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Chapter 14. *Betrayal and payback JUST A REMINDER- this story ttakes place in their fifth year! AND PLEASE REMMEBER TO REVIEW! Adele and Maggie rushed to my aid. Obviously thinking I was being attacked by a giant spider or that my hair had disappeared, because they both came armed with their wands. When they could see that nothing was wrong they both looked at me quizzically. “Nightmare.” I muttered, and I shot Addy a look that clearly said ‘come and see me when Maggie falls asleep’. She nodded and the two of them went back to their beds. Addy pulled my curtain back 30min later. She sat down on my bed at looked me straight in the eye. “What happened?” she asked as if she was determined to get an answer. “not here, I don’t want to wake Maggie up… Lets go out to the common room.” She nodded, and we left our dorm. Adele’s brown hair was tied up in a ponytail and she was wearing a pink nightgown. I was in an old t-shirt of my dads, and my red hair was scattered messily around my head. The common room was dimly lit by the coals that were still in the fire place. I turned a light on and Adele and I sat by the fire. “Spill.” She said still determined That’s exactly what I did. I told her everything. “…Then when I opened my eyes Robbie was gone and it was Potter! I pulled away and he started talking about how we were meant for eachother and when it’s all over we’ll still be together. He came closer, and kissed me again, and, and, and…” “..,and what…” she asked “…And I LIKED IT! I actually liked it! It made me happy! Then I woke up, and well now I’m here” “I see…” “IS THAT ALL YOU CAN SAY?” “Pretty much. Lily it’s just a dream, dreams aren’t real.” “That’s what my parents used to tell me about nightmares. They said monsters weren’t real. They told me goast and stuff didn’t exist… and look how wrong they were!” “Well…” “WELL WHAT IF THIS IS REAL?” “Well… then you’re going to be happy.” “WHAT?” “You said yourself that you were happy when he kissed you, so if it’s true, then you’re going to be happy.” “But it was just a dream!” I protested “Flashback Lils, that’s what I just told you!” she laughed “Ok fine you got me.” I said embarrassed “Lets go back upstairs, I need to wash my mouth out. Ew! Just the thought of Potters mouth on mine, even if it was just a dream, is gross!” Addy laughed as the two of us headed up the stairs. ‘It’s only a dream’ I told myself ‘Only a dream.’ But if it was only a dream… Then why did it seem so real? **^^** (James POV) She wasn’t the only one who could sneak around. I sat in the corner of the common room, covered in the invisibility cloak that had once belonged to her. What I had overheard surprised me… Maybe she didn’t despise me as much as I thought? I headed up the other set of stairs and went down the long hallway that led to my dorm. I opened the door and threw the cloak off of me and into my trunk. I was about to hop in my bed when I heard Sirius mutter “Wasthematter Prongs?” He was obviously sleep walking. “Nothing, go back to bed.” He looked zombie like as he headed back to his own bed, and I crawled into mine. **^^** (Lily’s POV) The next morning things were pretty much back to normal. After I’d washed my mouth out a few million times I was able to forget the dream… well sorta. I had lunch with Robbie, Andrea and Sirius. Sirius was acting rather odd… well odder than usual. He kept looking at me funny, as if he knew something that I didn’t. Potter came in and plopped down next to Sirius. They exchanged looks, similar to the ones that Sirius had been giving me. I watched the two of them out of the corner of my eye. James was continuously watching me and it was making me more uneasy than usual. I caught Andrea’s eye and she picked up on what was happening instantly. She mouthed the words “How High” to me. I debated for a few minutes weather or not to tell Andrea about the dream. In the end I decided on no. I liked Andrea, but I wasn’t entirely sure that I trusted her. She was fun to hang around but sometimes I got the feeling that she was, looking for something, and that she’d do anything to get it. When I found out what she was looking for I was heart broken. She wanted Robbie, and being the little witch she was she helped herself to him. A group of us found her and him down at the by the lake with their tongues in eachother’s mouths. Sirius was in shock and I was in pain. He’s never been dumped or cheated on, why would any girl