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Important! Every time you see this symbol: *, it means the point of veiw has switched from James to Lily, or Lily to James. Thanks.

It was after Quidditch practice, not too long after the full moon had made it's appearance in the night sky, that James found himself rushing to the Gryffindor common room, his robes muddy and soaked. Quidditch practice had made him late to patrol the corridors. When he has realized the time, he rushed off, leaving the rest of the team to clean up. He was halfway to the common room when he realized it didn't matter if he was late or not. He had no one to answer to. Lily might get angry; she probably would be furious, but her anger was what was keeping him at school nowadays. The longers she stayed mad at him, the long he stayed in school.

James slowed down to catch his breath, and then continued walking in a perfectly calm, unconcerned matter. He'd get there when he got there, and it wouldn't matter how late he was.

When James finally made it to his dorm to change into some dry, comfortable clothes, he found a familiar looking letter on his bed. Adressed to him. From his correspondant at St. Mungos. It was about his mother. James, who had been in the middle of pulling his shirt off when he found it, sat down with his arms still tangled in his clothes. He picked up the letter and stared at it. It would either be good news, or bad news, and he felt pretty certian that it would be the latter. He wasn't sure he wanted to open it.

Just when he had decided that he'd leave it here untill after patroling, the door burst open and Sirius came pounding in, wet and dirty from the Quidditch practice James had rushed off from.

"What the hell, man? Why'd you take off like that?" Sirius sad, pulling his wet robes off and changing quickling into something clean and warm.

"I have to patrol, remember?" James said, finally pulling his own clothes over his head.

"What's that?" Sirius said, pointing to the letter.

"St. Mungos sent it."

"And?" Sirius prompted.

"I don't want to open it now. It can't be anything good," James explained.

"Can I do it?"

"I suppose."

Sirius reached for the letter, which was now on James nightstand. He tore it open and began to read, his furrowed eyebrows giving no enlightenment to its contents. His expression was unreadable. He looked up at James, who sighed, expecting the worst, and preparing himself for it. But Sirius' face lit up as a smile formed on his lips.

"She's getting better!"

"What?!" James said, and nearly fell over, from shock and relief.

"Yeah! It says right here that 'the potion we tried during your winter holidays seems to have produced a result. Your mother is very making a very slow recovery, but she is showing great signs, and we have faith she will be fully well by the Easter holidays.' "

James smiled, a warm happy feeling spread over him. Now, if only he could get Lily to talk to him, his life would be as perfect as possible.

As his mind switched over to Lily, he remembered his Head duties, and without another word, rushed off before Sirius could say anything.


The sound of the rain lashing on the windows of the school library woke Lily up with a start. She glacned around her nervously, then slammed the book she had been using for a pillow shut. Licking her lips she glanced around the library guiltily, and then back to the cover of the book. She stared at it's gruesome illustration, and its Latin title, trying to remember why she'd been looking at it before she fell asleep. Suddenly, she gasped as a sweet, terrifying epiphany hit her.

The noise attracted the old, miserable librarian, Madam Pince, whom most students would swear had been there since the dawn of time, and would surely be there until the eve of it. Lily jumped when she felt her warm breath on the back of her own neck.

"Don't you have somewhere to be?" Madam Pinces accusing voice whispered in her ear.

Lily jumped up and raced out of the library, mentally smacking herself for frogetting her head duties.

But she did have a reason.

She now fully believed that Remus had been telling the truth. Since he frist admitted his secret, she'd been spending every spare moment of everyday in the library, researching werewolves. She wanted to check that his story added up before permitting forgiveness.Just tonight, in the library, she'd discovered that it was all real. James hadn't lied when he was playing Truth with her. Remus hadn't lied to help a friend out. Remus was a werewolf, and Lily owed a few apologies.

She sprinted to the Gryffindor tower and dropped off her bag in her dorm. On the way back to the portrait whole, she ran into Remus, whom she promptly hugged.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry," she whispered, with tear filled eyes.

"It's okay," Remus said, patting her shoulder awkwardly.

"Have you seen James?" she asked, after pulling away.

"Sirius said he'd gone out to patrol."

"Okay, thanks. If he comes back, please tell him I'm looking for him," she said, and sprinted off, out the portrait hole.

When she was one floor down from where the Gryffindor tower, she realized she ahd no idea where to begin looking for him. They hadn't patrolled together in weeks. She could remember now how much she had missed it. She and James had had so much fun together. Lily remembered their first game of Truth. How she'd asked about the Marauders map....the map. The very map James had given her when she first decided not to speak to him anymore. The map she still had, in her pocket right now. She reached for it, then drew back as if burned. Lily had refused to accept James' help while they weren't speaking....but now, they would be friend again soon. She could use it.

"I solemnly swear that I am up to no good," she whispered, and spotted James immeadiately. He was downstairs by the prefects bathrooms. Lily wiped it clean and rushed off to meet him, picturing many different ways to tell him that she forgave, settling on a scene in which she rushed, crying, into his arms and he held her close.


James was downstairs in a fully contended mood. The emptiness had subsided. His mother was going to live. She was going to be okay. And he was going to stay in school. The only way to make his day perfect, would be for Lily to suddenly come running into his arms and saying that she forgave him. He busied himself for a while, constructing that scene.

He had no idea that anyone was seeking revenge on an attack made several years ago.

And then, from the shadows, a familiar voice full of malice and hatred for James hissed a condemned word.The spell floated to James' ears, also familiar, but he couldn't place either, for the pain coursing through his body was agonising that he was rapidly lose his sense of self.



Lily rounded the corner where, according to the map, James would be. She hoped he'd be facing her direction, so she could run into his arms like she imagined herself doing. But upon first glance, the corridor appeared empty. Damn him, she thought bitterly, and reached for the map again. Her fingers never even brushed the edges. There was no need. She saw him at last and screamed loud enough to wake the whole castle.

A/N:Don't you just love snow days? It allowes me to update sooner! So here you are, all updated a week earlier than expected. Sorry that my writing wasn't grand or anything, but I updated at least! Next chapter will be all in Lily's P.O.V., but I don't know when the update will be. Please review! ♥AMW

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