Chapter 2 – Bumps and Kisses

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Hermione woke up feeling exhilarated. She couldn’t quite believe what had happened the night before with Fred. She’d always thought he was kind of cute in his own mischievous way but had never thought of actually acting on it. However, now that Fred had made a move she couldn’t wait to explore the idea a little.
She had surprised herself with how bold she had been and was feeling just as confident when she entered the Great Hall that morning waiting for the cheeky twin to arrive.


George woke up to a bright and sunny morning, cold, but sunny. He jumped out of bed feeling rather refreshed having gone to bed early. Fred, he could see, was still asleep, George remembered him coming up quite late last night, it must have been well past midnight. Mind you, I do remember Angelina glancing at him all night, he thought. Maybe Fred got lucky. He continued, but he wasn’t surprised if it was true, I mean, who doesn’t like a Weasley twin!

He casually threw his school robes on and headed for the great hall chuckling to himself. There were a fair few people at each table grabbing an early breakfast. He spotted Ginny and Hermione at the Gryffindor table and made his way over to sit opposite them.

‘Hey ladies’ He greeted, grinning broadly at both of them. Ginny didn’t even look up from her Witch Weekly magazine but merely waved with a quick ‘Morning’. Hermione smiled at him. It was a strange smile really; she didn’t usually smile like that. This was more of a smirk…or a pout. He couldn’t work it out but he brushed it off anyway.
‘So what have you guys got today?’ He asked casually, grabbing 6 pieces of toast and a glass of pumpkin juice.
‘Just Herbology, Transfiguration and double potions’ Hermione answered.
‘Damn, double potions, that’s gotta suck. Snape’s in a pretty foul mood’ George broke into a smile ‘apparently someone dropped a rather large helping of dungbombs in his office’ George grinned wider.
‘Wonder who that could have been?’ Hermione asked sarcastically with that strange smile again.
‘Indeed’ George grinned again, biting into 3 slices of toast at once. Hermione giggled. Giggled? George shrugged it off again.
‘So ‘Ow ‘bout ‘ou Gin?’ he asked through a mouthful. Ginny listed her subjects, ending in Divination, which launched her into a rant about Trelawny. Meanwhile George felt something scratching at his ankle. He pulled his ankle up to have a look, but there was nothing there. He put his foot back down but he felt it again. He checked again, nothing. When he put his foot down for the third time and the feeling came back he darted his head under the table.


George emerged from the table, holding his head in pain from where he’d jumped up and hit it on the underside of the long Gryffindor table. You see, he jumped because when he went under the table he saw a foot gently sliding up and down his leg. The foot that belonged to the person sitting opposite him; Hermione Granger’s foot. He looked at her in shock. She looked at him with some concern but not very successfully hiding her laughter.

‘Are you alright?’ she asked smiling.
‘Klutz’ Ginny muttered under her breath before going back to her magazine.
George looked back over to Hermione, who was once again smiling that strange, un-Hermioneish smile. He rubbed his head gently. He must have seen it wrong, he thought. Hermione doesn’t do that kind of thing.

He shook his head to regain his composure.
‘Anyway, I saw that Romilda chick trying to chat up Harry again on the way down’ Ginny’s head snapped up.
‘That Cow, what was she doing?’ she asked looking like she was literally planning to kill the woman.
‘Oh I dunno exactly, she was just all over him, it was like wa-’ George jumped again, slamming his knee into the table. He had felt the foot again, this time up by his thigh. Hermione was smiling that smile again. There was no mistaking it; it was Hermione. What the hell? He thought.
‘It was like what?’ Ginny asked urgently slamming her magazine onto the table. George was rubbing his knee painfully still trying to figure out what was going on. He gave another fleeting look at Hermione.
‘Err, never mind, I-I gotta go’ he mumbled and hastily made his way out of the Great Hall.

George was practically running out of the Great Hall. What the hell was that? He asked himself. That was Hermione Granger playing footsy with you another voice answered. But why? I mean its Hermione. HERMIONE!
He was subconsciously rubbing his head. Well, it’s not like she’s unattractive he suddenly thought, I mean if she was looking for some fun, it’s not like I’m gonna say no... The voice had come from somewhere in his head that he wished would shut up, I mean it’s Hermione! But she was playing footsy with you, and she smiled… no smirked at you…what the f-’ George’s thought’s were interrupted by a head on collision with someone coming the other way.
George looked up; his head was hurting so badly now, the second injury having occurred in the same place as the first, to see his twin staring back rubbing the same spot on his own head.
‘Whoa, watch where you’re going George’ he said wincing. ‘What’s up with you?’ he asked noticing the confused and pained look on the twins face. George opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. It was too bizarre to explain. There had to be a mistake. He merely muttered something incoherent and hurried off in the direction Fred had come from.


Fred, still rubbing the bruised patch on his head, watched his brother rush off muttering something. Ah well, must have ate too much, he always does He thought.
That’s when he saw Hermione running out of the Great Hall. She was smiling. The same smirking smile he had seen last night. Fred thought she looked just as beautiful this morning as she had then.
She marched up to him, grabbing the hand that wasn’t nursing his head and pulled him into the closest broom closet under the marble staircase. She immediately kissed him; it was gentle once again but with a hint of passion behind it. Fred smiled as he tasted the smallest trace of tropical fruit juice on her lips.

