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Chapter 1: Meeting Him

Here I am, sitting on a plane, going to who knows where for a vacation. My sister, heh, she makes going anywhere a might mare. I think that I will probably spend my time on the beach. I love the ocean. Besides, I need a break! Professor McGonagall made us do that huge essay that I, of course, had to finish before I could even try to enjoy my summer holidays. Now I can sleep in peace. Sleep. That sounds good.

When I finally woke up, we were landing. Eventually we got off of the plane, grabbed our luggage, and quickly found our way to the hotel, right as the sun was setting. It was a nice place. I could see the ocean from my window! It looked so peaceful. Mum said that I could walk to the beach the next day, but for right now, I just wanted to lie in my bed, and watch the sun set.

“Lily, Petunia, wake up!” Mum called. She was all dressed and ready to go. I just groaned and rolled over,. “Come on! Up up up!” I groaned again and looked at her, my face clearly reading, ‘do I have to?’ Mum nodded. I decided to drag myself up and out. I thought it was vacation! I thought that I could sleep in! I thought that I could have alone time on the beach!

Once Petunia and I were ready, dad told us that today would be the only day that they would force family on us. Then we could relax and do what we wanted, as long as they knew where we are going. I waned the beach, but I had to survive this fire. Hehe. Joy. I mean, I love my parents to death, but a day that I am forced to spend with my sister is horrible! She will try to shoot everything anti-wizard at me! Probably will try to tell the world about mine! Ug.

Breakfast was ok. The chefs can really make a mean chocolate chip pancake. Mum never gets them fluffy. Hers are usually burnt to a crisp! Then, after we ate, we went to see what was around. Dad had said something about how hot it was, and that he wanted to go to the ocean. I lit up, but Petunia, because she hates swimming and getting sand everywhere, we didn’t go. Thanks to her, that would be one less day at the beach. She is so stuck up! Petunia mentioned shopping, so that is how I spent the rest of my day. All Petunia ever wants to do is shop! She will be out of money by tomorrow. I just bought a book to read on the beach. It was pretty thick and figured that it would take me about half of the week, and then I would get a new one.

At the end of the day, I was tiered. Petunia dragged us through so many stores, and then made me carry all of her bags! I needed the beach! When we finally go back to the hotel, was dragging my feet. I didn’t even bother getting into my pajamas. I just crashed.

When I woke up, the sun was just poking up. I hurried to get my bathing suit on, a nice red one to bring out my hair, grabbed my book, and wrote a note to my parents explaining that I was going to the beach and that I would probably come home when the sun went down. On my way to the ocean, I watched the sun rise. It continued as I sat down on my towel. When the sun was fully up, and the colors faded into blue, a few people started arriving. I took my book out of my bag and began reading it. It was starting to get hot, so I put a new bookmark in the middle of chapter three, and walked into the water. It felt nice.

A little while later, I went back to my towel, and dried up as a bit. It was about noon, and I was getting hungry. I got into my bag, put my book away, got out my cloths, and headed for the showers to clean up a little. There was as little Oceanside restaurant called ‘The Wave.’ It looked good, so I decided to try it. I shrugged and walked in as I put my long locks of flaming hair into a band, my bag at my side.

“Table for one,” I said when a girl in uniform walked up to me. She nodded and turned around. I knew to fallow. Eventually she stopped and put the menu down.

“Can I get you anything to drink?” she asked sweetly.

“Water please.” I said, and then opened up my menu. Oh! I hadn’t had anything like this in ages! Not even a hamburger! My parents don’t do fast food. Not even semi-fast food. This was an ok restaurant, but I know that they wouldn’t step foot in it. I smiled. When the waitress came back and asked what I would like, I answered, “Cheese burger please, with everything on it.” I closed the menu and handed it to her. I love vacations like this.

When it was done, I was hungry! It may have been huge, but I ate my way through half of it, enjoying every bite. I decided not to have it all at one time, not sure if I would return. I got a box and paid for the bill and put it at the bottom of my bag, next to my book.

