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        People were screaming in my burning ears as if they had gotten stabbed themselves. My eyes were turning red just by looking at the pools of blood streaming around my feet, coming from my hands. The funny thing is I’m not the one dying. A young man lies on the cold marble floor before me. His pitch black hair turning dark red as his emerald green eyes stair at me, so wide he could have been alive if he weren’t covered in stab wounds and emptying of his insides, his mouth still gaping from his last words, “why?”, as they still linger in the atmosphere.    

        Dripping from my fingers catches my attention so I look down at my hand, clutching a blood stained sword. Godric Gryffindor’s sword. My heart pinched as through someone had ripped it out. My whole body locked. I tried to scream but all sound escaped my capability. I had death’s grip on the sword no matter how hard I tried to let go.

        Dumbledore appeared in the corner of the eye that was still glued to my shaking fist. He grabbed my shoulders and shook me as hard as he could. “Kieran! Kieran, look at me! Please…wake up!” His voice got lighter and higher as he spoke. My eyes shot open and I took the biggest breath I could manage. I was staring, inches away, into the mysterious, grey eyes of my best friend, sweat pouring from me disgustingly, drenching my clothes. I could feel the tingling of scratches all over my arms and I was breathing as though I haven’t for days.

        “Harry…Harry Potter…Harry Potter…” I whispered repeatedly as I quivered in Nikita’s arms.

        “Harry Potter… what about Harry Potter?” she asked fiercely.

I stared emotionlessly into her glazed eyes. “Harry Potter’s going to die.”


        It was three weeks later and I have been in a locked up, magically secured room for all those 21 days. They wouldn’t take me to any institute…Dumbledore wouldn’t allow it. He knows what I saw. I don’t know how he knows but he has to. He hasn’t asked me a single question and his eyes have been twinkling more than normal. Or maybe he just thinks I’ll tell him when I’m ready.

        Every teacher has been trying to talk it out of me. They’ve all tried counseling me back to sanity. I laugh at them in my head. They all think I’m lost, that my mind has escaped me, that I’ll never be the same. Maybe I should stop this game before it goes too far. I can’t completely kid myself though, I am still shaken up but not to the point they think I am. If what I saw comes true…*shudders*. I can’t imagine why I’d have it out for Harry Potter. 

        Professor Snape walked through the glowing, non-existent door, which somehow still keeps people out, interrupting my musing. How could I forget, Snape, the one who hasn’t attempted any form of communication with me yet. I thought he’d stay far away and have a little party while I was kept in this condition.

        “Miss Kaelee,” he started, giving me that ‘I don’t really want to be here’, straight face I could see in the glare of a window. Snape and I go way back. I’m already at the beginning of my last year of Hogwarts. Unfortunately my first meeting with Snape wasn’t my first year here. My father and him were best friends *grown*. He was over every night, picking on me when I was just a toddler. He once told me it was for me to grow strong, like my father would like. That bastard had no idea what my father would like! Once I was old enough to talk I told him were to go. I pat myself on the back everyday for it. My father disapproved though, that’s for sure. He saw something in Snape that I don’t think I ever will.

        “Miss Kaelee when I call you I expect you to answer to me,” he demanded. I could feel his eyes burning gigantic holes in my back and head as I kept my eyes peering out the tall window I was sitting beside. I heard a long, tempting sigh from behind me. Might as well turn around before he tries to kill me…again, I thought.

        “Yes master?” I responded sarcastically. Snape scowled.

        “Do not talk to me like that! This is a serious situation Miss Kaelee!”

        “’This is a serious situation Miss Kaelee!’” I mocked. “Why do you insist on calling me Miss Kaelee? You never called my father Mr. Kaelee! You think living with you for 10 years would make a difference!”

        His angered face started to weaken. I turned back to my window. “What do you want anyways, to get the dibs on my new glorious vision so you can find out how to finish off Harry?”

