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Disclaimer: Everything belongs to JKR. The Dementor attack comes from Prisoner of Azkaban chp. Five. The lyrics are written and performed by the fabously wonderfully talented Bullet for My Valentine. ^_^

Chapter Five
Room 409

I loved you! (I need you...)
You hurt me! (I loved you...)
I loved you,
You, hurt, me, bad!

Your words, bury me, of what I used to be
I can't erase all those things I've seen
You heart, smothers me, now it's hard to breathe
I can't erase all my memories

--Bullet For My Valentine "Room 409"


With Harry gone, having escaped on the Knight Bus, and Dementors still searching for me, there was nothing for me to do but go off and start my search for Libby. It was easy, really. I was planning on going to her old home. Her and James’ old home. They had grown up as neighbors. I was definitely curious if Libby stayed with her Aunt and Uncle or if she lived alone in our old home. I doubted she kept it for some reason.

The Dursely’s lived rather close to Libby’s aunt and uncle. I had only walked for about six hours during the night when I came up to their house. The lights were off and I knew that the couple, now older then I could ever have imagined at sixteen, were probably sleeping soundly. I went to the back of the house and I sat down. I stared at the window that I had once thrown snowballs at to get Libby’s attention. I had been awake all night then. I was proud over out-waking James.

Her room was darkened and it gave an eerie feeling of emptiness for some reason. I sighed and whined loudly before muffling myself and looking over at the Potter’s old home. I was surprised to find it gave off the same feeling of Libby’s room. Only it was completely empty. I stared at it, remembering how both James’ parents treated and loved me like a son. Now they were gone, along with their real son. All three of them dead at the hands of Voldemort and his Death Eaters.

I went down to the lake where I sat by the water. I had proposed to Libby by this lake. She had accepted. She had yet to turn eighteen and I had only recently turned so. And yet, I knew I had to ask her. I needed to marry her for both our sakes and sanity. I loved her more then anything and I missed her. I wanted her back. Looking back at the house, I knew she wasn’t there. She no longer lived there. Yet, I went to sleep, planning on trying to learn as much as I could in the morning from her aunt and uncle. They had to speak of Libby often. Libby and Jacob. And if I had to go to Libby’s brother to find Libby, I would.

Dozing off, I dreamed of Libby. I dreamed of her and me being reunited once more and I dreamed of Tristan forgiving me for not being there. When I woke up, the sun was up and I quickly ran to the house, hoping no one had seen me. I went to the window of the kitchen and hoisted myself up, looking through it.

Becky and Scott were awake. They had more lines on their faces and greying hair. They both looked tired. The door opened suddenly and I ran to the side of the house, ducking under some bushes. Two kids, only about five and six, give or take a year, were hurrying down to the lake laughing. A man that looked vaguely familiar and rather strained followed them out quickly followed by a young woman.

“Be careful, Cecilia, Adam!” the woman called after them.

“Relax, Morgan,” the man said laughing, “They can swim and we’re right here.”

“You’re laughing now,” Morgan replied frowning, “But you’re the one diving in when they’re drowning.” the man laughed again and Scott and Becky came out.

“Rose is making breakfast.” Becky said.

“Hmm,” the man sat down on one of the porch tables.

“So, Jacob, how exactly is Libby?” Scott asked. I was surprised to find the man was Jacob. He had only finished his Healer training when I was arrested. Not only that, they were on the subject I wanted them to be.

“She signed up for the mission of finding Sirius,” Jacob sighed. Becky looked up startled and my heart sank with dread, Jacob continued, “She seems well enough. In truth, I feel like she’s acting more like herself before Sirius was arrested then she had since she was released from St. Mungo’s.”

Libby was in St. Mungo’s?! I wanted to run to her and hug her right then, but I forced myself to stay where I was.

“I’ll kill that man myself if I ever see him,” Becky growled, “He destroyed Libby’s whole life and then even left Tristan behind. Poor kid. He works harder then his mother. And why he doesn’t just change his name! He has to know more people would like him if they didn’t know his father was a raving murder!”

