tayen and Harry like each other?”. 

    It took her a minute for her to respond, “They might, but I’m not the one who can hear his thoughts” she smirked. 

    “I can only hear the things he doesn’t guard, so I only know that he thinks that she’s hot and has a nice ass” you said with a slight laugh.

     Hermione laughed as well, “I always thought being in a guys head would be a good thing, but it sounds like to much information” this only made you laugh harder. 

    “You…have…no…idea” you said through your laughter.  When you and Hermione reached the tower you ran up the girls staircase to change.  You changed into a pair of black and with track pants and a white tank top.  Hermione had changed into shorts and a t-shirt that said “Don’t mess with the best”.  You grabbed your broom and Hermione grabbed Tayens’.  When you reached the quidditch pitch you the boys were already in the air. 

    “Fine don’t wait for us” you called up to them. 

    “No problem” Mike said as you and Hermione flew up to met them. 

    “So couple against couple?” Mike suggested. 

    “Sounds good. Ron, Hermione?” you asked. 

    “Yep” they responded. 

    “Alright, no snitch, just the quaffle.  Besides that, there are on rules” you told them. 

    “Ok” said Ron and Hermoine.  The game went on until dinner.  As you walked up to the castle, you thought about how weird it was that you hadn’t seen Harry or Tayen since breakfast. After all it wasn’t like Harry to miss out on a chance to play Quidditch, as it was his favorite game.

     “Wonder what those two are up to” you wondered aloud. 

    “Who?” Ron asked with a confused look on his face. 

    “Tayen and Harry” Hermione answered rolling her eyes. 

    “He’s showing her the castle” Ron answered with the air as if he was trying to explain that one plus one was two to an over excited toddler. 

    “Yea, but it doesn’t take all day and since when does Harry miss a chance to play quidditch” you said to Ron as you entered the Great Hall.

     “I say we ask them” Mike said pointing over to Tayen and Harry at the Gryffindor table. 

    “We can’t ask them” Hermione hissed. 

    “Why not?” you said sitting down opposite Tayen. 

    “Why not, what?” Harry asked looking up from his food. 

    “Ask you and Tayen what you were up to all day” you said spooning beef stew onto your plate. 

    “Harry was showing me the castle” Tayen said her checks flushing. 

    “Huh uh sure” you said with a smirk. With this remark you received a glare from Harry.

    “You two missed a great day for quidditch mate” Ron said through a mouth full of stew. 

    “To bad” Harry said distractedly. 

    * What ya thinking’ about?* you asked Harry slyly.

     * Tay…*, Harry started to say, but then quickly changed it to,* Nothing*. 

    * So, why are thinking about Tayen?* you asked him. 

    * I’m not* Harry said with a note of finality in his voice, but could tell that he was lying.  You were about to say something else, but felt a sharp pain in your shin.  You looked up to see it was Hermione who had kicked you. 

    “What!?!” you asked her, rubbing your shin. 

    “Tayen was asking you something” Hermione told you. 

    “Oh sorry, Tayen what were you saying?” you asked her. 

    “ I was asking you about…” she paused to think, “I forgot, sorry.  Blonde moment.” she giggled.

     “It’s cool, tell me later.  I know how those blonde moments can be, I suffer from them as well” you laughed. 

    After dinner the six of you walked back to the common room.  On the way back, you all ran into Malfoy. 

    “Potter, Weasley, mud-blood” Malfoy sneered.

     “Malfoy” Harry said aggressively, stepping in front of the group protectively. 

    “Kathleen, you look stunning as always.  Why do you insist on hanging out with losers?  You could do so much better.  And who is your new friend here…” Malfoy trailed off.  At Malfoy’s words Mike wrapped his arm around your waist protectively. 

    “Thank you Draco, but I think my friend and I will pass” you said firmly. 

    “Fine” he said  angrily. 

    “Go away Malfoy” Ron said as if he was bored with the conversation.  You could tell that Ron, Hermione, and Harry were all on edge with Malfoy around.  All three of them had their hands in their pockets balled around their wands. 

    “See you around love” Malfoy said to you walking away. 

