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A/N: Everything is JK Rowlings. Most of this follows with her plot. The lyrics are performed and written(i think) by InMemory.

Chapter Four
Drinking and Dialing

I've been dying just to tell you something
I've been waiting oh for so long
You like to tell me that your fine without me
You'll regret it when I'm gone

I'll Pray to god you can not breathe,
or go a single day without the thought of me.
When you decide to go just know
You can go free.

--InMemory "Drinking and Dialing"

I don’t know how long I slept, but it was the longest I have in a long time.

The sun was hot on my back, confusing me for a moment before I remembered I had broken free of Azkaban and it’s cold walls. I was still in my dog shape and planned to stay that way until I was sure I was going to be okay. I didn’t know how close I was to Azkaban, though I knew I was more then a few miles. Dementors could be anywhere. Muggles won’t see them, so I could rely on them to give me a warning or something.

I was lost of what to do. I was free and now I had to find Peter. Before going to search for him, I wanted to make sure everyone that believes I betrayed them were alright. I wasn’t sure how Libby took seeing me those few weeks back and I was sure that picking up the paper and reading of my escape would cause her pain. My escape was no doubt going to be in the paper. I felt a touch of sadness as I thought of Tristan picking up the paper, too, and seeing my name. He must be ashamed to be my son. . .

There was also Harry. I doubt he knew too much about me besides being a mad murderer. Betraying his parents would probably have been kept from him. It was the way Dumbledore was. I was comforted with that hopeful thought.

But who to go to first? Harry or Libby and Tristan? Usually, I would say Libby and Tristan. But going to them and seeing Libby again, seeing how Tristan had grown up, would probably cause me to never want to leave. I would probably do something reckless like walking into the front door while they’re eating dinner or something. That wouldn’t be too good. Libby would sure draw her wand on me if she isn’t put into a shock.

No, going to Libby and Tristan first would not be a good idea. I would just get a quick glimpse of Harry and then track down my family. I’ll stay around them until Tristan leaves for Hogwarts. I’ll follow him to Hogwarts, sneaking onto the train or something, and then find Peter. Once that’s done, I don’t care what happens. Between that time, I hope to talk to Libby. But it depends on how close I can get to her.

Deciding that I would go to Harry, I racked my memory trying to remember where Harry could possibly be. I recall Hagrid telling me so many years ago that Dumbledore ordered him to go to his aunt and uncles’. The Dursley’s. Muggles, I remembered. Petunia was Lily’s sister. . .

I stretched my legs and yawned, my tongue curling, before starting off towards the closest town I could find.

It wasn’t far.

I had only been walking hurriedly across the woods when I came to someone’s backyard. Lucky for me, there was a man weeding his garden and he chased me away with a shovel. I trotted down the streets, looking for something to help me find the Dursleys’.

It was hours before I collapsed under a tree. I had only gotten the day, which was July 31st. Harry’s birthday. Funny how that turned out. I had also learned by more then one Muggle that I had escaped from an unknown prison and am armed with a gun and shouldn’t be approached. Funny thing about that is I don’t even have a wand, seeing how mine was snapped in two and will never work the same again. It’s a pity, too, I loved that wand.

Sighing, I wondered if I should try and find food in the trash cans, or steal something from on of the neighboring restaurants. I’ve seen a few. I laid there for a moment longer, still being a bit weak from my escape, but I felt alive. My head was cloudy anymore and I was remembering more about Libby and Tristan. Like I now remembered Tristan was born with black hair. And his full name was Tristan Andrew Black. I was so happy to remember it that I didn’t even bother to wonder if Libby had changed his last name to her maiden name, Cullen, as she had done her own.

Being happier at remembering those two little things, I jumped up and started about the town again. I was somewhere in northern England. It was good to know, too, since I didn’t really want to be traveling from country to country. I only had a month before Harry and Tristan went to Kings Cross.

There was a woman in a pay phone flipping through a thick book. I was passing, trying to act like a dog and sniff around, when I stopped and stared at her, ears perked up. The book she was going through was a phone book, I believe. I remembered hearing something about it in Muggle Studies back in Hogwarts. It was supposed to be filled with a whole bunch of numbers. If it had the Dursleys included, that would work. I waited while the woman talked. As soon as she left, I went into the phone booth and grabbed the heavy book in my mouth before taking off down an alley. Making sure I was hidden, I changed back into my human form and flipped through the book.