        “Obviously it was a mistake to try conversation with my God child after two months of ignorance. If you insist on being a…” he stopped himself, his face turning bright red. I turned around abruptly to stare him down, daring him to continue. He spun on his heels and disappeared through the glowing doors once more, leaving me to my windowsill.

        Father, why him? Why did you leave your only child with that man?



It took another week for Dumbledore to be able to work his non-magical magic and get me out of that prison. I was finally walking the corridors a free…uh…teen. A few more steps away from my comfy Gryffindor 4-poster!

“Alive?” Draco said softly, stepping out of the shadows.

        “Holy f- you scared the crap out of me! Don’t do that again!” and I continued to my destination.

        “So, what’s two plus two?” he asked.

        “Four,” I answered swiftly as he began to speed walk beside me.

        “What’s nine times twelve?”

        “A hundred and eight.”

        “Three hundred and ninety-two times thirty-seven divided by six?”

        “Two thousand four hundred and seventeen point three, three, three, thr-what do you want?” Draco began counting on his fingers with a very confused look glued to his face. “Ah, you’re pointless,” I announced, rolling my eyes as I stranded him with his confusion.

        “No, wait! I sincerely wanted to make sure you weren’t insane like the whole school says.”

        “Or you wanted to own the first conversation with the new talk of the school so you can spread more untrue things- you know what…” I stopped to stare him in his ice cold eyes. “I don’t even know why I bother talking to you,” I finished continuing my almost jog by this time.

        “Aw, Kieran come on you-“ he was cut off by the Gryffindor door smashing him in the face. “AAAAAAAAAHH!”

        “Now that’s the conversation I prefer,” I smirked.

        “Kieran! Oh my God you’re back, hunny, how are you feeling? Those bastards wouldn’t even let me in to see you.”

        “I’m fine, better if you’d stop trying to kill me.” Nikita let go of her breath taking embrace immediately.

        “Well you can’t blame me. I haven’t seen my best friend in a month and the last time I did she was screaming bloody murder to my boyfriend!”

        “Hey, no ones murdered yet so let’s keep that to ourselves. Where’s the wanker anyways? It’s the first time in a while I haven’t seen him walking in your shadow.”

        “Oh, shut up!” Nikita grinned as she went for a slap. Me being too fast for her, ha-ha-ha. “Don’t even let that get to your head.”

        “Too late.”

        “So, if it’s ‘let’s a pick on each other’ moment what was Draco doing tagging your lovely behind,” Niki smiled large knowing she hit a weak spot.

        “You, my dear, suck big ones.”

        “Come on he still wants you and um, I can’t help but notice,” she began doing her ‘roll the eyes and bit the lip’ hints.

        “Don’t even say it because the last thing you’ll taste will be something that’ll take away all dignity you have left. Anyways, are we really going to sit around talking about stupid Hoggy boys on my first day back or are we going to party?”

        “Tough one, but making you feel pretty talking about Draco doesn’t get my drunk so I choose party.”

        “You…!” I snatch a pillow from the common room couch and begin the games of my welcome back festival.



“Kieran! Oh my God she’s wasted! Which one of you let her get like this?” Nikita screamed into the line of guys with innocent smirks stapled to their faces.

        “No! No, Niki come on. I’m *hick-up* not drunk, but yoooooooooou’re sober. Here…have my uh, liquids,” I said as I struggled in her grasp, also spilling my drink all over her leg. “Oh, he-he…crap. Here, let me fix that.” I went to lick her leg.

        “Kieran! OK you’re going to your dorm missy.”

        “Awe, don’t be par-*hick-up* pooper!”

        “Nikita! Wait…they’re destroying your Astronomy project!” Draco called from behind.

        “What! Ah, Draco I’m trusting you to take her to her bed and LEAVE. Hey! Put that down before I’m forced to find a toilet for your head!” and she was gone.

