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- ; - ; - ; - My Secret Snowflake -; - ; - ; -

o2. And everything starts…

- ; - ; - ; -


“I cannot believe him! Two months! Two months! Two months into school and he wants to give us a bloody test?!! Is he itching for hexes? Sodding git!”


“Don’t Race me! Oh Merlin, I can just grab a gun and shot him left right center!”

“Don’t you mean wand?”

“Don’t interrupt me, Kim. Where was I? Oh great. I just lost my rant. I hope you’re happy now.”

“Actually, I am.”

“What is wrong with you?! Support me a little! If that ruddy Sluggy thinks he can get away with this stupid surprise test, he’s got another thing coming!”

From behind her fuming form, Lily Evans sighed irritably and set her book down.

“Race,” she began tiredly, “I know you don’t like potions nor Slughorn but even if you are going to tirade about it for another five hours, it’s not going to get you anywhere. Just get a book and settle down. Why don’t you rant after the test is over?”

“Never! I’ll make sure this test doesn’t even start!”

”Give it up, Race. Sluggy isn’t going to stop the test. You saw how he beamed when he told us he’s got a test for us.”

“Exactly, Kim! Exactly! I’m going to wipe that stupid smirk of Sluggy’s-”

“And,” Lily interrupted, “would you two stop calling him ‘Sluggy’? He has a name you know…”

”Horace? But that’s such an icky name…”

“You know I what I meant.”

“Whatever. You’re just all good to him cause you’re in the Slug Club,” she paused and thought over what she said.

“And who gives such disgusting names, anyway?” Race wrinkled her nose.

“Sluggy does!” Kimberly laughed, her hazel eyes crinkling with amusement.

Lily rolled her eyes.
“I give up on you two.”

“Darn right you should! Bloody Slughorn… thinking he’s all smart and great…”

“Actually, Sluggy is pretty smart. Just that he’s too roly-poly and too in love with food to show us his brilliance,”

“KIM! I said support me!” Race threw up her hands in irritation. “Why can’t my best-est friends in the entire worl-”

“Aww… you know I would love to support you any day,” a voice cooed from the doorway.

Immediately, all three girls turned to the source.

Standing by the door were James Potter and Sirius Black, both in their Quidditch gear, smirking and leering at them.

Race growled in distaste.
“Stuff it, Black. Your mind is forever filled with disgusting thoughts.”

Sirius mocked hurt and at the same time, strode over to Race in two quick steps.

“And you know you love them,”

She gnashed her teeth at him and immediately stepped back.

“Prat! What makes you think you’re godsend?!”

“Of course I am! And you can’t resist me,” he added, smirking as he tried to wind one arm around her.

“Argh! You arse! You’re insufferable!”

In one swift motion, she grabbed all her books and her bag before thundering upstairs, into the girl’s dormitories, slamming the door as she made her exit.

Surprised at her outburst, Sirius stepped back as James sniggered behind him.

Sending James a death glare, he turned and called up the girl’s staircase.
“Chill, girl! It was only teasing!”

As his words escaped his lips, the door flew open again.

“I don’t care if you’re teasing or petting a puppy! Just stop trying to shove your fat, bloody ego up everybody’s arse! Now get the hell out of my sight!”

The door slammed shut again as Sirius turned to Kimberly.

“Her time of the month?”

Kimberly rolled her eyes at him.

“Why do boys always think mood swings always have something to do with PMS?”

“Well, I don’t know. What else can girls go all livid over?”

This time, it was Lily who replied.

“Ever thought boys could be the reason?”

“What? No! That’s just stupid! How would you know, anyway?”

Lily scoffed.

“Well, excuse me, but I happen to be a girl,”

Sirius frowned and muttered under his breath.

Glaring nastily, Lily shot back, “I heard that.”

He shrugged.

“Whatever. Come on Prongsie. Let’s go,”

But James only stood there.


He ran a hand through his hair as Lily’s once calm eyes hardened with anger.

“No, Potter. Get a grip! I will never, ever date you! Why can’t you get that through that thick skull of yours?”

James didn’t seem undaunted.
He only smiled and Lily wanted to tear out his all of his precious hair.

Did he not understand?!

“Don’t worry, Lils. I won’t ask you now,” he looked pointedly at Sirius and Kimberly, “maybe next time. Catch you later!” He winked at her and her uneasiness only increased.

As they disappeared up the boy’s staircase, Kimberly burst out laughing.

