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A/N: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Hope you guys had a wonderful time :) By the way, the title is sarcastic. I don’t mean it. Seriously.

Disclaimer: Once again, I own nothing.

Chapter 14: Gotta Love Hate Mail

Bathrooms on trains are small. Really, really tiny. For future reference, it is not such a great idea to attempt to get dressed in there. They are not designed for that kind of thing.

It would also help if the mirror was not an enchanted pervert (‘Take it all off, darlin’!’) and the toilet didn’t flush itself.

It really would.

But I got out alive. I smashed the mirror a couple of time but a quick spell fixed it. Anyway, the damn mirror deserved it. It was a pedophile.

By the time I had finished getting dressed, there was a line outside the toilet, indicating I had been in there for quite a while.

I smiled nervously at the horde of angry girls. ‘Um, hello, sorry about that, I, uh – ‘

‘Just get out of the damn room, Evans, you slut!’


Startled and annoyed, I looked around the crowd. ‘Who said that?! I am not a slut, thank you very much!’

‘Just shut up, Evans, and move.’ Another voice. Who were these people? I was under the impression most people at Hogwarts adored me. For good reason too.

So, out of complete and utter astonishment over the entire thing, I complied and went back to the compartment.

Upon my arrival, James, who had been evidently explaining something to Sirius, who was looking confused, stopped in mid-sentence and stared at me warily.

‘James, if you were talking about me, it was kinda obvious,’ I said, picking put Buttons, and slouching into my seat.

‘They weren’t talking about you,’ Remus said, not looking up from his book. ‘They were talking about Marissa.’

James and Sirius shot him death glares but he just said, ‘She was going to find out anyway.’

‘That’s not the point!’ James spluttered exasperatedly. ‘You didn’t have to tell her!’

‘Oh for God sake, James, I don’t care,’ I said, fed up with everyone. After a thought (maybe they’ll tell me if they know I don’t like her...), I added, ‘I am not friends with her anymore.’

James looked at me warily. ‘How do we know that?’

I sighed and glared at him. ‘Would I be sitting with you if I was lying?’

Sirius was looking at me with confusion. ‘But you guys were, like, well, like me and James.’

I laughed hollowly. ‘That’s what I thought too. Actually, it was kinda over you two. Remember at your party, James, when I fell off the balcony?’ They both snorted with laughter and I shot them evil looks. ‘Well, then you’ll remember the argument, right?’ Nods. I continued and blew out a sigh. ‘Well, we didn’t get over it. I left her house, and we haven’t spoken all summer. I sent a few owls to Ella, but she was acting odd; I don’t think she wants to be involved.’

‘Tough break, Evans,’ James said, patting my knee. I tried not to revel in the contact, so I growled. The hand was gone within seconds. James glanced at Sirius. ‘That explains a lot.’ Sirius nodded knowingly.

What on earth were they on about?

When I voiced this, however, James made me feel like a particularly slow three-year-old. ‘You don’t know?’


‘Well, me and Sirius, we received a owl over the summer. It was actually quite mean. It was about you. And it was filled to the brim with secrets...’ Shock and embarrassment thrummed through me as I shot him my darkest look. He quickly ended his sentence, ‘Which I am not going to share...’

Remus looked up from his book, marking the page with his finger, suddenly interested in the conversation. ‘You got that too?’

James nodded. ‘Sirius thought he recognized the handwriting and thought it was Marissa’s; having stalked her for a quite some time, he should know - ’

‘ANYWAY,’ Sirius interrupted loudly, clamping his hand over James mouth. ‘We brushed it off, thinking you two were still friends. Obviously we were mistaken...twice. You two AREN’T friends anymore, and it WAS Marissa’s writing.’

I sat back, my mind sluggishly processing the information. Tears welled up in my eyes and Buttons meowed softly, as if she knew what was happening.

Probably just wondering why I wasn’t patting her anymore.

Marissa Slughorn, my best friend of six years, had sent around hate mail. And if James, Remus AND Sirius had all gotten that letter that meant Marissa might have sent to everyone in our year. Everyone I knew at least. I thought back to the rude comments I had gotten when I came out of the bathroom. There was only one girl in my year lining up.

Oh, dear Lord, I thought. She sent it to EVERYONE.

I was Queen no longer.

For heavens sake. We’d barely been on the train half an hour. I HADN’T EVEN GONE TO THE HEAD’S MEETING YET!!

Could anything worse possibly happen?

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