“Oh, Aunt Becky, you know very well that Tristan acts three times his age. He made the decision to be Tristan Black at eleven. Libby had given him the option.” Jacob said and shook his head, “He’s a great kid though.”

“He is. Now, why isn’t he and Libby coming to stay?” Jacob’s wife, Morgan, asked. Jacob shrugged.

“Remus Lupin is staying with them, it seems,” he said. My ears perked up, “Which is why I didn’t stay longer. Not only is Remus there, but Ben is visiting so often, too.” my blood boiled. Ben? As in Ben Carlson? Jacob was still talking, “Remus has become a father to Tristan in such a short time. The kid really looks up to him.” I felt relieved. If Libby was talking with Ben again, Tristan did not need to be getting fatherly advice from him. Remus was good though.

“Remus had disappeared for a couple of years too, though,” Becky said, their house elf came out with a try of tea. Becky took a cup and sipped it.

“Of course he did,” Jacob scoffed, “Libby, Sirius, James, and Lily all thought that Remus was backstabbing them. Though, Sirius probably put the idea in their heads himself.”

“If we aren’t supposed to like Sirius, if we’re supposed to hate him, why do we call him by his first name?” Morgan asked after a silence fell. I almost laughed, probably would have if I weren’t a dog, for I was wondering the same exact thing.

“It’s for Tristan’s sake,” Scott answered, “He shares the last name of Black and calling his father by it may disturb him.” I was quite disappointed with the answer, “However,” Scott continued, “I have a horrible feeling that we’re forgetting some huge, important part of the story. Yet, I can’t put my finger on it.”

“You sound like Remus.” Jacob laughed.

“Well, I’m glad somebody besides me feels it,” Scott nodded.

They went back inside when breakfast was ready, calling in the two young children. I waited in the bush for a few moments and then crawled towards the window. The screen door was open, so I could hear all they were saying. The topic of Libby and Tristan was over, however, as the conversation was lighter now and less serious. I waited patiently, just listening. Though, I honestly did not care about Morgan’s new job at the Ministry.

“Mummy, when are we leaving?” asked the small voice of the girl. I thought that was rude. But everyone just laughed.

“After breakfast,” came Morgan’s voice.

“Is Aunt Libby better?” asked the boy.

“I believe so,” Morgan replied.

“Much better,” Jacob added. I sat up straighter. They were going to see Libby. I couldn’t have asked for things to work out better for me. They were going to see Libby and lead me right to her! I laid down again, listening with content now.

“Tristan is going to love my present!” Adam was saying, “He’s not going to like Cecilia’s.”

“Is too!” Cecilia argued. Present? Why would Tristan be getting a present? His birthday was August 12th. It was well passed that. And I doubted that Becky and Scott would have skipped their own nephew’s birthday just to celebrate it later.

“Calm down, you both got him the same present,” Jacob laughed. The kids were silent after that.

It took forever for them all to be ready to leave the house. Between getting dressed and Adam deciding to jump in the lake with all his clothes on, I felt they would never leave so I could know where they were going. But finally, they were in the living room with the Floo powder. Jacob went first holding Adam. He stepped into the fire and yelled out the address. The address of the house I had inherited from my uncle. Libby had kept it!

I was off running in seconds.

I was relieved that Libby hadn’t moved. I got to the house under two hours and then stood at the end of the driveway, staring up at the huge home we lived in. It was much to big for only two or three people, but I could tell it was lived in. None of the rooms had that weird, deserted feeling. I slowly went up the walk and to the back of the house. I froze, for there was Remus, leaning against the railing of the porch and laughing at something Ben Carlson had just said.

I gave a low growl, but no one heard. It angered me that Remus was talking to Ben in a friendly fashion. But I made myself relax. He could have changed. Though, I somewhat doubted that. And then came out another person I had least expected to see. With blond hair, dry from being dyed so much and incoming roots, and those blue eyes that had constantly looked me up and down when I was in school were familiar. Susan Orrin. Or it could have been Samantha. Who knew?

