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    A/N:  My gift to all of you this holiday season!  Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone here and especially to all my readers!

    Warning . . . you may need a dentist after this!  The fluff is worse than all the candy canes you've been eating!

    And I had meant to get this up before Christmas, but there were a few issues, but here it is now!

    Enjoy and please leave a review!

    DISCLAIMER:  All JKR's.  This is purely a hobby and I make no money off of it.

    Miracle on Crescent Moon Lane
    by SunDevil05

    “And here’s another Muggle favorite for all you out there this afternoon!”

    The sound of a guitar was heard from the speakers of the wireless followed by the lyrics about a reindeer running.  Harry smiled as he listened to the song.  He remembered as a child he would sneak on the stairs and listen to the music during the Christmas parties the Dursleys held.  Of course, he was never allowed to be present at them, but he would push his luck and see just how far he could get down the stairs to at least enjoy the music.

    It was Christmas Eve and Harry was enjoying the quiet day with his wife of three years, Ginny.  They married young, Ginny had just finished school a week before their wedding but their young age was not going to stop them from being with each other.  The war had forced them to grow up fast and torn them apart from each other.  With nothing in their way, they wanted their happiness.

    Harry had taken a post of training Aurors in defensive magic after refusing to actually join the corps.  He was done with chasing dark wizards and fighting but after a long talk with Moody, Shacklebolt, and Tonks he agreed to help train as long as he was never called for a mission.   Ginny on the other hand worked for pretty much the only real newspaper in town; she was an editor at the Quibbler.  They had a happy marriage and had their share of problems but they wouldn’t have it any way.  Now, three years into their marriage they were expecting their first child and both were very excited about their pending bundle of joy which was due to join their family in just a few weeks.

    Harry heard a gasp and looked over at Ginny who was sitting across from him at their kitchen table while they ate their late lunch.

    “You okay?” he asked frowning at her.  She nodded, rubbing her stomach and taking a deep breath.

    “I’m fine.  The baby is just really active today,” she replied.  She smiled at him.  “Don’t worry about me.  The baby isn’t due for another two weeks.  Besides, that was a kick.”

    Harry returned her smile but only half-heartedly.  Something didn’t seem right about her today and it worried him.  She was nearing the end of her pregnancy and while the midwife assured them that the baby wouldn’t arrive for another two weeks, it did nothing to calm Harry’s nerves.  She had complained about some back pain before they went to bed the night before and he knew she had a restless sleep because of it.  At the time, he thought it was just strain from carrying their baby, but this morning it seemed like it hadn’t gone away.  Ginny didn’t appear to be worried about it.  Instead, she went about her business doing light housework (under Harry’s watchful eye) and kept herself mildly busy.  Harry on the other hand was desperately hoping she hadn’t gone into labor.

    From the moment Ginny had told him that she was pregnant, Harry had taken it upon himself to learn everything he could about pregnancy and birth.  He wanted to be informed and to be able to help out once it was time for the birth.  He was going to be a well prepared father, just in case his help was needed.

    Ginny made a move to get up and Harry quickly jumped to his feet.

    “I’ll get the lunch dishes, love,” he said and grabbed her plate.  “You stay right there.”

    “Harry, I’m perfectly capable of doing the dishes on my own,” Ginny insisted.

    “I know that, but you heard the midwife.  She doesn’t want you to overwork yourself and we can’t have you going into labor while she’s out of the country this week,” Harry said and picked up his dish as well.  “You’ve done enough today.  I want you to take it easy.”

    “I can’t possibly control when this baby decides to arrive, Harry, you know that,” Ginny pointed out.  “If he or she wants to be born today, I can’t stop that.  And besides, Katie finished her training and would gladly help if we need her.”

    “True,” Harry agreed placing the dishes in the sink and hoped this wasn’t her way of saying she was indeed in labor.  “But you can at least lower the chances of the baby coming now.”

    Ginny sighed and crossed her arms stubbornly.  “I can’t wait for this baby to come and you can stop being so bloody protective.”

    Harry chose not to reply.  He set the charms on the dishes and moved over to the hob.  “Do you want something warm to drink?”

    “Hot chocolate sounds good,” she answered grumpily.  Harry nodded smiling to himself about her mood and set to work.

    A short time later he heard the scraping of a chair on the tile floor.  He glanced behind his shoulder and saw Ginny holding on to the top of the table and pushing herself up.

    “What are you doing?” he asked, shutting off the hob and quickly rushed to her side.

    “I’m going to sit on the sofa in the front room, Harry.  I can walk still,” she snapped and her eyes flashed angrily at him.  “Am I allowed to do that?”

    Harry was stunned for a moment and couldn’t think of a reply.  He just wanted her to take it easy and not push herself.

    “I just want to make sure you’re okay,” he sighed and let go of her arm.  “You and the baby are important to me and I don’t want anything bad to happen to either one of you.”

    Her eyes suddenly watered and her lower lip trembled.  Harry’s eyes went wide in surprise knowing that he had probably upset her.

    “I’m sorry,” she muttered an apology and rubbed her stomach.  “I’m just so ready for this pregnancy to end.  I want this kid out of me already!  It’s making me go barmy and I know you’re irritated with me!  I’m . . . I’m surprised you haven’t left me yet.”

    She sniffled and hugged herself looking down at the ground.  Harry felt his heart break.

    “I would never leave you,” Harry said fiercely, forcing her to look at him.  “Gods, Ginny, I love you so much.  I could never do that to you and our baby.  The two of you are the most important things in my life and I could never – would <i>never</i> leave you.”