I was amazed by how many Muggles would put their name in a book anyone could read, but I didn’t find any Dursley. Cursing, I turned back into a dog and kicked the book to the side before starting to walk back off. Then I paused, glancing at the book. The first name on the line was Figg. I went towards it and saw that it was Arabella Figg. She was a Squib, I recall. The Figgs were a good family and my own parents spoke horribly of them because the produced a non-magical child. This had to be the same one. . .

The Figgs were useful to Dumbledore before I was arrested. Arabella was always ready to do what she could and I sort of remember her living near the Dursleys because Lily was afraid that Voldemort would attack her sister to get to her. Arabella was used a some sort of spy for the Muggles.

I memorized the address of her home and hurried out of the alley, pleased to have some sort of lead. The only problem, however, was that Arabella Figg lived some ways away. If I had some means of transportation, such as my flying motorbike, I would easily get there my morning. But because I had to walk, I wouldn’t expect myself to arrive for a week.

With a sigh, I started off.

I was right considering the time it would take to get to Surrey. It was a week when I finally reached Surrey. I traveled by night, hoping that Dementors would be resting during the day. Sometimes, I kept moving till it was midday and then laid down in a hidden place to sleep. Not once did I get caught or “seen” by a Dementor. Though, I did feel them. Panic would consume me at those points, but the Dementors would so pass without so much at a second glance my way.

Relief spread threw me when I made it to Magnolia Crescent. I knew I was close. I was crossing Privet Drive when I stopped. There was a man right outside Number 4. I had seen him before. Staying hidden, I crept closer and saw that it was Vernon Dursley. A man I only meant once in my life and wanted to punch ever since. He had insulted James for being a Wizards. I glowered at him for a long moment and then realized that I had found Harry—if Harry was even here.

I watched as Vernon went into his house and slammed the door. I picked my way through the garden trying to see through the windows, but it was rather hard since the windows were sort of high up. I made my way to the side of the house with an open window. I heard voices, but couldn’t understand what they were saying. With a sigh, I went back to the front of the house and found a hiding spot across the street. I don’t know why I had chosen to watch the house in the front, but it felt like it was the best place to be.

Night fell slowly.

It was around dinner that I felt something was wrong. I sat up and stared at the house. The lights were flickering and there was yelling inside. Things were silent for a minute and then more yelling. The door swung open seconds later and a skinny boy with untidy black hair stepped out. For a moment I thought he was James, but then I realized it was just Harry. Who looked just like him. Except his green eyes. I could see them from where I was hidden and they were just like his mothers.

Slamming the door behind him, Harry started off, dragging his trunk with one hand, his wand in the other. He looked angry and a bit nervous. I could have recognized that look anywhere. I had once wore it when I ran away from my own home back when I was just sixteen. But Harry was only thirteen. To young to be on his own. He started to walk off and I, feeling oddly protective, followed across the street.

Harry kept going until he reached a playground. He stopped under the flickering street light and pulled open his trunk. He shuffled through it, obviously looking for something. He paused and looked around before turning back to his trunk. I edged out of my hiding spot between a fence and garage, suddenly wanting Harry to get a glimpse of me. He stood up straight and spun around, wand out.

The tip of his wand suddenly lighted and he held it high to get a better glimpse of me. Startled, Harry backed up and fell, throwing his wand arm out. With a bang, the Knight Bus appeared and I fled. . .


I felt so stupid and so pathetic when I finally got out of bed two weeks later. How could I be so weak? In front of my own son, too. I was sure the team of Aurors would use this against me. And if they didn’t use this against me, then I would use it against myself, afraid of what will happen when he is caught once more and the Dementors suck out his soul.

And yet, for how weak I felt, I actually felt stronger. Like my sanity, which is on the edge almost all the time these days, suddenly was secure and able. The thought made me climb out of bed and walk to my window, which overlooked the backyard. I saw Tristan and Remus out there. Whatever they were doing, it looked like they were having fun. I smiled, glad that Tristan finally had a father figure. I wonder if Tristan was told about Sirius escaping yet. . .

I went to the bathroom and turned on the shower, making it as hot as it could go. I waited for a moment as the steam rolled from behind the shower curtain and fogged up my mirror. Then I stepped into the boiling water, gasping a little from the heat. I adjusted the temperature so it wasn’t as painful. Then I let the water loosen my cramped muscles and relax me.

