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Lilly entered her bedroom with a sigh. She would be sleeping alone tonight; James was out doing something for the Order. She sat on her bed with a groan and removed her shoes. Massaging her feet, Lilly Looked around her eyes falling on the crib where her One year old son was sleeping. She smiled a little.

You who I cradled in my arms           
You, asking as little as you can

She went over to the crib and looked down. Reaching down, Lilly brushed some thick black hair out of his face, hair that looked so much like his father. Harry sighed in his sleep and grasped her finger. Her stomach clenched pleasantly as she thought about how much she loved her child.

Little snip of a little man
I know I’d give my life for you

He walked for the first time today. She had been washing the dinner dishes when he pulled himself up by the kitchen chair and started lurching towards her. Lilly had dropped the dish into the sink and kneeled on the ground. He almost made it to her, but fell half way there. She wished James had been there to see it. Her smile faded as she remembered why Harry’s father was not there to watch him.

You didn't ask me to be born

You, why should you learn of war or pain?

To be sure you're not hurt again,

I swear I'd give my life for you.

This war would be the end of James and her. She knew it deep down that at some point her and James would not return from a battle. James might not even return from this mission. Lilly bit her lip and blinked, she prayed she would not have to without him. She loved him too much and Harry was proof of that.

I've tasted love beyond all fear.

And you should know it's love that brought you here.

She moved away from the crib and looked out the window. The stars were bright tonight and she could see the street lit up by the moon. She frowned in concentration as she made a vow. Even if she and James did not make it through, Harry would. Harry would live with Sirius and go to Hogwarts when he was old enough. 

And in one perfect night,

When the stars burned like new,

I knew what I must do.

I'll give you a million things I'll never own.

I'll give you a world to conquer when you're grown.

She closed her eyes and imagined her son being great. He could be anything: an Auror or Healer, a teacher, he could even my Minister of Magic if he wanted too.

You will be who you want to be.

You, Can choose whatever heaven grants.

As long as you can have your chance,

I swear I’ll give my life for you.

She hoped beyond hopes that her and James would be watching him graduate from Hogwarts with Sirius. The thought of her husband brought tears back to her eyes. She had not seen him in forever. She hated the nights when she woke up to an empty bed.

Sometimes I wake up, reaching for him.

I feel his shadow brush my head,

But there's just moonlight on my bed.

She did not believe his is real on those nights.

Was he a ghost?

Was he a lie,

That made my body laugh and cry?

Then she sees the crib and what’s inside.

Then by my side the proof I see, his little one.

Gods of the sun,

Bring him to me.

A small cry reached her ears and she turned back to the crib. Harry was awake and bored. She reached down and picked up her son, hugging him. She blinked back tears as his fat little fist reached and touched her face. His green eyes looked out at her with a gleam of mischief that he got from his father. Yes, he would be great.

You will be who you want to be.

You, Can choose whatever heaven grants.

As long as you can have your chance,

I swear I’ll give my life for you.

Suddenly the front door opened and she heard her husband’s voice calling her. “You’re daddy’s here,” she whispered to her son, before hurrying down the stairs. Her face lit up when she saw him, “James, you’re home.”

James looked up at her. His face was blank of any emotion, but his eyes showed fear and sadness. She kissed him and he kissed her back like it would be their last kiss.

“James?” she asked when the parted, "James, what's wrong?"

“Lilly, He's found us. He's here."

No one can stop what I must do.

I swear I’ll give my life for you.


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