    Harry enveloped her in his arms hoping she could tell he was telling the truth.  Ginny melted into his arms and clung to him.  He knew that the pregnancy was difficult on her with the physical changes and the ups and downs with her hormones.  He was trying his best to make her comfortable.

    Ginny tensed suddenly, her hands gripping him a bit too tightly and she winced.

    “Love?”  He pulled away and studied her, noticing the look of pain on her face.

    “I’m okay,” she breathed.  “The baby is just having fun with me I think.”

    Harry frowned unsure of her explanation.  She didn’t look very sure of herself either.

    “Will you let me help you to the sofa?  Please?”

    She sighed and leaned against him, giving in to his help.  He led her into the sitting room and helped her sit in the sofa.  He made sure she had a nice view of their Christmas tree which was lit up with multicolored lights and filled to the brim with presents, mostly for the baby, beneath it.  He put her legs up on the cushions and covered her with a blanket.

    “Harry,” she warned.

    “I know, I know.  Just let me okay?” he said smoothing the blanket out.  He looked up at her, placing a hand on her stomach and felt his heart swell at the series of kicks he received.  “You know, you always take care of me.  I’m just repaying the favor.”

    Ginny smiled softly and sighed.  He kissed her gently and stood up.

    “Anything else you need for now?” he asked.

    “Hand me my basket, please,” she asked motioning towards the coffee table where a whicker basket sat filled with yarn and needles.  Harry picked it up and handed it to her.

    “I’m going to finish up the hot chocolate,” he said checking her over to make sure she was taken care of.

    “All right,” she replied setting up her needles and yarn.  He watched her for a moment as she started up on a half finished set of booties and left.

    Harry returned a few minutes later with a tray of hot chocolate and a plate of gingerbread and chocolate biscuits.  The wireless was floating behind him.  He set the tray on the table and directed the wireless next to it.

    “Here,” he said handing her a mug.  Ginny put her knitting down and took the mug.

    “Thanks, love,” she said and took a slow sip.  “It’s good.”

    Harry smiled and took his own mug.  He sat next to her, pulling her feet on his lap.

    They sat there in silence enjoying the holiday music coming from the wireless.  Ginny busied herself with her knitting adding to the small collection of baby clothes she had already made.  He noticed that she always did it the Muggle way and remembered her telling him once that she liked to do it that way. There was something about it being more satisfying that way.

    Harry listened to the gentle clicking of her needles and the songs on the wireless.  It was a peaceful Christmas Eve with just the two of them.

    “It’s really come down there, folks!” the announcer on the wireless chimed.  “You’d be completely mental to go out in that weather!  And now here’s an old favorite in honor of the blizzard we seem to be having, Let it Snow!  Let it Snow!  Let it Snow!

    Harry glanced at the window and was surprised to see the snow falling heavily.

    “Blimey,” he muttered and stood up from the sofa.  He gently placed Ginny’s feet on the cushion before he went to the window.

    Looking out, their property on 428 Crescent Moon Lane was covered in a thick layer of snow.  The trees which were usually filled with green leaves were bare and there were no signs of the flowers Ginny tended to in the warmer months.  Their walkway had completely disappeared and from the looks of it, the snow was so thick it nearly reached the window sill.  It came down in heavy sheets making it difficult for Harry to see anything past the trees closest to the house.

    “Looks like we’re snowed in, love.  This is definitely a white Christmas,” Harry said to Ginny keeping his eyes glued outside.

    He glanced across the grey sky and realized that if his beloved owl was out in that weather he wouldn’t be able to spot her amongst the vast amount of white.

    “Hedwig’s inside, right?” Harry asked worried for his pet.

    There was a hoot causing Harry to turn around and look at the corner where Hedwig’s perch and cage were kept.  The snowy white owl was standing on her perch watching Harry with her large yellow eyes and blinked at him as if she was assuring him she was inside the warm and cozy house.

    Hedwig hooted again and took off suddenly, flying across the room and landed on the back of the sofa next to Ginny.  It was then that Harry noticed that Ginny had a look of pain on her face.  He raced to the sofa and fell on his knees next to her.

    Ginny had her eyes closed and was gripping onto the sofa with one hand.  Harry took her free hand.  She squeezed it tightly.  Harry reached behind her and rubbed her lower back hoping it offered her some sort of comfort.

    After what seemed like hours, which was really only a little over half a minute, Ginny relaxed.  She let out a slow breath and opened her eyes.

    “That wasn’t the baby kicking, was it?” he asked and she shook her head.

    “No,” she replied.  “I think I’m having contractions.  I think they started last night and are getting a little bit worse every time.”

    Harry’s heart raced.  She was in labor and their midwife was out of the country.  There was always Katie Bell, George’s fiancée, but Harry would rather they didn’t have to call anybody.  He hoped this was a false alarm.  Those happened, didn’t they?

    But what if this was the real thing and they did need Katie and they couldn’t get a hold of her?  What would Harry do then?

    There’s still St. Mungo’s, Harry reminded himself.  Yes.  That’s it.  He would just take Ginny to St. Mungo’s when the time came and Katie wasn’t unavailable for any reason.

    “When was the last one?” he asked glancing at the clock and trying to keep his panic at bay.

    “Maybe twenty minutes ago?” she answered.  “It’s more frequent since last night, I think.”

    Harry nodded trying to stay calm.

    “I’ll start timing them,” he said noting the time and stood up.  He retrieved some parchment and quill and wrote down the time.  He retrieved a large glass of cool water for Ginny and set it on the coffee table in front of her before taking his seat again and watching her intently.

    Ginny had gone back to her knitting finishing up a set of yellow booties.  She glanced up at Harry.

    “What?” she asked.

