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Chapter 6

Of Abilities and Curses


Harry and Draco were shaken awake the day after Draco’s ninth birthday by their mother.

“Get up boys!” She scolded them, “Your father is waiting for you in the training room.”

“Why?” Draco asked stupidly.

“Honestly!” Narcissa exclaimed frazzled, “Run along and you’ll find out.”

The two quickly dressed and worked their way down to the training room where they found their father and another man that Draco recognized.

“Finally,” Lucius said coolly. “Now, do both of you remember, Professor Snape?”

Draco nodded as Harry shook his head.

“You were unconscious, Calais,” Lucius told the boy. “Severus, as you’ve already met Draco, may I introduce you to my youngest, Calais Malfoy.”

“I thought they were twins,” Severus commented.

“They are, Calais is an hour younger than Draco,” Lucius explained. “Now boys, we are here to begin your training.”

Neither boy showed any kind of reaction to the proclamation.

“Severus will be helping us,” Lucius continued, “Severus why don’t you take Calais and I’ll take Draco.” Snape nodded and pulled Calais off to the side. He seemed to study the boy for a second before beginning to lecture him about the dark arts. After a little while he asked, “Would you like to try?"

Harry nodded timidly and drew the wand that his father had bought him not long ago. “Let me see your wand,” Severus instructed him. The man appeared to look over the wand for a few seconds before handing it back, “Seems like a good wand for the dark arts,” he commented. Harry smirked; knowing that it was the brother wand to the dark lord and as such is was very likely to do well with the dark arts. “We’ll start easy,” Snape said.

“Serpensoria,” he muttered showing the boy. Harry looked at the snake as it slithered towards him.

“Stay away!” he shouted, feeling stupid afterwards for yelling at a snake, as the snake turned away his eyebrows raised. He looked up to see his mentor looking at him stunned.

“What the bloody hell?” Snape muttered. “Lucius come over here.”

“What is it?” Lucius asked coming over.

“Your son is a Parselmouth,” Snape said in awe.

“What?” Lucius said surprised. “Impossible!”

“I heard him,” Snape started.

“Calais, did you talk to that snake?” Lucius said.

Harry got the impression that Lucius wanted him to say no, so he did.

“See you must have imagined it Severus,” Lucius replied cheerfully.

“I most certainly did not!"

“Well then my friend,” Lucius said pulling out his wand, “I’m sorry to have to do this, but it is necessary Oblivate!”

Snape suddenly looked dazed and then shook his head asking, “What was that Lucius?”

“I said I thought that was enough for one day,” Lucius responded.

“Oh, right, of course,” Snape replied, “Same time tomorrow, Lucius?”

“Yes, yes,” Lucius said waving him off. When he was sure that Snape was gone he turned to Harry and said, “You are never to do that around Severus Snape again until you reach Hogwarts.”

“Yes father,” Harry said dropping his gaze.

“Calais,” Lucius said smiling, “This is not a bad thing.”

“It isn’t?”

“No, not at all,” Lucius said. “It is just rare, and viewed as dark magic, the dark lord was a parselmouth.”

Harry scowled.

“Salazar Slytherin was a parselmouth,” Lucius continued causing Harry’s face to brighten. “Really?”

Lucius laughed, “Yes really.”

They continued training in the dark arts with their father and Severus four times a week for the rest of the year. Severus was oblivious the entire time that he was actually training his worst enemy’s son. It was about a month before Draco’s tenth birthday, Severus and Harry were dueling. The duel was getting so heated that Lucius and Draco had stopped to watch.

Harry sent a curse at Severus, who reflected it with ease and Harry ducted under the rebounded curse as it went flying by his head. “Watch it!” he yelled cockily, causing Lucius and Draco to laugh. “That almost hit me!”

Snape sent a curse at Harry, which Harry smirked and waved his wand in a circle. The curse hit him, but it caused Snape to feel the affects as his curse blew him across the room.

“What are you playing at, Cal!” Snape yelled.

“Nothing old man!” Harry yelled back.

“I’m not old!” Snape screeched sending a curse at Harry. Harry laughed and ducked; the curse hit the wall and left a large hole."

“WATCH OUT FOR MY WALLS!” Lucius bellowed.

“THEY’LL GROW BACK!” Snape hollered ducking a curse from Harry.

Draco was looking at his brother with pride as he took on the much older man. Draco was a good dueler, but Harry was exceptional with the dark arts, the only magic they knew how to use as their father would not teach them things that they would only learn in Hogwarts anyways.

Harry and Snape yelled something at the same time and both of them were sent flying backward into a wall as the curses connected in the center of the two.

“Oooooow,” Harry groaned. “That hurt, Severus.” Harry had taken to calling the older man by his first name because he knew that it annoyed him.

“Shut up, Calais,” the other man groaned pulling himself to his feet.

“Well done Cal!” Lucius boomed coming over and pulling his son to his feet. “I reckon its time, Severus!”

“Time for what?” Draco asked

“Are you sure, Lucius, they’re not even ten yet,” Severus stated looking at Lucius wearily.

“Absolutely, I reckon we start with showing them the effects of the lesser one,” Lucius said. “Together the two men turned their wands on the two boys.

“What?” Draco said.

“What’s happening?” Harry asked.



“Imperio!” the two men shouted in unison.

Harry felt the curse hit him and he suddenly felt light, he heard a voice in his head which he recognized as Severus,

Prance around the room

Harry was about to start when a voice in his mind asked, “Why?”

Prance around the room

“It seems awful silly to me,” Harry’s inner voice said.

Prance around the room 

“I don’t want to.”


Harry then found two things happening; he both tried to start prancing and tried to stop himself from prancing, resulting in him landing flat on his face on the ground. Severus and Lucius were staring at him in shock and Harry glanced around and noticed Draco crawling on the floor humming a ridiculous kid song. Lucius ended the spell on Draco and Draco said, “What happened?”

“The Imperius Curse, Draco,” Lucius commented dryly.

“Calais fought it,” Snape said amazed. “And almost beat it.”

“What?” Draco said looking at his brother.

“Let’s try again,” Lucius said raising his wand. “Imperio.”

Punch Draco 


Punch Draco

“Seems awful silly to me”

Punch Draco

“No I don’t think I will.”


“NO!!!” Harry shouted aloud causing all three to take a step back from him. Lucius beamed at him with pride.

“He can fight off the Imperious curse,” Snape said in awe.

The next month the two adults spent teaching the boys to perform the unforgivable curses. Everyday after Snape left, Lucius would express to them the importance of not using any of what they were learning unless they absolutely had to. On Draco’s tenth birthday Lucius announced that there was no more to teach the boys with out them first going to Hogwarts and learning defense against the dark arts.

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