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Merry Christmas!” Mrs. Weasley said excitedly as she joined everyone else in the living room. The focal point was, of course, the beautiful Christmas tree under which were an overwhelmingly large number of presents.

“Can we open our presents now, mum?” George asked impatiently.

“We don’t have to ask her!” Fred said proudly. “We’re fully grown adults here; we can make our own decisions!”

“Ahem,” Mrs. Weasley said sternly. “Nobody will open the presents until I say so.”

“Yes, ma’am,” Fred said dejectedly.

“What are we waiting for?” Ron asked grumpily.

“We need to wait for Percy to wake up; it’s rude to not wait for him.”

“Mum! Please!” Charlie pleaded. “He always gets the most boring gifts anyways.”

Mrs. Weasley looked at all the pleading faces around the room and sighed. “Oh, alright!” she said.

The entire room burst into excitement as hands dived in for their presents. The twins were scrambling through the pile rapidly trying to find their gifts while Ron was picking up random presents and checking the name tags to see who it belonged to. Harry was sitting beside Ron and Hermione, smiling as everyone was fighting for their gifts. The only person not involved in the festivities was Ginny, who though sat nearby watching emotionlessly as Bill piled her presents in front of her.

“Harry, oh my god!” Hermione squealed as she held up a large, old book that was entitled, ‘Hogwarts: A History’ First edition. “I’ve been looking for this forever!” She hugged Harry tightly while Ron rolled his eyes.

“Ron, I absolutely love this sweater,” Mr. Weasley said beaming, as he tried on his black, custom made, wool sweater. “This fits perfectly, did you get it custom made?”

“Yeah,” Ron said shiftily. “I…got it especially made for you, dad”

“That’s bullocks, dad,” Fred laughed. “Hermione bought it for you and she got it made.”

Ron turned red and scowled as Hermione handed Ginny a present. “This one’s for you,” she said as Ginny absentmindedly took the gift and unwrapped it. She held up a silver charm bracelet and tried to smile. “Uh…thanks Hermione,” she said.

“It’s not from Hermione,” Charlie said sounding hurt. “It’s from me.”

“Um, yeah…thanks,” Ginny said, still not fully paying attention to what was happening around her.

Mrs. Weasley shot Mr. Weasley a worried glance, who turned and looked at Ginny sitting by idly. He nodded to Mrs. Weasley gently and turned back to everyone else.

“Ginny, you haven’t thanked Bill for the earrings he got you. They’re real Egyptian gold, you know.”

Ginny snapped back to reality and looked around confused. “Sorry, what?”

Ron and Hermione looked at each other sadly as Mr. Weasley glanced at Ginny. “I said that maybe you should thank Bill for the earrings he got you.”

“Oh, yeah…” Ginny glanced around her and found silver unwrapped jewellery box with a pair of beautiful, handcrafted earrings in it. “Thanks,” Ginny said quickly.

“Um, no…no problem,” Bill said awkwardly.

“I think it’s time that everybody had some tea,” Mrs. Weasley said, trying to ease the tension in the room. “Come along, now.”

Everyone piled into the kitchen and poured some tea for themselves. Ron and Hermione seemed to be the point of attention as their daughter was due in a few weeks. Ginny waited until everyone had left and whispered to Mrs. Weasley. “May I go to my room?” she asked.

“Ginny,” Mrs. Weasley said forlornly. “It’s Christmas morning, why do you want to be by yourself on such a beautiful day?”

Ginny didn’t reply and instead looked away. Mrs. Weasley sighed. “You can go to your room,” she said hopelessly.

Ginny didn’t smile nor say anything; instead she turned and walked up to her room. Mrs. Weasley didn’t know how to feel right now. A part of her wanted to feel sorry for Ginny, wanted to hold her in her arms and talk about all her problems. But then there was another part of her that felt angry at Ginny; angry that she didn’t tell her own family the truth, angry that she was being so stubborn. Mrs. Weasley was so absorbed in her own thoughts that she didn’t notice Mr. Weasley come up from behind.

“Where’d Ginny go?” he asked.

“Upstairs,” Mrs. Weasley said briefly. “She wasn’t feeling well.”

“Molly, she hasn’t been feeling well for a few days now. This is a time for family and love and Ginny’s sitting by herself in a room, all alone.”

“Arthur, she needs some time to get over him. I’ve talked to her.”

