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“Okay, so to make it work I need to flick my wand upward?” Melody confirmed as she held her wand out before her.

“Not just flick, exactly,” Sirius said, running another hand through his hair, “You have to swish and flick.”

“Sirius, I cannot double task while thinking a spell in my head,” Melody said seriously, frowning, “I’m not that talented, Sirius.”

“This is back to first year basics!” Sirius responded, looking very annoyed now.

“Yeah, I almost failed first year,” Melody said. Sirius rolled his eyes.

“It’s because you don’t try hard enough,” he said and stood up, “Here,” he put his arm over Melody’s, putting his hand over hers.

“I feel like I’m four years old making cookies with my mum before she died.” Melody laughed, “She used to hang on to my hands while I stirred the batter.”

“You’re mum died?” Sirius gasped, he had not known. Now that he thought of it, he knew very little about Melody. Just as Melody knew very little about him.

“I was young,” was all Melody said. Sirius stared at her for a moment, marveling at her aqua eyes before he turned his attention back to the task he was trying to help Melody complete.

“Okay, try to conjure a goblet,” he said, slightly distracted, “I’ll help you with the wand movement.” Melody nodded and on the count of three, she attempted the non-verbal spell and Sirius helped her swish and flick. On the wooded desk in front of them, a goblet appeared.

“I did it!” Melody said excitedly.

“Partially,” Sirius grinned, “You felt the wand movement, though, right?”

“Yeah, can we do it a few more times so I can keep getting the feel of it?” she pleaded. Sirius laughed and took her hand and wand in his again.

The next hour was spent conjuring goblets and then making them disappear, all non-verbally. Melody had the non-verbal spells down. She was actually quite good at them once she got them to work, but she still seemed unable to do as much as she wanted in Transfiguration. It wasn’t her worst subject, but it definitely wasn’t her best. Come to think of it, the only subject Melody was even a tiny bit good at was Muggle Studies. And she wasn’t even taking the course, just explaining some Muggle things to Sirius.

“Ready to try on your own?” Sirius asked after seeing that Mcgonagall would probably be kicking them out of her classroom soon. She had said they had two hours for Sirius to give Melody some extra lessons. They could easily go to another room to practice some more, but Melody doubted she would be able to concentrate without Mcgonagall peeking into the room to make sure they weren’t going anything inappropriate.

“Okay. . .” Melody said, a bit unsure.

“See, that’s why you can’t do it,” he said, “You doubt yourself. You need to be confident or it’ll never work.”

“Confident,” Melody repeated nodding and stood up straighter, holding her wand in front of her. She closed her eyes, swished and flicked, and tried to the spell again. But it didn’t work. Only the base of the goblet appeared for about five seconds.

“You had the swish and flick down, but you still are doubting yourself,” Sirius explained, “Act like. . .act like you’re at the top of the school again.”

“That’s not going to help,” Melody muttered, and then got into position again. She threw her shoulders back, tossed her hair over her shoulder and then tried again. Nothing happened.

“Sirius!” she whined.

“You forgot the swish and flick,” he said easily.


“Okay, forget about acting like you’re on the top of the school again. That obviously didn’t work too well. Instead, I dunno, what’ll give you confidence?” Sirius asked.

“Um, Sirius I have confidence,” Melody answered.

“No, I mean confidence that you are somewhat smart.” Sirius shook his head, “You seem to have gotten in your head that you can’t be smart because you’re pretty. Looks have nothing to do with intelligence.”

“Duh, Sirius. I didn’t ask you for help because you’re gorgeous,” Melody rolled her eyes. Sirius grinned slightly and nodded.

“I know,” he said, “And if you know that, why don’t you think you can’t be smart?”

“Because,” Melody said, suddenly looking uncomfortable.

“Because why?”

“I don’t know. It was part of the whole ‘Pretty Girl’ thing. My dad calls me that. He has since I was three years old and I guess that I just began to learn that I could only be pretty. Nothing else. And so I didn’t try to prove anyone wrong. I mean, besides almost failing first year, my grades are pretty average.” she explained. Sirius stared for another moment.

