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Thinking Of you…
Chapter one: Introducing THE James Potter.

Her brilliant Green eyes glared into his deep hazel ones as they stared at each other from separate ends of the station. Their faces wore completely different emotions; Lillian’s, or Lily as she preferred, eyes were narrowed, her eyes brows furrowed. Her long, red, curly hair cascaded down past her shoulders and didn’t move in the summer breeze. Her usually beautiful features were contorted in a way that gave her a look that matched the faces of the mermaids in the Black Lake which scared her so much. Her eyes held nothing more than hate.

Across the crowded platform 9 ¾ stood James Potter or THE James Potter, as he liked to be introduced. His messy, almost black hair fell down into his soft eyes as he pulled his fingers through it, his mouth forming a loving smile as he stared at the one he loved. However, this smile stiffened slightly as he saw the glare Lily was giving him and decided, as he always does, that a smirk would annoy her most at this moment.

Although he was too far away to hear it he could imagine the huff that left her mouth as she turned, swiftly, and made her way onto the Hogwarts Express. James’ eyes followed her all the way. It wasn’t until a heavy hand was placed on his shoulder that his head caught up with time and he turned to see Sirius Black stood at his side.

“Prongs, seriously mate, wipe away the drool,” he said dryly before strutting off towards the train himself. The hand that was still resting on James’ head was brought slowly to his mouth as he started dabbing, still in a dream-like state. Sirius turned at the door and let out a bark like laugh at his friend’s gullibility before running to find an empty compartment. James, who’d finally caught up, was hot on his heels.

Lily sat quietly in her own compartment, waiting for her friends to find her. She was still furious with Potter for what he’d done. All she wanted to do was walk through the barrier to get onto the platform but no, he just had to make it difficult. Just before she stepped through the wall he swept her up into his arms and carried her through. She admitted she did laugh at first, in fact she was pretty sure she’d giggled (which she made a mental note to slap herself for when she’d calmed down), which was so unlike her. But in the company of James Potter nothing could go right for this girl; he would be her death she swore.

You’d think being the big quidditch star he thought he was he’d have good hand-eye coordination. The stupid arrogant twirp tripped on emerging onto platform 9 ¾ and, keeping his balance, sent her flying to the floor. Her face must have gone as red as her hair as she pulled her self up and basically sprinted to the other end of the station stopping just before the train, and turning to give Potter the deadliest glare she could muster.

Lily banged her head back against the wall at the thought of having to spend another year with James Potter, when a series of bangs were let off further down the train. Being a prefect, and a good one at that she thought, she immediately jumped to her compartment door to see what all the commotion was about.

“That wasn’t funny Padfoot,” James shouted at Sirius while pushing him forwards and “accidentally” into the food trolley; which toppled to the ground spilling its contents. The two boys looked at each other wide eyed before thinking it best to run before they got caught.

James, laughing his head off and barely paying attention to the people he passed, almost missed her red hair as he ran past her. Unfortunately for Lily he skidded to halt half way up the train before backing up quickly and ignoring Sirius’ calls. “Hey Lilikins,” he said to Lily whilst positioning himself so that he was leaning close to her, against the compartment door frame.

Lily, fully intending on ignoring him and his stupid pet name, attempted to turn and leave but was pulled back by him. She spun around on the spot glaring at him furiously before spitting out “touch me again Potter, and it’ll be the last thing you do.”

James gave out a nervous laugh, he knew better than to take what she said lightly. “Will you go out with me?” He shouted to her retreating back. She turned and flicked her wand, the compartment door began to slide shut but not before he could put his foot in the way. He looked at her expectantly.

“James Potter,” she spoke his name with such venom it made him cringe to hear it. “I will never, ever, in a million…”

“Oi, you!” She was cut off by the trolley lady shouting at James in her cockney accent. “Look what you did ta m’trolley.” Heavy footsteps could be heard now and the train floor shook, not from its engines, but from the ladies large frame.

James looked down at her and his eyes widened. His seeker skills worked at lightning speed as he calculated that she was moving at speed that would probably have her at his throat in approximately four seconds, if he didn’t move his arse. He poked his head back in the compartment “ponder over it Evans, i'll be back.” He added with a wink.

“I don’t need to ponder over anything!” She shouted to James as he ran up the corridor away from the trolley lady, who was chasing him saying something like “You can’t run f’ever, the train ends after the next carriage!”

“Did you hear me Potter?” She screamed, “my answers no, never ever, in a million years will I go out with you!”

“He can’t hear you Lily,” said a voice. Who it was from Lily didn’t know because she turned around to see that the person had moved. “He’s probably two carriages away from here now.” She jumped around to look into her compartment and there stood one of her best friends, Celina Boot.

