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Chapter Graphic by whocares. Isn't she great?

Disclaimer: I don't own the train, the school, the magic, the houses, the house colors, Coni, Cora, or Izzy, fortunatly. I only own Lori. Yay!

                Lori slid open the compartment door, praying for a seat. Inside sat two other people, one whom looked like she would really rather be somewhere else while the other wouldn’t shut up. The noise-box was from Hufflepuff, the mournful one from Ravenclaw. Lori vaguely remembered their names. Shanny and Carol or something like that. 

                The Ravenclaw, Carol, lifted up her head, breaking the watery blue-eyed gaze at the steadily boarding students. Lori noticed one girl out the window, possibly a sixth year like herself, shove her way past a group of younger students. Bully.

                Carol gestured towards Lori with a slight wave of a thin arm. Relieved, she managed to avert Shanny’s word vomit in another direction. Shanny’s eyes lit up at Lori.

                “Well, hi! Need a seat? We don’t mind sharing, do we Cora? My names Coni, what’s yours?”The Cora girl lifted up her hand in a small greeting, not answering Coni’s question.

                “Um... hi. Yes. I’m Lori,” she replied before Coni continued talking.

                Coni went on talking, but she didn’t turn away from Lori. She wouldn’t turn away. While Coni blabbed, Lori dragged her trunk into the small room and placed it above their heads. She decided to sit next to Cora, she seemed alright, though quiet.

                Lori took this opportunity to examine her companions.

                Coni looked to be possibly Italian. She had an olive complexion and walnut-brown hair. Her eyes were an almond shape, but the color caught Lori’s attention. Coni’s irises were almost an impossible blue. If anyone had asked her to describe them, Lori wouldn’t have known what to reply. They were icy yet almost... electric. You could feel when she looked at you, they were so intense. The eyes were framed by a generic face shape that seemed very Hufflepuff.

                Cora was almost exact opposite of Coni. Her skin looked like it spent too much time indoors with her brain reading books that were not required to be read. Or maybe it had been required reading, Lori wouldn’t know - she enjoyed reading, but not that much. Cora’s eyes, in contrast to Coni’s, though blue, were a watery shade that gave her a sad look. Probably also achieved from the hours upon hours of bookish time spent indoors.

                The would-be silence was filled by chatter from Coni. She seemed very interested in Lori and Cora, but never really gave them a chance to answer questions - not that Cora would have anyway, she was too shy. Lori nodded politely to her and would sometimes try to say something when she paused for breath.

                 Lori heard a slight squeak as the compartment door slid open. That noise coupled with Coni’s suddenly wide eyes was the only warning she got before-

                “Move.” The new intruder was unmistakably Slytherin. Lori turned around and knew she had seen her during the quidditch matches from previous years as the opposing team’s favorite chaser. Not to mention, the exact person she saw shove through the little kids to board the train. The girl had blond hair and sapphire eyes. She was relatively short in stature, but made up for that small loss with strength achieved through sports. She was considered nasty, tough, and above all, rich. Lori blinked a few times in shock.

                “Wha-what?” she stuttered.

                “You heard me. Move,” she repeated snottily. Without another word she hauled in her trunk, shoving past Lori to heave it onto the above shelf. Coni tried to act cheerful, but her bright blue eyes held a frightened cringe that most Hufflepuffs experienced with Slytherins. Mostly they remembered the numerous threats of dismembering that the upper-class snakes would taunt them with as first and second years.

                Cora in the corner was now paying attention to the commotion. Discretely, she slipped her wand from her pocket up her sleeve. The unknown and unwanted guest plopped into her seat and glared and her companions with malice.

                “What? Never seen a Slytherin before? Or are you wondering why a beautiful rich pureblood like myself thinks to sit with you filthy ugly commoners?”

                This girl is a real bitch. The stranger sneered at Lori slouching across from her.

                “Gryffindor, I see. Well aren’t you just the worst of the lot.”

                Thanks ever so. Lori remembered her name now. Isabelle. Isabelle Kessler. Lori huffed and rolled her gray eyes to the ceiling.

                Coni interrupted the tense silence first. “So,” she began, “I’m Coni, this is Cora, and this is Lori. What’s your name?” Isabelle just shot Coni a disgusted look down her petite nose before turning her eyes back to their examination of the ornate ceiling.

                “Her name is Isabelle, Coni.” Lori said trying to prevent her from crying at the cold shoulder being shot at her, but she still saw Coni’s ice blue eyes dew up. The brunette blinked quickly several times and just turned her attention towards the red-head across from her to begin talking quieter then before.

                “What is your issue?!” Lori blurted at Isabelle. The freezing sapphire eyes turned their glare to her.

                “My issue? You mean why am I mad?” she snarled.

                “Well, duh.” Isabelle’s lid boiled over a little more, Lori could sense it coming.

                “Maybe it’s because I was late getting here and I can’t find an empty compartment or my friends,” she snapped viciously.  “So here I am, sitting with three rotting, blemished losers who apparently don’t have a life outside staring out windows at nothing, never shutting up, or politely nodding their overgrown heads at the aforementioned incessant chatter!” Isabelle was yelling near the end and the other girls just sat in shock for a few seconds. The snake smirked triumphantly at her outburst.

                Cora next to the window was the first to say anything to break the silence.


                “Excuse me?!” Isabelle started.

                “I said ‘idiot’. And the reason you can’t find your friends? You don’t have friends! Any ‘friends’ that you ever had were bought by your parents money. This compartment is nearly full. You probably didn’t check any others and just made up that pathetic lie so that we would have to put up with you, because we obviously don’t want you here any more then anybody else would have wanted you.” The other three girls just watched with indifferent looks on their faces. Coni looked on with awe, Lori with approval, and Isabelle with loath.

                Isabelle sneered. “What would you know? You’re nothing but a mudblood Ravenclaw.”

                “She knows more then you,” Coni interjected.

                “So shove off,” Lori finished. Isabelle looked from one face to another, searching for any cracks in our defense, finding no worthwhile ones, she lugged her bag off the overhead shelf.

                “Fine,” she murmured, “I’ll go find somewhere else to sit.”

                With that, she left, dragging her stuff with her.

This chapter written by me!!!!! Otherwise known as NeuroticNut.

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