    “You okay?” he asked, scooting closer to her and placing her legs in his lap.  “Do you need anything?”

    “I’m fine.  Just relax, okay?  We’ve got loads of time,” she replied.

    “How do you know?” he asked.

    “Because,” she sighed and went back to her knitting.  “Women in my family have notoriously long labors.  Mum was in labor with all seven of us for at least two days before we were born.  This baby won’t be born until at least the day after Christmas.  So stop staring at me as if I’m going to pop any moment.”

    Harry bit back a remark that she could pop at any moment and instead tried to keep his mind busy by thinking about other things but he found it hard.

    “Should I Floo Mum?” he asked rubbing her legs.

    “What for?” Ginny replied.

    “To tell her about your contractions,” he explained.  “She’ll want to know you’re in labor.”

    “Harry, I told you we have nothing to worry about.  We have loads of time and we don’t have to disturb her.  Besides, she’s probably getting ready for the annual ball at the Ministry,” Ginny replied never taking her eyes off her knitting.

    Every Christmas Eve the Ministry put on a ball for the entire wizarding community.  The whole Weasley family had decided to attend this year.  The Potters, however, decided not to go due to Ginny being so close to the end of her pregnancy.

    Harry looked at the clock and frowned.  “It’s three in the afternoon.  The ball doesn’t start until seven, right?”

    “Yes, but it takes time to get ready.  Women have so much more work to do than men,” Ginny replied and grinned.  “How do you think we make ourselves all pretty like that at these things?”

    Harry returned her smile and leaned over to kiss her.  “You don’t have to spend any time getting all pretty like that.  You’re perfect the way you are.”

    Ginny giggled and swatted him away.  “Let’s just let everyone have their fun.  When it gets closer, we’ll let them know.”

    “But Katie’s there, too,” Harry reminded her feeling his panic return.  “What if we need her?”

    “We won’t need her yet.  Stop worrying.  Let her have fun with George, all right?” Ginny said soothingly.

    Harry sighed and sat back.  He just hoped that they did have the time Ginny promised they had.

    Ginny’s smile was wiped away from her face in an instant and she sat up straight staring fearfully at him.

    “What?  What’s wrong?” Harry asked his heart beating so fast now he was sure it would burst from his chest.

    “My water broke,” she whispered her cheeks turning red.  “Oh Merlin, this is so embarrassing.”

    Harry sprang to his feet and held his hands out to her.

    “Come on,” he said soothingly as he pulled her to her feet.  “Let’s get you changed into a nice clean nightdress.  Maybe you can talk a bath too?”

    Ginny merely nodded allowing him to help her up the stairs and into their bedroom.

    Just like clockwork, Ginny would experience contractions every twenty minutes or so and they became slightly stronger each time.  She continually told him they had plenty of time but eventually she seemed like she didn’t believe her own words.

    Harry did everything he could to distract her from her contractions.  They played cards and chess and looked at pictures and even danced a little.  The activities seemed to work for the most part but soon enough, her contractions were becoming closer and closer together.

    Around eight thirty, things were getting intense.  Ginny was leaning against a wall next to the fireplace, her hands planted firmly on the plaster and her head bowed.

    “Breathe, Ginny, breathe,” Harry coached her as he rubbed her back soothingly.  She began to do the breathing exercises they had learned in their birthing classes with him.  After a minute, she relaxed but didn’t move from the wall.

    “Every five minutes now for about the last hour,” Harry announced.  “I thought you said we had loads of time.”

    “Well obviously the women in my family were never pregnant with a Potter child before,” Ginny snapped.  She pushed away from the wall and began pacing, rubbing her lower back.

    “Do you think your family’s home by now?” Harry asked.  They needed to get into contact with Katie if they were home.

    “Probably not,” Ginny replied.  “They’re all having the times of their life dancing and laughing and having fun while we’re snowed in inside this house and I’m struggling with giving birth to your child.  Tell me, where’s the fairness in that?”

    Harry knew better than to argue with her and knew not to take her words seriously.  Mr. Weasley had warned him about this part of pregnancy and gave him advice to just take whatever she threw at him.  He had also told Harry to constantly remind himself that she was in a lot of pain and her hormones would be completely out of balance.  His father-in-law had also told him to keep reminding himself that she would soon give him the best gift he could ever receive.

    There was no way he could get a hold of Katie if she was still at the ball.  They would just have to go to the hospital and then try to contact someone in the family.

    “We should go to St. Mungo’s,” Harry suggested, grabbing their cloaks from the back of the armchair where he had placed them earlier.  He helped Ginny get hers on before shrugging on his own.  He led her to the fireplace and reached into the small pot where they kept their Floo powder on the mantle place among family pictures.

    Harry frowned when his fingers grabbed nothing.  He took the clay pot off the mantle and peered inside.  Nothing was left except for a few specks and that wasn’t nearly enough to even make a call let alone travel anywhere.

    “What?” Ginny asked noticing his hesitation and frown.  “What’s wrong?”

    “There’s no Floo powder,” he said placing the pot back on the mantle.

    “I thought you bought some yesterday,” she said.  “It was on the list I gave to you and Ron.”

    Harry shook his head and braced himself for her explosion.  He was going to pay for his little assumption that she had gotten some a week before when she had gone shopping with her mother and skipped it on the list.  “I thought you bought it already, love.  It looks like we have none.”

    Ginny’s eyes were fixed unblinkingly on his face.  Her cheeks were flushed and Harry was sure that wasn’t because of her recent contraction.

    “What do you mean we have no powder?” she hissed angrily.

    “We’re out it appears,” he replied slowly backing away from her.

