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Hermione’s P.O.V

It was three days after this seer put an enchantment on me and I still can’t believe it. Not even the professors know about my situation and it’s hard to keep up in class. Malfoy seems to be taking advantage of this since he’s takes the liberty in answering all the questions I try to. Potions was the worst. Professor Snape has been torturing me because I never answer him when he’s trying to ask me a question. The exact words he used was “Looks like the know it all has no answer at all. My my, how sad,” Ugh, he disgust me. But that time, I could’ve swore I saw a flicker of anger in Malfoy’s eyes, but I brushed the thought out of my head thinking it was impossible.

Harry Ron and Ginny. Well I’ve been trying to avoid them the past two days, afraid of that they might find out what has happened to me. Although, Ginny cornered me in a deserted corridor and I was forced to tell her everything. My friends started wondering why I rarely spoke, or even spoke at all. They began to wonder why I haven’t been participating in class or talking back at the Slytherins. Harry and Ron doesn’t seem to have a clue of what’s going on so there’s no problem for me there. They seem to be to thick to notice it.

The worst part is, out of everyone in Hogwarts.. Malfoy is her only hope. Dumbledore had told her about what happened to me. He says that Malfoy is the only one that is able to help me. I can’t believe this! First he’s been made head boy, then I have to live with him now this? Has the old man gone mad? They had a small little chat which I know nothing about. Neither of them would tell me until the first Hogsmeade trip which is today. And guess who I have to go with? Malfoy.

It’s Saturday today. Sun shining, cool breeze and a warm temperature. Perfect. Of course this perfect day will be ruined once I see Malfoy. No doubt he’ll make some nasty remark about it. He should be highly grateful that I can’t speak. At least I can still do magic.

I sighed and swung my legs over my bed running to the bathroom that I shared with Malfoy. I took a long hot shower, got dressed and ran down to the Great Hall for breakfast. I stopped dead when I remembered I had to wait for Malfoy. Did I forget to mention? Well, he had to go everywhere with me. No matter where it was. For some reason, it was for my “protection” as Dumbledore said. I can’t believe this. My life has gone to hell.

I waited for what seemed like nearly an hour but he still wasn’t there. I groaned and stomped up marching towards his room, and opened the door quietly. I saw Draco Malfoy sleeping soundly on his bed, the sheets tangled around him. His blonde hair fell graciously in front of his eyes and the sun was sending light making his skin glow. I poked him on the back, he didn’t wake up. I poked him again, only harder this time, and he still didn’t wake up. I bet if I screamed in his ear he’d still be sleeping. I started shaking him, and the rest seemed hazy to me.

The next thing I knew, I was lying on the floor, flat on my back with Malfoy on top of me staring into my eyes. I never actually noticed his eyes. Usually that were the first things I see in any guy. He had piercing blue eyes that looked like ice when he was furious, but seemed to soften when he’s not. It suited him.

My eyes turned to his lips. They looked soft, full and for some strange reason I wanted I kiss them. But of course, I shook my head trying to get those nasty thoughts out of my head, and this broke our little “moment”

“What are you doing in my room Granger?” He asked trying to turn his expression quickly, as if he didn’t want anyone to see the softer side of him. Too bad. I already did. He tried to put a furious look on his face, but it didn’t work. He still had that sensitive look on his face. He should actually wear it more often, he looks so much better.

I rolled my eyes at him and pointed at my wrist which I held up to him. I grabbed his arm and brought him to the window, pointing at a small village nearby. He was still looking out the window when I looked back at him. I didn’t realize he was only wearing boxers and I began to blush. Apparently, he saw me and I could’ve sworn I saw the slightest tint of pink on his cheek.

“Wait for me at the common room. I’ll get dressed,” He said in a softer tone than he started with. I nodded my head, which I kept down trying to hide my embarrassment after seeing him in nothing but boxer shorts. But, I didn’t regret it. Quidditch did him some good.

Minutes later I sat on the couch in the common room shuffling my feet and playing with my wand. He took forever just to get dressed. It was so annoying that I actually had to wait on Malfoy. I heard footsteps coming down his stairs and I stood up shooting my hands up in the air saying, ‘Finally!’. I couldn’t help but stare. He was wearing a white t-shirt and blue faded jeans.

