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Lily couldn’t sleep that night. She kept dreaming about being spied on by mysterious men at her window (and she had the strangest feeling she knew who one of those men might be…). But by 3 a.m., she had given up, and she trudged down the stairs to the common room. She lay down on the nearest couch with a thud, but she quickly got back up again. There seemed to be a book that was left on the couch. Annoyed with the carelessness of others, she threw the book on the side table and lay down again. But it was as though the book was calling to her. It’s not as if she was nosy or anything; it’s just that it clearly wasn’t a schoolbook, and being Head Girl, Lily needed to make sure it wasn’t anything dangerous…

By the looks of it, it was a diary. Presumably, due to the lack of penmanship, it was a boy’s diary!But the numerous crossings out and revisions implied that it might be somebody’s attempt at writing a story. At first, Lily was reluctant to read it. If it was something personal, she really shouldn’t interfere. But, said the little devil on her shoulder, you could write some comments about it…maybe add some ideas of your own! I’m sure the author would be more than pleased to get a second opinion.

Lily smiled to herself. Just as an extra precaution, she performed some nifty spell work that changed to cover from blue to red. She didn’t want the author of it to find her casually flipping through its pages without permission!

It was really quite a good story. Lily was engrossed in it by the time she finally heard the footsteps of the first to rise that day. 

She groaned. Now there would be no more peace and quiet in which she could read; with the hungry mob soon on its way down to breakfast. Lily shut the book, hastily stuffing it into her bag. She got dressed and woke Diana. 20 minutes later the two were on their way to breakfast, Lily just having told her about the book.

“Brilliant!” Diana exclaimed. “What’s it about then??” she asked excitedly.

“It’s about this girl named Laura who hates this guy named John, and she’s really quite cruel to him. But the sad part is that John really is in love with her, and he doesn’t know what to do about it! It’s quite good. You should read it after me.” Lily smiled.

Diana smiled back. “It sounds like it could be a film!”

Lily sighed. “Yes. It’s good enough to be one. I only wish I knew who wrote it! Whoever it was has such a way with words! There was this one passage I read this morning that was just so poetic! I don’t remember it exactly, but it was something like; ‘He saw her auburn locks of hair gleaming in the sunlight, each strand glistening with all the slightest of movements. And his heart ached, for he knew that the head that breathtaking hair sat on would never be his. Never be his to stroke, never his to caress; always the owner of that hair would loathe and torment him till the day he died, taunting his true feelings, and mocking his intentions to a point that he could bear it no longer.’” Lily stood silently for moments after her recitation was completed, simply soaking in the feeling of those words. Yes, beneath her rather tough outer shell, she was a passionate romantic at heart, immersing herself in the works of L M Montgomery and Jane Austen.

Upon entering the Great Hall at last, Lily awoke herself from her fantasy and growled. “Damn. I was hoping that Potter would be finished by now! I really don’t want to see his ugly face.” 

 “Speaking of the asshole,” Diana said with her arms crossed haughtily. “How are you going to carry out that revenge idea?”

Lily had not thought much about that. “I dunno yet. I need to think of something good. This isn’t some grade school prank I’m planning. This is a raging war against an insufferable prick. I can’t just have something to bruise his ego…I need something to destroy his meager existence!” She punched her fist into her open hand menacingly.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll think of something,” Diana said reassuringly.

Shrugging, Lily sat down and helped herself to some toast and bacon. She turned to tell Diana something, but stopped short. James was staring at her again, his eyes glazed over. Lily was sick of this. She knew she had to do something. As stealthily as she could, she snuck a roll off of the table and chucked it at James’ head. As he looked about wildly, she casually just let her goblet of pumpkin juice slip over the top of his head. 

The entire Great Hall burst out laughing. Much humiliated, James whipped around to face Lily. As soon as she saw the look on his face, she muttered “shit!!” and made a run for it. But James was right behind her. Being the athletic type that he was, he was quickly able to catch up with her. He tackled her.

She screamed. Quickly, he got back up and brushed himself off, but continued to glare angrily at her. To be honest, she wasn’t very intimidated. “Hey Potter, you’ve got something in your hair.” She smirked.

“I realize.” He said lamely. At an apparent loss for words, moments passed as the two just stood there awkwardly.

“Well, I’ll be off then!” Lily exclaimed cheerfully, sprinting away as fast as she could.

James kicked a nearby wall. Way to go James. He scolded himself sarcastically. You really got back at her that time. Still scowling, he cleaned his hair with his wand and traipsed off to class.

When he arrived, he was surprised to find the room empty, excepting one other individual. Lily! His heart leapt, and he sat down in the seat next to her.

“What do you want Potter?” she snapped automatically, not looking up from the book she was reading.

“I want you to apologize.” 

“For what?” she sniffed.

“For bloody pouring pumpkin juice over my head!” he exclaimed.

“Oh. That….sorry.” she said indifferently, eyes never leaving the page.

Most other people would probably pester Lily into giving a heartfelt apology. But to be honest, James was perfectly satisfied. He had been expecting something more along the lines of “Shove it, Pot-head.” His happiness restored, James took to reading the book over Lily’s shoulder.

All of a sudden James’ eyes got very big. “What’s your problem??” Lily asked him rudely.

“My problem is that I am in love with you, my flower.” James replied, his usual grin returning to his face as he batted his eyelashes.

Lily elbowed him in the stomach. Hard. “Excuse me. I’m reading here.”

Keeling over and gasping for air, James stumbled out of the seat. He made a face at her, which she graciously either didn’t see or chose to ignore.

Overall, though, James felt that that conversation had gone fairly well, all things considered.

 A/N: er, yeah, nevermind the previous "dandy idea" thing. I edited that out of the next chapter. So...if you read that...just ignore it, okay? thanks! I'm not a big fan of this particular chapter, but I suppose it needs to be here. eh. whatever. Reviews would be spectacular =D

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