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Author's Note: This was originally one big chapter but I'm splitting it up. This one was a little rushed but again, I will reread all of these.


Kit did not make another appearance that day. The following morning, Harry, Ron and Hermione were in Fred and George’s old room. Harry was showing them the photographs Aunt Petunia had given him but Ron and Hermione were more interested in Kit.

“You don’t think that dementor woman is here, do you?” asked Ron, craning his neck to check the corridor. “I hope I don’t have to meet her.”

“She might not be that bad,” said Hermione, with a shrug.

Harry glared at her angrily.

“Didn’t you hear how she talked to Tonks?” he snarled.

“Actually, all her animosity was directed at you until Tonks called her a dementor,” said Hermione calmly.

“Oh that makes it alright then,” muttered Harry. “She was only calling me a liar…”

“I didn’t say that!” snapped Hermione. “She just trusts Snape more than she does you! With all the negative publicity you had two years ago can you blame her?”

“Who in there right mind would trust Snape?” snarled Harry.

Hermione glared back at him.


“Well, look where that got him,” said Harry coldly.

Hermione bit her lip and picked up the newspaper. Harry busied himself by sorting the other photographs.

“Saturday the 21st of September 1978?” asked Hermione. “What happen-”

She caught sight of the dancing couple on the front page and the frown on her face was replaced by a grin.

“You’re parents!” she cried.

Hermione studied the photograph and her smile widened.

“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” she whispered, pointing at Lily.

Harry smiled and nodded. Hermione turned the page but the blood drained from her face.

“Merlin forbid…” whispered Hermione.

Harry and Ron looked up at her in alarm.

“Hermione, what-” began Ron.

“Have a look at this,” she breathed.

Harry seized the paper from her. Hermione pointed at a bold heading and a picture of an Auror dragging someone from a muggle house.

Muggle Murders Witch Wife and Child.

“That’s Tobias Snape!” shouted Harry.

Sure enough, the man being dragged from the house had a hook nose and greasy hair.

“Harry how on earth do you know what Tobias Snape looks like?” hissed Ron. “I mean, they both look like greasy haired gits but how did you know for sure?”

“The only time I actually manage to do anything in the Occlumency lessons the spell backfired and hit Snape. I saw him!”

“It is Tobias Snape,” said Hermione after she finished reading the article. “He murdered Eileen and apparently there was an Ellen Snape too. Severus Snape was the only survivor. Snape wasn’t charged because he was a muggle and wizard law didn’t apply to him. Oh no…he was found dead an hour later but Snape…the Professor that is…had an alibi.” Hermione raised her eyebrows. “Lucius Malfoy vouched for him.”

“He did it,” said Ron and Harry in unison.

“We don’t know that,” said Hermione immediately.

Harry and Ron looked at her skeptically.

“Am I imagining things or are you the defender of all things evil?” snapped Ron.

Hermione turned scarlet with anger.

“Excuse me?” she snarled. “I’m not defending him, I’m just-”

“Hermione, I don’t think you understood the part when the article said that Lucius Malfoy vouched for him,” said Harry slowly.

Hermione turned to glare at Harry too.

“Fine,” she snapped. “If you two think you’re smart enough to figure this thing out without me, I’ll just leave.”

Hermione stood into the corridor and slammed the door. Harry hurried after her. He didn’t mean to offend her but he thought it obvious that Snape murdered his father. Harry bolted down the corridor but run straight into someone. The figure nearly fell over but managed to get her footing before she did so.

“I’m sorry, I-” Harry stopped when he realised who he had run into.

It was Kit the half-dementor. Her eyes immediately fell on his scar and an ugly look formed on her face.

“Potter…” she snarled.

Harry said nothing. Kit made the first move.

“I’ve been meaning to speak with you,” she said softly, a hint of malice laced in her words.

“So I’ve heard,” said Harry, trying to sound civil. “Apparently you don’t believe me.”

Kit’s mouth twitched.

“I wonder where you get your information Potter,” she said. “You’re right…I don’t believe you.”

Harry met Kit’s hateful stare without flinching.

“Snape murdered Professor Dumbledore,” he snarled. “Deal with it.”

Kit flared up and the room temperature dropped rapidly. Harry’s hand went into his pocket and found his wand. Kit took a step towards and took a deep rattling breath that chilled him to the bone.

“Liar!” she hissed. “Tell me what happened…or I will make you.”

Kit was a fair bit shorter than Harry was but her words were strong. Harry knew she meant it and she was clearly not hesitant about the idea of hurting him to get her information but he was too angry himself to care.