“Ben, honey, where are the kids?” she asked. Honey? Wow. Ben and an Orrin twin. Figures they would end up together.

“You’ve lost the kids?” Ben asked.

“No, Tristan took them somewhere,” the Orrin twin said, I could not figure out which one.

“Did you check Tristan’s room?” Ben asked. She was silent for a moment and then turned back and went into the house. Remus and Ben chuckled softly.

“She can act so out there,” Ben said, though there was a strong fondness in his voice for the twin, “We were talking to Samantha the other day, and she’s a lot worse.”

Susan Carlson. Why does that sound so right?

Four kids came running outside. Two of those kids I recognized as Jacob’s and Morgan’s. The other two, both girls, one with blond hair and brown eyes the other with brown hair blue eyes, I knew were probably Ben’s and Susan’s. They were about ten years old. I doubted they were any older. They didn’t stop as they ran into the yard and then burst into giggles as they sat in the grass calling back to the house.

A young girl with red hair came out then, laughing. I knew her from the newspaper clipping. She was a Weasley. She stopped in front of Ben and Remus, smiling happily.

“Hello Ben, Professor,” she said. Professor? Figures Remus would be a Professor. He had always had a strange liking for school. Worried James and me like crazy.

“Oh, Ginny, you don’t need to call me Professor until we start school,” Remus said, laughing slightly. Ginny nodded, though she seemed awkward not. Another person came from the house. I couldn’t see his face, for he was turned around the opposite way.

“There’s Tristan!” Ben said, grinning.

Tristan. I was staring at my son. A sense of guilt filled my insides. I had let him down as a father. He had grown up with a mother and no father at all. Instead, I got myself locked up in Azkaban. I wanted to run to him and give him a big hug. But I resisted. Something told me that Remus would recognize my dog shape.

“Hey, Ben, Remus,” Tristan said. A chill went down my back. His voice was almost just like mine when I was twelve years old. Slightly deep, but yet still high. He went down the porch, his black hair falling into his face, still concealing it from me. I inched forward with anticipation. Tristan jerked his head, sending his hair out of his face and I finally caught it.

It was just like mine. So much like mine before I went to Azkaban, that I recoiled from the shock of it. And then Tristan smile, looking over his shoulder at where Ginny was still talking with Remus and Ben. He had a dimple in his left cheek. And my smile. Everything was just like me.

“Libby, everything okay?” Remus asked. I snapped my head back to the porch. There was Libby. Her brown curls and greenish-brown eyes were the same, though she still looked a bit stressed. She looked better, however, then when I saw her at Azkaban. She had some drinks in her hand and handed one to Remus and the other to Ben who thanked her while opening them. Ginny ran off to join the kids playing tag in the yard.

“Fine,” Libby said sincerely, “Pinky has everything ready. Of course my aunt and uncle are checking everything. They’ll all be out here soon. And Tonks arrived.”

“Tonks?” Ben repeated.

“Oh, you haven’t met her yet, have you?” Libby said, her voice was so soft.

“No,” Ben shook his head. Libby grinned and went back in the house returning shortly with a girl with blue hair and a heart shaped face.

“This here is Nymphadora Tonks,” Libby said, “Tonks, this is Ben.”

Nymphadora? As in my cousin? Andromeda had married Ted Tonks. Yes! Libby knew my cousin. I wondered if she knew and how they met. Nymphadora was quite a bit younger then Libby.

“Tonks is my Auror trainee,” Libby went on as Tonks and Ben shook hands. “And Tonks you remember Remus, right?”

“Oh,” Tonks turned a delicate shade of pink as she shook Remus’ again, “Wotcher, Remus?”

“Hello Nymphadora,” Remus said. She winced.

“Please, call me Tonks. My mother was on gillyweed when she named me,” Tonks said and I almost laughed. Remus smiled.


Tristan was acting like a kid for once. He had his cousins, and Ben’s kids entranced in a game of tag. Mainly because that was the only thing they wanted to play, but he seemed to be having fun. Us older, more boring people, all sat on the porch watching them. We had opened gifts, had dinner and cake, and now there was nothing to do but sit around.