“Oh don’t get clever with me now Celina,” she pleaded sitting opposite her and swinging her legs up on to the seat, fully intending on getting an hours kip.

James, mean while, had ran past a compartment only to be dragged into it with his mouth covered. He immediately pulled out his wand and pointed it around only to find his three friends staring at him, hands held up.

Sirius spent the next ten minutes telling the boys about their trouble making already and the train began to move. James zoned out completely, thinking of Lily, as he usually did.

He sighed, drawing odd looks from the boys, as he remembered his first year at Hogwarts; and the first time he saw Lily Evans…


Mr Potter stood there, his chest puffed out proudly as he looked down at his son. The eleven year old James Potter narrowly missed a big smooch from his mother as he dashed onto the train, finding an empty compartment and waving through the window to his parents as the train took off around the corner.

James had just settled down into a chair when a boy, looking around his age, ran into the compartment and shut the door behind him. He stared out of the small window on the door, seemingly oblivious to the fact that there was another in there. James gave a small cough to let his presence be known.

The young boy, later found out to be called Sirius Black, turned slowly on the spot. He looked at James and swung his head backwards as to fling his hair out of his face before taking a seat opposite him. He sat with his knees together, elbows rested on them and his head on his hands. After a short while, concluding that James seemed safe to talk to, he extended his fist in an attempt to introduce himself. James stared at his hand for a while before realising what he wanted and smashed his knuckles into Sirius’.

“James Potter.” He responded to Sirius’ quizzical look.

On that very first train ride the boys got to know each other. They talked non-stop for the first hour, pulled their very first prank; blocking the boys toilets with some lads toad (a lad named Severus Snape), and, not long before the train arrived at Hogsmead station, added another arrival to their compartment.

“Hello,” a very nervous looking boy extended a hand to James and then Sirius. They nodded there heads towards him in a welcoming way before he continued. “I hope you don’t mind me joining your compartment it’s just that I was reading a book but the people I was with were too loud for me to concentrate.”

The two boys looked at each other. Just before he entered the compartment they had been talking very loudly and animatedly about their first prank. However, before they could state this he spoke again.

“So, which house are you wishing to be sorted into?” The boys smirked at each other and then towards the boy, known as Remus Lupin, before diving into a full conversation, discussing each house in detail. Remus listened with interest; he new not much of the wizarding world.

The introduction to Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry came in the traditional way; the sorting ceremony, Professor Dumbledore’s speech and the marvellous dinner. Funnily enough James, Sirius and Remus were all sorted into the same house – Gryffindor, and after lunch made them selves at home.

Half way into the boys first week was when they added another to their small, but becoming well known group. It was during a certain prank which involved a very good, but actually quite simple, piece of magic. The boys made it so that when the Slytherins went to pick up their cutlery at dinner they would be attacked by their forks.

Weirdly they did not get the blame for this prank, a poor boy in their year named Peter Pettigrew just happened to be walking past when the forks attacked. Peter however knew who it was that had pulled the trick but didn’t grass on them. James and Sirius, figuring they had to help him out, formed a plan to spring him from his detention and from that moment on Peter Pettigrew became the newest member of their gang.

It was on a night about a month into the school year when James and Lily were first introduced. Lily, having a two scroll potions essay to do was pacing the Gryffindor common room while reading what she had wrote to her self. James and his friends were sat on the floor by the fire, thinking up a new prank, when Sirius glanced over and something caught his eye.

“Wow,” he stated. “When did she get here?” He asked, pointing to something behind him. The boys followed his direction and their eyes set upon her.

“Oh, that’s Lily Evans,” Remus told the boys who continued to stare at her. “She’s been here as long as we have.”

“Lily?” James said, more to himself than Remus. “I’ll be right back,” he added with a smirk and with that he jumped up onto his feet and jogged to the other side of the room, where Lily was continuing her pacing.

James ran up in front of her and placed his arm against the wall so that she couldn’t pass, “hey.” He said in what he hoped was a charming way.

“Hi.” She answered bluntly, ducking under his arm and following her path once again. James narrowed his eyes at her but ran to catch up all the same.

“What’s that your doing?” He asked. Lily, who was to emerging into her essay to hear him, carried on her pacing without even a backwards glance. “Ignorant Bitch,” James said before concluding she was a lost cause and returning to his friends.

Unfortunately for him what he had just said did not go unnoticed, like he hoped it would. Lily stopped in her tracks and spun round to see James walking away. “And you are?” She asked to his retreating back.

James, thinking she had finally come around, turned and said, while running his hand through his hair “James Potter.” He smirked.

“Well James Potter,” she spat venomously making James cringe (something he would never learn to get use to). “I suggest if you’re going to call me things that you say them to my face.” She waited.