I’m really starting to scare myself. I’m getting strange and unpleasant thoughts about a certain ferret and I’m not liking it one bit. Maybe it’s just hormones. Yeah, lots and lots of hormones… I hope.

“Lets go!” He shouted from the portrait hole. I nodded and ran towards him as he shut it behind me. We didn’t really talk much, as if I had a choice. I went around carrying a pad and pen in my purse incase I needed it.

It was weird though. It seemed like Malfoy can read my thoughts. It’s scary but it’ll do. We entered the great hall, and this time, there was no usual staring, or whispers that came from the other students ever since we started coming down to eat together ever since that old witch came.

“What?” Malfoy asked. “No insults? That’s new,” As usual, we walked to the Gryffindor table where Harry and Ron would say hi to me and sneer at Malfoy. Ginny, would say hi to both of them because she actually found Malfoy sweet enough to help me. I do to.. but that still doesn’t take back all those years.

“Can I ask you something Hermione?” Ron asked me. I nodded, setting some eggs and bacon onto my plate. “why does he sit with you everyday?”

“Dumbledore’s orders,” Malfoy grumbled. I nodded. We didn’t say a word to each other the rest of breakfast. We just merely sat in silence, looking down at our plates, not daring to make eye contact. Usually, the boys would be throwing insults at each other, and Ginny and I would just watch from the sidelines shaking our heads hopelessly, but I didn’t know what was so different about today.

“C’mon,” Draco pulled me up when he saw I was finished with my breakfast. I waved good-bye to my friends and followed him out.

Why did I have to go to Hogsmeade with you? I asked him writing on my paper.

“You do know I can still hear you’re annoying voice in my head right?” Draco said smiling slightly at me. I wished he smiled more, instead of that smirk that seems to be glued to his face.

Yeah I know that, but I would rather have you out of my head. I didn’t want him knowing my personal thoughts. He’d know what I was thinking about him this minute.

“I don’t hear everything that’s in your mind you know. I just hear what you want to say to me,” We started walking towards Hogsmeade.

“Really. Tell me why!” I pushed this inside his head.

“I can’t,” He said. “You’ll see!” I sighed.

As we got closer to the small village, I saw hundreds of boys lined up outside the Three Broomsticks, waiting anxiously for something. I squinted and saw some boys I recognized from Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and even some from Slytherin.

“Oy, Malfoy. What is that?” I asked him pointing to the group of boys.

“Those,” He said pointing to them. “Are your dates,” My jaw dropped to the floor.

“You can’t be serious,” I started shoving curses into his head and he held his hand up to stop it.

“Chill Granger,” He said. “Dumbledore said I have to help you find “him”, so here’s you’re help,”

“And I’m suppose to do what with them?” I asked him. There must be about 100 boys there! I’ll never live through this.

“It’s like speed dating,” he said. “Just get to know them. If you find someone you’re interested in, you’ll have a real date with them,”

“You do realize how much guys there are there right?” I pointed at all the guys that were chattering ignoring Madame Rosemarta who was telling them to get out.

“What Granger?” Malfoy asked me, turning his head to face me showing that annoying smirk he always had on. “Scared of a little date? You do realize why you are being punished like this right? Pushing boys away, not believing in love? I mean c’mon, even I believe in it,”

“Me scared?” Oh yeah. I’ll show him. “You better watching it Malfoy” I shot an evil glare at him and walked ahead. I turned when I realized he wasn’t following me and I saw him staring at me smirking shaking his head. He ran up to catch up with me and we reached the long line of boys. 

“Ready for this Granger?” He asked me as we entered the pub.

“Just bring `em in Malfoy,” This was going to be a nightmare.

“So, anyone in particular?” Malfoy asked me sitting across from me taking a sip of his butterbeer. Amazingly, I managed to talk to all those guys in 3 hours. Most were soo.. What’s the word. Obnoxious? Some were sweet, but not my type. Slytherins were here just so they could have a taste of me and I threw them out. Some boys couldn’t even speak which was really sad. One guy from Ravenclaw wouldn’t stop repeating what I was saying thinking it was funny. It was rather annoying actually. But I didn’t think any of them were for me. Some thought I was the crazy one, writing everything i saw on paper, but I covered up saying i couldn't speak well.