Once I was showered, I wrapped a towel around me and went back into my room where I quickly changed into a pair of sweat pants, that seemed a bit big on me, and a simple t-shirt. I pulled my wet hair back and then went downstairs barefoot. I suddenly felt relaxed and. . .happy?

No, I decided, not happy but relieved. Yes, relieved that I was going to be okay, that Tristan seemed happy, and that Sirius seemed to be okay, too. Why I was worried about Sirius, I didn’t know, but I knew it had to do with once being married to him. And something else. It was part of that feeling of not being able to remember anything. I knew something was missing, something that would explain in simple details why I was worried about Sirius.

In the kitchen, I made myself tea. I didn’t know where Pinky was and even if I did, I would do it myself anyways. I needed to do something and keep busy. Just as I was I was taking out a piece of toast from the toaster, I heard the back door open and Tristan’s laughter, that was a bit like a bark, but not completely.

“I’m a sucker for dimples,” I admitted, blushing. Sirius grinned now too and I kept my eyes directed at me feet. I knew my face was probably redder then a tomato. This was so embarrassing.

“Really now?” Sirius went on. He crossed his arms across his chest.

“Oh, shut up, Sirius,” I snapped looking at him, “I bet there’s something about me that makes you crazy,”

“My smile makes you crazy, now, does it?” Sirius looked delighted by this piece of information and I was shocked at myself for even telling him that.

“Oh, go away!” I snapped.

I stood still for a moment, the knife I was using to smear jam on my toast frozen in midair. Shaking my head, I realized the memory, the most detailed memory I’ve had in a long time, wasn’t fading like they usually did when they surprised me. I shook my head again and went back to my toast, Sirius’ voice more clearer then I have ever heard before. I sighed.

“Libby?” Remus asked, surprised as he entered the kitchen, “How are you feeling?”

“Much better, actually,” I said, my voice sounding surprisingly cheerful and light. Remus raised an eyebrow in surprise.

“You sure?” he asked.

“Positive,” I laughed and took a bit of my toast and carrying the plat and my tea over to the table where I saw down. Remus sat down next to me, looking concerned.

“You don’t have to pretend to be okay, you know, Libby. Jacob will be back soon and Tristan will be fine, as well. If you feel weak or whatever, relax,” Remus said, still looking very concerned.

“I’m fine, Remus,” I insisted, “I feel better then I have in years. I belong in St. Mungo’s just as much as you do!”

Remus stared at me for a long time. I just smiled, sipping my tea and eating my toast, which was quite tasty. Finally he nodded and said, “Okay then. If you say you’re okay, I believe you. Jacob will be harder to convince.”

“I know,” I smiled, “So where’s Tristan?”

“Upstairs getting changed. He’s going to Diagon Alley with Ginny and the rest of the Weasleys,” Remus explained.

“So he’ll be gone all day?” I asked.

“Pretty much, I’m sure,” Remus nodded.

“Good. I want to go to the Ministry and tell them I’m okay and learn some information of the escape,” I said, finishing my toast and now just sipping my tea.

“Don’t you think that’s pushing it, Libby?” Remus asked, concerned.

“Probably. But I have to do something,” I explained, “I’ll feel bad if I have nothing to do with recapturing him again.”

“Can’t you just have Kingsley or someone come by?” Remus pleaded.

“I’m going to them,” I said stubbornly.

Remus didn’t argue. I waited till Tristan left for the Weasley’s before I left for the Ministry. Tristan was surprised to see me awake and alive or whatever you want to say. Once Tristan was gone, I got dressed in my Wizarding robes and apperated to the Ministry of Magic. I got in the elevator and waited patiently as it went to my floor.

“Libby?” Tonks gasp when I entered our cubical. Her being my AT (Auror in Training), we shared a cubical until she become a certified Auror.

Our cubical was rather cramped, there being two desks and all. A file cabinet saw in the corner and on the walls were photos of wanted wizards and evidence and such. On my desk was a framed pictures of Tristan, from all ages, and my family from recent events. I didn’t spend much time in the office, most of my jobs were hands on and all. But sometimes, when the days were slow, I would sit in my office writing up reports and other such things.

The boring stuff, Tonks called it.

“Hey, Tonks, how are you?” I asked, sitting down at my desk and wincing when I saw all the papers on top of it. I flipped through the first few and realized it was just back up reports from other cases. I stacked them and went to the filing cabinet.

“I’m fine, but Libby, what are you doing here? I thought you were ill?” Tonks said.