“Okay, try it again. And this time, pretend you aren’t Pretty Girl,” Sirius said. Melody looked at him and smiled. She realized that Sirius was not another guy that just thought her pretty. He was trying to make her see that she could be just as bright as anyone with some effort. She made a mental note to thank Sirius for it.

With that thought in mind, she positioned herself, held her wand at the ready and tried again. For a moment, Melody almost doubted herself, but then the goblet appeared where it had been appearing all night. She grinned and laughed.

“I did it!” she said and threw her arms around Sirius. He laughed, spinning her slightly before he let her go. Her straight teeth were white against the dim light and her face was bright with relief and happiness.

“Mr. Black, Miss Atwood, it’s nine thirty,” Mcgonagall said, walking in the classroom from her office. Melody looked at the clock in the wall and Sirius looked at his watch in surprise. Time flies.

“Professor,” Melody said, bouncing with excitement, “I did it!”

Mcgonagall looked at the goblet on the table and then at the cheerful Melody standing in front of her. A tight smile appeared on her face. That made Melody happier. The Marauders could barely make Mcgonagall smile. They have only achieved it a few times before.

“Good,” she said, “Hopefully Mr. Black will be able to help you get a better grade on the test this Friday.”

“I’m sure he will,” Melody grinned, still looking giddy.

“Here’s a pass to get to the common room without any problems. It’s after curfew,” Mcgonagall said, handing Sirius a slip of parchment, “Good night,” then she turned on her heel and was gone.

Sirius and Melody packed up their things and swung their bags over their shoulders. Sirius held the door open for Melody before he followed her out. As the door shut quietly behind them, Melody smiled at Sirius.

“You know, you don’t have to be a sweet and stuff when we’re alone,” she said. Sirius smiled slightly, but did not look at Melody.

“You never know who is watching.” he said simply.

Melody hadn’t thought of that and nodded. She noticed that Sirius hadn’t reached for her hand like he usually did when walking next to her. It felt odd and as they walked down the corridor, a strange feeling suddenly appeared in her chest and she could not say what it was.

She slipped her hand in Sirius’ and intertwined her fingers with his. Sirius was surprised, for Melody had never made such a move before. Then he smiled, tightening his grip and squeezing her hand.

“So, Melody, you live with just your dad then?” Sirius asked.

“Well, as of the summer, my dad and his stupid bitch of a fiancé,” Melody said, a bitterness, that Sirius didn’t like, entering her voice.

“You don’t like her?”

“Not even a little bit. My dad insists she’s this wonderful woman and all, but she hates me. The looks she gives me and every are ridiculous. She doesn’t like that I’m a witch or pretty or whatever other reasons she hates me for. And so, some problems erupted between us. Fights and such,” Melody explained, her voice quiet, “And then Dad had to go and announce that he was getting married to her in the Spring.”

“Spring? But you’ll be in school!” Sirius said.

“Yeah, I know, and I wish I could stay in school,” Melody rolled her eyes, “Dad got permission from Dumbledore for me and one other person to go. That other person was supposed to be Kyle, but seeing what a jerk he turned out to be, it’ll probably be you.”

“Just probably?” Sirius joked. Melody smiled slightly.

“You never know. We might be ‘broken up’ by then,” she laughed, though she doubted that and was sure that she and Sirius would still be ‘dating’ in the Spring.

They walked in silence for a moment before Sirius asked, “I know that this isn’t any of my business, but how did your mother die? You don’t have to answer. It know it may be personal.”

“She was an Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries,” Melody said, ignoring Sirius’ politeness, “She’s been working there for twenty years and everything had always gone smoothly. I don’t know all the facts, no one but the Ministry does. Though, my dad and I do know that she was working on an experiment that would be able to guarantee major power on the world, both Muggle and Wizard. But something went wrong, and there was an explosion. Mum and a dozen other wizards died instantly. Three lived but they are better off dead. They have no memory or power over their bodies. Almost as if they were Kissed by dementors. . .”

“Were they?” Sirius gasped. Melody shook her head.

