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Remus and Kia were together. Their first official date, and Kia knew about LAJO, was Hogsmeade. And Sirius fixed peter with someone else. So we were going to be off. We, meaning Sirius and I.


I was dressed up. In a black, knee-length denim skirt and a white spaghetti with a denim jacket. I had on little make-up and left my hair fall around my shoulders.


“Hey Juliet! Looking good today! Planning on meeting some guy while serving coffee?”


“I am totally shopping for a boyfriend!” I told Sirius as we walked out.


“Umm… where are you guys going?” asked Lily from behind.


“Let me see… its Hogsmeade weekend and I am all dressed up. Oh, and I am holding hands with Sirius… I guess it could be a date!” I said trying to smile shyly. Sirius hugged me from behind with a really fake grin.


“Remus and Kia are on a date too!” said Lily.


“We know… but we combined our detention with a date so we can spend time together!” said Sirius, kissing my cheek. I think he was over doing it too much. It was starting to freak me out. I glared at him.


“So I have to spend the day with James!” said Lily, lowering her voice so that James wouldn’t hear.


“I guess so!” said Sirius so innocently. Boy was he a good actor!


“I can NOT stand him without you guys!”


“Hey that’s my brother and he is really great!” I said a little indignantly. I was indignant. I mean nobody insults my brother and especially not the person we are trying to fix him up with.


“But…” spluttered Lily.


“Sorry Lils but we are getting late. Enjoy your day!” said Sirius dragging me away.




“What a nice first date!” I muttered as I cleaned a few dishes.


“Yea!” muttered Sirius behind me. I didn’t realize that he was standing there.


“This is all your fault!” I said. Sirius grinned. The nerve of they guy. He doesn’t even bother to look a wee bit ashamed!


“So when is our break? Can we go away from this place? Take a walk and spy on our friends. See if any of them are snogging?”


“Ya!” I said, tucking a wet strand of hair behind my ear and leaning against the counter.


“Hey, girl in detention! Give this plate at table no 5!” yelled another waiter. They all decided to ask me and Sirius to do their work today and it was getting really bugging to be called ‘girl in detention’. I sighed, pulled off my apron, thrust it angrily at Sirius and marched towards the indicated table. Frank Miller was sitting there. Frank was a cute guy on whom I had had a crush in second year. Just two months. Decided he wasn’t worth it. But when I went to serve him his coffee, he started flirting with me. I mean BIG TIME.


“So… Juliet isn’t it?”


“Yes!” I said stopping in a mid-turn.


“I was hoping to run into you here!”


“Really?” I said surprised. I was surprised. I didn’t even know he knew my name.


“Yea… I thought I would give you company… you know…” he said grinning suggestively. I leaned against the table so that I was more comfortable.


“Who are you here with?” I asked him, looking around.


“Actually no one! I was hoping you could join me!”


“I would love to!” I squealed. It had been a long time since I had been on a date. Sirius walked up to us.


“Break time Ju!” he said enthusiastically.


“Great then!” said Frank suggestively. I looked at him and gave him my most flirtatious smile. Sirius, I guess, did not like the look of that. Not my smile, the person I was smiling at, for he said very coldly, “Aren’t you on a date Ju?”


“Huh?” seriously, I forgot.


“Ya. With me!” Oops! I had totally forgotten. This meant that I couldn’t see other people. This is crap!


“You?” asked Frank surprised. Sirius stepped forward.


“Juliet is my girlfriend!” he said in a final kind of voice. I smiled sheepishly. Frank looked a little scared but I didn’t know why. Not until I saw the way Sirius was glaring at him. I let Sirius guide me out of the place gently. I guess I hadn’t thought this whole thing through.


“Who is he?”




“Frank who?” he asked demandingly.


“Frank Miller.”


“I don’t care who he is. I don’t want you flirting with him.”


I didn’t like that tone. Who was he to tell me what I did? Ya right! I forgot. My ‘boyfriend’. That still didn’t give him any right. Actually it did when it comes to flirting. Who cares? He is only pretend. Why does he care too much? Unless he is jealous… Ya and the chances of that are like 1 in a 100000000. I guess because I didn’t reply Sirius just went on talking.


“… and people will start to think something is wrong if you go around flirting like that with other guys!”


“Why do you want this to be so perfect?” I asked him. I didn’t know why but it popped out of my mouth and now I realized that it was valid. Why did he?


“Because this is important to James!” he said simply. That was the best about him. He was loyal. And sweet. And loving. And HOT… god I should stop now or before I know it I am going to like like him. I did not want that happening. No I didn’t. 

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