Mr. Weasley didn’t reply. “She’s never going to change back, is she?” he asked solemnly.

“What do you mean?”

“She’s never going to be the old Ginny again, is she? No more sneaking around the house on Christmas Eve trying to find the presents; no more teasing her brothers; no more Ginny…”

Mrs. Weasley looked away. She knew Arthur was telling the truth. No matter how much she tried to convince herself, she knew that Ginny wasn’t going to be the same.

“Mr. Weasley?” Harry asked as he came from the kitchen. “Where’s Ginny?”

“She needs some rest,” Mrs. Weasley replied quickly. “She’s still tired out from last night’s accident.”

“Right,” Harry said slowly. Mrs. Weasley noted the confusion and suspicion in his voice and knew that it would only be a matter of time before Harry found out.
Ginny paced her room slowly and silently. It had been days and she had still received no owl from Draco. She had sent him messages many times a day in hope that he would reply to anyone of them but nothing had arrived. She peered out her window in hopes of spotting a distant owl soaring towards her with a message of hope; a message that said that Draco was coming to get her. But as Ginny scanned the broad winter sky, all she saw were long clouds floating majestically along the horizon, shining against the sun.

Ginny closed her eyes and summoned Faellia, her faithful house elf. The tiny creature was holding a scrubbing brush and a bottle of soap when she popped into Ginny’s room, still dazed.

“Mistress wanted to see Faellia?” she asked in her usual high voice.

Ginny nodded silently. “There…there wasn’t any mail at the house, was there?”

Faellia looked around the room. She pondered something for a minute and Ginny saw a weird look come upon her face. Finally, Faellia shook her head. “No mail.”

Ginny sat down on her bed and let a few tears fall out of her dark eyes. “I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything, right?”

“What does Mistress mean?” Faellia asked.

“Faellia,” Ginny said, the tears now pouring faster. “He probably never wants to see me again. I mean, I know he said we’d meet again but…he probably hates dad for what he did and…”

“Is Mistress talking about Mister Malfoy?” Faellia asked.

“How did you know his name?” Ginny asked.

“Faellia…she heard the name from Mistress when they were picking out clothes for her dinner,” the elf squeaked.

Ginny nodded. “I love him so much and I thought he loved me. But he’s sent me no messages; he hasn’t tried to contact me in any way…maybe …maybe he just got tired of me.”

“Tired of Mistress?”

“He had to put up with so much when he was here. He had to placate my family and win over my dad…and hide our relationship. Maybe he’s just enjoying the peace and rest in Italy…maybe he’s found someone else.”

Ginny’s tears were now growing in size and rate, drenching the front of her shirt. Faellia looked worried and uncomfortable. “Mistress is not to worry,” she said soothingly.

“Thank you, Faellia,” Ginny sighed. “I’m…I’m sorry for bothering you anyways. I’m coming back home right after New Year.”

Faellia nodded and disappeared with a pop, leaving Ginny all alone again.
“Ron, are you busy?” Harry said poking his head in Ron’s room. Ron was sitting on a soft chair, asleep with a book on his face. Harry moved in closer and read the title of the book aloud.

“Wizarding Fathers: How to create the magic between you and your child,” Harry said, waking Ron up slightly.

“Harry? What…what time is it?” Ron asked sleepily.

“It’s 9:30 in the morning, Ron, why are you sleeping?”

“Hermione’s making me read this stupid book,” Ron said grumpily.

Harry laughed as Ron scowled and sat up straight. “What’re you doing here anyways?” he asked.

“Ron, is something wrong with Ginny?” Harry asked, making Ron stare slightly outside.

“What do you mean?”

“She’s…well everyone’s been acting kind of weird ever since I got back. This hasn’t got anything to do with me, does it?”

Ron shook his head. “No, mate. It’s actually nothing so I don’t know why you’re worried.”

“Ginny seems so quiet now. Before I left, she used to yell and laugh except now she seems so…”

“Lifeless,” Ron completed Harry’s sentence sadly. “She’s just not feeling well, Harry.”

“That’s what everybody’s saying to me but…well…I don’t know…something’s not right.”

“Harry, it’s not about you and there’s nothing wrong with Ginny. Just go talk to her if you need to.”

“I tried, Ron,” Harry said. Ron felt as bad for Harry as he possibly could. Here, the saviour of the Wizarding World was pleading for the heart of a girl who stubbornly refused to forget a blood traitor.

