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Everyone was so occupied on what Dumbledore was saying that no one heard anyone sneak in except Ron. He noticed two dark figures enter the great hall, he got so scared he dropped his spoon full of chocolate pudding on the floor. The two figures kept sneaking closer and closer to the Gryfindor table until they finally sat down next to Ron and realized it was Harry and Hermione.

"Where have you two been?" "nowhere" they both said at the same
time. Then suddenly Colin came running toward them. "I know what they've been doing, their cutting class!" he yelled loud enough that everyone could hear it. "Colin shut up" Harry yelled. Then all of a sudden it was pitch black and when the lights came on Harry, Ron, and Hermione and Ginny were nowhere to be found.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione found themselves in a dungen. "Harry I'm scared" Ron said. "Your always scared" harry yelled. "Would you two just be quiet ok, I guess It's me and Harrys fault" Hermione said "My fault! your the one that was late" Harry exclaimed. "I'm the one!" "Would you all just shut up!" said a mysterious voice "Who said that!"

"I did, Lord Voldemort" Then the trio turned around and saw a
pale gray face with shining red eyes and a cruel smile it truly was Lord Voldemort. "rictusempra!" Harry yelled. The spell bounced back at him. "DISAPERATE" Voldemort yelled and Ron and Hermione and Ginny vanished. "What did you do to them!" Harry yelled. "Don't worry, they're alright" voldemort said with a smile.

"But now goodbye Harry Potter" he yelled "crucio" Harry jumped out of the way and pointed his wand at himself and said "disaperate hogwarts!" Eventually he was in the Gryfindor common room sitting next to Ron and Hermione who were of course fighting. "Harry what happened with you and Voldemort?" Hermione asked changing the subject. "Voldemort almost killed me!" he replied.

Then Harry and started to breathe heavily. When they were done Ron said "What happened?" "Nothing" Harry replied. The next day was Christmas eve. Hogwarts was decorated all over. All of a sudden lightning struck then five dementors intruded Hogwarts grounds. Everyone was running and screaming except Hermione, Ron, and Fred and George. All fighting them.

The dementors were fighting hard. Luna Lovegood came running out of the quidditch pitch gate. "Harry your hurt!" she said worried then kissed Ron. "No Luna I'm fine" he replied. Dumbledore came running out with professor Moody and professor McGonnagal. "We need to get him to the hospital wing!" Moody said. When Harry woke up he had something in his lap it was a package.  Eventually the dementors were gone.

It was addressed to him. He opened the package it was long and skinny he unwrapped it. It was a comet broomstick. When he was well and better he went out onto Hogwarts grounds and tried out his new broom. It was so fast he almost fell off of it. But eventually he caught his grip and got back onto it.

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