My aunt and uncle would not stop talking about how much better I looked. Everyone was so distant about talking about Sirius though. Every time they would say ‘serious’ even, they would get all tense and look at me all nervously and such. Honestly, they didn’t seem to believe I was okay. Except, Remus seemed to know I was fine. I figured it was because how I am determined to catch Sirius and have already done loads of research. Most of it, I already knew.

Tristan on the other hand, seemed to disappear at frequent moments. Remus found him more then once going through Sirius’ old school trunk I had stored in the attic. I sort of felt bad. I knew that Tristan was going to have a lot of trouble in school this year. His father is on the loose and could have easily found Tristan, threatening or manipulating him into helping do whatever it is Sirius has escaped to do.

And yet, I trusted that even if Sirius did come and find Tristan and me, he wouldn’t hurt us.

“So, Libby,” Aunt Becky said, “How’s work?”

“Fine,” I replied, “I’m being stationed in Hogsmeade soon to make sure the Dementors will stay under control. We’re stationing the Dementors around the school entrancing incase Sirius tries to get through.” Everyone shifted as I said Sirius’ name, but I ignored it.

“Dementors at Hogwarts?” Remus repeated, looking more concerned with that, “Why?”

“The Dementors told us that Sirius was muttering in his sleep before he escaped. He was saying ‘he’s at Hogwarts’ over and over again. We doubt that he fears Dumbledore enough to stay away and the protection spells won’t be enough. So, we have given the Dementors a deal. We have to question Sirius first and then he is free for a kiss.” I explained, trying hard not to shiver from the thought.

“Why question him?” Morgan asked, rolling her eyes, “Everyone knows what he has done and he’s already served twelve years for it.”

“He never had a trial,” Remus said.

“So?” I asked, “Morgan’s right. We shouldn’t bother questioning him, but by then he may possibly discovered Voldemort, if he is still alive.”

We were silent for a minute and then my uncle looked at me.

“You talk of it so easily.” he said. I shrugged.

“I want to catch him,” I said, “For what he did James and Lily. To Harry.”

“Mom!” Tristan suddenly yelled. He was standing near the porch by some bushes. Twigs snapped and the bush shook causing me, Remus, Ben, and Remus all to jump up and run to the bush. Tristan was staring at it curiously and moved forward, Ben pulled him back.

“What was it?” he asked.

“A dog,” Tristan said, “Huge and bear-like. It was just standing there watching. When I came forward he just sort of stared. And then ran when I called for you.”

“And you went near it?” I gasped, “Tristan, it could have hurt you!”

“I was curious,” Tristan said innocently. I just stared at him then back at the still bush. Then I looked up at Remus and he had a dark, fearful look on his face. Though, he too looked curious.

“Let’s go inside,” Ben suggested.

We all did. Soon, Ben and Susan left with their kids and then Jacob and Morgan. Aunt Becky and Uncle Scott stayed a while longer and then they too left. Tonks said good-bye, tripping over her own feet as she said good-bye to Remus. I had to laugh, she was clumsier around Remus then she usually was. I smiled at her as she disapperated.

Tristan was sitting on the floor of the living room reading one of the books that Ben and Susan had given him. He glanced up when I walked in and sat on the edge of the couch. I gave him a look. He sighed and marked his place in his book, setting it beside him and looking guilty at me.

“How big was the dog exactly?” I asked.

“Huge,” Tristan replied. I nodded and then Tristan said, “I think Remus knows something about it. He went sort of quiet and stuff when I first told you about it.”

“We’ll leave Remus alone. He’s too gentle and nice to put any of us in danger.” I said, smiling.

“So you’re not mad that I approached an abnormalcy large dog that I don’t know?” Tristan asked.

“Disappointed you would be stupid enough too,” I said and Tristan ducked his head, “But no, not mad.”


I dragged my trunk onto a trolley and pushed it after Remus and my mum. She seemed stressed for some reason. One of the reasons I refused to tell her or Remus that the large, black dog I had seen at my birthday party had followed us here and was now slowly slipping through people, conscience to be sneaky. It was an extremely smart dog. I mean, it was an animal.