        “Will do!” Draco answered with crossed fingers hidden behind his back. “So, Kieran…”

        “Wa…one second.” At that second I vomited green stuff all over Draco’s nice, crisp, white dress shirt. “Ha-ha! Oh gosh, I’m sorry. I think…”

        “Awe! You slut!”

“What did you just call my best friend?” a very angered Nikita screeched, scaring the pants off Draco, literally. The whole room turned to laugh at his embarrassment. From out of nowhere came Niki’s fist, set dead on to Draco’s face. I think I remember hearing his whaling continue from the Slytherin’s dorms in the middle of the night.

        “What are you going to do about this Kieran?” Niki asked me as we sat up in our beds later on that night, nursing me sober.

        “Sit back and have a blast laughing at his humiliation,” I answered, stretching my arms to form a pillow for my head.

        “You’ve been doing that for too long. It’s time to be a woman and talk to him.”

        “But I like being a child better.”


        “He’s been chasing you forever, stop playing him. He obviously likes YOU not just your body.”

        “Are we talking about the same Malfoy?”

       “He wouldn’t try so hard for any other girl Kieran.”

        “Oh and ‘you slut’ secretly means ‘I love you madly’.” Niki gave me a ‘you’re dead if you don’t listen to me’ stare down. “Fine, fine, I’ll talk to him tomorrow. Malfoy’s have an odd way of showing affection. OK, I’m tired. I’ll see you in the morning.”

        “’Night hun.”

        I lied in bed for hours after bidding Niki goodnight. Suddenly the blood of Harry Potter flooded my mind. I began to ask myself if I really had lost my mind, or is it just starting to disappear. Every time I closed my eyes I was forced to watch the vision over and over again. Miserably awake I began rummaging through my trunk in search of something entertaining, stumbling upon a silver frame with my father’s smiling and waving picture in it. His chestnut hair ruffling in the wind with those unmistakable aqua eyes beaming brighter than anything else.

        “You look exactly like your father” is a line I get really sick of hearing. With only the tint of black in my hair and deep blue specs in my eyes to tell I’m my mother’s daughter. The mother I never knew….never met.

        Out of nowhere music began to fill my ears. I looked down into my trunk to see the gleam of dazzling white wings. I reached in to pull it out, making the music louder as it became un-smothered. It was a lullaby my father used to sing to get me to bed at night when my premonitions were keeping me up, like now. There was a figurine of an angel, spreading its wings as it crouched low to the ground. I remember staring at it as a child until my eyes became too weak. Coincidence in me finding this now, I smiled at myself through the tiny mirror behind the angel.

        “One day an angel, just like this one will come and save you when you’re in deep trouble,” I remember my father telling me. “They’re always watching over you my dear.” I placed the music box on my corner table with these words lingering in my drowsy conscious. As my eyes began to drop the angel came to life in my dreams.



Mornings are always going to be my worst enemy but they’re worse when I forget to close the curtains and it’s a weekend. The blinding sunlight forced me to awaken to the sight of a streak of bright colours.

        “Niki?” I asked the space in front of me which I could not properly see this early on a weekend.

        “Crap…” was the response. Obviously I’m not insane.

        “What are you doing?” I rubbed my eyes and shielded them from the sun to see Niki standing in the doorway of the bathroom with an overly large and bright shirt on. “Why are you wearing…oh God Niki…this early in the morning?”

        “For your information it’s 12:30 AM.”

        “Exactly…this early in the morning? Frig, just go and rid yourself of his nastiness.”

I could hear her laughing at me as she took her shower. I got dressed rather quickly and clumsily as I normally do but with clothes that were larger than I’d normally wear. I was hammered last night, seeing as I don’t get hung over I might as well look the part. 

        “Oh come on Kieran, you and I both know you don’t get hung over. Lucky b…never mind.”

        “Lucky what?”

        “We’re going on a mission today deary so you might want to wear something more fitting,” she changed the subject.