    “Bite Me” you responded.

     “When, where, and how hard love” he called back.  You walked away with the group listening to Harry and Ron rant about how much of a git Malfoy was. 

    “Who was that?” Tayen whispered in your ear. 

    “Draco Malfoy.  Harry, Ron and Hermione hate him and he hates them” you whispered back. 

    “Oh, what about you?” she asked as you reached the portrait of the Fat Lady. 

    “He’s never done anything to me, but hit on me.  I understand why the three of them hate him, he’s been nothing but evil to them” you told her. 

    She nodded, “I see”.

     “I’m going to bed” Harry stated.  As he walked up the stairs Ron and Mike decided that they too wanted to turn in early as well.  Mike gave you a quick kiss, said “good-night” and walked up the stirs. 

    “I’m going to go up and read” Hermione said making her way up the girls staircase. 

    “Looks like its just us two tonight” you said to Tayen. 

    “I guess.  What do ya’ll do for fun around here?” she asked.

     “We talk, play chess, exploding snap and other games.  And for us to do…  I guess we could talk, unless you like playing chess” you responded. 

    “Talking sounds good, I’m not very good at chess” she said sitting down on the couch next to the fire.  You sat down in an arm chair next to the fire and across from her. 

    “So…” she said. 

    “Yep, so…” you replied.  You and Tayen sat there for a few moments of uncomfortable silence. You were both saved from sitting there any longer by a knock on the window.  Walking over to the window and opened it.  The owl flew in and dropped a letter into your hands and then it flew out the window. 

    “Strange birds” Tayen said coming over to you. 

    “Not all of them” you said thinking of Hedwig.
    The letter read:

Dear Kathleen,
Met me in an hour at my spot.
Please come,

    A smile crept onto your face. It would be good to talk to Draco again, since you couldn’t during the summer.  If Draco’s father would catch him talking to a mud-blood or one of the Harry Potter’s friends, he would be punished beyond belief.

      “Who’s it from?” Tayen asked. 

    “A friend” you answered simply.  Walking over to the fire, you through the note into the fire. 

    “What did you do that for?” Tayen asked you. 

    “I don’t like other people reading my mail” you told, remembering the last time you had kept a note from Draco.  The fight that had followed that was the worst the four of you had ever had.  Walking towards the portrait hole, you said “I have to met someone, I’ll be back before curfew”.
    When you came to the Entrance Hall a warm breeze floated lazily through the open doors.  After walking through the large oak doors, you quickly made your way towards the banks of the lake.  You finally found yourself at Draco’s spot.  Draco’s spot was a cove of sorts, made out of large rocks on the bank of the lake near the forest.  Draco and you had found this spot at the end of your forth year.  Ever since then, this spot was, besides the room of requirement, was one of the safest spots for you two to met and talk.

    “Draco?” you called out as he came out around one of the large rocks. 

    “Hey” he said warmly. 

    “How was your summer?” you asked giving him a friendly hug. 

    “The usual” he replied returning the hug. 

    “So what did you want?” you asked him. 

    “Do I have to a reason to want to see you?” he replied with a smirk. 

    “I guess not, but I know you have one.  And will ya stop hitting on me please” you teased punching him in the arm playfully.

     “Ouch! You really need to learn your own strength and don’t hit on you” Draco said rubbing his arm. 

    “You such a baby” you teased. 

    “A baby? Is that what I am?” he asked you.  You nodded your head yes.  The next thing he did surprised you, he picked you up and through you over his shoulder.   He walked into the lake and through you in.  As you fell you screamed “DRACO!”.  When you came up Draco was laughing. 

    “Draco Malfoy, I’m going to get you for this” you told him.  The next thing Draco knew you had launched yourself at him, knocking him backwards into the water.  You had landed on top of him, “Damn it Kathleen” he said annoyed. 

    “You did it to me” you said still on top of him.

     “Do you think you could get off?” he asked.  You put your hand to your chin in mock thinking and said, “Not a chance”.

    “You will get off me” he said sternly. 

    “Make me” you said raising your eyebrows.  At once Draco started tickling you and rolled over so that he was now pinning you to the sand. 