“Oh Merlin, did he just say what I thought he said?”

Lily turned, surprised.

“What? So he didn’t exactly ask me out, is that-”

“No! Didn’t you understand? Oh, someone help that boy!”

“What? What? What did he do?”

“Lily! He said, ‘I won’t ask you now,’ and then he looked at Sirius and I! He- he thought you were-” She paused as peals of laughter erupted from her again.

“What? Tell me! Kim!”

She was hugging her stomach, probably from the pain of laughing, and she slowly pulled herself up, eyes shining in hilarity and lips pulled in an all-out grin.

“Lily! He wanted to ask you later when you’re alone!”

She blinked.
“Alone? Why?”

“Oh dear Merlin, you can’t be anymore clueless. The darling boy thought- oh, the sad, sad boy- he thought that if he asked you when you were alone, you wouldn’t be denied of giving him your consent because he thought the only reason why you rejected him was because of peer pressure! Oh, my stomach hurts!”

She resumed rolling around in laughter as Lily processed what she had said.

Rolling her eyes, she sighed in frustration.

“Stupid prick. Doesn’t understand the meaning of ‘NO!’ Honestly…”

“Aww…” Kim cooed from her position on the floor. “Don’t be mad! Personally, I’d be swooned if a person were so infatuated with me that he would actually resort to stuffing himself full with fantasy.

Lily growled.
“I rather he not ‘stuff himself full with fantasy’. He tries stuffing everybody else with that fantasy as well,” she punched the cushion, “Stupid Potter and his stupid ego. As if the whole world revolves around his head.”

Kim giggled as Lily scowled and pulled faces at the cushion.

“Well… just think of him as an… insecure boy then.”

At this, Lily whipped around and gave a cry of, “HAH!” as she threw the pillow aside.

“Insecure my eye!”

- ; - ; - ; -


There was a moment of silence before a muffled “What?” came from the last bed.

Lily sat down on her bed as Kimberly headed towards Race.

“You went all crazy on Sirius because of the test, didn’t you?”

Another silence filled the room as Race slowly nodded.

A grin broke out on Kimberly’s face as she said gleefully, “I knew it! Poor Sirius really thought he did something wrong, even though he was trying to hide his wounded pride. You should do it more often, Race! Maybe he wouldn’t be so ‘insufferable’ anymore.”

Race sighed in frustration as she ripped the blankets off her face and plopped down in front of the dresser, where all her books were thrown on.

“I don’t give a flying damn about Black. I just wish Slughorn would cancel this bloody test. A freaking practical! In two months! He has an ulterior motive, I know it! He wants fail us all!”

Lily rolled her emerald-green eyes.

“You have never failed a single lesson, Race. And besides, unlike you, people actually have to study to obtain good grades,” she shot Race an envious look. “It’s so unfair the way you slack and still get decent marks whereas we have to slave away, grabbing book after book.”

Race waved the comment away.

“This is a practical, Lily! Without the instructions! I have to pick up a book!”

At this, Kimberly grinned nastily.

“Then pick up a book!”


Race was the sort who never had to read or pay attention but still got an O or an E in everything she did. Lily was book-smart as was Kimberly.

“Oh, come on, Race. We’ve been living life at Hogwarts through books. It’s not that hard!”

“But it’s so boring!”

“If you want to pass potions, read the book!”

“But- but I don’t even want this test in the first place!”


- ; - ; - ; -

Race picked a live flobberworm up by its tail and grimaced as it began to wiggle its way up her index finger.

“Ew, ew, ew. Oh, eww…”

It was trying to squirm out of her fingers, to worm its path up her arm and for some strange reason, it kept stretching itself till it was halfway to her elbow.


She threw the flobberworm into her cauldron and smirked with satisfaction as a sizzle and a plentiful of bubbles rippled the surface of the potion.

“Miss Shapiro, is there a problem?”

Almost immediately, she felt her face heat up.
Slughorn had heard her outburst – as did the rest of the class.

“Um. N-no, Professor. Nothing.”

“Well then, I suppose you wouldn’t mind completing your potion in silence now?”

If possible, her face flushed a deeper shade of crimson.

“No, Professor.”


She was being talked to like some five year-old. She cringed as she heard the class sniggering.

Lily, who was sitting diagonally in front of her, shot her a look of encouragement as she heard Kimberly giggle behind her. The loudest of all was of course, Sirius Black who actually had the idiocy to laugh then go up to where she was sitting, pretending that he was heading towards the supply cabinet when he said in an undertone, “Merlin, I wish I was as lucky as that worm. He got to wiggle his way up you!”