    “You mean to tell me that we are stuck in our own home!” she cried.  “We’re trapped?”

    “I’m – I’m afraid so, dear,” he stammered unsure of how to deal with not only a usually temperamental Ginny, but a hormonal one and in labor as well.  He’d be lucky to live to see their child after she finished with him.


    She stalked towards him with anger blazing in her eyes.

    For the first time in his life, Harry feared the love of his life.  His sweet, loving Ginny looked fit to kill right now and he swore he could see steam coming out of her ears.

    “Not only are we snowed in and have no Floo powder, I can’t Apparate and we can’t send Hedwig with a message because of the bloody weather!  I’m about to give birth and we have no bleeding help and it is entirely your fault!  We are never having another child, Harry Potter, do you hear me?  NEVER!” she shouted at the top of her lungs while poking him roughly in the chest during each syllable she uttered.

    She gasped suddenly and groaned as another contraction hit her.  Harry grabbed her hands letting her squeeze them tightly and lean against him.

    “It’s okay,” he assured her as she whimpered.  “Breath with me . . . that’s it.  It’s going to be just fine.”

    When it was over, Harry helped her walk around the living room and massaged her lower back.  He was trying hard to keep her distracted and make her as comfortable as possible.  Her mood was increasingly worse and she screamed and shouted several harsh things about him.  Even Hedwig seemed to be taking her side and hooted along with her shouts.  She seemed to be blaming him as well for being trapped in their home.

    A few hours later and Harry was starting to panic.  The heavy snow was showing no signs of letting up and Ginny’s labor was becoming increasingly more difficult.  Her contractions were occurring nearly every two minutes, lasting longer, and were stronger.  Ginny was sitting on the sofa now groaning in pain and breathing hard.  Harry had pulled her hair back in a ponytail and was dabbing at her face with a cool cloth.

    “We need to do something,” she said after another contraction ended.  “Harry, we need help.”

    “I don’t know what else to do,” Harry replied helplessly.  It was painful for him to watch her go through this and having no help whatsoever.  He knew the baby would arrive very soon and he would have to be the one to deliver it.  What was he going to do?  There was no way to get help and already he felt like a failure to his wife and baby.

    “There’s got to be some way to get help,” she said and groaned again gripping his hands tightly.

    Harry breathed with her thinking of anything that could get them help.  He was going to have to do this on his own and he didn’t think he could.  He was prepared to help her, keep her focused and comfortable, but actually delivering their baby?  What if something was wrong?  What if their baby wasn’t breathing when it was born?  What would he do then?

    Hedwig hooted suddenly and took off from her perch on the sofa.  Harry watched as she flew over him, smacking him with her wing in the process as if she was belittling him and soared up the stairs.

    “Nice to see you hate me too!” he cried after her, rubbing the back of his head where she had hit him.

    “Hate?  Oh no, Harry, I wouldn’t say I hate you right now,” Ginny growled.  “More like loathe or despise even!  If I had my wand then you would definitely know how I feel about you right now!”

    Hedwig returned with something clutched in her beak.  She dropped it on Harry’s head and resumed her place on the sofa.

    “Ow!” Harry shouted and rubbed his head again.  “You ruddy bird!  What did you do that for?”

    She hooted balefully and him and turned her back to him, sticking her tail feathers up.

    Harry frowned and looked at the ground to see what she had dropped on him.  He spotted a small round clear stone on the carpet and he grinned.

    “Of course!  How could I forget?” he cried and picked it up.  “The labor stone.”

    Their midwife had given them a set of clear stones during Ginny’s fifth month.  She had called them labor stones and instructed them to give them to several people they trusted to tell them when she was in labor.  Harry had one that he kept in his pocket at all times when he wasn’t with her just in case.  All Ginny had to do was hold it and concentrate on alerting everyone.  He had completely forgotten about it with his panic.

    “Here,” he said pressing it into her hand.  “Concentrate on it.  We’ll get help.”

    Ginny grasped the stone tightly in her hand.  Harry saw the glow of red light escape between her fingers as it was activated and hoped someone would know what was going on.

    No more than a minute later, loud pops were heard all around them and the room suddenly filled with red heads dressed in their best dress robes clearly coming straight from the ball.  Hedwig flew around the room hooting and squawking in excitement and Harry sighed in relief and made a mental note to do something special for his loyal owl.

    A quick glance around the room told Harry that Ginny’s parents were there along with Bill and Fleur, Ron and Hermione, Fred and Angelina, Remus and Tonks, and finally George.  But, Harry saw to his horror there was no Katie.

    “Ginny!” Mrs. Weasley’s voice rang out.  “Oh my little girl!  My baby’s having a baby!”

    “Mum!” Ginny cried.  “Mum, help me please!  Oh gods, this hurts!”

    Mrs. Weasley rushed to the sofa taking Ginny’s hand in hers.

    “Move over!” Katie’s voice rang out and pushed through the crowd.

    Harry nearly leapt to his feet and wanted to kiss her in relief.  She too was wearing elegant dress robes and even had a tiara of sorts on her head but instead of a matching handbag, she had a knapsack.  Katie kneeled next to the end of the sofa placing the bag on the floor next to her.

    “How long has she been in labor, Harry?” Katie asked as she performed several charms in rapid succession.

    “Since last night we think,” he replied.

    Katie nodded never taking her eyes off of Ginny.  “Get me a few blankets, quickly now!  Everyone else, get out of here now!”

    Mrs. Weasley sprang up and rushed to the hallway cupboard while Hermione and Fleur were rushing the rest of the family into the kitchen.  Mrs. Weasley returned with a few of the baby blankets Ginny received at her baby shower and handed them to Katie who had now taken out several bottles of potions and other instruments she may need.