“You fell for Snape’s act hook, line and sinker, didn’t you?” sneered Harry. “I’m sorry to disappoint you dementor but your pal is a murderer and a Death-”

Harry didn’t finish because Kit seized him by his throat and slammed him against the wall. His took out his wand but Kit’s held his wrist down. Her grip was like iron, cold and strong. She took another rattling breath and her dementor side came out in full force. Harry felt himself drowning in mist. He wanted to cry out for Hermione or Ron but Kit’s hand tightened around his throat.

Suddenly, she was forcing her way into his mind; hacking her way through. Harry’s head throbbed painfully as Kit found the memory she was looking for.

Severus…Severus Please…

Harry felt Kit leave his mind. She left go of him and backed away, leaning against the opposite wall. Harry shook himself and recovered from the intrusion but Kit did not. Any hatred in the room had vanished with the white fog Kit had conjured. In its place was an over whelming feeling of shock, grief and disbelief.

“N-No,” choked Kit. “That memory is wrong…he can’t have…”

Harry’s hatred towards Kit melted away at the look on her face. There was no doubt that she genuinely thought that Snape was innocent. Harry knew what it felt to be betrayed by someone you trusted. He spent a great deal of his fourth year in the company of someone intent upon handing him over to Voldemort after all.

“He wouldn’t have done that…” whispered Kit.

Kit swallowed and continued.

“You don’t know how highly Professor Snape regarded Professor Dumbledore,” she said. “Professor Dumbledore gave us both a second chance when no one else would. He would never…I thought that he would never…”

Kit trailed off.

“I’m sorry,” said Harry quietly. “I-”

Kit shook her head.

“You’re the last person who should be apologising,” said Kit equally quiet. “I’m sorry I acted like that.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said Harry. “I probably would have done the same if I was in your position.”

Kit looked away from Harry. Her shock had ebbed away and left room for more anger.

“I can’t believe I trusted him,” she said angrily. “I can’t believe he tricked us…”

“You’re not the only one,” said Harry. “Dumbledore trusted him…I think even more than he trusted me.”

It was a thought that had come to Harry several times since Dumbledore’s death. This was the first time he had voiced the thought out loud. Dumbledore never believed Harry when he said that Snape wasn’t to be trusted…but Snape he never doubted.

“He would have welcomed anyone to his side,” said Kit slowly. “Even someone like me.”

Harry looked at the ground.

“Look, I’m sorry I called you a dementor,” he said hurriedly. “That was really-”



“Don’t worry about it Potter,” said Kit. “I never gave you a reason to call me otherwise.”

Kit sat on the floor and leaned against the wall. Harry mimicked her.

“I’m Kit,” she said. “I think you already figured that one out though.”

“I’m Harry,” he answered, “but you obviously knew that.”

There was silence in the corridor for a few moments.

“Your friend came down here,” said Kit finally. “She seemed upset.”

Harry winced.

“Yeah, I was being a prat…is she downstairs?”

Kit nodded. Harry got to his feet and looked at Kit.

“Are you coming?” he asked. “You might as well meet everyone.”

Kit hesitated before getting to her feet.

“Lead on Potter,” she said.

Harry frowned.

“You can call me Harry you know.”

“Sorry Harry,” said Kit. “It’s just that…he always called you Potter.”

There was silence again. After a moment, Harry shrugged and walked downstairs.


“Hermione?” called Harry.

He quickly found his bushy hair friend by the dinning table. Tonks, the Weasley twins, Lupin, Bill, Fleur and Mundungus were all eating breakfast and froze when they saw Kit. Hermione did not see her and turned around to face Harry, her face still red.

“What do you-” she began angrily.

Hermione caught sigh of Kit and faltered. She looked from Kit to Harry in shock.

“O-Oh…” she stammered. “H-Hi.”

“Ummm…this is Kit,” said Harry awkwardly. “Hermione, I want to apol-”

“Oh, it’s alright,’ said Hermione hurriedly.

She ran upstairs before Harry could say anymore. Kit grimaced.

“Nice to meet you Hermione,” she called in the general direction of the stairs Hermione had just run up.

Tonks snorted and Kit glared at her. Evidentially, there was still hostility there. Lupin frowned at Tonks and turned to Kit.

“Hello Kit,” said Lupin, forcing a smile. “I’m Remus.”

“Hello Remus,” said Kit with an equally forced smile and a nod.

Fleur observed Kit for a moment.

“‘Ello Kit,” she said. “Je m’appelle Fleur.”

Kit nodded and said something back in French. Fleur seemed happy that someone else knew her language.