Race flushed scarlet as he winked suggestively at her and she glared daggers at him through her embarrassment.

Stupid worm!

- ; - ; - ; -

“That was the most embarrassing test of my entire life! Why?!! Why does Black have to harass me every minute of the day??”

“Same reason why Potter haunts me,”

“Ugh!” Race threw up her hands in frustration as Kimberly spoke up.

“I think they’re okay. James and Sirius are actually pretty nice.”

“And you!” Race rounded on Kimberly, hands on her hips.

“Why must you be on a first-name basis with them? They’re the enemy, Kim! The opposition! They’re taking our fort! Our pride!”

“Oh, come on, Race. They just don’t know how to woo you two, that’s all!”

“Even so, they don’t have to annoy the hell out of us if they ‘don’t know how to woo’ us!”

“Just give them a chance. Don’t you find them… I don’t know. A little more deserving?” Kimberly pressed.

‘NO! Never, ever, ever, EVER! You know what Black said to me in Potions just now! That prat! I swear, if I can get my hands on him-”

“Oh! How did you do on the potions test?” Lily interrupted, eyes shining.

Kimberly immediately turned to her.

“Great! It was rather easy. We learnt that last year didn’t we?

Lily nodded, smiling brightly.

“Yeah. I just hope I get an O now. How about you, Race? You seemed pretty confident back in the dungeons.”

“Before the blasted worm crept me out, you mean.” Race mumbled in reply.

Kimberly laughed at the memory of this.

“You just made my day, Race!”

Race glared at her but her lips were pulled into a smile.

“Oh, quiet, you female Marauder.”

- ; - ; - ; -

“Miss Evans.”

With a worried look on her face, Lily hurried to the front where Slughorn was waiting with her result.

Slughorn gave her a huge smile as he handed the anxious girl her paper.

“Full marks,”

She said nothing at first but a second later, her eyes lit up with delight and her lips broke into a grin before she headed back towards her seat. Race sighed with envy. Lily was always getting the highest marks in Potions… now if she could just steal Lily’s brain somehow…

“Miss Falis,”

Race turned to watch a girl with curly brown hair rush up to the front. She beamed as Melly’s face lighted up with a slight smile when she got her grade slip. She was rather fond of Melly Falis, the girl who shared the Gryffindor girls’ dormitory with them. She was much quieter then the rest of the girls but she was fun to be with, nonetheless.

“Mr. Geier,”

A tall, sandy-haired boy with a cheeky smile stood up. He sauntered to the front and Slughorn looked at him disapprovingly.

“I expected better, Mr. Geier. I have already assigned a private tutor for you but your grades in potions show no sign of improving in the slightest.”

The boy looked undaunted.
He looked at his results and broke out into a huge grin but it never quite reached his eyes.

“Much better!”

Slughorn frowned at his exclamation.

“Not good enough, Geier,” he condemned.

The russet-haired boy only shrugged and stalked back to his seat.
Race racked her brain. What was his name again?


That was his name.
Kris Geier. He was the boy who shared the boy’s dormitories with the Marauders.

Race tried to rid her mind of his mischievous smile. He seemed quite warm and friendly and he was definitely good-looking. The other feature that kept swimming into the focus of her mind was his eyes. They were an amazing shade of hazel, almost bordering on the colour of honey, and were so deep and soulful.

Why hadn’t she noticed him before?

“Mr. Potter,”

Race shook herself out of her thoughts as the messy-haired Head Boy rushed up, nearly knocking her off her chair.

A loud “YES!” sounded him and he hurried back to his seat with an annoying Black hooting in glee.

Slughorn was already starting on the ‘R’s and her surname started with an ‘S’. Butterflies were starting a riot in her stomach as she nervously watched student after student receive their result slips. Some practically jumped so high their heads touched the ceiling while others pulled such gloomy looks on their faces that they almost seemed haunting. It wasn’t long before-

“Miss Shapiro.”

She gulped apprehensively, one part of her mind eager to get results while the other half was willing for her to drop down dead so that she needn’t have to see her grade; Slughorn wasn’t smiling. It had to be a bad sign.

Slowly, she made her way forward, eyes on the dungeon floor, her mind buzzing with anticipation.

