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A/N hiya I would jus like to say thnx for all the reviews especially Lady Lemonade of the Lemurs thnx for the tips.

Any ways I hope you like this chapter review!!!! Plz


Chapter 3


Every one had different reactions to this, James and Sirius’s face toughened Lily’s eyes started to water and Remus went pale and sank onto the nearest chair.

“I never trusted that little snake!” said James with hatred

“Where is he now? I wanna beat his massive nose into a pulp.” Growled Sirius

“He’s on the run, the coward fled straight away.” Replied Harry 

"why did he kill him?" said Lily crying heavily

"Because his an idiot!" mumbled Ron

"Nah he probably did it for voldemort or something" said Harry

“Look lets have something to drink. You thirsty?” Said Hermione conjuring up a tray of butter beer

“Yeah thanks” said Ron grabbing a bottle “I’m starving got any food?”

“Is that all you think about?” cried Hermione

“No I think about drinks too!” Ron replied

“You know you're so rude! We’re talking about Dumbledore’s death and all you can think about is you're selfish stomach!” Yelled Hermione

“Hey my stomach is not selfish!” shot Ron

“Can you guys go 5 minutes without shouting?” asked Harry tiredly

“No!” they both snapped moodily

“Anyways what do you guys wanna know?” asked Harry

“How about what the hell is going on?” Lily said tearfully” I mean we’re only supposed to be here for a minute or two yet we’re still here.”

“Stupid Sirius spilt half the pot of unicorn powder into the cauldron instead of a pinch.” Snapped Remus moodily

“Well it wouldn’t have happened if you’d have let me do it in the first place!” Sirius snapped back

“No you did everything else.” Argued Remus

“No you did”




“SHUT UP!” shouted James “Geez you guys are acting like a couple of three year olds”

“Oh yeah and you're so mature aren’t you prongs?” shot Sirius

“Compared to you guys yes!” snapped James

“GUYS!!” yelled Lily” can you guys stop being pathetic. All of you!”

She stormed out and walked straight into Draco Malfoy room

“Is she always that . . . tetchy?” asked Ron

“Hey don’t call her tetchy!” snapped James

“Ooh James is sticking up for red” teased Sirius

“Shut up. I’m gonna go find her” James began to stand up but Sirius pulled him back down

“Give 5 minutes to chill out then you can go.” Said Sirius

“Yeah you're right ill wait a bit.” Said James





“Stupid Potter, Stupid Black, Stupid boys. None of them care about anything except there stupid hair and stupid schemes and all the other stupid stuff they do!” Lily grumbled

“Who are you and what do you want?” said a voice from the corner of the room Lily turned to see a boy of around about her age. He was dressed in Slytherine robes; he had white blonde hair and sea blue eyes.

“Who’s asking?” Lily said confidently

“I am.” Said Draco Malfoy

“Really cause I thought it was Santa!” said Lily sarcastically

“Yeah yeah no need to be sarcastic!” said Malfoy “I am Draco Malfoy Head Boy and Slytherine prefect now are you gonna tell me who you are?”

“Lily Evan Head Girl.” She stuck out her hand Draco grabbed it a held it tight

“Come on you really think I’m that stupid? Everyone here knows that know-it-all Granger is head girl.” Draco stared at her

“Yes I know but im not head girl now just sort of you know what I mean?” said Lily

“Err is that a trick question?” asked Draco

“Just forget the question. Im kinda Lost.” Said Lily

“Well then maybe I can help you. Where do you want to go?” said Draco Malfoy

“How about 20 years into the past?” muttered Lily. She sat down on the bed heavily.

“Well I don’t think I can do that” said Draco Malfoy smiling “Where were you before you came here?” Draco sat next to Lily on the bed

“Lily where are you?” James voice floated through the room. He opened the door.

“Who are you?” He asked Malfoy in an accusing voice

“You know perfectly well who I am Potter” said Draco

“Yeah sure I do.” James Rolled his eyes” Come on Lily we have to talk”

“Well I don’t want to talk to you guys.” Said Lily stubbornly

“Look we aren’t gonna make you talk to us but if you wanna go back to the past then I would come and talk to us.” Said James calmly

“Well then ill stay” Said Lily being stubborn

“Lily sorry we were being childish back there now can you please come and talk to us.” Asked James practically begging

“James can you look past yourself and try and realise that im in the middle of a conversation.” Lily said

“Wait a minute James and Lily oh right” Malfoy smiled and looked like he’d just worked out something

“Well if you really don’t want to see Alice or Olivia again then stay here it wont bother me!” said James starting to head out of the room

“No James wait” she looked at Malfoy “sorry I have to go and see Alice and Olivia there my best friends I’d like to stay but. . .”

“Then Stay” Draco cut her off “you know you want to”

He got up and walked over to Lily

“I can’t cause . . .”

“You’d get to spend time with your son considering you wouldn’t if you went back.”

“What’s that supposed to mean” asked James gruffly

“What didn’t anyone tell you that your dead?” said Draco innocently he knew they didn’t know

“You’re bluffing” said James

“Am I?” Said Draco “asks them if you don’t believe me.”

James turned to look at them

“Hey guys are we dead?” James asked them they all looked at their feet

“Wakie Wakie rise and shine!” said Remus wondering what was going on

“Yeah you guys are dead.” Muttered Ron

“Told you” said Draco



AN this is a bit longer than the others hope you like it REVIEW!!!!

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