I went through the barrier after my mom and was quickly followed by Remus. I lost sight of the dog then, feeling very curious about it. My curiosity was quickly stifled when I saw Ginny with her family. Ginny, her family, Hermione, and Harry. Lupin said good-bye to my mum and went ahead on the train. He looked very ill today. More ill then he usually did. He hadn’t ben home last night either. I wondered where he had went and grew suspicious. I wanted to check the full moon for this month of September and then October, too, before I confronted him about it.

I led my mum towards the Weasleys. Mrs. Weasley saw me, immediately giving me a bone crushing hug. Then she smiled at my mum who had yet to see Harry. That was weird, since she always said she wanted to meet him. I hugged Ginny and then said hi to everyone else.

“Everything is okay at home?” Mr. Weasley was asking my mum.

“Very well, thank you,” Mum said, smiling and then her eyes landed on Harry. Her smile faltered slightly and he shifted uncomfortably. Mum looked around and then back at Harry saying, “You look just like James.”

Harry looked surprised, “You knew my dad?” he asked. Mum smiled and nodded.

“And your mum. You have her eyes. We were all very close friends. James and I were neighbors, actually,” Mum said and she reached around to shake Harry’s hand, “I’m Libby Cullen.”

“I know,” Harry said looking absolutely thrilled to have met someone that knew his parents. The train whistled.

“We better get on,” Tristan said, “Bye Mum!” I embraced my mum quickly and she kissed me quickly. Then Ginny said good-bye to her parents and we hurried on to the train. As I passed Harry, I heard Mr. Weasley request a private word with him real fast.

Ginny and I got on the train, passed Remus’ compartment where he was already sleeping, and found our own. It consisted of a Slytherin who whom I had History of Magic and Potions with. I had always thought her as pretty with her crystal blue eyes and midnight black hair, but she was also sort of creepy. She constantly stared at me, but not in a ‘I think your cute’ way. More of an ‘I know something about you that you don’t’ type way and it made me uneasy. She was not popular in her house and rather hated. She was just a pureblood, but have off the air of a powerful pureblood. Sometimes, I felt I gave off that air because of my name. She was intimidating and along, just as I would be if it weren’t for Ginny. Her name was Lyra Smith.

“Ginny,” I whispered as Ginny went to open the door.

“Oh, Tristan, it’s just Lyra,” Ginny said, rolling her eyes.

“Exactly. . .” I said weakly, but it was too late. Ginny entered the compartment smiling.

“Can we sit here, Lyra?” she asked. Lyra glanced at me and then looked back at Ginny and nodded. She smiled slightly then looked back out the window. I noticed she had a book in her hands. It was one I had read just a few months ago and it was highly fascinating. But I said nothing about it.

Ginny and I talked quietly when the train began to move. Lyra opened her book and began to read. Ginny and I exchanged looks. Lyra, unlike me, had never made any attempt of being friendly with people. Yes, she was polite when she needed to be, but she was never exactly buddy-buddy with anyone. She preferred to be alone, but seemed at ease when around people. I was curious about her, yes, but I never cared to get to know her because of the aforementioned looks she gives me.

The thing was that Lyra proudly stated herself a half-blood when she arrived at school. She made sure everyone knew. Even the older kids. Her mother was a muggle and her father a pureblood. He, however, died only weeks after she was born. She gave me the date for some reason. October 24th. I only remembered it because it was exactly eight days before my own father was arrested. Lyra had told me that, too. I was surprised she knew about my dad when she had been raised as a muggle her whole life. She was a mysterious person, yes, and I knew she knew more then she told anyone. Especially me.

As Ginny and I talked a laughed, Lyra continued to read. Once or twice she paused and looked up to listen to us before looking back down at her books. Those few times, Ginny and I would automatically welcome her into the conversation. That was another thing about Lyra. If she so much as listening to you, she was part of the conversation and remembered every word and every movement you said and made.

