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She could not believe how lucky she was. She, a fifth year, dating the most sought after boy in all of Hogwarts – it was beyond amazing. He asked her out 3 days ago and of course she said yes. She had often dreamed that something like this would happen; her Prince Charming would come and sweep her off her feet and they would live happily together is some castle in the outskirts of Scotland. And now it was all coming true. She fantasized about people calling her Mrs. Black, and what their kids would look like. They would become one of those old couples who loved each other no matter how decrepit and feeble they looked.

“Oh this one is gorgeous!” she exclaimed, throwing a magazine at another girl. Her three best friends, Maria, Belize and Anaca, were in their Gryffindor dorm room looking through different witch magazines, including a few bridal magazines. She had seen a particularly stunning satin dressed with a train that hung for miles.

“You would look stunning in that!” squealed Belize, “And like a nice up-do with shimmery make up! Oh Merlin!”

“Hmm and like pink bridesmaid dresses – a pale pink. Oh! Definitely tulips!”

She brought out a pair of scissors and began to cut out the picture of the pretty wedding dress. She turned it over and applied a thin layer of glue, then stuck it inside a very thick, very packed photo album. Within that album, there were many wedding dresses, houses, flowers and boys – including a few of Sirius Black.

“Oh you’re so lucky!” said Anaca for the thousandth time, “Sirius Black! Oh Merlin! He’s so hot!”

She smiled smugly, trying not to brag too much. “He says he has something extra special planned for me tonight”.

“Oooh! That’s so exciting! I wonder what it is!”

“We’re meeting up at 8:30. Ah! What should I wear? I want to look extra nice for him!”

It was 8:28 and she was waiting in the common room. She had decided on a white summer dress, to give him a little idea of the future. “Hey sweetie-pie” she said when he arrived, giving a huge kiss on the lips.

“Hey. Ready?” He put his arm around her and she clung to his hand.

He led her down a few hallways and eventually ended up at a door she had never noticed before. When he opened the door she let out a gasp.

“Oh Sirius! It’s beautiful!”

It was a lavish room with bouquets of white roses around a white bed with red rose petals scatted across the pillows. The room was only lit by scented candles. It was like something out of the movies - Sirius knew she would like something corny and lame like this.

He put his arms around her and started to kiss her neck. She giggled at the light ticklish kisses but became serious when he laid her down on the bed.

“I don’t know if I’m ready” she whispered. She was a virgin, and though she knew her and Sirius were meant to be, she still felt very scared.

“You’re so beautiful” he whispered back. “I think I love you”. She blushed and kissed him like he wanted. This time she allowed him to unzip her dress and peel off her underwear. Her breathing became heavy with nervousness and the blush didn’t leave her face but he didn’t stop. He slowly and carefully entered her, keeping his eyes on her face to make sure she wasn’t in any pain.

“You ok?” he asked tenderly. She nodded quickly.

“Yeah, keep going”

He smirked smugly, but she had her eyes closed.

It’s not that she was too clingy, or psycho (although Sirius was more than a bit freaked out when she showed him her pre-bridal photo album). She was a very sweet girl – she didn’t understand the difference between a hex and a curse to save her life. She was just too boring, too innocent. He got tired of her asking him not to stay out to late, or cause too much mischief with the rest of the marauders. He grew bored of talking about what the children’s name should be and what colour should the curtains in their bedroom be.

“I just think this relationship is moving much too fast” he said, trying to sound earnest and sincere. “I think it would be best if we both gave it a break”

Her eyes began to sting. “Are you….breaking up with me?”

He sighed. “I just think we should be apart for a bit. I mean, we’ve only been dating 2 weeks so it shouldn’t really a big deal.” He suddenly scrunched up his face, realizing he made the wrong choice of words.

“Not a big deal?” she screamed, but it was more of a quiet scream since she wasn’t the angriest of people. “You said you love me! How is that not a big deal?”

“Well um…you see -”

She let out a large sob and buried her face in her hands. “I…I let you take my virginity! That is supposed to be special!”

“It was special.” He awkwardly patted her on the back and looked around the almost empty common room. James Potter was making faces and gestures at him, trying to get him to hurry up so they could get going on their latest prank. “We can still be friends” he added lamely.

“I don’t want to be friends with you! I wanted to get married, and have babies and a -”

“You’ll find someone” he said rapidly. He got up to go as James’ signals became more urgent. “I had a nice time.”

With that, he sprinted out of the room and back into singlehood.

The tears were flowing down her face as she ran up to her room. Maria, Anaca and Belize were there, quickly coming to her aid.

“Oh honey, what happened?” said Maria, putting her head to her bosom. She was unable to string together real words and could only emit wet sobs.

“It’s Sirius, isn’t it!” exclaimed Anaca, with a fiery glint in her eyes. “What’s his social security number?”

“No, you’re not going to kill him”

She let out another sob but this time she managed to put a sentence together. “I can’t – believe – I had sex – with him! I feel….so – dumb!”

“Shhh she honey. Everything will be ok” Maria said soothingly. “Soon, you’ll get over this and find someone else who will want to get married, and start a whole life with you. Sirius was just one audition and they’ll be plenty more. Don’t worry”

“I don’t want anyone else!” she cried. “I only want Sirius!”

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