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*~Chapter 11: Diagon Alley, Part Two: The Giant~*

You had managed to get Sarah to hold your hand while you walked the busy streets of the Alley. She was against it for a little while before she meet the crowds… then she was more then willing to latch on. You could tell she was trying her best not to be amazed, but her eyes told the whole story.

“What’s that?” She asked pointing to a broom display, her new wand clutched tightly in her hand. 

You smiled, “We can go look at the Quiditch stuff later. I really just want to walk up and down the street a few times to get you situated before we go buying anything else.”


You smiled again, “Daunting, isn’t it? Don’t worry, it will get easier…”

“I… how do you know?”

You turned back to her to see her petrified face. “I’ve gone through it before. Believe me. How‘s your wand feeling?”

“I-” She started to answer you before stopping dead in her tracks and looking up.

“What?” You asked, looking at her and laughing a bit at her expression “Did you see another flock of owls or wh-”

“Do I know ye’?”

You took a sharp intake of breath as you turned around and looked up.

“I… no…” Came Sarah’s answer to the huge man towering over her… and everyone else, “I-I’m a new s-student…”

The man shook his head kindly before laughing in a low rumble, “I s‘pose I’ll be seeing ye a lot then in September! I’m keeper o’ keys over at Hogwarts…. That’s were yer going…?”

“Y-yes… My name is S-Sarah.” She stuttered back.

Your legs started to shake violently under your robes, ‘This can NOT be happening… this can NOT be-’

“Well, not to be rude an all but I was actually talkin’ to this miss next to ye…” He turned his face to you in a warm, inviting smile. You felt sick.

“Mr. Hagrid sir!” You managed to spit out after a few seconds, “Good to see you after the summer!”

He laughed again, obviously thinking you were a student, “Good to see ye’ too… now… I’m sorry to say that I don’t remember yer name….”

You were about to say, ‘Charlie’, but then remembered that he would catch you.

“(your name).” You told him smoothly. His eyes seemed confused but he still smiled. You let yourself relax a bit, hoping he wouldn’t bring the subject up of you not attending in that generation, let alone decade….

Rubeus had always been… well, different. He was huge, for one. Nothing could make you laugh in 6th year like Hagrid hitting his head on the ceiling beams.

And then… his ‘pet’ killed Myrtle.

Now… you had always… well, LIKED Rubeus enough… until THAT happened. You could remember, when he was expelled…. His last day at school… you remembered, because before he was caught, you had managed to talk to him about Myrtle. They were friends…. Or, well, they knew each other. They were both outcasts…. Well, except for Hagrid. His Gryffindor friends had tolerated him enough…. Well, okay, maybe you were being too harsh. MOST of Gryffindor House liked him. Until he killed Myrtle, obviously. People were a little wary after that.

Sarah couldn’t go to Hogwarts! She was going to be killed!

“Sarah… I would actually like to introduce ye to another new student…” Hagrid moved to the side to reveal a boy with black hair behind him. He too looked oddly familiar…

“This is Harry Potter…” Hagrid had to move over even more before you could get the whole view of him… he seemed petrified.

You smiled. Well, better this kid then your daughter…

“Hello Harry…” You stuck your hand out, “My name is (your name).”

He tentatively stuck out his hand, but you both were forced to jump back after the huge shock that went up both of your arms. You yelped out, but Harry seemed to have a worse reaction.

Harry almost dropped his owl cage as his hand went up to his forehead, clutching it in pain. Hagrid grabbed the cage before it hit the ground, but the owl was still having it’s own little hissy fit.

“Oh Merlin, I’m so sorry!” You said, eyes wide. What else had you done?

“N-no…” Harry said, quietly but painfully, “It’s nothing. I’m okay. Must have touched too many of the scarves for sale, or something…”

“Okay…” You said slowly. You didn’t want to challenge his awful lie and make the poor kid any more uncomfortable then he already was.

You had forgotten Hagrid before he spoke again, “Why don’t we all go and get an ice cream?”

You had no idea where THAT came from, or why it was a good idea… it was actually a bad idea, come to think of it. He might recognize you if you spent anymore time with him…

“Could we?” You were surprised when Sarah addressed this question to you with a sweet, respectful manner.