“This is my future ‘usband… Bill,” said Fleur happily.

Bill and Kit said hello to each other. So far the greeting had been somewhat less than enthusiastic but George got to his feet.

“I’m George Weasley,” he said, extended his hand.

Kit looked at George and his outstretched hand, startled. She seemed too shocked to return the gesture. George grimaced and lowered his hand.

“Sorry,” he mumbled.

Kit shook herself and extended her hand. George took it but withdrew his hand very quickly as though Kit’s hands were on fire. She winced.

“Sorry,” she whispered. “I’ve got cold hands. I should’ve warned-”

George put up his hand to stop her and shook her hand again. This time, his grip was firm.

“Very pleased to meet you Kit,” he said with a smile.

“Likewise…George,” said Kit.

Harry didn’t think he’d ever see Kit smile. It was small and barely noticeable but suddenly she seemed more human. It lit up her entire face. It also didn’t hurt that room temperature was back to normal. Fleur raised her eyebrows and glanced at Tonks. Fred however, did not look too happy at all. Kit turned to face him, her small smile on her face. She extended her hand but Fred did not take it.

“I’m Fred,” he said rather roughly.

The smile fell from Kit’s face and she lowered her hand. She nodded at him and he nodded back. George glared at his twin and Fred glared back.

“Do you want to sit down Kit?” asked George.

Tonks began attacking her toast with unwarranted venom. Kit ignored her and took a seat next to George. Harry took a seat between Kit and Lupin. A short silence followed that was broken by Fleur.

“We ‘ave set a date for ze wedding!” said Fleur brightly. “Vingt-huit Septembre!”

“She means the twenty-eighth,” muttered Bill.

Lupin slowly put his fork down.

“I am afraid I cannot come,” said Lupin slowly. “The twenty-eight is a full moon and…Snape isn’t here to make a Wolvesbane Potion for me.”

Fleur put a hand to her mouth and Bill blanched.

“Remus I’m sorry…” said Bill, horrified at himself. “I didn’t know...we’ll change the date…”

“I won’t have you change the date of your wedding for me,” said Lupin sharply. “It is your day and-”

“I could make it,” said Kit quietly.

Everyone turned to look at Kit in surprise. She bit her lip.

“He…I was taught how to make it,” she said with a shrug. “You’ll be in wolf form by evening but…you’ll have sometime with everyone.”

Lupin’s face broke into a wide smile.

“That would be…wonderful!” he said, beaming.

Tonks stabbed at her toast again, her expression sour. Lupin cast another frown at her. Fleur flicked back her blonde hair and smiled fondly at Kit.

“You must come to the wedding!” she cried. “Ooo…we have found a partner in ze prozession for George!”

George’s face turned slightly red but a small smile played on his mouth.

“I’m sorry Fleur but I must decline,” said Kit quietly.

George’s smile vanished.

“I’m a spy…I do not want to endanger anyone during your wedding,” she said.

Fleur’s mouth opened and closed.


Kit got to her feet hurriedly.

“I have already stayed too long,” she said. “It was nice to meet all of you.”

Kit strode quickly out of the kitchen, leaving a group of baffled people eating breakfast. Harry looked at Tonks. She was muttering darkly under her breath. She and Kit really didn’t get off on the best foot. Taking a deep breath, George continued to eat and the rest soon followed. Harry helped himself to some toast and conversation continued,

“She seems…nice,” muttered George.

Fred scowled at him. Tonks made a small noise under her breath that sounded something like ‘Snape’. Bill touched his face with his hands. It was still scarred from encounter with the werewolf Greyback but he was improving daily and did not transform at all last full moon.

“Tonks, is your mum going to be at work when I visit the hospital?” he asked, clearly hoping to cheer Tonks up.

Tonks smiled a little.

“Yep,” she said. “You guys can meet her. If anyone needed proof that Slytherin’s aren’t all bad look no further the Andromeda Tonks.”

The atmosphere in the room changed abruptly. Tonks bit her lip.

“Umm…well, she has really sneaky ways of getting you to clean your room but that is about as Slytherin as she gets,” muttered Tonks.

Lupin smiled.

“Sirius talked of her quite fondly,” he said. “I’d love to meet her.”

Harry remembered Sirius talking about Andromeda. He was her favourite cousin…but she was also Bellatrix Lestrange’s little sister. Harry wondered just how many of her sister’s traits Andromeda had.

“Well, my appointment is in an hour,” said Bill. “Will you guys be ready?”

Harry nodded. He’d meet Andromeda Tonks soon enough.

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