    “How far apart are her contractions?” Katie asked after quickly casting a few Sterilization Charms on the blankets.

    “Every two minutes now,” Harry replied watching as Katie worked.  She covered Ginny’s legs with a large blanket and continued to assess her.

    “Molly, can you stay here and help me once the baby is delivered?” she asked.

    Mrs. Weasley nodded squeezing Ginny’s hand and looked close to tears.

    “Good.  Harry, get behind her on the sofa and help support her.  Ginny, it looks like you’re almost fully dilated,” Katie said her tone switching from stern to soothing.  “You’re going to have to push really soon, okay?”

    Ginny could only nod as she reached out blindly for Harry when he stood up.

    “Harry, don’t leave,” she begged.  “I need you with me.  I’m scared!”

    “I haven’t left you all day and I won’t leave you now, I promise,” Harry replied and kissed her forehead as he got behind her.  He settled her between his legs and fixed her ponytail that had become loose.  He ran a shaky hand through her hair and placed it on the back of her neck while his other hand told a hold of hers.  “I’m right here, okay?”

    Ginny nodded keeping her eyes closed tightly and breathing hard.  Mrs. Weasley squeezed his shoulder and took Ginny’s other hand.

    “I’m right here too, my darling,” she said to her daughter.  “I’m so sorry I wasn’t here earlier.  Why didn’t you two call?”

    Harry opened his mouth to reply but was cut off by Ginny’s shout of pain.

    Both Mrs. Weasley and Harry helped her get through the contraction.  When it was over Harry explained what had happened throughout the day to Mrs. Weasley in between Ginny’s contractions.

    “Well, you’re just like Arthur when we had Bill.  It was an early winter and frightfully cold.  He forgot about the stones too until the last minute,” she said fondly.  “I’ll bring you some powder from home as soon as this is over.”

    “Molly, take this blanket,” Katie interrupted them.  Mrs. Weasley took it while Katie took her place at the end of the sofa.  “Ginny, it looks like you’re ready here.  I need you to push on your next contraction.  Can you do that?”

    Ginny merely grunted in reply and tensed suddenly.  Harry held onto to her, forgetting everything he had learned about this part.  His mind was still trying to process the fact that very soon he would be a father.

    “Harry!” Katie’s voice snapped him out of his thoughts.  He looked at the blonde witch.  “She needs you right now.  Talk to her.  Get her through this!”

    Harry licked his lips and nodded.  He pressed his face close to Ginny’s and kissed her cheek.

    “That’s my girl.  Keep pushing, love,” Harry encouraged her fighting his own shout of pain at the death grip she had on his hand.  “Come on, sweetheart.  You can do this.  Make us parents!”

    Ginny was biting her lip in an attempt to keep from screaming.  Harry couldn’t fathom what it felt like and decided he didn’t want to know.  If he could take the pain away from her and do it himself he would do it in a heartbeat.

    He continued to murmur words of encouragement to her trying his best to help her as she groaned and grunted through the pain.  Her hand was shaking in his and Harry held her tightly.  Mrs. Weasley kept her hold on Ginny’s other hand and kept a running commentary for them.

    “Oh my!  There’s the head!  That’s the most beautiful top of a head I’ve seen in years!” Mrs. Weasley cried in delight after what seemed like hours.

    “Got Harry’s hair.  Poor thing,” Katie said grinning gleefully up at Harry.  Harry glared back at her and brought his full attention to Ginny who was now in tears and moaning about the pain.

    “Excellent, Ginny!  You’re doing beautifully!  Just a bit more and you’re a mum,” Katie announced.

    With a final grunt and shout from Ginny the room was suddenly filled with a cry that came from no other occupants of the room.

    “Well, it looks like you two have a strapping baby boy!” Katie announced holding up a wriggling crying pink colored newborn.

    Harry stared at his son for a few moments and threw his head back, whooping in joy and shouting at the top of his lungs in glee, “I’m a father!  I’m a father!” while his newborn son continued to wail.

    There was the sound of cheering coming from the kitchen and a shout for Butterbeers all around.

    Harry hugged Ginny to him, kissing her face, neck and shoulder repeatedly and muttering how much he loved her.  Ginny returned his gestures feebly, obviously exhausted but radiated pure joy.

    Harry remained behind Ginny and watched as Katie cleaned off his new son and quickly evaluated his health.  Mrs. Weasley held him as Katie worked and she seemed to be in complete awe of her grandson.

    “Well, it looks like he’s in perfect health.  Congratulations you two,” Katie smiled up at them.  She stood and hugged them both.

    “Thank you, Katie,” Ginny said weakly.

    “We owe you so much for this,” Harry added and kissed his soon to be sister-in-law on the cheek.

    “I’m just happy I got to deliver my nephew, well, almost my nephew,” she replied.  “He’s beautiful, you know.”

    They smiled up at her.

    “Now, Ginny, take it easy, okay?  You’re going to be really sore so let Harry take care of you,” Katie advised and smiled at the obvious disgruntled look on Ginny’s face.  “I know you hate that but you need to get your strength back.  You’ve got a newborn to look after.”

    “Well,” Mrs. Weasley sighed cradling the newborn in her arms, “do you want to hold your son, Mummy?”

    Ginny gave a watery laugh and nodded her head.  Mrs. Weasley carefully handed Ginny the baby.

    “Harry,” she breathed as she cradled their son in her arms.  She turned to look at him, happy tears in her eyes and a wide smile on her face.  “Look at him.  We have a son.  Isn’t he gorgeous?”