    “Draco…stop” you giggled.

      “Say uncle” he said tickling you harder. 

    “Uncle! UNCLE!” you laughed. 

    “Haha! I win!” he said still sitting on top of you.

     “Yea, yea, but you know I’ll get you back” you responded.  He began to laugh harder, “I will” you said punching him.

     “Ouch!” he whined.

     “Baby” you said trying to get out from under him.  He moved his legs closer to your sides, “Draco, its getting late, I need to go” you said still trying to break free. 

    “Kathleen, your with the Head Boy, you won’t get in trouble for being out late” he told you. 

    “Draco you can’t walk me back to Gryffindor tower, what if Harry or Ron comes out looking for me” you told him. 

    “This is true” he said finally getting off of you and offering you his hand to help you up. 

    “Thank you” you said taking his hand. 

    “Your welcome love”.

     “Don’t call me that” you said.  As you walked out of the lake, you called over you shoulder, “Thanks Malfoy now I’m all wet”

    “Yea well, you called me a baby Granger” he said playfully.  Walking back to the castle you were freezing.  Draco took off his cloak and gave it to you. 

    “Thank you” you said as you both continued to walk up to the castle.  When you reached the Entrance Hall you took off Draco’s cloak and handed it back to him. 

    “Thanks and I’ll see you later.  Send an owl next time you want to hang out” you told him. 

    “I will, it was nice to see you again” he said hugging you.  You hugged him back and then walked up the marble staircase towards Gryffindor tower.
    When you got back to the tower, Tayen was still in the common room.  She looked up when she heard the portrait hole close. 

    “Hey” she said. 

    “Hey” you replied. 
    “Kathleen, your all wet, what happened?”.

     “Fell in the lake” you said simply, walking towards the girls staircase. 

    “Are you ok?” Tayen asked worriedly.

      “I’m fine.  I just want to go dry off and go to sleep” you told her.  Once in your dorm, you grabbed you towel and walked into the bathroom to take a shower.  Throwing your wet clothes in a pile you got into the shower.  The warm shower water warmed your cold body.  Once you were done with your shower, you changed into a pair of blue pj pants and a tank top that said “Dream On”.  As you laid down thoughts of Draco filled your mind.
    There was a time three years ago that you thought you would never speak to him again.  Draco had played a horrible trick on Ron, Hermione and Harry.  He had gotten Ron to believe Harry and Hermione were doing things behind his back and that Hermione wasn’t only cheating on him with just Harry, but with as many as five different guys.  Ron had broken up with Hermione, stopped talking to Harry and tried to curse him several times.  You spent a month going back and forth to the three of them trying to figure out what had happened.   Finally you found out what happened, you had heard Draco telling one of his goons what he had done.  The next day you had cursed Draco so much, that he was in the hospital wing for a month.  Over that month you had managed to get Ron to talk Harry and Hermione.  It took a lot of work but everything was finally almost back to normal before Draco had returned to classes.  You had forgiven Draco early in your sixth year, he had saved you.  Some Death Eaters had gotten into the school and were looking for you and Harry.  Why the Death Eaters were looking for you, you had never figured that out.  As one of the Death Eater had cornered you,  Draco had jumped in front of you.  This had taken the Death Eater by surprise so much that you had had time to stun him and get away.  Next, Draco had led you down to the Slytherin common room.  All of the Slytherins were in their common room looking relaxed and claim, but when they saw you they looked shocked and angry.  Draco quickly led you up to his room and went back downstairs.  When Draco had come back up he told you that he didn’t know how long the Death Eaters would be at the school and that you could stay there that night.  That night Draco slept on the floor and you in his bed.   The next morning, you and Draco crept out of the Slytherin common room.  Draco walked you back up to Gryffindor tower.  As you were saying thank you to Draco, Harry walked out of the portrait hole.  Harry wanted to attack Draco but you had stopped him, told him that Draco had saved you and told him to go back into the tower.  Later that day Ron, Hermione and Harry gave you a telling off for being with Draco and tried to tell you that you couldn’t talk to him anymore.  You spent the next month not speaking to them.  You met Draco at his spot almost every night.  He had become on of your good friends.  When you made up with Ron, Hermione and Harry, you told Draco that you still wanted to be his friend, but that you wanted to act like normal Gryffindor’s and Slytherins to each other around everyone else.  He had agreed, so now when you wanted to see each other, you met at his spot or the room of requirements.