“Wh-what?” James stumbled out.

“Urgh,” she moaned before stomping up the stairs to the girls’ dormitory.

“Urgh,” James mimicked turning and strutting confidently back to his friends. He slumped down into a cosy chair, “I’ve concluded,” he said looking around at each of the boys. “That she’s crazy.” He finished and leaned his head against the back of the chair before an idea came to him. “Boys,” he whispered excitedly. Sirius, Remus and Peter all leant in eagerly. “I know the perfect person to pull our next prank on.”

End of flashback

James let out another loving sigh as he reminisced and coincidentally in a compartment a little way down the train a certain red head named Lily Evan’s also let out a sigh. Or was it more of an annoyed moan? Whichever it was it drew looks from her best friends Celina and the other two who had recently joined them, Zayda Bell and Alice Dingle.

Lily kicked her legs out as she remembered the annoying second year she had to spend with James Potter.


Lily ran as fast as she could down the dark corridors, only looking back to see if it was still there. She slowed down when she realised that it may just have given up already and decided to start making her way back to the Gryffindor tower.

She’d been studying in the common room when Potter started to disturb her, deciding that she wasn’t going to let him get to her that night she left through the portrait hole. Ignoring the fat ladies calls of “young lady it’s not safe to wander the castle by night on your own. It’s past curfew!” She made her way down to a secret room she had once found Potter and his friends in. It was located to the side of the portrait of an old lady whose eyes seemed to follow her as she pushed against the door, disguised as a wall.

She only spent about half an hour there before she became bored and thought it best to return. But, whilst walking up a corridor, she was overcome by the feeling that she was being watched. Turning, suddenly she screamed as she saw a white figure hovering above the ground making noises like “Oooooo!”

It was her second year at Hogwarts so she was used to ghosts but this was most unusual. It didn’t seem to have a form; it looked more like a white blob that was travelling towards her threateningly. Of course, she turned and sprinted down the corridor as fast as she could.

Finally she had slowed down and the stitch in her side had begun to disappear. She turned a corner and let out the second scream of that night and stumbled backwards over something as the “ghost” continued upon her. She fumbled in her robes for her wand and when she found it, horrified, she screamed “lumos”.

The ghost was illuminated immensely from the light of the wand and revealed a certain idiotic boy who went arrogantly by the name of James Potter. James burst out laughing as he removed the sheet he had over him and called for his friend, Sirius, to stop the wingardium leviosa spell.

She sat there on the floor for a second; eyes wide and mouth agape before she came to her senses. She jumped to her feet “James Potter, why you stupid, idiotic, arrogant… argh!” She screamed, struggling to find enough words to call him.

“Charming, handsome, sexy. I thought I’d finished for you.” James winked before turning quickly and sprinting back to the common room and up to his dorm. Lily followed suit and headed straight up to the boys dormitory, banging loudly on the dorm door.

James Potter get your arse out here now!” She screamed, all the while hammering her fists against the locked door.

That night consisted of her knocking out two boys who dared to open the door and tell her to shut up, her jumping on Sirius as he attempted to go to bed before finally she was dragged off and almost pinned to her own bed by her three best friends.

End of flashback

Lily opened her eyes and turned to face her friends who look at her with amused expressions. “James?” Zayda asked.

“How’d you know?” She asked exasperatedly.

“It always is Lils,” she responded. “Just look on the bright side; at least he isn’t the way he was through first and second year.”

Lily raised an eye brow to her, “No, now he just asked me out every other second.”

“Have you ever thought of giving in and giving him a chance?” Celina asked from behind her book.

Lily sat up, “no, never. I will never give James Potter a chance. He only wants me because he’s never, and will never, have me.”

“Oh Lily, is it really impossible for him to just have feelings for you?” Alice finally spoke up.

“Yes,” she snapped. The girls took this as a signal that the conversation was over.

The girls’ compartment silence was over when the door slammed open and in walked the four boys, now known as the marauders.

James lent casually against the door frame, “hey girls.” He was barged out of the way by Sirius who squeezed into a seat between Alice and Zayda making a fake yawn as to put his arms around both their shoulders.

“How were your summers?” He asked looking around. James still only had eyes for Lily even though she was completely ignoring his presence and dug her hand into her bag to retrieve her book. James took a seat sighing but still never removed his eyes from her as she indulging into Chaucer’s “A Nun’s Priest’s Tale.”

James had realised his feeling for Lily in his third year. It was the time when most boys realised that girls aren’t just around to make fun of and pull pranks on, that they were different from them; in a good way.


James slid back the door of a compartment which he thought was empty however; it was occupied by the red headed Lily Evans. A smirk appeared on his face as he took a seat opposite her.