What if she failed? A potion practical was her weakest spot and she had always been barely scraping the passing grade. This time, although with much grumbling and resentful comments, she had revised most of the potions she had learnt with Lily and Kimberly. While it had shocked her that she was able to complete the potion with ease, nervousness was still gnawing away at her.

And why wouldn’t that ruddy Slughorn smile and tell her she passed anyway?

She stole another glance at him and, as if on cue, the professor beamed at her.

“Best result on your record book, so far Miss Shapiro,” he stopped and almost looked as if he wanted to hug her.

“Full marks.”

- ; - ; - ; -

“Brilliant, Race!” Lily squealed, rushing towards her friend, arms outstretched.

Kimberly, who was behind Race, threw her arms around her and said in a prissy voice, “Hey, hey. Hands off. My property!”

Potions class had ended and everyone was leaving for the Great Hall for lunch.

Almost everyone, that is.

From behind Lily, a voice called out, “Race?”

Her eyes widened with realization.
It was that boy, the one with the honey-brown eyes.

He was walking towards her with an air of confidence and a handsome yet friendly look upon his features. She melted instantly.

“Um, Geier. Hey,” she waved awkwardly.

He smiled warmly at her pathetic excuse of a greeting and held out his hand. “Call me Kris.”
Instinctively, she held out her own to shake but as soon as their fingers touched, he pulled her hand to his lips and planted a soft kiss on it.

From beside her, Kimberly squealed and Lily held back a chuckle as she blushed such a deep shade of crimson that it would have put her friend’s beautiful tresses to shame.

“Ah… H-hi… Kr- Kris,” she stuttered.

He didn’t let go of her hand. His grip on it only tightened as he looked into her dark chocolate eyes.

“Race… I know this may seem sudden… but would it be alright with you… I mean, if it’s okay- would you like to… go… go ou-”


As if burnt by fire, Kris jumped up, letting go of her hand and stopping in mid-sentence. Race felt her disappointment rising - he was this close to asking her out – but shock took over everything else when Kris crumpled to the floor.

He was huddled in a ball, whimpering in pain as angry, painful boils broke out all over his skin. Rocking back and forth, he tried to banish the pus-filled boils but to no avail. Kimberly was gasping but Lily was yelling.



Rage consumed her every move as she turned swiftly to see Sirius Black, rolling around in laughter, wand in hand.

He will pay.

She felt a fiery anger possess her as she marched stiffly to where the culprit, the idiot who stopped her from acquiring a boyfriend, was.

In a spilt second, his laughter died as he looked at the livid girl in front of him. He almost looked afraid as her eyes shone brightly with anger, fury and rage.


“That,” Race began, her voice quivering, trying to keep her emotions in check, “was for cursing Kris.”

Her hand was stinging but she didn’t care. Bringing it up -the hand which Kris had bestowed that oh so soft kiss upon- she hit him again, tears threatening to spill.

“And that,” her entire form was shaking by now, “was for ruining my life.”

She left him like that, in the corridor and staring at the floor, left cheek in an unattractive shade of red as she helped Kris to the Hospital Wing, her two friends right behind her.

- ; - ; - ; -

Sirius Black silently headed towards the Gryffindor table.

Lunch had already started and the Great Hall was buzzing with activity. People were laughing, talking and joking as they ate and drank. They all seemed happy, contented.

And yet why was the biggest joker of the school, the boy whom nearly every girl wanted to date, feeling so gloomy and down?

He scanned the table for any sign of the brunette girl.
The beautiful brunette girl.

“Oi, Padfoot. What’s with that look?”

He turned to see James grinning at him.

James the lucky idiot.
He didn’t have some random good-looking guy flirting with Evans.

“Nothing, Prongs. Seen Shapiro around?” he asked quickly.

James furrowed his brow in thought but a second later he pointed behind Sirius and said, “At the doors.” And immediately, Sirius whipped around.

The first thing he saw was the glare that Shapiro sent him. Her eyes were ablaze with fury and her fists were clenched when she met his gaze.

Cringing, his gaze moved to Geier, who was walking right beside her.

His boils were gone, leaving only a few faint scars and marks but his whimpering earlier before was now taken over by a look of pure loathing directed at Sirius.

Sirius found his own anger rising and was about to grab his wand again when his gaze shot back to Shapiro.

Her eyes were now fixed determinedly on the Staff Table and as they walked past him, she ignored him completely. Geier was snarling, Evans and Kimberly were avoiding eye contact and yet the only thing that mattered was the cold shoulder she was giving him.

