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A Love to Remember by MysticPhoenix
Chapter 11 : St. Mungo's
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Chapter Eleven: St. Mungo's 


I still remember the world
From the eyes of a child
Slowly those feelings
Were clouded by what I know now


The train ride back to Hogwarts was the worst anyone could ever remember. There were no students, with the exception of the Prefects and Head Boy and Head Girl, running from compartment to compartment looking for their friends. Instead students stayed in their own compartments and the only sound to be heard was the occasional crying. In the Marauders compartment Lily spent the train ride comforting James while Dominique did her best to console Alice.

James’s father had been attacked over the Christmas break and so had Frank and Mr. Longbottom. Death Eaters had attacked Mr. Potter during a raid of a supposed Death Eater’s hiding place. While Frank and his father were attacked when Death Eaters stormed their house just after the New Year; thankfully Frank’s mother had been out shopping. Mr. Longbottom had died shortly after being admitted to St. Mungo’s and Frank was still in a coma. Mr. Potter had survived the attack but was still in St. Mungo’s with serious injuries.

At the moment James was staring blankly out the window while holding Lily’s hand. Alice sat next to Dominique crying silently into her shoulder. All in all the mood in the compartment was far from joyous.

Dominique sat quietly looking around the compartment. She could not recall a time when the compartment had ever been this quiet. Remus wandered back into the compartment from his patrol shift. He lightly tapped Lily on the shoulder letting her know it was time for her and James to go on patrol. Lily whispered something to James, he nodded as he got up and left the compartment with out a word. Lily looked up at a sad smile on her face as she followed James out sliding the door shut.

Remus made his way over to the spot where Lily and James had been and immediately began to read. Soon both Remus’s and Peter’s snoring and Alice’s quiet crying filled the compartment. Dominique looked up from comforting Alice only to lock eyes with Sirius Black. His grey eyes held the same question as her blue ones: What was happening to their world. Turning her attention back to Alice, Dominique begun to remember the morning they found out Mr. Potter was in the hospital:

Lily and Dominique had been sitting in the living room finishing their holiday homework that they had neglected since Christmas when a loud screen came from the kitchen. The next minute a furious Petunia came running into the living room.


“Must be another letter from James.” Dominique said without looking up from her paper

“Must be.” Lily got up and went into the kitchen.


“Put a sock in it would you. Some of us are actually trying to get an education.” Dominique said cutting into Petunia’s yelling

“Shut up you freakish piece of filth! I don’t know why my parents put up with you or my sister! You two are nothing but freaks!” Dominique raised an eyebrow and shut her book.

“At least being a freak is better than being a bitter, no talent, busybody.” Dominique gathered her things off the table. “Lily I am going up…” Dominique stuck her head into the kitchen to see Lily kneeling on the floor with a letter clutched in both hands and tears falling down her face. “Lily what is it? What happened?” Dominique ran to Lily’s side.

“Mr. Potter is in the hospital and they don’t know whether or not he is going to live.” Lily cried.

“Why is he there?” Not being able to stop crying Lily shoved the letter into Dominique’s hands; the letter was from Sirius.


Mr. Potter was attacked the other day during a fight with some Death Eaters at one of their hideouts. He is at St. Mungo’s right now and the Healers are not sure if he is going to live. James and Mrs. Potter are not doing to good and I think James really needs you here. We’re at St. Mungo’s right now. Please come as soon as you can.


“Come on Lily we’re going to St. Mungo’s.” Dominique got up off the floor and grab the pen and paper that was on the counter by the phone and left Mr. and Mrs. Evans a letter letting them know where they had gone and why along with the letter Sirius had sent. Dominique turned around but Lily had not moved. “Come on Lily we are leaving.”

“How-how are we-we getting there?” Lily was a mess

“Listen Lily you have to pull yourself together. James really needs you right now and Mr. Potter isn’t dead yet.” In truth Dominique herself was ready to break down in tears, but years of surprising tears helped prevent that. On top of that some one need to keep a level head. “And as to how we are getting there we will take the Knight Bus.”

Normally Witches and Wizards could have just Apparted or used Floo powder, but as both girls had not passed their Apparation test and it was illegal to have Muggle’s fireplaces hooked to the Floo system without lots of paper work the only option was the Knight Bus.

Dominique and Lily made their way to a remote part of the neighborhood and flagged down the Knight Bus. Dominique told the driver that it was imperative that they arrive at St. Mungo’s right away. The driver did not argue and within fifteen minutes they were at the front of St. Mungo’s.

The girls passed through the glass window entrance to a run down storefront. Dominique asked the Witch at the information desk where Mr. Potter was then hurried to the right floor. There they found James pacing in front of his father’s door and Sirius on the floor actually reading a book.

“James!” James stopped pacing as Lily ran towards him. The two of them hugged tightly as James broke into silent tears.

Dominique walked over to one of the windows giving Lily and James some form of privacy.

“Thank you for bringing her.” Dominique looked up to see Sirius standing next to her

“What makes you think I brought her?”

“I can tell she’s been crying like crazy. I am guessing all logic went out the window when she read my letter.” Sirius replied leaning up against the wall

“Pretty much.” They lapsed into silence

“So how have you been through all this?” Dominique asked still looking out the window

“Not as bad as James, but Mr. Potter is the father I never had so it has been pretty hard.”

“I can imagine. I don’t know what I would do if Mr. or Mrs. Evans was ever hurt or killed. They are the parents I never had as well.” Dominique wrapped her arms around herself. The mere thought sent chills of terror through her body.

“So how is you sister?” Sirius asked changing the subject.

“I don’t know. I haven’t heard from her since Christmas morning. That worries me consider they went to the Malfoy’s house and you know that your parents did as well meaning Regulus went.” Dominique paused then went on, “I don’t trust Regulus as far as I can throw him especially around my sister.”

“Listen Dominique my brother is a slimy git, but he does have some form of manners about him. If there is one thing I know it is that he won’t hurt your sister.”

“Thank you.” Dominique said as a silent tear slide down her cheek for her sister and Mr. Potter.

Sirius watched as the tear fell slowly followed by another; than, without thinking, Sirius place his arm around Dominique’s shoulder. Dominique didn’t flinch, yell, or even move. She simply rested her head against his shoulder as the tears silently fall.

Dominique did not know why, considering the fight they had on New Years, but that day she had found Sirius to be a great comfort, she even cry in front of him. As to why this happened she had no reason other than the news about Mr. Potter had pushed her to the edge. But whatever the reason for once she had been happy that Sirius had been there.

Looking up she noticed that Sirius had been looking at her. Instead of scowling Dominique gave him a slight smile before turning her attention back to Alice who had fallen asleep. Folding her jacket Dominique eased Alice down onto the seat letting her head rest on the jacket, which was supported by Dominique’s leg. Carefully Dominique pulled her book out of her knapsack. Sirius smiled, Dominique was reading one of the books he had given her for Christmas.

A/N: There you have it the eleventh chapter! I want to say thank you to everyone who reviewed: THANK YOU!!!! *Gives reviewers Honeydukes chocolate* You guys are the best!

Song:Fields of Innocents by Evanescence 
Yet another amazing image by Carnal Spiral @ TDA

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A Love to Remember : St. Mungo's


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