“No, they still have their souls,” she said, “Anyways, the Ministry were stupid to even try and create a device. I mean, what would they do with all that power? It would drive anyone mad and possible evil. I am sort of glad that it was destroyed, along with all the files.”

“How old were you?” Sirius asked. He sounded so concerned that Melody had to smile, looking at him to show she was not to saddened by it.

“I had only turned five three days before,” she explained, “Mum had lived to see me first use magic, and I think that was all she wanted to see me do.”

“You think she wanted to die?” Sirius asked, not knowing why he seemed to think that was what Melody meant.

“Not die,” Melody said, “Just keep the Ministry or anyone else from having so much power over the world. It would be fair and it wouldn’t be right.”

“That was brave of her,” Sirius said, slightly awed. Melody smiled.

“That’s why I’m not to upset about it. The Sorting Hat actually told me her real reason. She was all about fairness when she was in school, supposedly.” Melody nodded, “I miss her, a lot.”

Again, there was a silence. They were walking very slowly as if savoring their time to talk. Sirius wanted to talk about something happier and learn more about Melody. Melody wanted the same, but before she could question Sirius at all, he spoke first.

“What was your first use of magic?” he asked. Melody laughed.

“On my birthday, I really wanted the cake. I had always loved cake and stuff, until I turned thirteen and got worried about my figure. Anyways, the cake was my favorite, like always; chocolate with thick, creamy chocolate icing and brightly colored sprinkles. But I couldn’t reach the cake because it was in the middle of the counter and the chairs would make too much noise if I tried to move one. I tried everything though; climbing the counter, jumping up, and so on. Finally, I knew I needed the chair, so I dragged on over, trying to be as quiet as possible. But I still couldn’t reach and I couldn’t quite get up on the counter to bring it too me. So, I kept reaching, thinking maybe I’ll stretch. And the next thing I knew, the cake was flying at me and hitting me in the face,” she smiled at the memory as Sirius laughed.

“Cute,” he said.

“Yeah, and Mum had watched the whole thing and took a picture. It’s my dad’s favorite. I hate going into his study because then I get to see a cake flying at my face.” Melody laughed, “Now, it’s your turn Black, what’s your family like?”

Melody instantly regretted asking. Sirius’ face darkened and his jaw hardened. She knew he had a brother in Slytherin, Regulus, that was only a forth year, but that was it. She had never thought that Sirius’ family was dark, since she knew very little of the wizarding world, but now she wondered. As if Sirius read her thoughts, he voiced this.

“You don’t know of my family; the Noble Most Ancient House of Black?”

“No,” Melody responded quietly. Sirius was silent, and Melody didn’t think he was going to answer for a long minute.

“They disowned me before sixth year started,” Sirius then said, “My mother was fed up with me being a blood-traitor and disgusted that I actually hung around half-breeds, Muggles, and James. They hated my being a Gryffindor and they hated that I was popular. My cousin, Bellatrix, had made sure to keep them all up to date, she graduated three years ago, though, and Regulus has been keeping them up to date, now. I come home, get beaten, lock myself in my room, fight with them, run away to stay with James.

“But the summer before sixth year was awful. My father put some an Unforgivable on me and that was all I decided to take. . .So I packed my things and left, listening to my mother shrieking after me that I will get nothing of the Black inheritance and better die at the hands of Voldemort or she’ll never rest. I think that was the first time I was really scared. I knew Bellatrix had joined the Death Eaters, along with Narcissa, my other cousin’s, husband. I knew many, actually. The relief I felt when I collapsed on the Potter’s front steps to know that they were going to take me in was unbelievable.

“And now that’s where I am. Away from that disgusting family that talks about nothing but Purebloods and how muggle-born are noting but dirty blood. How this Voldemort is in his right mind of doing what he’s trying to do. . .”

“They sound horrible,” Melody said, frowning.

“They are,” Sirius nodded.

“You don’t have to tell be, but what about your childhood,” Melody asked slowly, “Before you were sorted into Gryffindor?”

