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Authors Note:
Before you read this you'll have to read Truth or Dare (my one shot) because this is what happens before it and then i'll be making a sequel to Truth or Dare called Truth after the Dares so if its not too much trouble can you read Truth or Dare first please? =] 

Thank you!


Ps. Also i do not own any of the characters created by J.K I only own the characters which you dont know. =P x

A New Look


All summer I had been waiting for the letter, I thought it would never come. Everyday when the mail came I checked through all of the letters then one day it came. It was written in green ink and was addressed to me. Quickly I tore open the letter:

Dear Miss Granger,

I am pleased to inform you that in this year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry you will be the Head Girl. When you arrive at platform 9 and ¾ you will be seated in the Head’s compartment with the Head Boy.

During this year you and the Head Boy will be staying in the Head’s Common Room where you will each have your own bedroom.
Both bedrooms will be linked by a bathroom. You will both have the password for the common room which will be decided on your arrival. You will also receive your house password as you will be permitted to lounge in the common room with your house friend’s.

Throughout the year you will both also arrange many festivities such as the Christmas and Halloween ball’s.

I look forward to seeing you on your return to Hogwarts.

Albus Dumbledore 

“YES!”, I cheered. I couldn’t believe it! I’m Head Girl!

My parents came running over to me. “What is it dear?”, my mum asked.

“I’m going to be head girl!”. I showed my parent’s the letter. 

“Congratulations honey!”, said dad.

“Tell you what..”, mum said happily, “Why don’t you and me go into town and give you a whole new look? Anything you want."

“That would be awesome mum!” She has been wanting me to go into town with her for weeks so I might as well. I really want my hair done. Even though my hair is straight now it wanted it dyed. I only want it dyed once though. When it starts to fade I’ll get rid of the colour with a spell I learned last month. I just have always wanted my hair dyed, the non-magical way. So we went to the hairdressers and I got it dyed red and then I got black streaks put through it. I’m telling you it looks great.

Afterwards we went shopping for new clothes. I got lots of revealing clothes because I was fed up with names like filthy mud blood and the Gryffindor bookworm, this year I wanted names like babe and the Gryffindor hottie. She was going to be more outgoing and show everyone what she was truly like. 


I was standing on the platform waiting for Harry and Ron. I couldn’t wait to see the looks on their faces. I hadn’t told anyone about my new look. I really hoped they like it. I hadn’t told them about being Head Girl either.

While I was waiting a boy took his hand in mine and whispered in my ear. “Hey girl are you new here cause I would definitely remember a hottie like you?” I was so flattered but I turned around to correct him.

“No I’m not new he………MALFOY!”


I couldn’t believe it. Did Malfoy just call me a hottie? Wait, there’s no way, he couldn’t have! But wow, Malfoy looked hot!! I stood there staring at him. He was wearing a tight white top and black jeans. Through the top I could make out his 6 pack and his arms were so big and muscled. Quidditch had done him some good.


I just stood there looking at her. She was wearing a pink camouflage belly top with FCUK printed across her chest in black. On her legs she was wearing a light denim mini skirt and I had to admit she was kinda hot for a mudblood. 

She had really changed over the summer. Her hair was no longer bushy but it was long, straight and red! She had gotten quite tall too and her stomach was slim and smooth.

While I was looking at her Harry walked up behind Hermione.  “Malfoy stop harassing the new students! Let her go and leave her alone!” That’s when I realised that I was still holding her hand. I quickly let go and hurried on to the train.


“Sorry if he was bothering you. Hi I’m Harry.”

“Yes I know that”

“How do….HERMIONE!”, 

“Yes don’t you recognise your own friends?”

“You look so different. Your hair it’s-it’s red! I love it!”

“Really? Thanks”

Ron and Ginny started walking towards us. “Hey! Harry are you cheating on my little sister?!”

“Ron, I‘ve told you a thousand times, I am not dating your sister!”, Harry said.

“Chill all right! I know you would never date her!”

“What! Is there something about me that’s un-datable, Ronald!” Ginny questioned.

“What….I…’s Harry, my best friend!”

“Oh….and what am I Ronald?” said Hermione.

“Erm….Harry’s new girlfriend?” Ginny laughed at her brother‘s stupidity. 

“Ron” said Harry.


“It’s Hermione!”

Ron took a closer look at me. “Oh My God!!!”, Ron gasped.

“Hey Hermione, love the look!”, said Ginny “Can’t believe this idiot didn’t know it was you!”  

Ron was still trying to get words out of his mouth. "H-H-Hermione, y-y-your, like, hot!!!”

“Thanks I guess!” I know that I wanted people to think I’m hot but Ron’s my friend that’s just weird. Sure I liked him at one point but, now…. 

Ron turned to Harry. “Did I just….”

“Yes Ron”, said Harry. I stopped Ron’s embarrassment and changed the subject. “Guess what. I’m head girl this year!”

“Wow Hermione that’s great”, said Ginny, “Do you know who the head boy is yet?”

