That night Lily was approached by Morgan.

“I honestly can’t thank you enough.” Morgan said smiling sadly.

“You needn’t.” Lily said and without thinking the red head wrapped Morgan into a hug. “I’m sorry about Natalie.” Lily said.

Morgan nodded and together they went up to the sixth year girls’ dormitory.

The weeks passed and soon it was the day before the Christmas. Lily, Alice, Katie and Morgan had become good friends and were often found hanging out with the Marauders.

“So you’re staying this year?” Morgan asked Lily.

“No, I’m going to the Potters.” Lily said smiling. Christmas at the Potters, it was a great thought.

“Oh that’s cool.” Katie said smiling brightly. Both Morgan and Katie dropped the dumb act and actually turned out to be quite smart, nothing on Lily of course though. And both of them were hinting at doing something different with their hair over Christmas.

“Me and Morgan are staying at mine, you’re welcome to stay at some point Lily, Alice.” Katie offered smiling brightly.

“That would be good, maybe we can shopping.” Alice said smiling back.

So it was arranged, James even invited Morgan and Katie over, however they said that they would think about it.

The next morning Lily was woken up by an excited squeal.

“LILY!” Squealed someone who for some very strange reason sounded a lot like Alice.

“Wake up!” Lily opened one eye and saw Alice prancing around the room, Lily raised an eyebrow.

“Christmas holidays!” Alice squealed, Morgan came marching out of the bathroom grumbling.

“I see that some one has awoken from the dead at last.” Katie said grinning cheekily.

“Ouch! That one hurt!” Lily snapped back playfully.

She eventually pulled herself away from the comfort of her warm bed and looked in the mirror.

“I need a new hair cut.” Lily said decisively. Morgan looked at Lily’s curly locks and flashed a hundred watt smile.

“Let me!” She pleaded.

Somewhat uncertainly Lily allowed Morgan to attack her mass of red hair with a wand.

Five minutes later Lily’s hair looked well great. All curls were gone and her hair was layered, a big side fringe cover her right eye, but it suited Lily.

“Wow Lily, you look well great.” Alice said.

Lily grinned and changed into a pair of dark grey skinny jeans, a black tank top with a fitted, blue checked shirt and a pair black converse boots.

(A/n Overall a very emo look, well that’s how it’s meant to look)

The girls wandered down to the common room to find the boys, they nearly fainted when they found Sirius wearing a black beanie.

“Erm, Sirius are you alright?” Lily asked carefully.

“Sure…?” Sirius answered.

“Ok Honey, what’s with the beanie then?” Lily asked, she held onto Sirius’ arms in case he fainted, because obviously he was ill, Sirius loved his hair.

“Oh prongs told me that everyday we lose hundreds of hair, so I’m stopping myself from losing any more hair.” Sirius said totally seriously.

Everyone burst out laughing. Sirius looked highly affronted.

“Sirius it’s natural, you’re not going to go bald!” Lily exclaimed. Sirius blushed then tackled James to the floor and had a play fight, once finished he stood up and walked to the fire.

“Hey what you doing!” Lily called.

“Burning the beanie.” Sirius said like it was the most obvious thing ever.

“Oh no you don’t! I, happen to like that hat!” Lily said striding over and grabbing the hat.

It was then that something clicked in Sirius’ mind.

“Your hair!” He cried out.

“Yes, my hair, no you can’t have it!” Lily yelled a stuck her tongue out at Sirius.

“It’s gone!” he called.

Lily laughed as did Alice, Katie, Morgan, James and Remus.

“Oh and what do you call this?” Lily asked fingering her red locks. Sirius pouted but said no more. However Lily did pull the black beanie down on her hair, her side fringe was sticking out slightly, but in a cool way.

They four girls and four guys went down for breakfast and said their farewells to friends who would be staying. Lily wasn’t surprised that she only ended saying bye to twelve students, no one wanted to be away from their families at this time of year, and in these dark times. Merlin, how she loathed Voldemort for ripping her family away from her. James noticed Lily had gone quiet but didn’t want to comment on it in front of everyone.

Soon enough James and Lily found themselves sitting with Sirius, Remus, Peter, Morgan, Alice, Frank, Marlene, Leah and Kieran. It was a bit of a squeeze but they managed to have fun none the less.

“And the time we turned Snivellus into a muggle doll thing.” Sirius laughed. Seeing Snape dressed up as a Malibu Barbie had been beyond funny.

“I can’t believe this is the last Christmas before I leave Hogwarts!” Leah exclaimed.

“Argh next year we’ll be in our last year!” Alice said.

“Lily will be Head Girl and spending all her time with the Head Boy.” Marlene said grinning. Everyone but Lily nodded in agreement.

“No! I’m not right for the place of head girl.” Lily cried out, blushing madly.

“Oh Lily face it, you’re the smartest witch in the school. Not to mention one of the most liked.” Kieran argued.

Lily blushed more.

“Anyways, we’d revolt if you didn’t get it!” Sirius added grinning.

The journey continued with lots of jokes and funny stories, until the daylight faded into night, Lily had by now fallen asleep, her head on James’ shoulder. Marlene had left to see some friend and the others were lying everywhere chatting.

The train slowed down slightly and James looked out the window, they were at the station.

“Hey Lily wake up.” James whispered, but gave up as Lily obliviously wasn’t waking, so he carried her down to the platform.


Albus Dumbledore sat in his office; he listened to the gentle snores of the portraits surrounding his office. He was looking down at a piece of parchment in his hands. He let out a sigh. A silver tear ran down to his white beard.

“Albus, please, once more. I can’t believe this.” McGonagall said. She was sat in front of headmaster.
Albus tapped a silver bowel and allowed for an earthly voice to sound from the swirling misty substance in the bowel.

Together the two of power beyond any others will be the ones to bring along the helping hand,
It will be love that saves them; it will be love that kills them,
They’ll defy the greatest evil thrice, and then perish for their love,
But still bring hope to the most lost of souls,
The savours who once held nothing but hatred for one another will love, but only will it finalise after her scar.

“They still have to face him three time Minerva. They will die for they have, without realising what they’ve done, chosen their path.” Dumbledore said, sadness filled his eyes, but beneath it was a shred of hope, without hope everything was lost. And Albus Dumbledore was not going to love to evil. After all.

Love conquers all.

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