“I was the favorite, the perfect son to get the Black fortune. My mind was drained and filled with all sorts of lies of Muggles. I called Lily and other Muggle-borns a Mud—you know what— more then once in First year out of habit. I really believed that I was better then everyone and anyone because I was a Black. Because I was a Pureblood. Being sorted into Gryffindor was a shock to me, as it was to the rest of the school.”

“I remember how no one cheered and everyone was so silent,” Melody interrupted. Sirius nodded.

“Yeah, I remember that, too. And I remember how James tried to talk to me, but I told him off. I wanted to be alone that night. I was the last Marauder to finally become part of the group,” Sirius laughed, “I didn’t want friends. Not Gryffindor friends. But the Slytherins hated me with a passion, the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws were scared of me. . .Finally during Christmas, I accepted their friendship.”

“You’ve had it tough,” Melody realized, “And you’re still upset about it, aren’t you?”

“People look at me differently when they hear my name,” Sirius nodded. Melody stopped him, they were right down the corridor from the fat lady. She wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. He hugged her, too, though it was limp and lacked his usual enthusiasm.

“But you aren’t like them,” she whispered, pulling back slightly.

She stood on her tiptoes and kissed him—on the lips.

It was so quick, however, that Sirius didn’t even get a chance to realize she was kissing him until she had pulled back, let alone respond. His heart was pounding heavily and he looked at her, surprised. Melody looked calm and not at all shocked by her action.

Melody did not mean the kiss to be anything special. It was just another one of her kisses to him, like on the cheek or neck or whatever. They were still just pretending and though Melody knew that Sirius was now special to her and she didn’t think she could bare to lose him, she did not think of him in any extreme way beyond friendship. Though the shocked look on Sirius’ face made Melody uneasy, but she decided not to dwell on it. Sirius was just pretending too.

“So, what was the first time you used magic?” Melody then asked, taking his hand again and tugging him a little, so he came back to his senses a bit.

“Oh, um. . .well, my parents were always trying to get me to do magic, so I was somewhat able to control it. Not really, but a tiny bit. Like, I knew how to make it work if my emotions were strong enough,” Melody thought his voice sounded dazed, “But, the first time I ever really used it was when Regulus was only one years old. I was jealous because Mother was paying attention to him and not me. He wasn’t even cry either. I was four then. So, I made all the pictures fall off the wall. All the people in the portraits were yelling, the bang made Regulus cry, but Mother had to go silence the portraits. Then I got attention because Mother was proud that I had done magic.”

“And Regulus. . .?” Melody asked, still wondering why Sirius’ voice hadn’t gone back to normal.

“Given to the house elf to be taken to bed,” Sirius said, “He was thrilled when he became the favorite.”

“That’s horrible,” Melody said.

“Yes, well, I was a little demon before I realized how dark my family was,” Sirius shrugged.

They entered the common room, heads looking up to see who was coming in. Seeing Melody and Sirius, they put their heads together to whisper about the fight two days before. It was becoming old news though and not as many people were all freaking out about it anymore.

“Thanks again for the help,” Melody said as he walked her to the stairs, “I’ll see you tomorrow, okay?”

“Yeah, sure,” Sirius said, still distracted, he kissed Melody on the cheek and forehead before she smiled, squeezed his hand and hurried up the stairs. Sirius watched her go, still feeling odd.

Melody pushed open the dormitory door. Lily was sitting with Lisa on the floor. They were closing their books, having just finished their homework. Melody wondered why they were in the dormitory, but didn’t bother to ask. She pulled out her wand, dropped her wand by her bed and stopped in front of them.

“Watch this,” she said and conjured the goblet again.

“Oh, you did it!” Lisa exclaimed, jumping up and hugging Melody. Lily grinned up at her.

“Sirius really helped, did he?” she asked.

“Oh, so much!” Melody said, sitting down with them, “He is truly the most amazing boy to ever enter my life.” She meant it too.

“Aw,” Lisa said, teasingly. Melody smiled.

“No, I’m serious, you know how he got me to do it right?” she asked.

“How?” Lily, who had tried to help Melody the night before, asked.

“He made me not feel so stereotyped,” Melody explained, “He didn’t make me feel like this pretty, stupid person that can’t do anything.”