    Harry indeed was looking at him.  He didn’t think he could ever stop looking at him.  He was tiny and still wriggling around in Ginny’s arms.  He was whimpering now, moving his fists around in front of him with his toothless mouth wide opened and his eyes tightly closed.  He had faint wisps of black hair on the top of his head and Harry wondered what colored eyes he had.  Eventually, his tiny cries quieted but he continued to squirm slightly in Ginny’s arms.

    “Hi,” Harry whispered grinning down at his son.  He reached a hand out towards him, stroking his tiny clenched fist.  “Welcome, little one.  I’m your dad and this is your mum and you young man has made this quite an eventful day.”

    Ginny laughed and leaned down, kissing their son on the forehead.

    Hedwig hooted softly from atop the sofa, her amber eyes fixed on the tiny bundle Ginny held.  She hopped down on Ginny’s lap and faced the newborn baby.

    “You were a big help, Hedwig,” Harry said reaching over and stroked her feathers.  “Thank you.”

    The snowy white owl turned her gaze at him and gave a hoot that said it was the least she could do.  She turned to the baby again and gently nudged the top of her beak on his cheek.

    “I think Hedwig approves of him,” Ginny said.

    “Wait until he grows up and starts to pull her feathers,” Harry muttered as Hedwig took off to her cage.

    The grandfather clock chimed and Harry glanced up seeing it was midnight.

    “Hey,” Harry chuckled, “it’s his first Christmas.”

    Ginny sighed, kissing the top of his tiny forehead again. “Looks like it is.”

    “Do we have a name for this baby boy of yours?” Mrs. Weasley asked softly causing both new parents to look up at her.

    “Um, well we had one in mind,” Harry replied and looked at Ginny for confirmation.  She nodded and smiled at him.

    “Mum,” Ginny said, holding their son up a bit higher so Mrs. Weasley had a better look at him, “meet your grandson, Ian Michael Potter.”

    “What a perfect name for him,” Mrs. Weasley sighed.  She looked at Ginny curiously.  “May I hold him again?”

    Ginny nodded and gently handed Ian off to Mrs. Weasley who immediately cooed and crooned over her grandson.

    “Harry, why don’t you go introduce Ian to the rest of the family while we take Ginny upstairs to get her cleaned up and settled in bed so she can nurse him?” Katie suggested.

    Harry gently extracted himself out from behind Ginny and hoisted her to her feet.  Ginny winced in pain.

    “Easy,” Harry muttered and held her firmly in his hands.  “You okay?”

    “Fantastic,” she replied sarcastically.  “I only just gave birth about ten minutes ago and it wasn’t like it was the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my entire life.  I’m brilliant.”

    “Liar,” Harry murmured and kissed her on the forehead.  Katie replaced Harry and helped Ginny and walk towards the stairs.

    “Here’s your son, Daddy,” Mrs. Weasley said sweetly, grinning at Harry.

    Harry swallowed hard shakily taking Ian in his arms.  He stood still for a moment, adjusting to the new warm weight he held and staring down at his son.  He yawned, one of his little fists moving across his face, and he seemed to snuggle closer to Harry.  Harry grinned, feeling his heart swell to the brim with love for this tiny human being he helped to create.  Ian blinked up at him, showing the exact same shade of brown Ginny had.

    “Congratulations, dear,” Mrs. Weasley whispered kissing Harry’s cheek and patting him on the shoulder.  “You’re going to make a great father.”

    With a smile she took off up the stairs to help with Ginny leaving Harry alone with Ian.

    Harry stared down at Ian hoping that Mrs. Weasley was right about him making a great father.  He was going to try his hardest to do just that.

    “Well,” Harry sighed, “let’s go meet the rest of your family.”

    Slowly, Harry walked to the kitchen and carefully pushed the door open.

    It seemed like an impromptu party had started.  Everyone was involved in drinking Butterbeer and eating some sandwiches that seemed to have been slapped together quickly and no one noticed the new father and son.

    Ian, it appeared, didn’t like the noise around him and began to whimper, squirming and cuddling closer to Harry.  Harry carefully bounced him a little and ran a reassuring hand up and down his arm.  This seemed to calm the infant a little.

    “Oi, you lot!” Harry said just loud enough to grab everyone’s attention. “What are you doing eating our food like that?  This isn’t your house you know.”

    Everyone stopped what they were doing and fixed their eyes on Harry.

    He suddenly felt a little self conscious standing there with his new son in his arms and all attention on them.  He cleared his throat.

    “Everyone, this is Ian Michael Potter,” he announced holding Ian up a bit higher.  “He’d say hello himself but I think all he knows right now is how to cry.”

    He was immediately crowed around with the family all trying to get a good look at the newborn.  The family was relentless, all offering their congratulations and wanting to hold baby Ian.

    “My best mate, a father!”

    “A new test subject he is!”

    “Now really, you can’t use a newborn as a test subject!”

    “He iz so leetle!  Bill, I want to ‘ave another one!”

    “The newest Marauder!”

    “Molly’s going to go crazy with all this new knitting for him.”

    “Let me hold him!  I promise I won’t – ow!  There’s a chair there.  I won’t drop him!”

    Harry felt overwhelmed by everyone’s comments and was very reluctant to give up his son.  He wanted him all to himself right now.

    “Ian, Ian!  Look at this!”

    “Don’t do that!  It’ll scare him, Fred.”

    “No it won’t!”

    “Your ugly mug will scare anyone.”

    “You must be confusing yourself with me, Ron!  Have a little too much firewhiskey tonight?”

    Everyone immediately stopped when Ian let out a loud cry, turning red and kicking his feet.

    “Now look at what you did.”

