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Lily and James made up. Only for their fight but it was still a start. Nothing else. And Lily actually blushed when I teased her this time. Blushed! About my brother! Lily! Whoa. I have never said those words in a sentence together. But that’s what happened. I think Remus has done a great job in training James.


“What are you guys gonna do next?” I asked her, happy for them.


“Nothing! I just told James that I will be friends with him again!” she said blushing.


I knew it! I knew it! How could she say no to my brother? Yay! And she was totally blushing. I wanted to know more about it. But then Sirius came along and called me for the detention. I was in a dilemma. A MAJOR Dilemma. I had a choice between staying back and teasing Lily more because it was a rare sight to see her blush for my brother and go to Hogsmeade and spend all my time washing dirty dishes and serving a million cups of coffee. Tough choice isn’t it? (Sorry, sarcasm again!) LAJO or no LAJO, I went with Sirius. might as well get it over with!




“They made up!” he announced as we were washing dishes together.


“I know! Lily was actually bushing, do you know that?”


“I guess this will be over soon! And we can finally tell Lily about our pretense.”


That is true. We can finally start having our own separate social lives. That is a good thing right? Then why don’t I feel happy? Isn’t that what I want? I was standing still and I guess Sirius noticed something amiss because he said,


“Juliet? What’s wrong?” he asked.


“Nothing!” I said turning away.


“Ju?” he said catching my hand. I turned to look at him. The moment our eyes met there was...well something… but I guess I imagined it. I took my hand away and Sirius continued the conversation like nothing happened.


“I have to get of early, can you cover for me?”


“Why?” even though he had let go of my hand, I could still feel the heat of his hand on mine.


“Umm… it’s a marauder thing!”


“All right!” I said grudgingly knowing that he wasn’t going to tell me about that. I know its mean that I feel I simply HAVE to know everything but I am a curious person… so live with it.




We were walking down the street. Our boss had given us a long break as he was very happy with our service there. We sat down on a bench slightly away from the people. We talked for sometime about James and Lily. I didn’t feel like talking anymore so I let the silence be. I was tired and it had been a long, tiring day. Just as I was dozing off, Sirius looked hurriedly at his watch and told me he had to go for his ‘marauder stuff’ and left. I then looked up as the sun began to set. It was beautiful and I watched it for sometime. As the moon came up I remembered it was full moon. Remus wouldn’t be in the common room. Those were the times James and Sirius would do their ‘marauder stuff’. I don’t know what but hey, what those marauders do in their own time is their own business.




I locked up Three Broomsticks and turned to leave. I had to hand the key to the owner but I was feeling too sleepy. I anyway had to return tomorrow early. I can give it then. Ok, I am not the most responsible girl in the world… so sue me! It was a still night but to make up for Sirius and to keep the owner from splitting on him, I had to work overtime. I didn’t mind. I didn’t feel like going all the way to the village. It was a still night and the moon was beautiful. As I walked back I heard some strange sounds from the shrieking shack, which everyone believed was haunted. I didn’t think it was haunted… I wanted to check it out someday. But today I was too tired to. Then what made me turn back and go there? I heard James and Sirius’ voices. I guessed it was their ‘marauder stuff’. I was too curious and my sleep was forgotten. I walked towards the shrieking shack. The noises increased as I got nearer. I walked around the shack trying to peek inside. When I finally found an entrance I tried to squeeze in as I was following the distinct sound of James’ voice. And then I could not hear James at all. There were just these roaring noises which seemed to scare me a little. All right I was a Gryffindor. But I am a girl and I am allowed to get scared sometimes you know. Then I saw what made my heart turn cold.


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