Lily and Lisa smiled, exchanging looks with one another. The Lily laughed, “Someone is lovesick.”

“Lovesick?” Melody repeated.

“The look in your eyes is so lovesick!” Lisa said.

Melody stared at them and laughed, though Lisa and Lily did not know why she was laughing at them. They did not know that Melody thought of Sirius as no more then a friend and that Sirius was just pretending to be her boyfriend to get some revenge. And yet, they believed one-hundred percent that Melody and Sirius honestly liked each other.

There was a tapping at the window then. Melody looked up to see an owl and jumped up to let it in. It glided towards Melody’s bed and landed on the pillow. That was when Melody recognized the bird, slightly covered in frost from the cold air outside, as her dad’s. His name was Cookie. Melody thought it was a ridiculous name for an owl, but once her dad named it, he wouldn’t listen to any other ideas.

“Hello, Cookie,” Melody said, getting an owl treat for him, “What are you doing here? You already delivered my letter.” she took the letter from the owl’s mouth and opened it.

I am going to get right to the point of this letter, for I am not going to waste my time on something your father should have mentioned in his last letter. He had forgotten, however, and insisted I write you.

I need to know if you are coming for Christmas. My mother and father, and your other grandparents, are coming to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day here. My parents would like to know who their half-grandchild will be. Therefore, I will tell demand you come, for my parents will not be happy if you do not.

Your father also insists I tell you that you may bring that boyfriend of yours.

– Cheryl

Melody read the letter over twice. She wasn’t exactly planning on telling her dad that she and Kyle had broken up. Her father had always really liked Kyle and Melody was not sure how he would react to Sirius. They were so different. Kyle was so. . .unromantic and a bit rude. He was a bit forceful while snogging and even a bit forceful on a date. Demanding, was a word for him. And Sirius was the exact opposite. He was so sweet and just amazing. Everything he did seemed to be in benefit of Melody. He was demanding or rude.

He understands me, Melody decided. Sirius had lived most of his Hogwarts days behind a mask, just as Melody has. He had been the careless, romantic jokester and Melody was the perfection of perfect.

As Melody reread the letter, she realized just how much she and Sirius had revealed to one another tonight. They were becoming closer and more trusting. Melody had wanted to ask Lily and Lisa if they knew of Sirius’ past, but now she decided that she wouldn’t. Sirius had lowered his walls for Melody. She didn’t want to betray him if they didn’t know.

“Are you okay, Melody?” Lily asked, concerned.

“Oh, yeah,” Melody said, turning to them, “Cheryl and my dad want me to bring Kyle home for Christmas. I never told them I was with Sirius and I’m worried about what they will do.”

“You never told them that you broke things off with your boyfriend of two years and started dating someone else in less then two months?” Lisa asked, raising her eyebrows. A curious and thoughtful expression crossed Lily’s face, but disappeared faster then it had appeared.

“Well, no,” Melody shrugged.

“You have no choice now,” Lily pointed out.

“I know, I’ll write him back right now and send Cookie back in the morning,” Melody said, pulling out her parchment and pulling a book over to her to lean on. She hesitated and then wrote what Kyle and Marissa did and how she was now seeing Sirius, who was kind enough to be there for her when she needed it.

Once she was finished she stared at it. Marissa had walked in as she was writing and glared briefly at Melody before going back to getting ready for bed. Melody’s hand flew to her neck and fingered the locket that Sirius had given her. With a jolt, it suddenly hit her.

She kissed him.

A/N: I bet you all are rather excited now. Well, no, Melody has not yet fallen for Sirius. ^_^ Muhahaha. But Sirius has definitely fallen for her, don't you think?

Anyways, I do hope you all liked it. ^_^ This chapter was fun to write. Mainly because I love it when I make Sirius open up. And this time, Melody didn't even know. And if any of you are wondering why she hadn't, it's because she didn't care and ignored all that was being said. Yeah, part of her 'I'm pretty so I'm better then you' thing. ^_^

And now, because there is nothing else to be said and I have three other stories I need to update, I will say goodbye. . .until NEXT chapter. ^_^_^_^

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