You looked over to tell her that now wasn’t the time… but Sarah was ogling Harry.

‘Well, his hair could use work… but I don’t disapprove…’

You winced internally as you voiced your answer “That would be fun, I think… Thank you very much!” You hated the way you sounded… couldn’t you even TRY to sound over 25, like you really were?

Hagrid lead the way before you could correct yourself, followed by Harry, you and then finally Sarah. She suddenly became latched to your side. You wondered if it was because of the cute boy she saw or the fact that Diagon Alley was a crazy, giant filled place that scared her to death. You decided on a combo of both.

“Do you think he’s cute?” You asked Sarah out of the side of your mouth, “You know, Harry?”

Sarah looked at you, scandalized and petrified at the same time, “I- of course not!”

You smirked at her, “Just remember to be yourself. And try not to be shy!”

Her eyes widened and she opened her mouth to whisper something back, but you all had finally arrived at Florean Fortescue's. You just ordered a plain Chocolate for Sarah, not wanting her to try some wizard flavor’s right off. You were sure her tongue changing different patterns would not be very reassuring. To be easy, you got the same thing. You paid Fortescue and then went to a large table in the corner, waiting for Hagrid and Harry. You were thinking about waiting, to help Hagrid, but thought better of it. He was here with the kid…. So he was Hagrid’s responsibility.

“Did you notice?”

The question surprised you, “What?”

“The scar? Did you see it?” Sarah asked, impatient after you had misunderstood.

“What scar?” You asked, confused.

“Harry had a scar on his forehead,” Sarah took a lick of her ice cream, “It was a squiggly thing.”

“I… no, I didn’t.”

“Oh.” She answered, unfazed, “Do a lot of Wizard’s have weird markings?”

You gave her a look, “We aren’t dogs.”

She scowled at you, “That’s not what I meant.”

You revised your answer, “No, not usually. Maybe he was running with some sewing needles, or something.”

Sarah grimaced, “No! Ew…. It didn’t look like that. It looked like… like a lightening bolt.”

You shrugged, “No idea. That‘s a cool scar shape though, isn‘t it?”

She frowned at you, “I’m not like that. I don’t like boys for their war scars-”

You smirked again without helping it, “Liar!”

“Don’t call me a lair!”

“But you did notice it, did you not?”

She blushed and turned away.

You took another lick of your ice cream, satisfied. You were the same with Sarah’s sisters… more of a friend, but a disciplinarian when need be. You had been an easy-going mother…. As long as your daughters showed respect and didn’t get in trouble…

Hagrid’s voice shook you out of your reminiscing, “Harry went to the loo, should be right back…” He sat down next to you, placing Harry’s thing’s carefully on the floor.

You couldn’t help but grin at Sarah’s beaming face. You had been that way with Tom, you realized. Boring your eyes into the boy you liked seemed to work very well for your family. You were proud in a twisted sort of way.

“So (your name)... What house did ye say yer in?” Hagrid asked, gazing down at you.

“Slytherin.” You said, without missing a beat. Hagrid almost dropped his spoon.

You had realized what you had done and quickly tried to correct yourself, “It’s a funny thing really, Mr. Hagrid. I don’t care for my house at all. I usually associate with the Hufflepuff’s in my year when I can. I find them much more agreeable.”

Well, it wasn’t a TOTAL lie, but close enough.

Hagrid seemed to accept that.

“And Sarah, what house are ye looking for er spot in?”

“I-I’m not sure, Sir. Ch-”

It was then you realized that Sarah still called you Charlie. That Sarah had heard your real name.

Is she smart enough to figure it out?

I hope not.

You cut her off, “I’m afraid I haven’t properly explained them to her, Mr. Hagrid sir.”

“Oh… well, I’d be delighted to lend me hand…” Hagrid said, beaming at the little girl.

Sarah shot you a look as if to tell you she had noticed your blunder, and that she wanted answers. You chose to ignore it.

Because at that moment, Severus Snape had entered the warm shop and made a beeline straight for you.

a/n: Hello everyone!  I'm very sorry I've been away... I'm not even going to attempt to explain... but I'm here now, and that's all that matters!!  Please remeber to review...!!

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