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Chapter 1
To Start Off...

I still remember that summer. We will start off as soon as I get to my house. Even though Harry and I were not together I was still happy he was with us at the Burrow. Harry would usually walk around sadly everyday. Then suddenly one morning I woke up to find everyone gathered around a table looking at something.

" What is everyone looking at?" I remember asking.

Then I got through and read the note.

It read...

        Dear all,
                I will be back soon. I went to the Dursley's to spend some time to think. It was also Dumbledore's wish that I go there one more time.Please owl me the arrangments for the wedding.
         See you soon-Harry

"Oh, I wanted to go to the Dursley's and give them a piece of my mind." Ron said sadly and with an evil grin on his face.
No one else was surprised and went along with their daily activities. Everyone that is except me. At that moment I felt alone.
Instead of Harry walking around sadly it was me. Everyone noticed it too.
I felt like that until a few days after he left, I got a letter.
I remember my mom yelling to me that I had a letter and then I asked who it was from and she said," Um......it looks like it is from Harry dear," She knew it was from him by the writing and by the owl was Hedwig. I ran to my room quickly behind the stares and mumbling. I opened it quickly.
It read...
                     Dear Ginny,
                             How are you? I'm sorry I left so suddenly. I hope you recieve this before I am back and I hope only you read it. I'm really sorry I broke up with you. It didn't hurt just you, but me too. I still care and love you very much. I hope that when I get back you will at least find it in your heart to forgive me. 
Love always-Harry
I couldn't believe it! He still cares about me! He wants me to talk to him? Of course I will. Is he crazy or something? I think that right there I was the happiest that I had been after Harry broke up with me. Now I couldn't wait to see him and talk to him again!
When it was time for supper, I remember going downstairs half-skipping I was so happy. Then my mum noticed something different about me. After a while everyone did. They noticed I was happy!

"Why are you all of a sudden so happy, Ginny" Ron asked. Hermione hit his arm slightly. 

"What was that for?" Ron whined to Hermione.

" You didn't have to do that Hermione, I am just happy is that a crime?" I said getting mad.

"No its not Ginny dear," Mrs.Weasley said kindly.

"Thank you" I said then started to continue eating. I noticed everyone would glance up at me every now and then. Then all of a sudden I couldn't keep myself together.

"Harry wrote me a letter and said he still cares and loves me!" I exclaimed. Then I relized what I had done. Everyone stopped what they were doing which was eating. I looked around and everyone's jaw had dropped.

"Sorry", was the last thing I said before running to my room shaking behind all the murmers and stares of my family. I was peaceful until about two minutes after there was a knock on the door from none other than Hermione.

"Ginny are-" she started.

" Don't talk, I know I just embarrased myself until the end of my life and now have positive teasing from Fred and George." I said interrupting Hermione.

" Oh Ginny it's OK," Hermione said with a concerned look on her face.

"No its not." I said finally letting myself break down and cry. Then I found myself asleep for the rest of the night. 

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