        “No, you can’t make me!” I tantrumed like a child.

        Niki gave me a sarcastic brow tilt. “OK then, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

        I followed her out of the dorm. “So where exactly are we going?”

        “Well, right now we have to find Tatiyana.”

        “And from there…?”

        “You’ll see,” she smiled slyly.

        “I hate you right now.”


        “Dragons!” I had to scream above the ear splitting roar of three gigantic Cloudy Sky dragons. Their beautiful, white scales blinding me for the second time today. “And what are we suppose to do with these dragons?”

        “Fly them!” yelled Tatiyana excitedly.

        “Fly them! Are you bloody mad!”

        “Oh don’t worry, they won’t hurt you! They’ll do anything I say!”

        “Then tell them to shut up!”

        “OK!” she grinned. Tatiyana faced the dragons, her deep brown eyes piercing their silver ones. I think this is the only time I’ve seen her face not smiling. Either way the dragons became silent pretty quick.

        “Holy crap you’re talented girl.”

        “OK! Let’s go out to do what we came here for then.” Niki announced. “Tatiyana, lead the way.”

        It took a whole lot of convincing to get me on one of the dragons. I was promised something great at the end of the ride. I nearly fell off a few too many times, I don’t care what Niki says, I almost did. Admittedly though, it was a pretty great feeling to be above everyone else and feel weightless. We landed in an open field surrounded by forest.

        “I don’t see my prize…” I whined.

        “Be patient!” Niki snapped.

        “You guys go ahead, I’m going to take the dragons this way,” said Tatiyana as she headed to the farthest forest patch and we to the opposite direction.

        When we got to the forest I found out it wasn’t much of a forest after all. We stepped through a few trees and the next thing I saw was sand.

        “Ah! My prize! Oh my God Niki…the beach? You know me too well.” I looked around quickly, there were hot guy’s everywhere. I looked down at myself. I was wearing garbage. “Ah! Why didn’t you…awe crap, I can’t say that can I?”

        Niki burst out in laughter. “Nope!”

        “Fine then…” I threw off my shoes and socks. “Be like that.” I ripped off my shirt and sweat pants leaving nothing but matching black underwear. “Thank God I’m wearing black!” And I took off to the precious water.

        “She’s stripping…?” Tatiyana asked Niki.


        Hours went by and the longer they refused to come into the water the longer I refused to get out. Finally dark had almost arrived and I caved on behalf of my poor wrinkled fingers and toes.

        “Thanks Niki, for all of this. I’m sure you’re the only one that knows sand and water put together is my paradise,” I thanked her before we saddled onto the dragons once again.

        “What are best friends that don’t know each other?” She smiled.

        We came together for a hug to complete the touchy moment. My head spun madly as everything blurred itself out, reappearing more nightmarish. I was still standing at Harry’s side with the murder weapon in my hand. This time tears found its way out of me. A hand was placed on my shoulder. It was soft and gentle.

        “Niki? I-I…” I stuttered in fear.

        “Shh, it’s OK Kieran. You had to do what you had to do. You did well. Now let’s get you back. The master is waiting for your wonderful news.”

        My head was about to explode…I could feel the pressure. What in the world is happening to my life?

        “Kieran, are you OK? Kieran…Kieran!”

        I was awoken…finally… but my body was still worthless. Blood was dripping from the corners of my mouth as I shook uncontrollably on the grass.

        “Kieran, no! Stop it! Stop shaking! Stop!” Niki yelled at me, eyes swollen with tears.

        “I’m going for help! I’ll be back soon I swear!” Tatiyana took off. The swooshing of massive wings was all I could hear over Niki’s sobbing as my eyes continued to do back flips in its sockets.

        Suddenly my breathing got lighter; it was getting harder and harder to stay conscious. I’ve never had a premonition hurt me before. Is it possible…it could kill me?

        “Kieran! Don’t leave me!” were the last words I heard.

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