“Trust me, Harry. Just go and talk to Ginny again and I’m sure she’ll understand whatever you have to say to her.”

Harry sighed and nodded. “I guess I’ll talk to her in the evening.”

“Yeah,” Ron said. “That’d probably be a good time since we’re all leaving anyways.”

“Leaving where?”

Ron rolled his eyes. “My Great Aunt is having a Christmas Dinner and she’s invited us all, except Ginny doesn’t really want to go so she’ll stay back. And mum reckons you’ve been travelling too much so you should stay home.”

Harry saw his window of opportunity. He fondled something in pocket that he’d been dying to give Ginny but never had the chance. Tonight was the night. Tonight was the night that Harry would tell Ginny everything.
Draco looked out his window. He had sent Ginny over fifteen owls and she hadn’t replied to any one of them. He’d even replied to the owls that she sent but there was no word on that either. He began to get worried that maybe she had gotten over him. Maybe her parents had convinced her to move on to someone else.

Draco took out a piece of parchment and scrawled a quick message onto it to Ginny. It’s been days since I sent you a message and there’s still been no reply. Is everything okay? Draco.

He sighed and tied it to his owl’s leg which soared elegantly in the morning sky towards the Burrow.
Evening had arrived so quickly that Harry didn’t even realize it. Soon, the Weasleys were all putting on their coats, getting ready to head out to dinner. All except Ginny, of course. All the women were wearing lovely dresses, even Hermione who’d managed to squeeze into a blue dress with ruffled sleeves. The men wore dark dress robes with the exception of Fred and George who chose to wear neon purple ones until Mrs. Weasley had to send them upstairs to get changed.

Soon, the Burrow was empty and Ginny sat alone in her room upstairs. She looked through the window again for any sign of an owl or a message. Draco hadn’t written to her at all nor had he replied to any of her messages. She revelled about her wonderful times with Draco that was only interrupted when Ginny heard a clinking sound downstairs.

She put her books to the side and went downstairs to see what had happened. When she arrived into the living room, what she saw was something beyond imagination.

The lights had all been dimmed and the only source of illumination was a pathway of rose shaped candles along the floor that lead to the centre of the room. The golden hue spread throughout the area was only enhanced by the shimmering sparkles that fell from the ceiling onto the ground and disappeared. Ginny walked along the pathway of candles and looked around the room, wondering how and why this had happened.

She heard a soft whisper in her ear and turned to see Harry behind her looking much more…Ginny couldn’t find the word to describe it. He looked different somehow. He seemed so much more confident and passionate than he had ever done before.

“Ginny,” Harry began. “I know I messed up whatever we had at Hogwarts, call it chemistry, a crush or friendship. I know I never should have broken up with you before I fought with Voldemort.”

“Harry…” Harry placed his fingers on Ginny’s lips and continued.

“Dumbledore always told me that the only thing that separated me from Voldemort was love and I was foolish enough to give that up when I broke up with you. Ginny, I love you.”

Ginny’s heart felt heavier than it had ever felt before. It felt as if a thousand hands were wrenching on it and pressing it down until it would finally crush.

Harry repeated his words. “Ginny, I love you-those three words have my life in them. Those three words make all the pain I’ve had to suffer away from you worthwhile.”

Ginny took a deep breathe as Harry continued. “The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard, but must be felt with the heart. I love you Ginny. I always have and I always will love you…no matter what. Relationships and dating are meant to help you find the only person you’ll ever love – the only person without whom you can’t live but I’ve already found her.”

Harry looked at Ginny with such passion and love that Ginny almost couldn’t bear it. “I don’t want to date you, Ginny,” he said. “I don’t want to waste another moment of my life wondering if you’re the one for me, because you are.”

He reached into his pocket and produced the most beautiful, hand-crafted diamond ring. “I had this ring made for you a long time ago,” Harry said. “I think it’s time I use it.”

To Ginny’s horror, Harry got down on one knee and held Ginny’s hand gently. “I can promise you tough times. I can promise that there will be moments when you and I might never want to talk to each other again but I can also promise you that if I don't ask you to be mine, I'll regret it for the rest of my life, because I know, in my heart, you're the only one for me. Ginevra Molly Weasley – will you marry me?”

A/N: I'm hoping for a lot of reviews for this chapter as it has a major cliffhanger and I want to know what people think about it. Do you think Ginny will say yes? or no?...Or will she just faint again? I really need to know :D

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