The train stopped just as we were about to arrive to Hogwarts. The lights flickered and Ginny and I looked at each other curiously before looking outside. It was dark and impossible to see through the rain. Lyra went back to reading, lighting her wand for the light.

“Let’s find Ron and Harry and Hermione. They always know what’s going on,” Ginny suggested and we left. Lyra didn’t seem to notice. It was dark in the corridor and finally we just slipped into a compartment. Ginny screamed as did another girl.

“Who’s that?” she asked.

“Who’s that?” Ginny countered.



“What are you doing?”

“We were looking for Ron—”

“Come in and sit down—”

“Not hear!” Harry snapped, “I’m here!”

“Ouch!” came Neville’s voice.

“Sorry,” I muttered.


The compartment lit up and a handful of flames were sitting in Remus’ hand. I was relieved to see him. He glanced at all of us squeezed in and his lips twitched, though he looked alert.

“Stay where you are,” he said. I wish he didn’t say that because I was sitting half on Neville Longbottom and half on the seat while Ginny was on top of me, pressed against Ron. Harry and Hermione were with Hermione’s cat on the opposite side. They had plenty of room that I would be pleased to take up.

Remus headed towards the door, but it slowly slid open before he reached it. I recognized the Dementor right away and felt fear invade me. I felt my worst memories reawaken as if I were reliving them. My mom having a breakdown, Aunt Becky getting sick, everyone hating me, my name, Ginny being taken down into the Chamber of Secrets. Everything came fast and I felt dizzy. The Dementor sucked at the air and I glanced at Harry. His were worst then mine.

And then Harry started twitching, falling out of his seat and onto the ground. Remus immediately drew his wand, pointing it at the Dementor and shouting, “None of us are hiding Sirius Black under out cloaks. Go! Expecto Patronum!” a silver vapor erupted from his wand and the Dementor fled. Harry stopped twitching but didn’t awaken. Remus slammed the door shut and we all stared at him wide eyed as he turned back to us. He looked shaken, too.

We all waited until the lights flickered on and the train continued moving. The Remus knelt by Harry and shifted him so he wasn’t in such an uncomfortable position.

“Is he okay?” Ginny asked worried. Remus didn’t answer. Then he glanced up at me, I was shaking slightly.

“Are you okay?” he asked. I nodded and moved over so I wasn’t sitting on top of everyone.

Harry then stirred.

“Harry?” Hermione asked, “Harry! Are you all right?”

She slapped his face a few times. He looked around confused. He saw Ron and Hermione kneeling beside him and looking worried. All of us were looking concerned. Hermione handed Harry his glasses and he put them back on.

“Are you okay?” Ron asked.

Harry nodded, asking what ‘that thing’ was and where it had gone. And then he asked who had screamed. As we convinced him that no one had screamed, Remus broke a slab of chocolate. He handed the biggest piece to Harry.

“Here. Eat it. It’ll help,” he ordered and then handed the rest of us chocolate giving me a worried glance. I took the chocolate.

“I’m fine,” I insisted. Remus stared at me for a few more moments and then stood,

“What was that thing?” Harry asked.

“A dementor,” I answered just before Remus opened his mouth, “One of the dementors of Azkaban.” Everyone was looking at me in surprise. I was nothing but a second year and I knew that. Not even Hermione seemed to have known.

“Eat,” Remus said nodding towards the chocolate, “It’ll help. I need to speak to the driver, excuse me. . .”

He left the room and immediately everyone was anxious. Telling Harry what happened and getting him to reassure them that they were okay. When conversation turned to the dementors and their effects. I said nothing and let Ginny huddle up to me. She was looking as scared as Harry. He seemed embarrassed that no one else fell out of their seats.

When Remus came back he looked at the chocolate still in Harry’s hand and smiled, “I haven’t poisoned that chocolate, you know.”

“Honeydukes’ best,” I piped up and Remus nodded, smiling at me again.

“We’ll be at Hogwarts in ten minutes,” he announced, “Are you all right, Harry?”

He muttered a fine and that was it. The Remus looked at me again.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Shaky but fine,” I nodded.

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