be that stupid? He was the most desired guy in the fifth year, girls loved him more than James. I on the otherhand was hurt, I’d never been cheated on before either, Robbie was my first boyfriend, no guy had ever had an opportunity to. Out of rage I fired a charm on the slim ball, sending him flying into the icy lake. It was almost April, but because of the astonishingly cold winter, there were still small chunks floating in the water. *~~* My break up with Robbie had been a little hard for me to take, but even harder was what happened after it. I’d only shed a few tears over him, Addy had been able to convince me that he wasn’t worth it. I left my dorm after only an hour of seclusion. I began walking down the steps with both Addy and Maggie following me closely. When we reached the bottom a 4th year, Tina, stopped us. “Lily your not going to believe this, on the other side of the common room, it’s Robbie and… well go see for yourself!” She rushed over to the other section of the common room, the section that was usually reserved for quiet study. It was obvious by the size of the crowd trying to force their way in… quiet study was the last thing that was taking place. As I pushed my way through I heard fragments of conversations from bystanders. “…Robbie was in there by himself…” “…They’re fighting over…” “…You’d think James would know…” “…Hey there she is…” “…He doesn’t give up does he…” “…The one girl he’s crazy about…” “…Anyone seen Andrea?...” “…can’t believe…” “…Just like James huh?” “…cheating fool…” “…chasing something he can’t have…” “…She’s hiding in the library…” “…Anyone seen Sirius…” “…Should a Prefect break this up?...” “…Did they kill each other yet?...” “…He’s already risked his neck to many…” “…he’s swinging on the chandelier…” “…Figured Lily’d kill her…” “…Doesn’t have enough guts…” “…Has she shown up yet…” “…she doesn’t get it does she…” “…And with Andrea, I mean we all know…” “…what about Remus?....” “…Was he expecting it…” “…Well yeah that’s kinda obvious I mean…” “…Head over heels…” “…Somebody should really…” “…Still on the chandelier…” “…punched him in the eye…” “…Do anything for her…” “…Went to get Lily…” “…Where’d the Head Boy go?...” “…Acting like he’s drunk…” “…let me through…” “…They through the wands out…” “…Well of course, we all know he loves Lily.” I turned and looked at the girl who was about a foot away, her hair was dark and her eyes were glassy blue. I stared straight at her. “Oh don’t act so surprised!” I’d finally made my way to the center of the crowd where both James and Robbie were slugging it out. James’s shirt was torn and Robbie’s lip was bleeding. I was surprised, wizards hardly ever did the fist way of fighting, it always involved wands. Another thing that shocked me was that James, even though he was a pure blood, was a really good fighter. For having little experience he was doing a good job of keeping a guy who was atleast ½ foot taller than him in pain. I didn’t exactly know what to think from all this. Then to top off my confusion, and end the fight James threw Robbie into a table and said “Think before you do something like that to her again, you never know what the consequences will be.” Robbie’s eye was black, his lip and his leg were bleeding too. His robes were torn and his hat was destroyed. Potter had come out of this fight with simply a scratch on the check and torn shirt. He seemed to be in no pain whatsoever, Robbie on the other hand could barely move. James looked at me and winked… then his fan club swarmed around him and led him out of the quiet study room. *~* I removed myself from the room and then left the Gryffindor Tower. While I was wandering though the halls I spotted Professor McGonagall dragging Sirius to her office. “Honestly Black, swinging from a chandelier in broad daylight… I would have thought you’d have more sense than that. If you’re going to try something like that it’s best to do it when teachers aren’t around…” “I’ll keep that in mind Professor…” “Oh no you won’t! You’ll be serving detention for the next 3 nights, with Mr. Flich.” “But Professor….” “Quiet Black or I’ll make it more.” I wandered the halls for awhile more, hoping I could make some more sense out of the madness that had happened. It didn’t quite make sense… Sirius was “The master of pranks” he would know better than to swing from a chandelier in broad daylight. Then there was my Potter dilemma. What was going on it Potter’s head that made him think he should beat