“No, but I will soon. I have to sit beside him in the Heads compartment.”

“I think we should get on the train”, Harry said.

“Ok I’ll come find you later.” I went to the heads compartment and there was a boy sitting in it already. I walked in. “Oh no, no, no, no, no! You are not the head boy! Tell me you’re not!” I sat down in the seat across from him. Malfoy looked up at me.

“Come on, I’m not that bad!”, he said, “I know you want me!”

“Get real Malfoy! If I ever wanted you I would copy the house elves and hit myself every second of the day!” Malfoy smirked at me and pulled a magazine out of his bag. Even though I didn’t want to, I looked over at him. I just wanted him to hug me with those strong arms. God I actually can’t believe I thought that about Malfoy! While I was staring at him I didn’t notice my head tilt to the right, but Malfoy did. 

“See anything you like Granger?”

“No”, I replied still dazed by his arms.

“Now look at my face and tell me that!”

I looked up at him and stared into his gorgeous silvery blue eyes. “So what if I did see something I liked?”

Malfoy looked at me. “You can start hitting yourself when you’re ready!”

“Wait a minute, I didn’t mean to say that, I take it back!”, I said hurriedly. I ran out of the compartment to find Harry, Ron and Ginny. I could tell that Malfoy was shocked at what I had said but he shrugged it off and picked up his magazine. Eventually I found the three of them. I walked in and sat down. “You will not believe who the head boy is!”

“Who?”, Ron asked

“Take a look at my face and take a guess!” Harry and Ginny looked at each other.

“Malfoy!”, they said in unison.

“Wait doesn’t that mean you have to live with him?”, asked Ron disgustedly.

“Yes and share a bathroom. I’m telling you, I’ve been sitting in there for the past twenty minutes and he’s already driving me up the wall!”

“We’re really sorry Hermione, especially for the fact that you have to share a toilet with him!”, said an upset Ginny.

“Eww! I had forgotten about that!” I said, disgustedly.

“And what was Malfoy saying to you when I walked over to you?” asked Harry.

“Oh, it was nothing”

“He was holding your hand”

“Wait a minute! Malfoy was holding your hand!” blared Ron.

“It’s not like…”


“Oh Ron, chill would you! He thought I was new and he said something like…erm…”

“Like erm what!?”

“Hey girl are you new here cause I would definitely remember a…a…"

“A a what?”

“…a hottie like you?”

“Draco Malfoy actually said that you were a hottie!?” Ginny asked.

“Yeah, but it’s not like he meant it… it?….”

After that I left and got changed into my robes in the toilet and then went back to my compartment. Malfoy was still there and he had gotten changed while I was away. I walked in and sat over at the window not daring to look at him, but he came over and sat beside me. “You know, I really like your hair”, he said seductively, “I guess mudbloods can look good after hours of work” 

I turned around and slapped him hard on the face. I then picked him up by his robes and threw him against the window. I leaned forward on to him so our noses almost touched. “If you ever call me that again I will punch you so hard that your face will never be that pretty again!” That’s great Hermione dig your hole deeper by telling him he has a pretty face. He flipped me around. Now I was against the window and he was leaning on me.

“Is that a threat Granger?”, being seductive again and running his fingers through my hair.

“Yes it was. Now get off of me!” I tried to move but he was too strong and he held me in place. He stared into my eyes. Wow! His eyes are so pretty! My God I have to pull myself together! “Malfoy, Now I’m serious, Get off of me!”

“Oh, so you weren’t being serious before?” I wish he’d stop acting so seductive! He leaned in closer to me, if that was even possible. Suddenly Ginny walked in.

“You left your bag in our compa…OH MY GOD!!!” Malfoy got off of me as Ginny ran out of the compartment. I turned around and slapped Malfoy again and was about to run after Ginny when the train stopped at Hogwarts.

IMPORTANT INFO DOWN HERE TOO!!!! PLEASE READ!!!!!! Especially if you asked for a part!

Authors Note: Well what do you think? Please let me know and i hope you decided to read Truth or Dare first. Please leave me a review and i promise to reply to everyone.  

Right. I have 3 people wanting the parts in my story. So i've decided to make three parts (because i love you all so much!) 

One girl wanted to be the girl who liked Harry and another wanted to like Draco.

Basicly, the girl who likes Draco is the most popular of the three.
The other two girls will like Harry and will always get into fights about which he belongs to. They will also do anything to keep the girl who likes Draco happy. (kind of like Mean Girls but not)

Right. I'll stop rambling on. The 3 girls who got the parts are........

DraCOlovER17  (the one who likes Draco)

Baby_Potter (likes Harry)

Breanna (also likes Harry)


Can the 3 of you leave me a review about your appearance. So i know how to describe you in the stories. Thanx! =] x

So the people i picked will appear in this story (Truth before the Dares) and Truth after the Dares. However they won't appear in Truth or Dare as that is already written. 

Right thats me done now so let me know! =] x


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