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The sun shone weakly through the windows, casting a red glow across the sleeping form of a girl. Melody’s eyelids fluttered open. She slowly sat up, rubbing her eyes sleepily and looking out of the window. It was dawn. The sun had only just risen above the horizon. She looked at the watch sitting on her bedside table, 6.00. Melody sighed, wishing she could sleep for at least another hour, but knew the rest of her family would be up any minute. 

It was the first day of the summer holidays. Melody knew most people would still be fast asleep, probably dreaming of how they would spend their summer holidays having fun and whatever people do nowadays. Melody couldn’t say, and she probably never would, her life basically revolved around music. Music, to most people that word was associated with fun and entertainment, to Melody it was associated with long boring lectures and things she could never quite understand. Everyday of her life she was forced to listen to the WWN (Wireless Wizarding Network) during breakfast, during dinner, before going to bed. When coming home from her Wizarding school Beaubaxtons for the summer holidays immediately the lectures would once again start, along with piano lessons, guitar lessons and singing lessons. Why? You ask. Because of family. Melody valued her family above all else, and her family happened to be a very famous family with musicians running back many centuries. The Surewells were a famous family, known for producing hit lead singers, and very popular bands in the Wizarding world. They were like royalty, almost. But Melody was different. She couldn't sing for her life, nor could she play instruments. She had no interest in music what so ever. So in her family of 3 sisters and parents, that was how she got her nickname, Odd ball.

Melody threw the covers off herself, quickly changing into a green robe. She grabbed a brush and began to brush her hair. She smiled as she remembered how her sisters used to envy her long dark hair, but that was before she became Odd ball.

"Melody, Get up now," suddenly a voice broke through her thoughts. Her mother knocked on her door impatiently, tapping her foot against the floor. Melody scowled. It wasn't that she hated her family, she just wished they could accept that she didn't share the same talent or interest as them.

"I'm coming mother," Melody called in a calm voice. She heard  the footsteps slowly fading as her mother went downstairs to make breakfast. Melody brushed down her robes and straightened her collar before following downstairs into the dining room.  It was quite a large room, with small chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and polished furniture. Melody sat down at the table.

"Morning Odd Ball," Melody's twin sister Harmony sneered. She flicked her sleek dark hair over her shoulder before taking an apple. She was a quite a beautiful young woman with long dark hair and dark eyes to match.

"Good morning Harmony," Melody replied, sitting down and grabbing an orange. She looked up as her other two older sisters Tyler and Viola arrived downstairs. They had already graduated from Beaubaxtons and were now continuing with their musical education until Harmony graduated. Melody knew her sisters wanted to form a band together.

The two sat down with Harmony and Melody. “Well, next year is going to be your last year of school little sis,” Tyler told Harmony, ruffling her hair.

“Watch the hair,” she snapped. Melody tried hard not to roll her eyes.

“Oh yeah, it’s yours too, Odd ball,” she added darkly, smirking.

“I know,” was all Melody replied. Suddenly Mrs. Surewell walked in, followed closely by her husband.

“Everyone, can I have your attention,” it was more of an order than a question, “We have a very important announcement to make,” Viola raised her eyebrows,

“What is it?” she asked curiously. Mrs. Surewell just smiled,

“We’re moving,” A deathly silence fell over the room at her words. Tyler and Viola seemed to be in shock, Harmony sat stupidly gaping at her mother. Melody was sure she hadn’t heard right, her parents loved France, why would they want to move?

“What do you mean? Where are we moving? What about school?” Harmony suddenly burst out. Mrs. Surewell looked slightly annoyed but answered her questions,

“We are moving to England. And we are sending you and your sister to a new boarding school called Hogwarts for your last year,”

“Yes, and we’ve heard that the headmaster of this school is a very powerful and wise man, Dumbledore I think his name was. He should be a good influence on you,” Mr. Surewell purposely looked towards Melody as he said the last part. Everyone sat in silence for a while, each in their own thoughts. Melody tried hard not to smile. She couldn’t believe it, she was actually going to live in that beautiful place her parents had taken them on holiday to over Winter break. And she was going to a new school, hopefully a real school where they learnt powerful spells and she met people of her own interests.

“Well, you’d all better start packing. We’re leaving tomorrow,” Mrs. Surewell said suddenly. Everyone nodded glumly before retreating to their rooms. Melody tried hard to act like she was sad too, but to no avail. She quickly hurried to her room and her locked her door. She checked there were no eavesdroppers before finally letting out the laugh she had been suppressing. She giggled and grinned, smiled and whooped. She was happy, she was finally leaving France behind to start a new life in England. She sighed happily and lay on her bed, still smiling. Suddenly she heard someone knock on the door. She opened it, to find Harmony smirking at her,

“Be careful Odd ball, we may be going to a new school, but don’t think anything’s going to be different. I’ll make sure of that,” she warned before stalking off to the confines of her own room once again. Melody shut the door, frowning.

“No, I’m not going to let you spoil this. I’m finally escaping,” she told herself. 

So what do you think? Love it, hate it, please tell! This is only about the second proper longer story I've written in third person, so I know it might not be that great. I'm not very good at writing in third person. Anyway, thanks for reading and please review!

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