I was back on my way to my spot at the beach deep in thought, debating if I would spend every day at the beach, or if I would look around some. While I was one with my thoughts, I really wasn’t paying much attention to where I was going. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground. I must have collided with some guy. When I got up, I was amazed. The guy that I had just so happened to bump into was the most gorgeous guy I had ever seen! He was tall, black hair with some low-lights, and had deep hazel eyes. To sum it up, tall, dark, and handsome! “Oh! I am so sorry!” He said, helping me up.

I took his hand, smiling. “It’s ok.” I laughed a bit.

Then a little boy, about five came up to the guy in front of me. “Here James.” Said the boy, holding up a Frisbee.

We both smiled. “Thank you Jake, but why don’t you go and play Frisbee with Thomas over there, ok? I am going to talk to-“

“Lily.” I said.

The little boy looked sad. “I promise that I will play with you more tonight. I played Frisbee with you and Sam all morning!”

The little boy simply said, “Ok,” and turned around.

Now the boy called James looked up at me and straitened up. “Hi. My name is James.” He said, smiling and held out his hand.

I took it, saying, “Lily. Nice to meet you.” Man! I sounded like a really goody-goody!

“I am really sorry about that. I was playing with my cousins, and wasn’t looking to see where I was going.” James apologized.

“It’s ok! Really!” I laughed. When he saw me smile, he smiled back.

“You have a beautiful smile.” He said. Now I was just blushing. “So, are you from around here?” he asked, and we started walking down the beach to some shade.

“No. London.” I answered. “You?”

“Yeah. I’m moving to London soon though, but I don’t know when. My dad’s job is moving somewhere over there.” James said, and we sat down on a brick wall under a group of palm trees. “How long will you be staying?”

Lily thought for a moment. “Um, well, I think only about, nine days. We arrived yesterday.” James nodded. “Hey, want to go into the water?”

“Sure.” James replied. “Race you there!” I giggled and started running! It wasn’t long before he caught up to me. We splashed into the water at about the same time. Right as our feet hit the water, my hand brushed up against his, but only for a second. I don’t know about him, but I definitely felt some kind of zing. A feeling of happiness that I couldn’t understand, but I knew that it felt good!

We splashed into the ocean until it was chest high., laughing all the way. “So, what will be your dads new job?” I asked, eager to know if someone like James, who is probably the most popular guy in his school, really wanted to leave to come to London.

James couldn’t answer correctly! He w2ould be expelled, or worse! He didn’t want that, but he didn’t want to lie to Lily. I was being to in a dream trance type thing to notice though. “Um, well, you see, he’s a teacher. My school got closed and he got offered a job.” James told me.

“Do you want to go?” I asked. I wanted to know if this place was a s good as it seemed.

It didn’t take any thinking. As soon as the words left my lips, James quickly said, “yes.” My face clearly asked, ‘why?’ James continued. “Well, I really have no friends here. Other than my cousins that is, and after a while, they can get really annoying.”

I felt so bad for James. How could he not have friends? “I would have thought that you would have been one of the most popular guys at school.” I told him.

James smiled, “Nope. I am happy to get out of here. You said that you come from London? You must have they guys in the palm of your hands.”

I was flattered. If he said what I thought he said, then he just said that I was pretty. “Yeah, I’ve had a few ask, but I don’t know. I am the quiet one. Sure they might think that I am pretty, but I keep to my work. Most guys at my school don’t really like that. They like girls that are stupid and ditsy so they can snog then every possible minute.”

“Hmm. Well, I like girls that are independent, and for the record, I’m still waiting for a first kiss. I want to know a girl before we kiss, you know?” James said. I nodded.

We swan and talked for a while. It was really enjoyable! After a while, we got a bit cold. We decided to lie on the beach for a while. I learned so much about James. To me, he was classified as perfect! Soon it became around four. I was getting hungry again. James must have read my mine, because he said, “Hey, do you want to get something to eat?”