Malfoy was watching me talk to all those guys a few tables away. I heard him laughing the whole time. Especially when the Slytherins came.

I looked at him, then banged my head on the table repeatedly. “Oh c’mon, it couldn’t have been that bad,”

“You try talking to obnoxious guys for 3 hours,” I started banging my head again, but then Malfoy stuck his hand in between the table and my head for me to stop.

“You’ll make a mark on the table,” He said drinking his butterbeer. Oh, that’s nice. He cares more about the table than me. “What happened to you anyway?” He asked me. I was wondering what he was talking about. “You stopped believing. I thought you were one of those girls that always dreamed for one,”

“Why suddenly so interested in my life Malfoy?” I asked him bitterly.

“Well, weren’t you always one of those people that put their problems in the past? Knowing you can’t change them,” How does he know me so well? “You look the type,” He said answering my question.

“In short, he went out with me, I fell for him, he told me he loved me, I saw him cheat on me with my best friend the end,” I tried hard to fight back my tears remembering him. No matter how much I try to forget about him, he still lies deep in my heart. There were tears in my eyes threatening to fall, but I didn’t dare cry in front of Malfoy.

“I didn’t know you could be fooled that easily,” he said, his voice soft and caring. This made me look up into his eyes.

“Yeah, me either,” I set some money on the table and left the pub.

“Whoa,” Malfoy said running up to me. “You aren’t getting away that easy,”

“What now Malfoy?” I sneered. Memories were flooding back to me. Most which I wished went away.

“You can’t just run of leaving me with a brief summary of your broken love life,” He said.

“I think I just did,” I didn’t want to talk to him. Not now. Not when I feel like crying my heart out. I started walking the path back to Hogwarts. I desperately wanted to be alone. I wanted to cry. I hated him for what he did to me. I hated her for betraying me.

“See Granger? That’s exactly what you do! Pushing people away when they try to help you!” Malfoy shouted at me. I stopped feeling anger boil inside of me. “No wonder that seer put this enchantment on you! One bad relationship and you feel like your world ended,”

“Don’t you dare talk to me as if you knew what happened between me and him. You have no idea what I’ve been through!” I shouted back. Well, more like thought back.

“Bloody Hell!” He threw his hands in the air. “You simply don’t get it do you? You do know the reason why this happened to you right? You have got to stop relying on one mistake! Get back up on your feet at try again!”

“Why are you so desperate to know about what happened to me?!” That’s the question that’s been ringing in my head. Why? Why was he helping me? Why was he so concerned? Why did he actually care?

“Because it helps you weather you like it or not. You may not even know if what you experienced is real unless you experienced something greater. I would know. You’re not the only one that got their heart broken around here,” And with that, he left me standing there, thinking about the words that he had spoken to me.

The way back, I was crying. Crying for every single mistake I made in my life. I hate to say it, but he was right. I wouldn’t know how I really felt if I didn’t experience something greater.

But how could I trust him? How can I trust him with everything? I’m putting my life into his hands. The boy that hated me for the past 6 years. The boy that never stopped calling me a mudblood. The boy that would become a death eater 3 years from now. And suddenly, a big twist in life comes out of nowhere and I find him helping me, and giving me advice on how I deal with my life.

“You aren’t the only one that got their heart broken around here,” I thought that he would be breaking girls hearts, not the other way around. ‘Slytherin sex god’ finally cracked. I don’t think he realized that he just told me the reason why he’s such a player. Is that the way he deals with his problem? By temporarily pushing it out of his head while dating other girls?

I was starting to worry. What if I don’t fall in love. I did once. But then I find him cheating on me with my best friend right under my nose. I started reasoning with my self that love doesn’t exist. It’s just some attraction you have towards a person. Anyone can say that they love you, but how would they know if they really did? All these questions about love, is why I stopped believing. Because it was just so unreal.

A/N: Sorry it took me forever to update!


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