‘Well… Good morning Miss Granger’ He said grinning stupidly after they pulled apart though staying close at the same time.
‘Good morning to you to Mr. Weasley’. She dragged out the word Weasley a little as she leaned in for another kiss. It made him shiver a little; he liked the sound of Weasley when she said it like that. It was quite…sexy…well as sexy as you can get with the name Weasley anyway. He pulled apart again.
‘Mmmm, I like it when you same my name like that’ he smiled again.
‘What, you mean… Mr Weeasley’ She said again, sending a little shiver along his spine again. He chuckled a little, which shot painful throbs to his crash with George.
‘Oh, yeah, sorry about that, are you ok?’ She asked chuckling as she saw him touch the sore patch again.
‘Yeah I’m fine’ he said, gaining some old Weasley charm back. ‘I’m a Weasley. We tough it out’ he added with a smile. ‘Don’t get no tougher than Fred Weasley’ he flexed a little. Hermione chuckled.
‘I’ve been thinking about you all night’ she said in what Fred thought was a very seductive voice.
‘Hermione!’ He said with a mock startled voice. ‘You thinking about a boy during the night… was he a book shaped boy?’ he asked grinning. She slapped him playfully.
‘It wasn’t just any boy’ She said in that voice again. ‘It was a special boy, well guy really’ She grinned again, with a hint of a smirk behind it.
‘Do I know him?’ he asked frowning mockingly.
‘You might,’ she said smiling ‘He’s tall (she stood up on her tiptoes)… he’s funny…. he has flaming red hair…(she ruffled his hair)…he’s very strong (she laughed as he flexed his muscles) … and I think he might just have a heavenly Quidditch body under his robes (she trailed her finger down his school shirt).’ She looked back up at his eyes smiling again.
‘Oh yeah? So you’ve thought about what my body looks like?’ he asked raising his eyebrow and smirking.
‘Since yesterday, that’s all I’ve thought about’ she bit her lip, the first thing that really reminded him of the Hermione he knew before all this. He grinned from ear to ear. ‘It’s so weird Fred, I’ve hardly thought about any guy like this, and I never EVER thought I’d think about you in that way’ she added.
‘Oh thanks’ He said sarcastically. She smiled and kissed him again.
‘Hey listen,’ She began sporting her first serious expression ‘I don’t think we should tell anyone about this…well at least not yet’ she added biting her lip again. He thought about it for a moment. Seemed to make sense.
‘Fair enough’ he answered her questioning look ‘It’s gonna be hard though’ he said looking down at her body. He slid his arms around her waist. ‘Pretending like I don’t want you when all I wanna do is push you up against this wall and-’ he smiled. Hermione blushed. ‘Sorry’ he began ‘I don’t really want to do that, I mean I do, I really do, it’s just I-I didn’t mean that I only think of you in a sexual way’ He grimaced knowing how stupid and un-Fred like he sounded.
‘Fred…’ she said quietly ‘…I was thinking the same thing’ she added blushing furiously again. ‘But not right now, I mean, I’m not really ready, I just… maybe we should get out of here’ she added. Fred silently agreed as he felt the heat rising in him, whilst distinctly feeling his pants growing tighter at the thought of this sexy Hermione against the wall.


George sat in the common room trying to think. He just couldn’t fathom Hermione Granger doing what he thought she had done. He was flumped in a chair by the fireplace with a small ice pack against his throbbing head. There was no one else around but him. Everyone else was at breakfast.
Since he’d been up in the common room after passing Fred he had been having a mental argument with himself.

She is kinda hot now
What? This is Hermione?
Yeah…doesn’t means she’s not hot now
Yeah, but that’s not the point, there must have been something wrong with her to have acted like that, I mean it’s just not her. Maybe it was Polyjuice potion or something.
Or maaaybe… she likes you
That’s not possible!
Come on, you know you’d say yes in a heartbeat, she’s gorgeous
…She is gorgeous…No, stop it brain!
…Damn you.

George’s internal battle was interrupted when Fred came through the portrait hole.
‘Hey, what was up with you this morning?’ He asked. George hesitated.
‘I dunno, … Oi have you noticed something weird about Hermione lately?’ he asked trying to sound inconspicuous. Fred flushed a little red.
‘No, not at all, why would there be, she’s just Hermione. Plain, old, boring Hermione’. He smiled, maybe a little too wide.
‘Oh ok…well never mind then’ he went back to staring at the fire as Fred disappeared into the dormitory.
A few seconds later Hermione strolled through the portrait hole. She looked over at him and smiled. Should I say something? He thought.
‘Hey, Hermione about before, I thin-’ He was silenced by Hermione crashing her lips onto his. Oh Merlin! He thought, not even considering pulling away. Since when did Hermione kiss guys? He asked himself. Oh who the hell cares! He answered himself as he stood there soaking up the awesome feeling of kissing Hermione. He had never even considered Hermione as anything more than a friend, perhaps another sister…but that was all out the window now. She was certainly georgous, sexy, smart and a great kisser. She broke apart smiling that smile again.
‘I know, I’m still really sorry about that’ she added indicating the ice pack.
‘Oh no, I meant at the table… the foot thing’ he blushed a little. She did too.
‘I’m sorry, I know it was a little forward and unlike me… but I thought you’d like it’ She blushed again, rivalling a Weasley blush, whilst biting her lip.
‘Well yeah I did! But-’ he was interrupted.
‘Good, because I can’t get you out of my head Mr. Weeeasley’ she said with a smile ‘I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner’. She planted another kiss on his lips and sauntered out of the room with a little smirk.
George stood there dumbstruck. He didn’t know how long he stood there with the ice melting down his face. Fred emerged from their dorm with his bag almost skipping happily past George.
‘You’re dripping there, George’ he pointed out smiling. Then he exited the common room leaving George still standing rooted to the spot.
‘What the hell is going on?’ George asked the empty room.


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