    Smiling you turned on your side and fell a sleep.  Than night you dreamed about Draco and everything that had gone on in your friendship.

    The next morning when you woke up, you found that Tayen and Hermione were already gone.  Walking into the bathroom you found a piece of parchment taped to the mirror, it read:

Tayen and I went down to breakfast.  After that we’re going to go to the library and then to Hagrid’s.  Hope to see you today.

    You smiled, Hermione always told you where and what she was doing.  Putting down the note, you decided to get ready.  After a long shower, you put on a pair of jeans with holes in the knee’s, thighs and some other places.  You also put on a t-shirt with the saying “I’m up here” with an arrow pointing towards your face.  You applied the usual makeup and then pulled your hair up into a high ponytail.  When you walked out of the bathroom you looked at he clock, it was 1:30pm.  You had missed breakfast and lunch, but it was ok, because you weren’t hungry.  You walked down into the common to find an owl there. 

    “Who are you looking for?” you asked it taking the letter from it.  The letter was addressed to you; opening the letter you say it was from Draco, it read:

Hey Love,
I’m bored and have nothing to do.  Come hang out with me, please! Met me at my spot at 1:30, ok?

    Throwing the letter into the fire, you ran out of Gryffindor tower and down into the grounds.  As you arrived you found Draco was leaving. 

    “Where ya going?” you asked.

     Draco’s head popped up, “You came” he said shocked.

     “Duh! And don’t sound so shocked.  I only got your owl about a minute ago” you told him. 

    “I see” he said walking back towards the lake.  You climbed up onto a rock and sat down. 

    “So what’s up Draco?”. 
    “I was bored” he told you.

     “I doubt that, what’s really going on?” you asked him. 

    “Next Thursday is my birthday” he said sadly.

     “Ok, you’ll be 17, isn’t that good?” you asked confused.

     “No” replied.  Even more confused you asked, “Why not?”. 

    “Because when your 17 and the son of a Death Eater, that’s when you can get your mark.  My father is trying to get Dumbledore to let me go home for my birthday” he said climbing up onto the rock with you. 

    Hugging him you said, “Draco, I’m so sorry”. 

    “Thanks” he said releasing you from the hug. 

    “Hey maybe you could talk to Dumbledore, tell him you don’t want to go” you suggested. 

    “Maybe” he sighed.  Before you could say anything else, an owl flew over head and dropped a letter into your lap.  Opening it, you read:

I haven’t seen you all day, I miss you.  After dinner do you think you might want to hang out?  Tell me at dinner, which is in about 20 minutes.
See you then,

    Draco, who had been reading over your shoulder, asked “Who’s he?”. 

    “Boyfriend” you replied. 

    “I don’t know him, what year is he?” he asked. 

    “7th and he was the tall kid with me, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Tayen yesterday” you told him.

     “I see, and who is Tayen?” he asked you jumping down from the rock. 

    “The new American transfer student” you said following his lead in jumping down from the rock.  He stayed silent during most of the walk back to the castle.

     “Don’t even think about it” you told him. 

    “What?” he asked. 

    “Tayen, she’s taken with Harry” you told him smiling.  You heard him mutter something and chuckled. 

    Before you reached the oak front doors you said, “See you later Draco”. 

    “Bye Love” he said.

~*~Author’s Note~*~: Hey guys!  I just wanted to thank ya’ll for reading and to ask two favors:
    1. I would love some feed back on my story.  I wanna know what ya’ll of it and where you think its going.  If you could let me know that kind of stuff it would be beyond awesome!

    2. I need a new beta reader.  I haven’t talked to my friend who was doing that for me in a long time and I know its because she busy getting read for college.  So if anyone would like to do that, please let me know.

Thanks so much ya’ll!  Love ya’ll and thanks for reading! Kayla

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