…and that was for ruining my life!

He felt guilt stab him but he pushed it away.

‘Ruin her life? Hah! More like save her from the dirty hands of Geier,’ He thought bitterly.

From beside him, Remus nudged him and asked gently, “What happened?”

‘She slapped me, that’s what!’ he thought but instead replied shortly, “Nothing,”

Remus and James shared an unconvinced glance and just as James opened his mouth, Dumbledore stood up and called for silence.

As Sirius felt himself do a little internal victory dance, James shot him a look that clearly said, ‘I won’t let this matter rest, Paddy!’

“As you all know,” Dumbledore’s voice rang throughout the now silenced Hall, “the festive month is approaching,” a couple of students looked excited while some others rolled their eyes and yawned, “the school board has decided to organize a little… game if one could call it that.”

He signaled for the Heads of Houses and they rose from their seats, heading towards their respective houses.

“With each professor, there are seven boxes, one for each year,”

Seven boxes appeared and floated around the four professors. Snape was glaring at the seven Slytherin boxes as they drifted in lazy circles around his head.

“In a single box, there are names of all the boys in one year. Theses boxes will go down the row to each girl and give her the name of her Secret Snowflake.” Silence followed as blank stares met his gaze.

“Her companion of the month.”

At his last words, the hall broke out into whispers and questions.

“Why don’t the boys get to pick?”

“Why girls?”

“Why the stupid boxes?”

“Companion of the month?”

“A guy has to stick to a girl for a month??”

“Are you insane?”

McGonagall called for silence as Dumbledore continued, “The rivalry between genders is getting out of hand. The school board believes that this project will end most hexes and curses in corridors,” he shot James a look. “however, to achieve our goal, we insist that all students take this seriously.

“In under any circumstances, the names must not be swapped. These boxes work very much like the Sorting Hat,” he added with a slight chuckle.

“Let the game begin!” he announced with amusement as the boxes flew to the respective girls of each age group.

Kimberly chocked on her pumpkin juice when a particularly fat box nearly knocked her drink out of her hands.
Dancing around in front of her, Kimberly giggled in amusement as it continued to twirl around.

When it finally stopped, a piece of paper flew out of an open flap and Kimberly plucked it from the air.

Peering over her shoulder, Lily heaved a great sigh.

“This is so unfair! You got Remus Lupin! That means Potter is still a choice,” she pouted as the box moved on to her, doing its silly little dance.

“Well,” Kimberly said brightly, “good luck to you,” she then turned to Remus and proceeded to hold a conversation with him just as Lily unfolded her piece of paper.

James was staring at it eagerly and when Lily peeked at her piece of parchment through her lashes, one half of her mind still begging for the name to not start with a ‘J’, she immediately threw it back on the table and began pummeling it with her fists.

“Whoa, Prongsie mate. Looks like Evans got you,”


At this, Lily whipped around to face him as her voice lowered dangerously.

“I will make sure you regret this paring,”

“I have never and won’t now,” he gave her one of his ‘special’ grins as she tried to stifle a small scream and turned back to Kimberly, her face twisted in one of pure abhorrence.

A little in front of her, Race saw a Maeven Wellyn groan as she got her paper. She shared the girls’ dormitories with them as well. She heard Kimberly laugh a little and exclaim, “Peter Pettigrew? Oh dear Merlin, how can this be good?”

That meant only Sirius Black and Kris Geier were left.

She saw the box stop in front of Melly Falis and as it did its special little dance, she prayed that the slip Melly would get isn’t the one with Kris’ name on it.

A piece of yellowed parchment floated to where Melly was and she took it. The box had moved on to Race as Melly unfolded her parchment. She saw Melly’s eyebrows shoot upwards when she read the name and it was then the last piece of paper flew out of the box and land neatly before her plate.

Biting her lip, Race took it and began open out the parchment.

Kimberly had leaned over in interest and as soon as Race saw a flash of the letter ‘B’, she stopped unfolding and put her head in her hands in defeat.

- ; - ; - ; -


“Oh shush, Lily. Dumbledore already said no swapping so moaning does not help.”

“You’re one to talk! You got Remus Lupin! He’s the only one who possesses more than half a brain cell!”

“Well, that’s probably cause the box loves me more than it does to you,”

Race sat quietly in the corner of the common room, lost in thought as her two best friends shot comments back and forth.

Sirius Black.

She had to live with Sirius Black hounding her for a whole month.

