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“Victor, please! I’m sorry! I’ll never do it again! I swear please just don’t do that!”

“You’re always apologizing to me Hermione! I won’t take it! Listen to me!”

“I’m listening, just please, no! Stop!”

Hermione Granger woke with a start, shaking the nightmare out of her head. "It was just a stupid dream." She thought to herself as she stumbled out of bed towards the kitchen of her small flat. She filled a glass with water, taking a long, soothing sip. She hated when this happened. She hated waking up, completely alone, no one to comfort her. "But things are better now." She thought to herself, setting her glass of water down. She had only been back in England for a month, after leaving Bulgaria and her world famous husband, Victor Krum, behind.

She walked to the living room of her flat, picking up the Daily Prophet which she had not found time to read the previous day. But when she read the top headline, she instantly felt nautious.

World famous quidditch player, Victor Krum and his wife Hermione Granger, have recently seperated. They were thought to be the worlds power couple, the seeker and the genius, and inseperable. We have yet to know what went sour in the seemingly perfect marriage of the two ex-lovebirds. Both parties declined comment, but Granger filed for divorce shortly after leaving for England, her home country. Krums lawyer, Nikolis Buckle, said "We hope to deal with this cleanly and quickly." early yesterday, be refused to say anything more. (continued page A6 coulmn 3)

Hermione threw the paper across the room in disgust. Could this divorce be any more public? She buried her face in her hands as she thought about the discussion she had had with her lawyer earlier that day. Despite Buckle's words of "cleanly and quickly." this divorce was anything but clean. Victor was sucking her dry of every penny she had to her name, and she was furious about it. He was the everyone automatically took his side. If the public knew what had really happened...what had gone on behind closed doors...

Hermione forced herself not to think about it. Instead she thought about Ginny. Her best girl friend was finally, FINALLY marrying her other best friend, Harry Potter. She was bursting with happiness for the couple, who were thrilled. She was even more thrilled of the thought of going to stay with them in the month leading up to the wedding. Ginny had insisted that, being the Maid of Honor, Hermione had to help with every bit of the planning, and it would much easier if Hermione was right there. Hermione was more then willing to obllige, her excitement for seeing her friends again was growing by the minute. They hadn't really kept touch after Hermione married Krum and moved to Bulgaria with Victor. She had occasionally seen Ginny and Harry, wrote occasionally, and had completely lost touch with Ron. Though, there was probably a reason for that...

Ron. Hermione had completely mixed feelings about seeing him again. They had been school friends, one may even go so far as to call him the love of her childhood, but, after the war something had changed between them. They always fought and simply couldn't get along. So Hermione had given up and went to find comfort in Victor. The stony silence and twisted face Ron had had at her wedding filled her with guilt, and sometimes, she couldn't help but wonder if she had given up too soon. "It's over now" She told herself sternly, walking back to her bedroom.

Not a bit tired, she took out her trunk and suitcases and began putting things in them the muggle way, she needed something to keep her mind occupied, and packing for when she left the next day seemed the most sensible thing to do.


Many miles away, Ron Weasley was just unlocking the door to his flat. It was absurdly late to be just getting home from work, but being an auror took a lot of his time, and he had been staying at the office later and later by choice, given he no longer anyone to come home to.

Ron crossed the room into this bedroom and stepped into the shower. It was late, but he wasn't tired and had nothing better to do. He avoided watching the telly and reading the prophet lately, for they were all filled with the coverage of Hermione's divorce, a subject that was extremely unpleasent for him. He couldn't lie to himself, he was happy that she had finally left the prat, but the question was, "what made her do it?" Sometimes a part of him wished it was because of him, that she still may think of him sometimes, but he knew it was wishful thinking. As he lathered soap onto his back unwanted thoughts crept into his head. What would it be like seeing her again? Was she still the same Hermione that he had always known and loved? The pictures in the paper simply showed him that she had grown more beautiful in the past four years.

Ron stepped out of the shower and the smell of the lavender plant sitting on the window filled his nose. He was instantly reminded of Lavender, who had put that there to remidn him to think of her.

Ron wasn't exactly upset about the break up with Lavender. Though it was farely recent he was pretty much over it. He had gotten back otgether with her about a year after Hermione's wedding. Though they were together for three years, Ron's heart was never really in it. At Hogwarts his and Lavender's relationship had been entirely physical, and he couldn't help but feel that it was the same this time around, despite Lavender's insistence that they were something "deeper." Ron could only agree if she thought of "deeper" as the occasional conversation about 'life' and the 'future' and of course, sex. But even with Lavender Ron had felt a kind of hole inside of him that he couldn't quite seem to fill...

After changing into pajamas Ron went back into the bathroom and picked up the lavender plants, then proceeded to throw it in the bin. He was starting fresh and clean, and he couldn't help but think about a certain someone who was doing the same thing...

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