the crud out of Robbie? Sure that pinhead cheated on me… but he hadn’t done anything to James. I wandered through the halls and the grounds trying to sort it out but it didn’t fit. Then on my way back into the castle I spotted Sirius, Remus and Peter. I decided to go say hi to Remus, but what they were saying was too interesting… I didn’t want to interrupt! (plus I kinda wanted to hear) “…gave me 3 nights! THREE NIGHTS of hanging by cuffs from the ceiling in Flich’s office, while u three are off running around Hogsmeade!” Sirius hissed “James owes me big this time! He just had to go fight Robbie because the dimwit cheated on Evans. Even if Prongs won’t admit it… we all know he’s crazy about that chick. He’s lost his mind over her, does everything…” “Padfoot if it makes you feel any better James will probably be serving detention with you. I was able to stop the prefects from going in, but I wasn’t able to stop Robbie from running to the nearest teacher. The guy’s a real baby.” “WHAT?” Sirius shouted. Obviously it didn’t make him feel better at all “Moony if we’re both stuck with Flich, then your on your own. Peter can’t control you by himself… I had my doubts about James doing it without me, but without either of us? It’s impossible.” “I know it is.” Remus said glumly “Honestly though you’d think Lily would be just as crazy about him as he is about her… every girl loves him. He’s just so…” “Shut it wormtail… I’m not in the mood for that at the moment.” I giggled inwardly, Peter idolized James and wanted to be just like him. He was kinda like a guy version of Maggie… “Well Remus you’re the one who’s always around her. What’s going on inside that odd little girls head.” “She’s either got no clue, or she plainly doesn’t care about him. I’d put my money down on doesn’t care… cause if you’ve noticed she can’t stand him…” “..speak of the devil.” Petigrew said as he spotted me. “Why Miss Evans you’re looking quite charming, I must say that after the ordeal in with you experience today you’d be upstairs crying your little eyes out…” “Then Black, you obviously don’t know me well at all, Remus you want to go for a walk?” He shrugged and the two of us departed from Sirius and Peter. *~* I saw Potter in potions later that day. The little that had been wrong with him had been fixed instantly. On the other hand Robbie had been less lucky… Madame Pomfrey had been able to fix him up, but not to his liking. He claimed that his “face will never be the same again” and was milking his injury for all it was worth, but some of his pain appeared real and oddly enough that made me smile. ~~*~~ “8 more inches! LILY PLEEEEEASE help me PLEEEEEEASE!” Maggie groaned as she tossed her charms homework at me. I shrugged and walked over. “Ok, to do the color changing charm is really quite simple…” “I know it’s easy, but I can’t write 6 pieces of parchment about it!” “I did.” “Well that’s obvious, you’re the best at charms!” “That’s not…” I didn’t get to finish, because we were interrupted by a earth shaking bang. When we went out to investigate there was nothing wrong. We asked around and nobody knew anything except that there had been an earthquake in the Gryffindor tower, no where else. I asked Remus about it later and he told me something I should have expected. The noise had come from Sirius. Big surprise huh? Apparently he’d gotten a letter from his mum. Nobody knew what had been in it, not even James. I knew what Sirius’s mum was like. She was exactly like Sirius’s little brother, a Slytherin first year. Remus had told me Sirius’s story a few months ago. He’d been born into a pureblood and bigoted family. As annoying and screwed up as Sirius was, he was not like the rest of his family. Mrs. Sylvia Black, his mum, is always in the newspapers trying to ban muggleborns from certain neighborhoods and establishments, including Hogwarts. Mr. Leo Black had somehow worked his way into the ministry trying to do the same as his wife, discriminate against muggleborns. As for Sirius’s little brother, the git had already cause more problems here than you could ever imagine. Lastly Remus told me that as soon as Sirius turned 16, he was packing up and leaving. He claimed that his family would be grateful for his departure. There was one flaw in his plan though, where was he to stay during summer holidays? James had offered the couch in his living room. Potter had come from a well respected but less wealthy family than Sirius. Sirius’s manor was atleast 