“Sure.” I replied

James jumped up. “OH! I know this awesome place! It is the perfect combination of fast food and, not. It’s called ‘The Wave.’ Want to go?”

James was getting exited. I couldn’t understand why though. This couldn’t have been his first date, or was it. I didn’t even know if it was a date or not, but I didn’t care! “Ok. Um, meet back here in fifteen minutes. I need to shower up.”

“Alright.” James said, and we departed.

While I took a quick shower, things started going through my head. ‘What if I am going to be stood up? Oh! But things were going so perfectly! He wouldn’t get all exited about it if he was planning not to show, would he? I don’t know him that well, he might.’ These things kept running through my head as I put my cloths on and walked out. James wasn’t there. ‘What if he is just getting ready?’ I wondered. I sat for about five minutes, and then I heard a familiar voice. “Lily?” it called. I stood up immediately and looked around. It was James’ voice, I was sure of it, but I couldn’t see him! “LILY!” he called again. I felt someone’s arms wrap around me. When I looked up, I saw the eyes that I had been looking for. “Glad I found you.” He said when I turned around. “You would think that I could see your red hair for miles.” We laughed and walked over to the restaurant.

During lunch, I talked about what I could remember about London. I was only there for different parts of the year, and only for a couple weeks at a time usually. I was mostly at Hogwarts. Then I told James about some people from school, like the bigheaded Sirius Black. “That sounds like most of the guys here.” James said and laughed when I finished. I also told James about my best friend, Remus Lupin. Remus was usually into the books as well.

We had a wonderful lunch and more time in the water. Nine o’clock came all to fast. We sat on my beach towel and watched a wonderful sunset. Once I figured out that it was ten o’clock, I jumped in shock. “Oh my gosh! My parents must be worried sick! I didn’t tell them that I would be out this late!” I said, as I hurried to get my stuff together.

“Here. Let me walk you to your hotel.” James offered.

I looked up and swung my bag over my shoulder. “Are you sure? How are you going to get home?”

James shrugged, “taxi? Depending on what hotel you are at, I can actually walk.”

“Are you sure?” I asked as we walked onto the pavement.

“Yeah. I am usually here late in the summer any way.” James said as we walked on. We continued to talk until my hotel came into view. “So this is where you are staying?” he asked.

“Yep. Why?”

“I live right down the street! It won’t even take me five minutes to get home.” We stepped into the lobby and stopped. “Can I see you again?”

“Of course! Say, here tomorrow?” I said.

“Sure, what time?” James smiled. Whenever I saw him smile, I practically melted.

“Um,” I thought for a moment. “Say about, ten thirty?” I asked.

James nodded. “Sure. I will pick you up.” He turned to go. I ran up and hugged him. I couldn’t resist. That Zing came back. There was just something about him that was just so, I don’t even know.

I watched him turn around the corner before I started for the elevator. It didn’t take me long to get to my room, but when I got there I wish I had taken the stairs. “Where have you been young lady?” my mom yelled as soon as I walked in the door.

I was so confused. “What? I left a note on the table saying that I was going to be at the beach and would be back kind of late.” I said. Then I saw a satisfied smile from my sister.

“Well, I didn’t find it.” Mum said.

“She did something with it!” I said, pointing to Petunia.

“I thought that I trusted you more.” Mum said. “You should know better than to blame your sister for things. You’re thirteen!”

“I know mum, but I know that she did it! Who woke up first, huh?” I yelled back.

“That doesn’t matter. You are grounded! Tomorrow, you are going now where! And that’s final!” Mum said.

“What! Answer my question! If she woke up first, then clearly you don’t understand! I made a note! And I am going somewhere tomorrow because I told someone that I would see them tomorrow, and you can’t stop me!” I yelled. “What the bloody hell did you do with it Petunia?!”

Petunia grinned. “I did nothing!” she spat.

“I know you did. Tell mum. NOW!”


A/N: so, what do ya think? Is it good? Let me know! It is my first fic! O_O

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