“What do you want Potter?” She asked, never removing her eyes from her book.

He continued to gaze out of the window when he answered, “nothing.”

Lily raised her head to look at him questioningly. “Terrible weather don’t you think?” He conversed. Lily looked at him for a while with a slight pause before returning to her book.

“Actually,” she started still looking down. “I love the rain.” James’ head snapped in her direction as he narrowed his eyes at her.

“Yes, me to.” Lily looked into his eyes, a slight smile on her face, was it a smile? he though as he scratched his head. Lily’s laugh brought him back from his thoughts.

“What?” He automatically snapped at her.

This made her laugh more and James fidgeted annoyingly under her gaze. “Chill out Potter, it was just this thing you were doing; like, screwing up your face and narrowing your eyes.” She giggled.

“Oh,” he answered. “Yes, well, you smiled at me.”

“Confused you did it?” She asked raising an eye brow amusedly.

“Yes,” James replied with a smile appearing on his face. “The closest thing to a smile I’ve ever seen you do is, well, a frown.”

“I’ll have you know James Potter that I smile all the time,” she smiled to prove it. She did not spit out his name venomously, this made him grin widely, he didn’t know why.

“James,” Lily laughed. “You have the stupidest grin plastered across your face. Trapped wind?” She asked, laughing to herself.

“You just called me James.” He basically shouted at her excitedly. She looked a little taken aback at first and slightly embarrassed but recovered quickly.

“Well, it is your name, is it not?” She asked, with a smirk of her own.

“Yes,” he answered cockily. “It just sounds so much better when you say it.” He wasn’t sure where it came from and was unaware that he actually said it out loud until her wide eyes shot to his.

It was at that moment that James notice how beautiful she was. Her eyes were the most amazing, bright green eyes he had ever seen. Her eyelashes curled right up and her skin was flawless. His eyes skimmed over her hair; it shone brightly from the slight bit of sun peeping through the rain clouds and fell in perfect curls just beneath her shoulders.

“You sort of purred it,” he said cheekily.

“Excuse me?” She asked, having returned to her book as James pondered on her beauty.

“When you said my name,” he answered. “It was full of want and lust,” he smirked at her. Now usually that smirk would have girls falling at his feet but Lily Evans was different.

“Potter, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She snapped, returning to her book but blushing slightly.

“Aww what happened to James?” He asked pouting.

“I knew I had to be wrong,” she said quietly to herself still looking at the book.

“Wrong about what darling?” James asked, leaning in closer.

“Don’t call me that,” she said through gritted teeth. “And I was wrong to think that you had finally grown up.”

“I have grown up Lilykins,” he said as he puffed out his chest.

“Lilykins?!” She shouted as she stood up. James stood too. “I am going to change into my robes, and I sharn’t be back.” She marched from the compartment.

James slowly sat back down into a seat and closed his eyes, leaning his head against the wall. Sirius soon entered the compartment, “what’s up with you?” He asked, eyeing his friend.

“I’ve just met the love of my life,” he stated with a sigh. Sirius became suddenly interested.

“Who?” He asked anxiously.

“Lily Evans,” he basically sang. Sirius held a hand to his friends head.

He narrowed his eyes and said worriedly, “no temperature.”

End of flashback

“…Thinking of you.”

James came around to the sound of Sirius talking. He looked and saw that everyone in the compartment was looking at him and laughing slightly. He raised an eye brow to them.

“You were out of it again,” Remus said.

“Ye, I was telling Lily when she asked what’s wrong that you were thinking of her.” Lily slapped his arm and he rubbed it exaggeratedly.

“Don’t worry James; just before you guys came in here, Lily was zoned out to.” Alice giggled at her friends’ evil eye.

“Thinking of you,” Peter said pointedly to James. James smiled at Lily who finally spoke up.

“Yes, of how annoying you are.”

“As long as I am in your mind night and day Lily; it’s all I need,” he said bowing his head slightly.

“What, even if it’s because you do my head in?” She asked laughing.

“Like I said, as long as I am in your mind night and day I’ll settle for it being because of that reason; the process of you falling in love with me has to start somewhere.”

Everyone laughed apart from Lily, “I really do hate you Potter.”

James winked towards her, “love you too.”

A.N Woop, my first attempt at James/Lily...I hope yu all liked it =]. I knoo i havent really introduced the characters much yet but that's all to come in the next chapter =D. I would really appreciate reviews, so i knoo im going in the right direction and all that stuff =]. This chapter took me sooo long to write, but not as long as the second chapter which i really struggled with. But i really enjoyed writing this i was glued to my computer for hours =P...Anyhoo, hope you all had good christmas hols (back to school tomorrow =[) and lovely things =]=]. 


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