“I was, but I’m okay now. I feel better then ever, actually,” I said, grinning at the pink haired trainee, “Do you know where Kingsley is? I was hoping to talk with him about the escape. I want to sign on to searching for him.”

“Isn’t that dangerous for you?” Tonks asked, looking very concerned.

“Maybe, but I think I’ll be okay,” I shrugged and left the cubical. Tonks followed me as I went to where Kingsley could usually be found. I froze in the “doorway” of his cubical, which was larger then my own but very similar. It had more filing cabinets and more papers on his desk and pictures on the walls. Yet, I noticed many of the pictures were switched out to different once of Sirius. Once from his arrest, our wedding, the Potters’ wedding, from school, and even a few from his childhood. Why those were necessary was beyond me. I shook my head, ignoring the pictures that I had avoided looking at for so long. Kingsley was bent low over his desk writing.

“Hey, Kingsley, how are you?” I greeted. He jumped.

“Libby!” He said, everyone seemed so shocked to see me. I frowned. It wasn’t like I died or anything!

“Yes, me,” I nodded.

“What are you doing here?” he asked.

“Uh,” I said, “Well, I was hoping you would let me sign on to the search for Sirius. I would love to help and I’m sure that I won’t go crazy or anything while searching for him.”

“But what will happen when we do find him, Libby?” Kingsley asked.

“Um, that I’m not sure of,” I shrugged, “Please, Kingsley, I feel like I have to do something to find him. I’ll feel so guilty if I don’t. It’ll be sort of like my revenge for Lily and James and Harry. And myself and Tristan, for that matter.”

“Your sanity isn’t going to run on revenge, Libby, at least not for long. What happens if you do break down?” Kingsley asked.

“Look, Kingsley, I feel better then I have felt in months. Years, even. I know I can do this and you know how determined and into my missions I get. Please?” I begged.

Kingsley hesitated, thinking hard. Then he nodded, “Okay. But I am giving you the option of backing up whenever you feel.”

“Thank you!” I said, relieved and then left the office. I felt all the pictures on the wall of Sirius following me.

“Libby. . .” Tonks warned.

“Would you like to come over for dinner sometime next week,
Tonks?” I asked suddenly, “I sort of missed Tristan’s twelfth birthday being in bed and I think I want to celebrate it again. I mean, what type of mother am I?”

“Dinner?” Tonks repeated, then grinned, “Okay. Sure!”


When I flooed to Ginny’s, the Weasleys were waiting for me in the kitchen. They all greeted me happily. Especially Ron, who went on for five minutes about going to Egypt. The Weasleys were a great family and deserved to go. They treated me like a son and everything.

“So, how are you Tristan?” Hermione Granger asked me, looking concerned. I wondered briefly why Harry wasn’t here, too. Anyways, I knew she wasn’t just asking about by general health, but about my dad and the escape. I hesitated before answering.

“I’m alright,” I nodded, not looking at anyone.

“Well, we better get going!” Mrs. Weasley said looking at the clock–the real one, not the one with the faces of every Weasley on it, currently pointing to home. Except for Bill and Charlie. I noticed that they all had their trunks and bags with them. I looked at Ginny curiously.

“We’re staying at the Leaky Cauldron,” she explained.

“Oh! Why?” I asked, out of curiosity.

“I have no idea,” Ginny said, looking honest enough, “But Harry is there! He ran away from the Dursley’s a few weeks ago and I think Mum and Dad want to keep him company.”

“Oh, why did he run?” I asked.

“Again, I have no idea,” Ginny said, once again honestly. I grinned.

We flooed to the Leaky Cauldron and I waited a while as the Weasleys checked into the Inn and put their bags in their rooms. Then I followed them out onto the busy streets of Diagon alley. Mr. Weasley, Ron and Hermione went to Ollivanders since Ron had broken his wand last year when he and Harry had “borrowed” the Weasley’s flying car to get to school when they missed the train.

Mrs. Weasley, the twins, Fred and George, Percy, Ginny, and me all went to the book shop to get our books. I paid for my quickly and then went to browse the shelves, as Percy was doing. Ginny followed along, not as interested, but reading titles anyways.

“Defense books?” she asked, as I pulled one out.

“Yeah,” I shrugged, “I love defense, you know that!”

“I know, but these are like, N.E.W.T. level defense books, Tristan,” Ginny said, putting the book I had in my hands back on the shelf. She looked at me concerned, “Is it because of your dad?”