Did the box really hate her?

How can it work the same way as the Sorting Hat if it matched her with her sworn enemy?

“I will never live through this. Never. How could that box put me up with my archenemy? HOW?? Did I do anything wrong, Kim?”

“Lily, stop moaning. Even Race has got more sense than you in this. See, she’s just there. She’s just… staring… into space. Right.”

Lily rolled her eyes.

“Don’t give me that look!” Kimberly marched up to Race, “and you, snap out of it!” She waved her hand in front of Race’s unblinking eyes but got not even the slightest bit of response.

“Damn, I think she’s still in shock,”

In the boy’s dormitories, James was whining to Remus.

“She was supposed to be pretending, Moony! How could she eye me with so much hatred?”

Remus looked at him disbelievingly.

“You can’t be serious, James. And no, we don’t need your witty punch line here, Sirius.”

Sirius pouted as James continued.

“What should I do, Moony? Evans hates me!”

”Now that’s an understatement…”


“Nothing,” Remus straightened and pondered. “You know, maybe if you could ease up a little on the arrogance…”

James pouted.


“No buts, Prongs. What do you think you should do now?”

James brightened visibly.

“Court her?”

Remus rolled his eyes.

“Now aren’t you eager. The first step is to get closer to her. No, not in that sense, get your mind out of the gutter. She’d be more relaxed around you if you were friends,”



“So… I should… be her friend?”

“Do you want me to strangle you, James?”

- ; - ; - ; -

“Bloody box. What were the governors thinking?”

“I’m serious, Lily. Stop moaning. You’re beginning to sound like Race during the Potions test.”

“But I have a valid reason for this!”

“Lily! James is a good person! Stop painting him out to be such a villain.”

“He is!”


“Alright, alight!” She huffed. “He’ll torture me,”

Kimberly snorted and turned back to Race. “If there was some way to wake her up…”

“Does she need a kiss from her Prince Charming?”

At the sound of the cooing voice, Race jumped up and snarled.

“Go to hell, Black,”

The Marauders were descending the stairs of the boy’s dormitories.
Sirius was in the lead as James and Remus spoke in whispers behind. Peter was the last and was sporting a rather guarded expression on his face.

“Aww… Shapiro missed me?”

“Not even when you’re dead and decayed,”

As they engaged in a heated toss of insults and sneers, Remus nudged James rather painfully in the ribs.

“Ow! Alright! Okay, would you and Shapiro stop arguing over there? Hello? Did you hear me? KIM! REMUS! Help me out here!”

Kimberly nodded and pulled a red-faced Race away from a livid Sirius as Remus flicked the latter in the forehead and James continued.

“Thanks. And anyway…Remus was just thinking, um, I meant, I was just thinking… since we’re all the other’s Snowflakes… and Sirius and Remus are spending the December holidays at my house… maybe you girls could as well.” He ended abruptly and Kimberly cocked an eyebrow.

“’Fraid I didn’t get it James. Maybe we could what?”

“Maybe you all could… spndrhrdaysatmyhoutoo … ?” he mentally smacked himself when he felt himself go tongue-tied.

What’s wrong with me??

Kimberly however, understood his mumblings and laughed, cheerful as ever and said, “Sure!”

Lily, however, was far from comprehension.

Looking back and forth from Kimberly to James she asked, “Sure what?”

Turning to her, James tried not to trip over himself when he met her questioning gaze.

“Um… maybe you all could spend your holidays… at my house too?” the last part came out short and quick but everyone caught it.

Race turned to him eyes wide with surprise as she chuckled awkwardly a bit.

He wasn’t looking at her though.
He was already chiding himself when he saw Lily’s eyebrows shooting up with astonishment and one corner of her lip curling downwards, almost as if she disapproved.


- ; - ; - ; -

Author’s Note Yeah, I know. Weird ending. I’m sorry… couldn’t think of anything better. Don’t kill me over the Race-slap-Sirius thing. She’s just pissed like every other girl. Although I think most girls would run to Sirius Black rather than smack him…

Anyhoo, mega-sized chapter (in my case, anyway) for all my loffs!
Oh! And cookies, hearts and hugs to the lovely readers who reviewed! My ego is upped. Oh dear… yet again. ;P
Next chapter titled “Santa’s girlfriend”.
Yeah. I’m weird.

The review box misses you!!
Go on, go on.
Give it a little holiday cheer. That’s what this story is about after all. :DD


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