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Draco’s P.O.V

†It’s been about month since the stupid Mudblood has said anything about my selfishness, as she calls it. I guess I put her in her place. It’s about goddamn time someone shut Granger up! I am just glad I was the one to do it. I have to admit though, that I do miss Granger’s pain in the arse side now and then. Maybe I should do something about that…

Hermione’s P.O.V

††† †So basically I sprinted to Transfiguration, wanting to put as much space between Malfoy and I as physically possible. Even though I may have to sit with him in class, he is at least civil there. That’s the plan that we agreed on, at least. We agreed that sometime in-between the months we were not talking that we would only act civil towards each other in front of people, but behind the scene it was an all-out war.

††† After class I went to dinner, sprinting off once again, going as fast as I possibly could. That is, until I slipped and my books flew out of my hands and into the empty corridor. I however landed on my butt, while my books were now who knows where.
††† “Nice Granger! I give you a ten out of ten for the most graceful fall I have ever seen,” the ferret had said.

††† It was physically impossible that I fell of my own accord. The reason being there was water that had greased the floor down and Draco Malfoy was there to laugh about it. He probably sprinted after me as soon as I left the room.†

††† “Ferret, you did this! When I get my hands on you-”

††† “You’re going to what, Granger? Beat me? Curse me? Or maybe killing me is what you had in mind? Or maybe my favorite, call me ferret until you turn blue? Now Granger, am I correct?” When I didn’t answer he just gave a quick smirk and said, “Correct. And for you information, Granger, this is not my handy work. Looks like Moaning Myrtle is going through one of her episodes again and decide to take it out on the water to drown out her crying.”

††† He then came closer. I thought he was going to take this opportunity to tease me, but was proven wrong when all he did was stretch out a hand.

††† “W-what are you doing?” I asked truly bewildered.

††† “Helping you up. That’s not too much of a crime nowadays, is it?” he asked as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

††† “Why?” I asked as I stretched my hand out and placed it in his.

††† “One of two reasons. One, it’s part of the civil code. Being civil to you outside the common room. And as someone recently told me, if I want people to care about me, I have to give them something to care about,” he said.

††† While grasping my hands in his I found, to my utter shock, they were cold, almost as if he were a vampire. Well, then again, maybe that was not so terribly shocking. But considering that hands are supposed to be warm, especially in a magically heated castle, I knew Malfoy was not a vampire because I had seen him in the sun many times. Without his shirt, might I add, making all the girls sweat even more, especially on hot days. Or so I’ve been told.

††† As I started to get up I felt a sharp pain in my right leg, but ignored it as soon as I looked into his eyes. The pain completely disappeared from my mind and I didn’t know what was more shocking, the way he was making me feel, or what he had said.

††† Then just as fast as the strange bubbly feeling had come, it was gone. Malfoy coughed and turned a bit red in the face, as did I. I think, but I am not entirely sure, but I think Malfoy and I just had something couples call a ‘moment’. Then looking down at his hands, I noticed that the pale skin of his wrist was showing. It was also then I saw what made him so cold. He had never stopped.

††† “I see you haven’t given it up,” I said nodding towards his scarred wrists, which upon noticing were bare he quickly covered, almost as if he were ashamed or embarrassed of how he was presented, but why would he need to look a certain way around me? After all, I am just a filthy Mudblood, right?

††† “I don’t see why I should,” Draco said.

††† “Your own well-being, your health, you pick your reason. I promise you I have more reasons why,” I told him.

††† “Why would you care about any of those things?” he questioned, giving an almost gentle smirk and lifting one delicate eyebrow.

††† “I don’t know. Maybe it’s the same reason you cared enough to stop and help me up,” I said, giving my own smirk of sorts while watching his smirk suddenly disappear.

††† “I doubt that, Granger. I honestly think this buddy, whoever she is, has gotten me soft,” he started to walk onward. Now I was interested. So I followed.

††† “Oh really now? Is Draco Malfoy in… love?”

††† “Stuff it, Granger.”

††† “Ooh! Someone is touchy. Tell me, is that her fault, too?”

††† “I said stuff it, Granger. If not for my sake, try for yours.”

††† “I can see it now Mr. and Mrs. Ferret,” I said. I knew I had gone overboard when Malfoy stopped and stared at me, but for once, I did something unlike me. I did something so horrid I can barley bring myself to say it. I did - I did something. Something stupid.

††† “What’s wrong Malfoy? Are you and Mrs. Ferret having a fight?” I said.

††† “I said shut it Granger. Before you get hurt,” he said, looking murderous.

††† “Someone is definitely touchy! What? Did you forget to take some cranberry juice for you period Malfoy?” I said. Like I said, stupid.

††† This time he did something remarkable, he laughed and said, “You just don’t know when to quit, do you Granger?”

††† “No, not really. Well, at least not today,”

††† “And surprisingly enough, I’m ok with that. At least for today,” he said. While backing me into the nearest corner and placing one hand on the wall by my head.

††† “You’re not going to scare me, Malfoy, so you might as well stop trying to. Actually, you want to make things interesting Malfoy?”

††† “Depends on what you have in mind,” he said giving his signature smirk.

††† “You know, you have your little love partner or whatever, and I have my guy partner, right?”

††† “Yeah. Let’s just say I’ll let that one slide for argument’s sake. So what’s the plan?”

††† “The plan is more like a bet per se. So, I bet that by the end of the school year, you’ll be completely and utterly in love, if you’re not so already, that is.”

††† “Believe me Granger, I’m not. Malfoys don’t fall in love. Well, not real love anyway. Same goes for you. I assume you fall for this guy. Same things go and whoever admits their in love first loses. What are the stakes,if you don’t mind me asking?”

††† “You pick mine and I will pick yours. Agreed?”

††† “Agreed. Ok, I got mine. If I win, you have to fail the N.E.W.T.’s,”

††† “What? Fine. And if you lose, you have to stop hurting yourself, as well as quit the Dark Lord’s ways and join up with the Order after graduation.”

††† “Hmm, fine. Yours is pretty big. I guess I’ll agree. You have just made your first bet with the devil, Granger. Congratulations. Not only that, but you just bet against your grades. Two firsts in one day. Way to go!”

††† † “Oh and Malfoy, to make sure we stay true to the bet, when we go into Hogsmeade tomorrow I will pick up a betting potion, which will make us stay true to our word.”

††† “Alright. Deal.”

††† “Deal.”

††† “Care to shake on it, Granger?” he asked as he stuck out his hand. I took it and all was set.

††† “Oh yeah Malfoy. Just in case you were wondering, you can’t stop talking to her.”

††† “ Yeah, yeah I know. Let’s just get to dinner, shall we? Unless you’re interested in seeing what’s wrong with Moaning Myrtle. I know that’s the kind of stuff you love to do. Sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong and all.”

“No, I’m going to dinner, thank you.”

††† “Fine.”

††† “Fine.”

††† “Fine.”

††† “Fine.”

Then they disappeared.

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