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Weasley Twin Take Over


Chapter One – Financial Difficulties


“Albus, what in Merlin’s name is wrong?” Minerva McGonagall asked as she burst through the door. “I just received your owl.”

“I am afraid that Hogwarts is having a financial problem. For the longest time I am sad to say our main income has been the handsome donations of Mr. Malfoy, I think he was trying to bribe me, but it did not work. Mr. Malfoy’s assets have been frozen now that he is suspected to be a Death Eater. Thus Hogwarts has lost its main income.” Albus said looking up at McGonagall from over his half moon spectacles.

“What will happen to Hogwarts?”

“Unless by some miracle Mr. Malfoy’s assets are unfrozen, I do believe that we will have to sell Hogwarts.”

“Merlin help us…”


“Hello Mum,” Fred said stepping into the small and rather crowded Weasley kitchen.

“Can’t… breathe,” George choked out as his mother gathered both he and his twin in a back breaking hug.

“Oh, I’m so glad you came by for Christmas,” she sobbed, shooing them into the house. “I’ve made your favorite dessert, just incase you decided to drop by.”

“Well what type of sons would we be if we didn’t drop by to spend Christmas with out favorite people?” Fred asked.

“Not to mention we don’t want to carry around all these heavy presents,” George continued.

It was no secret that the twin’s prank business was now considered one of the most profitable businesses in the wizarding world.

The twins looked at the small company of people crammed into the small kitchen. Mr. Weasley, Mrs. Weasley, Bill Weasley, Fleur Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and Harry Potter. Yet there was no festive feeling in the air, everyone looked a little down. The twins grinned, at each other; they had a little secret that they would announce later.

“Well if no one wants their presents…” George started.

“I guess we could just take them back…” Fred finished.

“No, no, just put them under the tree dears, we haven’t opened any yet,” Mrs. Weasley said, before turning back to her boiling potatoes.

Not long later everyone was tucking into their dinner. Troubles were put aside as laughter filled the air and conversations started up all around the table. The dishes disappeared and dessert was served. Just as everyone was about to dig in Fred and George stood up.

“Quiet everyone…” George started.

“We have an…” Fred continued.


“To make…”

The group grew quiet and all eyes were turned to the twins, who had a self satisfied grin on their face and a gleam of mischief in their eyes.

“Oh what’d you two do now,” Mr. Weasley questioned.

“You see…” George said grinning.

“The other day…” Fred could barely contain his glee.

“Someone came to us…”

“With a rather interesting…”

“Business proposition…” George stated and everyone looked at them with mild interest.

“You are now looking at…”

“The new owners of…”

“Hogwarts,” they said together.

Silence greeted them and they grinned at the stunned and shocked faces of their friends and family.

“What are you saying?” Ron asked frowning.

“We bought Hogwarts!” They shouted together.


“Albus, do you think it was a wise move to sell Hogwarts to the Weasley twins?” Minerva McGonagall asked nervously.

“I trust the boys completely, they insured me that everyone would keep their job… including Severus. I know they are going to make changes, but maybe it would be for the better.”

“Yes and maybe Severus will start handing out goodies and class,” McGonagall said tartly. “Albus, do you really believe that these two will do any good to the school? You remember what they were like! They own a joke shop for Merlin’s sake!”

“There is nothing we can do now Minerva, I no longer own Hogwarts. We will just have to trust that Hogwarts will be better in their hands. What is the worse that can happen?”

“I think you underestimate these two Albus,” McGonagall said shaking her head before leaving him alone with his thoughts.

“Did I do the right thing?” He asked allowed.

“I wouldn’t trust those two as far as I could throw them,” a portrait replied. Dumbledore shook his head… Only time would tell if he had done the right thing.

a/n - I had this idea and I just had to write it. Please review and tell me what you thought.

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