    “Maybe he’s cold?”

    “Or needs a new nappy?”

    “I’d love to see Harry change it.  Go on, Daddy!”

    “I think he’s hungry,” Harry muttered feeling slightly embarrassed when all eyes switched from Ian to Harry.  “Err, well, Katie said she and Mum were going to get Ginny ready to nurse him.”

    “Go on and take him, Harry.  Can’t have him stay hungry for too long,” Mr. Weasley said and patted Harry on the shoulder.  He shooed the rest of the family away allowing Harry to leave the kitchen and bring the baby to Ginny to be nursed.  He never felt so grateful for his father-in-law before.

    Hours later, after only a few hours of sleep, Harry was feeling on top of the world.  He felt overjoyed and full of energy and couldn’t stop grinning.  Mrs. Weasley had stopped by earlier to make them breakfast and brought with her a small vial of Floo powder and a few sets of baby clothes she had kept since Ron was a baby seeing as they had no real clothes for their son; they elected not to know the sex of the baby before it was born and therefore didn’t have much clothing to keep their son warm.  She left after making sure that her daughter, son-in-law, and new grandson were well taken care of before promising to stop by later in the afternoon with everything for Christmas dinner.  Apparently that was now moved to the Potter household so the family could enjoy their newest member.

    The tree shone brightly with its multicolored lights.  More gifts had been stuffed under the tree as Mr. and Mrs. Weasley had brought anything they had at the Burrow over.  The snow had stopped falling a short time ago leaving the entire area covered in white.  Harry felt a strong urge to take Ian outside but knew his son was much too young for that.  He’d just have to wait until next year.

    A merry fire roared in the fireplace casting a warm glow over the Potters.  Their stockings (even a little tiny one for Ian that at the moment only said Baby Potter) still hung on the mantle and thanks to Mrs. Weasley they had a full pot of Floo powder.

    Most of the presents had been opened already, the majority of them being new toys and other things for Ian.  Harry had placed himself in charge of the gifts opening them for himself and for Ian and Ginny’s when she told him too.  He saved his own gift to his wife for last.

    Hedwig sat in her cage nibbling on gingerbread biscuits Harry had given her for her help the night before.  She seemed to have taken a liking to Ian and was very curious about him.  She would fly over him, taking a spot near him and watch the infant.  Harry hoped she would continue to like him when he got older; he just knew her feathers were going to be a very fun thing for Ian to play with.

    Harry was sitting in front of the Christmas tree with brightly colored packages all around him still wearing his pajamas.  He wore his gift from Ginny, a red and gold hand knitted scarf that he put on the moment he got it.  Ginny had taken residence in the armchair facing Harry and the tree with baby Ian snuggled warmly in blankets and content to be in his mother’s arms.

    “And this is from Uncle Moony and Auntie Tonks to . . . Ian!” Harry cried holding up a small green package with reindeer on it.  Harry grinned up at his wife.  “He’s a very popular kid.”

    Ginny giggled and looked down at their son who was too busy nursing to pay any attention to his father let alone any gift he might be receiving at that moment.

    “Well he is a very adorable little boy.  He’s going to drive all the girls crazy when he gets older,” Ginny replied.

     “Just like his dear old dad,” Harry added as he tore the paper off the package.  He glanced at Ginny and found himself on the other end of a reproachful glare.  “Err, I mean he’ll fall in love with one girl and one girl only and ignore the rest just like his dear old dad?”

    “Better,” Ginny replied and turned her attention back to Ian.  “Now Daddy can sleep in his bed tonight instead of the sofa.”

    Harry had the good sense not to reply and continued to open the gift.  He revealed a white box and took off the lid.

    “It’s a rattle,” Harry announced taking out the toy and giving it a shake.  Broomsticks, snitches, and quaffles were painted all around the rattle and began to move when he shook it.

    Harry stood on his knees and crawled over to the armchair.

    “Look, Ian,” Harry said shaking the toy in front of his face. “See the rattle, son?”

    “Harry, don’t,” Ginny scolded him and pushed the rattle away.  “Don’t distract him while he’s eat —”

    A loud wail drowned out her words.

    “Err, I guess he doesn’t like it very much,” Harry muttered as he scrambled away from Ginny.

    “I’m sure he would like it if you didn’t wave it in his face when he’s eating,” Ginny snapped angrily as she pulled the strap of her nightdress up and tried to calm Ian down.  “Shh, sweetheart.  It’s okay.”

    Harry sighed and sat on the sofa toying with the rattle in his hands.   His son wasn’t even ten hours old and already he was a horrible father.  He watched as Ginny slowly calmed Ian and coaxed him back to finish nursing.  Ginny, it seemed, knew what she was doing.

    “I’ve got a lot to learn about being a parent, don’t I?” Harry muttered miserably.

    “I’m not an expert either,” Ginny said and looked up at him.  “I’ve never taken care of a baby before.  I’ve got loads to learn, too.”

    “But you’re a lot better than me already,” Harry replied.  “I mean . . . you didn’t get a mouthful of – of –”

    Harry felt his ears grow hot with embarrassment.  Ginny was in the bathroom when that incident happened this morning.  It was something Ron and the twins would have given anything to see Harry go through.

    “Of what?” Ginny asked clearly curious.

    He scratched the back of his head and rubbed his neck.

    “I was changing his nappy just like Mum showed me and, err, well, Ian’s got a really good shot,” Harry explained in complete mortification of the entire event.

    Ginny, to his absolute horror, shook in quiet laughter in an obvious attempt at trying not to disturb Ian who was once again happy and content.

    “Oh Harry,” she giggled with mirth dancing in her eyes.  “Is that why you were brushing your teeth so hard this morning?”