I looked away, biting my lip. I hadn’t discussed my dad’s escape since I found out about it. And even then, I ran upstairs and locked myself in my room, trying to think clearly. No one pressed me to talk about it. Not Ben, or Remus, and not even Uncle Jake. My great aunt and uncle, Becky and Scott, just hugged me and then went in to see my mum. They weren’t really concerned with me since I seemed okay.

Even on my birthday, my twelfth birthday, my mom was still in a daze. Everyone seemed to have forgotten me. I had gotten a few presents, though, from Ginny and the Weasleys. But that was it. It was a bit disappointing, but I knew that I wasn’t going to be important until Mum was better again. Which she was today.

Still, I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk about my dad. Who knew what Ginny or anyone else thought of me? With a heavy sigh, I looked at my best friend, who was still looking very concerned, waiting for an answer.

“No,” I lied, “I just was looking at the book. I wasn’t going to buy it!”

“Tristan, if you need to talk or something, I’m here,” Ginny said. I forced a smile that I knew was forced.

“I know. Thanks,” I shrugged.

We went to a few other stores after that before we were done at lunch. Mr. Weasley found us, saying that Ron and Hermione went off in search for Harry. Ginny then begged for me and her to go walk around, too. The twins had met up with their friend, Lee, and Percy was with his girlfriend—the one Ginny and I accidently saw him kissing—and so there was really nothing else left to do but go off on our own. Unless we wanted to run errands with Mr and Mrs. Weasley. They let us go off on our own.

For a moment, we were lost of what to do. Last year, we hadn’t even know each other and weren’t allowed to go off on our own, being first years. But now, we were practically free to do what we wanted!

“Let’s go to Quality Quidditch Supplies!” I said, excitedly.

“Okay!” Ginny grinned, “You know, Tristan, for someone who’s supposed to be so into school work and all, you sure do like Quidditch.”

“Yes, well, who doesn’t like Quidditch?” Tristan laughed.

We walked into the store and looked around. I spotted the Firebolt and gasped. It was the most magnificent, amazing, wonderful broom I have ever seen in my entire life. I stared at it for a long time, just staring. Ginny stared, too, also in awe of it.

“I would love to have that broom,” I sighed.

“You have the money, don’t you?” Ginny asked.

“Yeah, but my mum would kill me if she found out I brought a broom. They don’t even have the price on here! Besides, I have a perfectly good broom at home that I just use for pleasure. I’m not a team or anything. A broom like this one,” I flicked a hand at the Firebolt, “would just be put to waste if I had it.”

“Maybe,” Ginny shrugged.

“Let’s go,” I suggested, sad to leave the broom, “We can go get ice cream or something.”

“Yum!” Ginny smiled. I laughed and we left together.

Halfway down the street, while Ginny and I were talking and I told her about my boring, rather repetitive days of the summer, I saw a group of Slytherins up ahead. They were my enemies, and probably my distant cousin or something. Though my mum was a half blood, my dad was part of one of the oldest Pureblooded families there were. I’m the last now, I’m sure. Anyways, these Slytherins, their names were Lars Kirby and Jason Hannigan. Though, neither family was as old as the Blacks, they were still pretty popular and “noble” family. They usually had a crew of other rude and obnoxious Slytherins, but they seemed to be on their own today.

My heart began to beat loudly in my chest as Ginny and I stopped. Ginny didn’t have as much of a problem with these boys as I did. Mainly, that was because she was usually scribbling away in a diary that was really Tom Riddle, or Voldemort, while I was wandering the corridors alone and had somehow run into these guys a lot. I was lucky most of the time. Percy Weasley or someone would catch them trying to pick a fight and I would get away.

Now, however, I was sure they would start problems. I glanced at Ginny, but she was still talking about Harry and his flying skills to have noticed the Slytherins up ahead. I tried to walk off to the side, but Ginny stopped and gave me a curious look.

“Tristan, what are you doing?” she asked. I froze and nodded my head at the Slytherins only to feel my heart sink. They had spotted me and were smirking, walking over. Ginny frowned, “Uh-oh.”

“Yeah,” I nodded.

“Hello, Black” Hannigan spat and then looked at Ginny, “And Weasley. How nice to run into you!”

“How’s your father, Black?” Kirby asked, smirking.

“We’re sure it was a very tearful reunion,” Hannigan said, throwing his head back and crackling. I flushed a bit and ducked my head. A few people looked over before rolling their eyes and continuing their shopping.

“Leave him alone,” Ginny snapped, “He’s nothing like his dad!”

