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She traveled everywhere with her Comet One-Eighty tightly in her hands and her hair thrown up in a ponytail. It was as though she was ready to push off the ground and throw around a quaffle at any moment. Everything came second to sports. When she saw anything Quiddich, she would literally drop everything to get close to it. She woke up at 6am so she could start her day with a jog, drank protein shakes and could lift her weight in barbells. She did not get along with many girls; she didn’t value the same things as those who would practice doing their make up any chance they could get. She got along well with boys because she agreed that pooping and other bodily functions like peeing, sneezing and having sex exist only to make them laugh.

She was used to boys wanting to get with her just because she’s around. She had nearly half the quidditch team at some point - including James Potter, before he became captain in 6th year. No one was surprised when Sirius Black showed some interest in her.

“Hey! Great game! You nearly killed Whitman when you knocked the bludger into his glasses! Took him nearly a minute just to swing back onto his broom”

Sirius entered the Gryffindor change rooms after their match against Hufflepuff. They undoubtedly beat them, 380-20. He was not on the team, but being James Potter’s other half, he was a frequent watcher of their practices and occupant of the post-game discussion.

“Yeah, amazing as always” said James Potter, slapping her on the back.

She smiled. “You were great too! That one shot, the one were you deaked so hard and so obviously to the left, to psych out Johnson to think you were gonna go right, then whipped it to the left – that was bloody brilliant!”

“Well what can I say? Some people just have it. Like me” James said jokingly. He threw his quidditch robes over his head, pulled down his underwear and stepped into the shower. “You coming?”

“I’m a girl, if you haven’t noticed. I’m not about to shower with 5 teenage boys” she said, although she knew perfectly well none of them would care. She slip off her clothes and changed into her normal outfit of sweat pants, sports bra and tank top. Sirius just stood there staring.

“All your hard work really pays off” he stated, referring to her body.

“I do what I can” she said through a playful grin.

He looked at her for another second. They’ve known each other for 7 years now but he had mostly considered her a guy friend or James’ property. A friend has to keep a decent amount of time between when they make a move on a “used” girl, even if it was just a one night thing. Sirius thought 2 years was enough.

“How about we grab a celebration drink?” he asked her, in a voice James seemed to think was quite funny.

“I’d love to” she said, in a voice James seemed to think was quite familiar.

She wasn’t the type of girl who demanded to be taken to the hottest new bar, or be given a corsage. A butterbeer from the Hogwarts kitchen was good enough for her.

“So what are your plans for next year?” Sirius asked her, between sips. They sat on the benches near a wobbly table while being waited on hand and foot by the staff of house elves. He had his knee touching her thigh and didn’t feel the need to be coy about it.

“Try out for a few teams – I’m hoping for the Cannons, but they haven’t offered anything yet so I’m willing to settle for the Harpies. What about you?”

“No idea” he said. Even if he did have an idea, he wouldn’t need to share it with her. They continued small talking. She laughed when he pulled her hair out of it’s ponytail and they play fought, wrestling each other to the ground. It would have been like 2 boys fighting until he found himself on top of her (the house elves ran away in shock). He looked down onto her plain but pretty face and her straight brown hair mussed over her head. She had a few cute moles on her tan cheeks and neck and he liked that she wasn’t wearing any make up. He was about to kiss her when –

“How would you like to go for a run?”

Sirius looked down at her. “Uh? Me? Exercise? You’re sorely mistaken”

She smiled big and hopped onto her feet, Sirius rolled over onto his back and stayed on the floor. “Come on! It’ll be fun, I promise!”

Somehow, Sirius found himself in James’ sweatpants, running alongside her. She was in tiny shorts and a sports bra so the exercise was kind of worth it.

“When…will….we be….done?” he asked through pants. She was a good 5 feet ahead of him and still going strong. She looked back over her shoulder and grinned largely. Her ponytail was bouncing up and down, but Sirius was only noticing something a lot lower than her head.

“Only to the lake. Then we can have a break.”

Sirius sighed and kept running. The things he does for women.

When they finally made it to the lake, Sirius was gasping for air.

“Oh look at you! Your face is all red!” She stifled her laughter. “Come here.” He collapsed on the ground and she watched as his shaggy black hair collected fallen leaves. She sat down beside him pulled him up so her was lying on her lap. She started to massage his shoulders. As a sporty girl, she was used to naked, sweaty men but there was something distinctly different about Sirius and that thing was called charm. When he started to collect some energy, he rubbed her thighs. Just about when he achieved a normal breathing pattern, she decided that it would be fun to take a dip in the totally freezing lake, claiming that it would be “refreshing”. She pulled off what little clothing she had left and Sirius pretended to sigh as though he didn’t want to get in. Her body was unbelievable. She was toned but not overly so, so that she was mannish, but perfectly. Her chest was small but very perky and her butt was perfectly sculpted. Sirius wasted no time in pulling off the sweatpants and jumping into the lake behind her.

“Race you to the other side” she said, swimming away from him.

“I’m gonna just give up now and say that you win”

“Smart. You know you’re going to lose even before you start”. She splashed him and squealed when he started to kick splash her.

“Ok k I give up!” she screamed, covering her face from the army of water that was Sirius’ legs. He swam over to her, with a sly grin on her face.

“Oh really? What does the winner get?”

She looked his lips and thought about how unbelievable looking he was. Not even close to what she wanted in her “last man” but she was definitely not about to complain. “Whatever he wants.” She watched him smile and pull her body against his. The water was cold but his body was burning hot. He parted her lips expertly as she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her over to the side of the lake and pulled them both out onto the ground, so that only their feet could touch the water. He started to pant again, but this time it was not from running. She started to moan, not unlike the moans she let out when she was working out. When he was done, he rolled over beside her and they both laid there, looking up at the sky and trying to catch up with their lungs.

The next morning was like any other morning except for that she woke up in Sirius Black’s bed instead of James’ or Bill’s or any other boy who wanted to sleep with her because she was the closest thing they could have to sleeping with Quidditch. When she sat up, Sirius slapped her on the back and said “That was a good night” much like a coach praising a player. When went down for breakfast, she talked to James about the next Quidditch practice and joked around as usual, like nothing had happened between Sirius and her, and this entire night quickly left their minds.

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