7 times the size of the Potter home. James’s family was pureblood but they lived in a muggle neighborhood in Ireland. From the sound of it his house was no larger than mine, and if it was, it wasn’t by much. Mr. Potter was an xminor league quidditch player, quidditch talent has been in the Potter family for generations. Mrs. Potter is a charms teacher Goldfoot Institution in Ireland. She, the former Ms. O’Bryan had been born and raised in Ireland. James sister Abigail was in her 3rd year at Goldfoot. His parents had decided before their children were born that their sons were to go to Hogwarts and their daughters to Goldfoot. James brother Martin just left Hogwarts two years ago. Just like James and his father, Martin had been the star of his Quidditch team… Ravenclaw. That had been a large blow to his father, every Potter had been in Gryfinndor for the past 4 generations. Remus on the other hand had quite a different story. His family had never been overly wealthy. His mum and pop owned a story in Diagon Ally. When Remus received his bite, things only became worse. Special arrangements had to be made, and these were costly. Then worst of all, he wasn’t eligible for an education. When he was 11 Professor Dippet had rejected his parents plea to allow Remus to go to Hogwarts. Then a year later Dumbledore took the headmaster job. He said that there was no reason Remus couldn’t come to school as long as certain precautions were taken. That’s why Remus is a year older than the rest of us, but very few people even know that he’s almost 17. Peter came from a family who didn’t have hardly anything. They had 4 children and could only afford to put 2 of them through Hogwarts, the 2 oldest. Peter and his sister Vivian. Vivian graduated the same year as James’ brother and has been searching the continent for work ever since. Then there was me. Born into a muggle family I had no knowledge that magic was even real… sure I wished and hoped, but I never imagined all this. Petunia is 3 years older than me, and goes to Vixron Academy in Luxembourg. We’d never gotten along greatly and because of my “gift” we’ve been more distant. Pansy, was born the year I left home. She’d been fascinated with my gift since her first suspection of it. Her adoration of me made Petunia burn with jealousy… and now that Pansy’s gone, there’s a bigger hole between us. Even a hole between myself and my parents. I got an Owl from my dad the other day. Said my mums still not speaking, but the doctors should be any day now. …says it should be any day now. Finally Lils I hate to ask, but I just have to. You know I don’t know much about your gift, and I’m sure u would have done something already had there been a way. What I’m trying to say is, Lils is there anyway you can bring your sister back? Love you always and forever *Dad I shivered at the thought and the pain of Pansy’s death came rushing back through me. Professor McGonagall had already told me that there was no way. Then I consulted Nick and asked how to track down her goast. He told me that she wouldn’t have one, because her time was up, and her business was done. When I asked what it was, he told me I wouldn’t understand until I was gone myself. What was I supposed to tell my dad though? *~~END OF CHAPTER 14~~* Hey ya'll hope you enjoyed that!! Next chap will be up in about a week or so... the more reviews I get the quicker I'll post so please GIVE ME REVIEWS! We got 15 reviews from 13 different people last chap! bravo all! Thanks so much, still no goals, I still have faith in you! I'm estimating that chapter 18 will be the last chapter in this story. Only four more! I've already written the second to last chappter... I've been planning it since I started writing this story.... I just have to fill in between here and there.... and write another one after it! Luv ya's *LJ REVIEW! REVIEW! REVIEW! Jan. 25th Hello all and how are u on this marvelous snowy day? (ok well it' snowed here) Hopefully if everything goes right I'll be off school tomorrow! ANYWHO! I wannna thank all my readers for providing me with 206 reviews! WHAHOOO! I broke 200! And thanks to u all I get a surprise now! Ya c my friend Liz promised me like a year ago that if I ever got 200 reviews she'd give me a surprise! (but my very first fan fiction.... well sucked, so of course she prolly didn't think I'd ever get this many!) I'll let u all know what the surprise is. luv *LJ

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