“Ooh, look, Weasley is sticking up for her boyfriend,” Kirby snickered, “Go write in your diary, why don’t you? We don’t have time to talk with blood traitors.” My hand curled into fists and I pushed Ginny behind me, as if protecting her.

“Leave her alone,” I growled, “She’s done nothing to you.”

“Look at that, Jason,” Kirby said, “Black here is sticking up for Weasley.”

“His protectiveness must come from his mother,” Hannigan said seriously, then smirked, “If he took after his father, he probably would have killed all the Weasleys by now. We all know how he was with friendships.”

My face flushed again, but this time in anger. I was breathing hard, glaring at the stupid Slytherins. I think I would have knocked them both out if it weren’t for Ginny pulling my arm to keep me from lunging forward and bruising every inch of their body possible.

“Better not tick Black off anymore,” Kirby said, “He might blow a hole in the street and kill us all!”

They walked off laughing their heads off, though none of their comments were mean. Really, I think the only reason why their pointless comment got to me because my biggest fear was becoming like my dad. When they were out of sight, Ginny let go of me and watched me with concern.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Fine.” I muttered.

When we arrived at the ice cream shop, Harry, Ron and Hermione were there. Hermione waved us over. We made a beeline for their table and pulled up some chairs. I gave Harry a weak smile. I had seen picture of his dad, James, and it always surprised me how much alike they looked. Except for the eyes. Harry had his mother’s eyes. It was like me, only I have inherited nothing of my mum. I looked like my dad right down to my dimple in my left cheek.

“How are you, Harry?” I asked, shaking his hand.

“Good,” Harry said grinning, then he frowned, “Are you okay? You look angry.”

“Fine,” I said in a sharp voice.

“Really, Tristan,” Ron said, “You look really ticked off.”

I wished Ginny could learn to just talk in front of Harry, because I really didn’t want to answer. If it were anyone else, she would be blabbing away about how mean those Slytherins were and how stupid I was for even letting them get to me. I bit my lower lip.

“We ran into some Slytherins on the way here,” I finally explained.

“What?” Ron asked, suddenly looking mad, “What did they say?”

“Just some things about my dad,” I shrugged. Harry looked at my curiously.

“Wait, is Sirius Black your. . .” his voice trailed off as he gave me a hesitant look. I sighed and nodded.

“Yeah, he’s my dad,” I said.

“I have some extra money still,” Hermione said, suddenly changing the subject, “My parents said I could buy myself a birthday present. I was hoping to get an owl.”

“Yeah, and I need someone to look at Scabbers,” Ron said, pulling the rat out of his pocket, it looked rather sick, “Egypt didn’t agree with him at all.”

The three stood and bid their good byes before going off to buy an owl. That left me and Ginny again. I looked at her frowning.

“You need to talk to him if he’s ever going to notice how great you are,” I said.

“I can’t!” Ginny said, looking troubled.

“You can,” I insisted, “I bet Harry really does have feelings for you deep down and he’s going to fall in love with you and you two will get married.”

“Oh, shut up, Tristan,” Ginny said, “I’m going to laugh when you develop a crush on someone.”

I just laughed.

A/N: Hmm. . .I felt like there was too much dialogue in this chapter. And it was a teeny bit rushed. At least Sirius' part, but his was boring, too. Nothing interesting happened. . . yeah. . .

Anyways, I didn't like the way Kirby and Hannigan attempted to insult Tristan. I'm not good with fighting scenes, being too nice myself to even try and make someone sound mean. Which is why I'm dreading Tristan meeting Malfoy. . .anyways, i felt like you all had to know how hard of a year Tristan will be having at Hogwarts.

And I wrote Harry! OMG! He said like two lines. haha. Yeah, there will be more of him. haha. Though, i was a bit relieved i didn't put a lot of him in this chapter. haha.

Now, since I again, have nothing of the next chapter written, I will TELL you what you look out for and what is to happen. hehe:

Chapter Five: Currently Untitled.

-Sirius tracks down Libby and Tristan.
-Tonks comes for Tristans late birthday party.
-She and Remus have and awkward moment. Yay!
-Libby sees Harry for the first time in 12 years at King's Cross

Ooh. . .I should do that anymore. It gives the whole chapter away. Oh well. If you guys still read, that's fine. haha. Anyways. . .I want to thank everyone for the support so far. haha. It's the only thing that keeps me eager to keep posting.

Please review since I love you!!

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