    “Err, yeah,” Harry confirmed.  “I’m so glad to see that you find it funny.”

    “Harry, don’t worry.  Mum said that happened to Dad with all of my brothers.  He was rather grateful when I turned out to be a girl,” Ginny said.

    “Something I’m grateful for as well,” Harry added under his breath.  Ginny rolled her eyes at him.

    “Harry, the only reason why I seem better at this is because I’ve asked Mum a load of questions and I still don’t know everything,” Ginny admitted while she cleaned off Ian’s mouth and adjusted her night dress.  “It’ll take time to get a hang of this whole parenting thing but we’ll learn together.”

    Ginny placed a blanket over her shoulder and changed her hold on Ian.

    “Here,” Harry offered standing up and holding his arms out.  “Let me do that.”

    “You sure?” Ginny asked rubbing Ian’s back gently.

    “Yeah.  I got to learn, don’t I?” Harry replied and took the blanket off of Ginny’s shoulder.  He threw it over his own and took Ian from Ginny.  “I just pat his back a bit right?”

    Ginny nodded.  Harry returned to his seat on the sofa with Ian.  He held his son against his shoulder and began to gently pat his small back.  Ian kicked his tiny feet against him, his tiny fists clutching onto the white undershirt Harry normally wore to bed.

    “Why don’t you go and open something?  I think there’s another one or two for you under there.  I’ve got him,” Harry suggested.

    Ginny smiled and carefully stood from the armchair.  She knelt in front of the tree peering beneath its lower branches at the gifts that remained wrapped.

    “I think I’ll take this pretty gold one,” she said and picked it up.  She sat on the sofa next to Harry and smiled.  “Let’s see here, ‘to Ginny, love Harry’.  Thank you, dear.”

    Harry merely smiled back at her.  Ian hiccupped causing Harry to grimace when he felt something warm trickle down the blanket on his shoulder.

    “I didn’t realize a lot of . . . stuff came out of these things,” Harry said, pulling Ian back and wiping his mouth off.  “There was nothing in those baby books about this being so messy.”

    “Just one of the joys that came with being a parent,” Ginny said slowly tearing the wrapping paper off her gift.

    Harry switched his hold on Ian so that he cradled him instead.  He glanced at Ginny and saw that she had removed the wrapping and now held a slender black velvet box in her hands.

    “Nice box,” she commented.  She held it up towards Ian.  “Look, Ian, Daddy got Mummy a box for Christmas.  Isn’t that thoughtful?”

    “Ha, ha.  Why don’t you open it?” Harry said rolling his eyes at her while she tickled Ian’s feet.  Ginny pulled away and smirked at Harry.

    Harry kissed Ian on the top of his forehead as he snuggled closer to Harry, his tiny eyelids drooping.  Harry rocked him gently in his arms and watched Ginny.

    “Oh my,” Ginny breathed in surprise when she opened the box. “Oh, Harry, this is beautiful!  Thank you!”

    She took out a bracelet made of white gold with three stones on it.

    “I’d put it on you, but I sort of have my hands full,” Harry whispered.

    “It’s okay,” Ginny replied as she put the bracelet on herself and stared down at it in admiration.  She moved her wrist back and forth, the gems catching the light of the room and reflected it brilliantly.  “What do the stones mean?”

    “Each one is our birthstone,” he explained.  “Ours are on the outside and his is in the middle, but I’ll have to get it changed.  That’s the one for January,” Harry explained.  “We can add to it when – if we have more kids.”

    “I love it,” Ginny said and kissed him on his cheek.  “And I definitely think we’ll be adding to it in the future.  Thank you.”

    Harry grinned and kissed her gently on the lips.

    “I’m afraid my gift wasn’t as impressive,” she said with apologetic eyes and played with the scarf he still wore around his neck.

    “Oh it is,” Harry replied moving his gaze from her to baby Ian now sound asleep in his arms.  “He’s the best gift I could ever get.”

    Ginny curled up next to Harry, wrapping her arms around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder.

    “He is, isn’t he,” she agreed.  She picked up one of Ian’s small hands and kissed it.  “He’s the perfect gift we could get.”

    “Maybe we could get another next year, eh?” Harry suggested, raising his eyebrows at her.  Ginny smirked and kissed him.

    “We’ll see,” she replied.  “For now, let’s enjoy our little Christmas miracle before the rest of the family comes and keeps him away from us.”

    They sat in silence with their twinkling Christmas tree and the warm crackling fire enjoying the peaceful holiday.  Harry couldn’t remember having a better Christmas.  He had his family with him and that was all he could ever wish for.  He looked forward to the Christmases he would share with Ginny and Ian and any other little Potters that came along in the future.  But right now, he was content with his wife and his newborn son.

    “Happy Christmas, Harry,” Ginny whispered and kissed his cheek.

    Harry turned to her and kissed her forehead.  Happy Christmas to you too, love.”

    They both looked at their sleeping son.

    “It’s a very happy Christmas, isn’t it?” she asked quietly.

    Harry nodded.  “Thanks to you.  You’re incredible.”

    “I had help, you know.  I couldn’t have gotten him without you,” Ginny replied.

    Harry smiled.  He leaned down, pressing another kiss on the top of Ian’s head.

    “Happy first Christmas, Ian, our Christmas miracle.”

    And indeed he was a miracle, a little miracle on Crescent Moon Lane that filled Harry and Ginny with incredible joy and happiness and for either, this was the most wonderful gift they could ever receive.  A little baby boy that would grow up to amaze his parents with everything he did and continue to give them their greatest gift; a gift of a family and of love. 

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